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Chapter 20: Fall of the Walpurgis Clan

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

Vampire. A creature of the night. One of the oldest species of Mazoku. Beings that feed on blood to maintain their youth. Of course, these vampires are different from the ones described back on Earth. They don’t die if they come in contact with the sun. Just that their power level drops drastically in the sunlight. Garlic has no effect on them. As for the wooden stake to the heart story… let’s be real, anyone would die if their heart were pierced. That’s the brief description Grace gave me about them. Miraluka Rizia was such a being. A vampire.

Grace practically was on all fours and pleaded me not to go. And the reason for this behavior was because vampires were the ones that caused the fall of Walpurgis clan 200 years. And vampires were also the ones that put me to sleep.

When I first started learning spells, there was one called Recollection. It digs deep into the mind and allows you to remember anything. I tried using it on this body, but I could only see my own memories. No matter how much I looked, there was no trace of any memory of the true Milla. Maybe her mind died ages ago. I relied on Grace a lot because of that memory loss. And I can’t blame her for wanting to stop me. After all, it was quite a tragic night. A story that Grace told me. A story that happened 200 years ago…

◇ ◇ ◇

“Lady Milla, please stop running around naked and put on your clothes.”

“Don’t want to!”

“Your father is going to be angry with you if you don’t dress. Today is your birthday, so you should dress properly.”

“Because it’s my birthday I wanna do whatever I want!”

200 years ago, the Walpurgis family held a formal party to celebrate their daughter’s 28 years.

An imposing man entered the room. Crimson short and well combed hair, crimson eyes and a small red moustache. He was rather tall and wore a white costume similar to the ones in modern days. He had a yellow cape attached to his shoulder pads. And of course, the Walpurgis emblem, a flaming bird was imprinted on the back of the cape. He also had a pair of dark-brown horns standing straight up, but they were small and subtile.

“Milla, please listen to Grace, and get dressed. Everyone gathered is here to see you. You are the heir of our family. You were blessed with so many gifts at birth, that you have the potential to be the strongest one in all our clan’s history. Please show some dignity.”

“Very well, daddy!”

“Grace, I’m sorry for all the trouble she’s causing.”

“There is no need to apologize, sir. Ever since I pledge to serve the young lady, I was mentally prepared to handle all her moods.”

On this occasion, all members of the Walpurgis clan were present. It was a rare occasion, for all of them to be able to come. All of them, under one roof.

The distinct feature of the Walpurgis bloodline were the crimson hair and eyes. Their close connection to the mythical Phoenix and their affinity for fire. But what happened during that night?

A few moments earlier.

“Duke Gilbert Walpurgis, surely you out of all people must see the greatness of the plan that Her Highness wants to put in motion!”

“Baron Keineth Augustus, you can tell Her Highness that the Walpurgis clan doesn’t want anything to do with that plan.”

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In the conference room, the vampire Keineth Augustus requested an audience with Milla’s father, Gilbert Walpurgis. Keineth was an ambitious vampire who wanted to get into Her Highness’ grace. The Walpurgis clan was one of the wealthiest and most influential clans within the Demon King of Kindness’ territory. If he could convince them to agree, nothing would stand in his way. His skin was grey, his eyes were yellow and his hair was white and long up to his shoulders. He wore a black robe with red patterns and accents. He was about the same height as Gilbert. But of course, his sharp vampire fangs were the first thing you would notice each time he opened his mouth.

“But what’s not to like about it? If it works, you all will be able to live the rest of your lives in peace with no worries.”

“Hmph… you say you offer peace, wealth and no worries. But the price for that is freedom itself. If I were to support such an absurd idea, the whole territory would be filled with nothing more than slaves. Do you really think I would agree to chain myself? Naive!”

“But perhaps…”

“Enough! I have nothing more to say. I allowed this meeting out of respect for Her Highness, but neither I, or anyone in our family, we will never support that plan. Now then, if you will excuse myself. It’s my daughter’s birthday and I must entertain the guests. Feel free to stay if you wish.”

After Duke Gilbert left the room, Keineth pondered for a moment. Then he released a slight evil grin.

