Chapter 106: The Oroboros Test

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

It was a peaceful city in which harvests were copious, there was no greed, no hate or vanity. People lived in harmony with the land and the Spirits.

And the king of that land, was me. I had everything a man could ask for. A wife, my beautiful Fiona, and a lovely daughter Carina. Life truly felt like a paradise. However, those peaceful days didn’t last for long.

One day, a volcano erupted. The smoke covered the sun and various rocks fell like meteors from the eruption. When things settled down, we noticed the stones weren’t just rocks. The Oroboros was born. It was a treasure granted to us by the Earth itself: anyone would’ve thought so. Why? Because we could use it for energy, medications and industrial products. It was a miraculous material.

Because of it, