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Chapter 21: To the Land of Vampires

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

The former Milla was really lucky. Grace managed to slightly alter the effects of the curse. From death to sleep. But even so, I think on the inside, Milla did die and that’s the reason the Demon God could put my soul in her body. When I first heard the story I felt sorry for her. But this is my body now.

I did have a sense of guilt though. I know Grace doesn’t want me to go. I didn’t want to go either. And normally I wouldn’t go. But there are 2 mysteries I have to solve. The first is the Japanese writing on the letter. And the 2nd… I feel like I owe it to Milla to at least go to her former house and pay my respects.

Who knows. It’s possible that this Miraluka was responsible for the death of Milla’s family. But I have to figure the truth out one way or another.

“Sorry, Grace, but there’s something that’s really bothering me about this letter. I have to look into it. And… I feel like I want to visit my old home too.”

“Then I will come with you.”

“Are you sure you want to?”

“After what happened last time, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am your shield and sword. If something were to happen to you I wouldn’t be there…”

“Okay. We’ll go together then. I think I will bring Sue along too just to be safe. Since she’s a slime, she’s rather sturdy.”

“Then let’s get ready!”

◇ ◇ ◇

Inside the heart of the vampire territory, there was an imposing castle. If Odin’s castle was pure white, this one was pitch black. Inside the throne room of that castle sat an elegant woman. She was wearing a black dress that exposed her back similar to evening gowns back on Earth. Her skin color was a dark washed type of purple. Her long orange hair reached all the way to her butt. And if Milla’s eyes were a clear crimson red, her eyes were a dark bloody red. Her bust size was smaller compared to Odin. It was an average C cup size, which was the common size in the vampire race.

She was drinking from a glass wine cup. Ever since the Blood Ball, every Demon King and important noble made an order to purchase some. But it wasn’t wine she was drinking. It was blood. Unlike stories, vampires aren’t immortal. They have the same life span as any other High Mazoku. But by consuming blood they are able to maintain their youthful look and their power wouldn’t get weaker with old age.

Right now, in front of her, Baron Keineth Augustus was on all fours.

“Keineth, you assured me 200 years ago that the Walpurgis clan had been dealt with. But it seems you missed one.”

“Your Highness… I am sorry. But I don’t understand either. She also drank the Black Death. Nobody could survive… I don’t understand why she is alive!”

“Well it will be quite troublesome to make her let her guard down.”

“But, Your Highness, why did you invite her? She has a different territory now. She isn’t a threat.”

“Keineth, you know my policy has raised some contradictions. But imagine what would happen if another Demon King would follow me. And since rumors say Milla humiliated Tigre… if she were to join me, I will be one step closer to the eternal peace I seek.”

“But… do you really think she will agree?”

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“Keep in mind, Keineth, I never ordered you to kill her family. You did that on your own. Although I suppose a peace offering might help.”

With those words, Miraluka waved her hand, and from the ground, stone sharp stakes emerged and impaled Keineth’s body.


He violently coughed blood.

“Your Highness… what are you…?”

“It’s quite simple. If I present Milla with the head of the man that murdered her clan, maybe she will drop her guard and think I had no part in it.”

“But… haven’t I been loyal? All I have done was for you!”

“Wrong. All you did was for yourself. You only cared about your own status and acquiring more influence and power. But did you ever believe in my plan?”


“Just what I thought. Don’t worry Keineth. I won’t make you suffer, for I am kind.”

She waved her hand again. This time 2 stakes crossed each other in an X shape piercing his neck and beheading him. Stakes were a signature move for Miraluka. Similar to one of the legends on Earth. Count Dracula. Vlad the Impaler. Miraluka liked to kill with these stakes of stone, as earth magic was her main attribute. She could aim them at any part of the body. She would call a death by stakes mercy.

“Now then, I am sure you will come to me, Milla, so I better take some more measures just to be sure. Let’s see if you really are who say you are.”

The reason for Miraluka’s words were because of the Japanese words she left on the letter. Once, Miraluka herself met a human. A summon from another world. Otherworlder. His blood was beautiful. She kept him in her dungeon and treated him like a blood donor. But as you would guess, with time, the taste would spoil. So she asked him to teach her to write those words in exchange for his freedom. She learned only those words. But the form of freedom Miraluka was talking about was death. Ever since she always would send that letter, those marks to anyone that caught her eye, in hopes to acquire such blood again. And now, she had certain doubts concerning Milla.

◇ ◇ ◇

It took us about 1 week and a half to reach the capital of the vampires. The city Viktoria. I wanted to fly here to shave of some time. I could carry Grace and Sue with ease, but Grace said not to do so as it may be interpreted as a sign of attack. Traveling by carriage is boring. With a carriage and sticking with the right paths, you can get from one end of the Demon continent to the other in roughly 2 months. Maybe I shouldn’t have sent Fenrir back so soon. Riding the Fenrir Express is scary, but at least it’s fast.

We soon found ourselves on the outskirts of the city. And first I decided we would stop at the old Walpurgis house. It was a ruin. Burn marks everywhere. Someone torched this place.

“Milla-nee, are you sure you want to go in?”

“I have to, Grace.”

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I took a few steps, and entered. The moment I stepped inside it’s like my body switched to auto pilot. Paintings, sculptures, pottery, everything of value was most likely stolen long ago. There were holes in the roof and collapsed beams. I stopped when I reached a pile of ash on the floor. A few seconds passed in silence.

“Milla-nee, don’t worry. It’s okay to cry.”

“What are you… talking about?”

I raised my hands to my cheeks. They were wet. Tears were dripping from my eyes. I couldn’t understand why. I had no attachment to this place. Yet I couldn’t stop my tears. Why? I couldn’t control myself in that moment. Maybe a part of Milla was still left somewhere. Maybe coming to this place triggered something inside. But that was it. Neither Milla or her family were coming back. After a few moments I wiped my tears.

“I’m okay now, Grace.”

We stepped outside again. I looked one more time to the house, took a seiza1 pose, brought my hands together and paid my respects. I said to myself.

‘Milla, I know how you feel. I know better than anyone. Like you, I have also been betrayed. But fate brought us together now. Milla, you have my word that I will get revenge for both of us. Those who were responsible for both our deaths, I will turn them to ash!’

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  1. An upright kneeling position which is traditionally used in Japan in meditation and as part of the preparation in martial arts.

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