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Chapter 19: Invitation into Darkness

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

I did it. I managed to get Momoyo on my side. But she did impose some conditions. Like she won’t betray me, but if I give an order that doesn’t appeal to her, she won’t follow it. I agreed to her terms. Like I said I wasn’t the true villain, but that doesn’t mean I am a saint either. Once I will fix her and more intimate, I’m sure she’ll roll over for me.

“Is there really a way to fix me?”

“There is! I will make you prosthetic limbs and with the help of one of my servants I will extend all your nerves and mana circuits so that you can move it normal.”

Momoyo was a bit disappointed, but at the same time happy that there was a way for her to be able to walk and hold stuff again.

Knock Knock

Someone was at the door. That’s weird. I already told everyone I wanted to be alone with prez. Oh well.

“Come in.”

The one who entered was Grace. Oh crap! She totally looks mad. And I can’t blame her. I left her behind in Odin’s land. When Odin told me that riding Fenrir was the fastest way to get back in time, although I was reluctant, I jumped on the wolf’s back and didn’t look back.

“Umm… Grace, are you mad?”

“Why would I be mad, Your Highness?”

S̲h̲i̲t̲. She’s really mad. Grace is like a mother. I may be the boss, but Grace can be really scary at times. She even went and called me with Your Highness instead of her usual Milla-nee.

“Grace, I really am sorry! I didn’t mean to leave you behind. But I really had to get back as fast as possible.”


“Very well. I will leave it at that. But I hope you make it up by letting me bathe with you later.”

“Yes, yes! I promise.”

Grace finally put a smile on her face. She then moved her eyes to prez.

“So, what is the merit in saving her life?”

I switched back to my boss mode.

“Grace, I intend to have her join us. I will fix her up.”

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“But, my lady, she’s a human. And…”

“Stop! Grace this is something I want to do, regardless what you think. Eventually the reason will be clear, but for now don’t pry into it.”


“For now leave us. If Lorina comes by with a package pay her whatever she asks and bring it straight to me.”

“Very well. Then I will see you later.”

After Grace left, Momoyo turned her head to me.

“What… was that all about? That scene sure was strange.”

“Well… we have a complex relationship. Anyway, try getting some more rest for now. It will take a while until the prosthetic limbs will be ready. If you need anything at all, feel free to ask. I will tell the maids in charge of you to comply, if it’s a reasonable request.”

“… Thank you.”

Oh, now that she agreed to join me, there’s one more thing I want to show her.

“Before I go, since you are my ally right now, I guess giving you the full story is adequate.”

I put my index finger on her forehead again and casted Memory Link once more. This time I shared my conversation with Odin about the reason for this war, the moments when Ren and his henchmen treated me like a punching bag and how the church ignored me during training. I also slipped some scenes of demons working together and living happily just to enforce that demons aren’t bad, and the church is rotten. Prez was always a sharp one, so I’m sure she’ll get the hint. I slowly removed my finger.

“Now that you have the whole story, I am going to let you with your thoughts. I’ll come visit again later.”

I excited the room and left prez with a rather strong resolve. I could see that now, she found a new goal.

Another day has passed and right now…

“Go home.”

“Aw come on! Don’t give me those puppy eyes. You’re not my dog! Go home to Odin.”

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As you can guess, I was trying to send Fenrir back Odin.

“Ahh… stop licking me! That’s not gonna help either.”

I don’t have time to take care of him. It was really a though battle for me to not give into his stare. But after a few minutes I managed to send him off. I had to tell him that I would visit him occasionally in order to make him go. Fenrir really was dangerous. In more ways than one.

I made Teri brighten up the mansion and the city. Colourful flowers was something we needed. Teri happily complied and promised me a beautiful garden. And it was a good way to kill time until Lorina finishes her part.

I also had to deal with some paperwork. Just as I thought, Cleo is good, but she’s nowhere near Grace’s level. There were some things she didn’t know how to handle. So it was up to me and Grace to handle those matters.

Monarchy sure is awesome. No political system in the world is perfect. But I felt that a monarchy system like the middle ages was still way better than democracy. I mean, democracy sounds good on paper, but the problem is there are too many rotten politicians. Even if someone that can actually make a difference would surface, he would never be able to rise high enough in the ranks to make his voice heard. And don’t get me started about government and parlament. If a president wants to issue a law it has to be approved by the majority of either of the 2 institutions, depending from country to country. They sit and debate for ages. If I want to give a law, I do it and it shall be enforced.

As long as I keep my people fed, have reasonable taxes and protect them, then nobody will complain even if some laws are harsh and are inforced strictly by the military and public order units. True, they don’t have as much freedom as someone back on Earth. But too much freedom will only spoil them. What do countries with freedom do? Start wars and tear themselves from the inside. Look at the Olympia Empire. The Empress who united the empire isn’t the true leader. She most likely allowed the church too much freedom and those s̲h̲i̲t̲t̲y̲ priests took that chance to trample on her authority. Regardless, I will tear the church apart one day.

While I was strolling around, my cute slime Sue approached me.

“Lady Milla, I’m sorry to disturb you, but a letter came for you.”

“A letter? What’s it about?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t dare to open a letter addressed to you.”

Sue then manifested in her hand a letter that looked pretty official. I took it, broke the wax seal and started reading it. It’s contents were as following:

“You are hereby invited to an audience with Her Highness, the Demon King of Kindness, Miraluka Rizia. Given that Her Highness was absent during the Blood Ball held by the Demon King of Insanity, this invitation has been extended. Her Highness wishes to meet you, and establish a mutual friendship relationship. Inside the envelope you will find a ring. Present it to the guards in the great city of Noctris, and you shall be guided to the throne room. Please attend at your earliest convenience.

With respect, Miraluka Rizia”

Inside the envelope was indeed a fancy ring with a small round red jewel attached, and with a crest engraved in it. I guess it was the Demon King of Kindness crest. But that’s not the reason I was in thought.

“Sue, can you read the last line on this?”

“Isn’t that just some form of signature? Does it have a meaning, my lady? If it does, then no, I can’t read it.”

Just as I expected.

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“Sue, there is still time until Lorina will be finished with her work. I think I’m going to accept this invitation.”

The reason I was eager to go, was because the last line: “With respect, Miraluka Rizia”. It was written in Japanese. When we were summoned in this world, knowledge about the language was implanted into us. So we automatically knew how to speak, read and write. This was probably the only good thing those shity priests did. Nobody here, outside our class knew Japanese. The letter was written in this world’s language, but the last line was clearly Japanese. This might be a message. This might be a trap. Regardless, I need to get to the bottom of this mystery. I can’t let anyone interfere with my plans and the lazy happy days I have in mind.

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