“Very well then. I tried doing this the easy way. But if you are that stubborn, I have no choice. I’ll just have to go with plan B. After all, Her Highness doesn’t need someone like you.”

The party was beautiful. Milla was the star of the night. She was cute and mingled with everyone. It was the first time she got to see all her relatives. Uncles, aunts, cousins, you name it.

“I would like to propose a toast to my daughter. May she live a long and happy life!”


Most present raised their cups and drank for Milla’s future, while another group was clapping loudly as to congratulate her. But when the clapping stopped…


A portion of the guessed collapsed on the floor, while the rest were staggering. Only the ones that were clapping were completely unaffected from the event.

“What’s going… on? My head… feels like it’s about to explode. Why… are my knees shaking?”

“Daddy… I don’t feel good…”


“Well, well, as expected of you Walpurgis, you are still conscious.”

“Keineth? What is… the meaning of this?

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“Don’t blame me. If anyone, blame yourself. If you would have accepted my offer, I wouldn’t have used this.”

Keineth pulled out a grog and started to pour the liquid on the floor. It was a pitch black liquid.

“The Black Death. That’s the name I came up for this. Pretty strong isn’t it?”

“You… did you drug our drinks? But… impossible… only our maids have access to them.”

“You know, a vampire has a unique charm. Do you really think it’s hard to flirt with a maid and make her look away a few minutes?”

Everyone that was still staggering started slowly one by one to fall to the ground. Only the vampire guests were left. And they already killed all the remaining maids and staff that didn’t took part in the drinking.

“It’s all because you refused to see Her Highness’ great vision.”

“You b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲! Killing everyone invited… just for that? The Walpurgis clan is one thing… but the other guests…”

“They are just unfortunate collateral damage.”

“I… I’ll burn you!”

“Careful now. You wouldn’t want your daughter to die a minute faster, now do you?”

“Da..ddy… h…help…”

Milla was being held with a knife at her throat by one of Keineth’s henchmen.

“Milla… I… cough…”

“Looks like it’s almost time for you 2 to close your eyes.”

But just then, the vampire that was holding Milla, lost his head.

“I won’t allow anyone to hurt mistress anymore!”


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“I’m sorry, Duke Gilbert. I couldn’t come sooner. I had to kill those who tried to ambush me.”

“Oh, a battle maid! How rare. But do you really think you alone can beat our numbers?”

“Grace… take Milla and run… protect her with your life… the last thing I can do… is buy you an escape route…”

Gilbert placed his hand on the floor and chanted:

“[Raging Inferno]!”

A wave of flames similar to the waves of the ocean bursted out of the ground. In that commotion, Grace grabbed Milla and jumped through a window in order to escape. Gilbert coughed blood violently and eventually he too fell on the ground. When the flames disappeared, Keineth brushed off his clothes. He didn’t take much damage as that spell was rather weak because of Gilbert’s state. One of his henchmen approached him.

“Should we go after that maid?”

“There’s no need. That brat will also die from the Black Death curse. Let that stupid maid run as much as she wants. Burn this house. We can’t let any evidence behind.”

And thus, all the members of the Walpurgis clan met their end that night. All except for one. Grace ran as fast as possible, as far as possible. Even if her feet were hurting, even if you would chop them off, she wouldn’t stop. She did everything she could to make sure that the Black Death wouldn’t take Milla’s life. It was spreading fast. Grace used every ounce of knowledge she acquired during her battle maid training. When she was sure nobody was following, she used her life force in order to activate a certain spell. Healing spells had no effect. So all Grace could do was sacrifice years from her lifespan in order to use the null magic [Stagnate]. There were spells of the Accel series that made you faster. Stagnate was the exact opposite. Grace froze Milla’s internal clock.

So the Black Death couldn’t spread through her system. And so, Milla entered a state of hibernation. Grace found an old abandoned mansion and looked after her in that place ever since. She waited and waited in hopes that one day, the Black Death will fade away and her mistress would awaken again. After many years, her wish was granted and her mistress was reborn as the new Demon King of Insanity. A king like none other.

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