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Chapter 18: We Have a Deal

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“What do you mean?”

“I think I was pretty clear. I want you to serve me.”

“This doesn’t make sense. Why… would you want that? Look at me. I’m useless.”

“What if I were to restore you?”


She let out a pitiful laugh.

“Don’t joke around. These wounds can’t be repaired.”

“True. I can’t regenerate your limbs. But I can offer you a way to be able to walk and hold things again.”

“Is it… true?”

“Is there any point in me lying?”

Momoyo pondered for a while. It’s clear that she wants to accept. Anyone in their right mind wouldn’t want to stay like a vegetable.

“I’m not saying I accept, but if I were to accept, what then?”


“What are your plans? What do you wish to achieve?”

As I figured, she’s sharp.

“No use beating around the bush. I plan to reduce the church to ashes, kill our former classmates and then live in peace.”

“Then I refuse! How can you even think about killing our classmates? They are our friends!”

Your friends maybe, not mine.

“Why should I care? Everyone called me otaku freak, they would beat me up, treat me like trash and finally I ended up dead. Why would I care about any of them?”

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“It’s not like I don’t understand you, but still…”

“Pop quiz time, prez! Why did they send you on a scouting party instead of choosing anyone else?”

“What…? What’s that even…?”

“Just answer the question.”

“It’s because I am the best fit for the job. My skills are better suited than others.”

“Bzzzt! Wrong!”

She was rather taken back by my personality changes as I kept switching from a serious tone to cute loli attitude. But I couldn’t care less.

“Let’s see if you can put the pieces together with this final bit of info.”

I put my index finger on Momoyo’s forehead. I focused a bit and then, chanted:

“[Memory Link]!”

Memory Link was a spell that allows me to show specific parts of my memory to another person. And what I showed prez, was the moment I got stabbed by Ren. My death, his evil smile, and of course, his final words: “Don’t worry! I’ll be sure to take good care of Watanabe-san!”

After I separated my finger from her forehead, Momoyo gasped for air. Then, Momoyo realized the truth.

Ren didn’t like me cause I was so close to Shiori. So he got rid of me. Ren tried several times to ask Shiori to join his party, but she herself always got in between. Ren was really close to the archbishop. Could it really have been possible? Could Ren be the one that sent her to her death? If that was the case, then Shiori was in danger. That guy doesn’t value human life at all. All the pieces slowly found their place.

“Homura-kun… this…”

“Enough of that. I am no longer Ryusei Homura. I ditched that name long ago. I am Milla now, so address me like that, kay prez?”

“Milla… let me say, I am sorry for what happened to you… but even if Ren is that bad I don’t think…”

“The Shiori we know will be gone if she stays by his side for too long. You must have noticed even back on Earth, Ren kept trying to get close to her. After everything I told you, do you still think I’m the villain?”

To be honest I had my bad side too. I wasn’t a saint. And from the humans’ point of view, I certainly was a villain. But in the end, they were more evil than me.

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“Let me rephrase. I said I will kill them all, but it’s obvious that I won’t harm Shiori. She was the only one that showed me some kindness. So I want to bring her to my side. You’re a special case, prez. You weren’t kind to me, but you never showed hostility to me either. So if you pledge your loyalty to me, I am willing to fix you up and let you stay by my side too. Everyone wins.”

She’s still hesitating. You’re probably asking why am I trying so much to convince her. Well, if she doesn’t allow me to change her out of her own free will, then the process might kill her.

“You care for Shiori right? I just want her to be safe. Like you do. And it’s only the church and the heroes that I am directly targeting. I have no interest in the other humans. I offer you the chance to be normal again. I will also give you power. Power to get revenge of on those foolish priests who looked down on you. On us!”

I extended my hand towards her. I knew she couldn’t grab my hand but that’s what any character in a manga would do. And they looked cool.

“So I ask you again. Won’t you serve under me?”

A few seconds pasted, until she finally nodded.

“Alright… if the church lied to us so much just so we can carry a war in their place… then I guess they are the true villains. But I am only doing this to get Shiori away from their influence. She is my only true friend! And for that, I, Momoyo Nakano, hereby pledge my loyalty to you, Ryu… I mean Milla Walpurgis!”

◇ ◇ ◇

Current time at the church of the Holy Light.

Archbishop Frederic was summoned before the Pope.

“So, Frederic, have the heroes departed safely?”

“Yes, your Eminence! They set sail this morning alongside our troops. Although it will take more time to fully deploy all our forces.”

“I am aware. Gathering the required amount of ships will take time. I heard you got rather close with one of the heroes. I hope that didn’t influence your judgement.”

“Of course not, Your Eminence.”

“Good. Remember, the heroes are only here to open the path for the church. They will fight, they will weaken the enemy and eventually they will die.”

“I have no regrets at all.”

“Very well. Inform me if anything else comes up.”

After the brief exchange the archbishop excused himself. When the Pope remained alone he let out a small chuckle. The heroes definitely grew fast. But the church didn’t want to invest that much time into properly training them. So in order to rush their departure, they gave them weapons and armor imbued with the Goddess blessing. They were considerably stronger than Momoyo’s Tetra Bow. And of course, Ren received the best gear.

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The Pope turned around and faced the altar. He raised his hand and chanted some sort of spell. A hidden door was revealed. The Pope walked along the corridor, before finally reaching a room. The room he entered looked similar to a science laboratory.

The Pope made his way to the center of the room. A big block of ice was sitting there. And inside that block, there was the body of a girl. An adult woman would be more accurate. The ice block had various tubes attached to it. As if the tubes were constantly feeding the being inside.

The Pope let out a smile.

“Soon, it will be your time to shine. I couldn’t care less about the heroes. They are just the opening act. They will weaken the enemy, but I don’t expect them to win. Sending them back to their world is impossible anyway, so they might as well die for our cause. But you, you are the true star of our order. Sleep a little longer. Gather all the strength you need. When you will fully awaken, not even Ornis Balmund himself will be able to stop you. All the sinners shall perish. You shall make our rule absolute! Haha… ahahaha!”

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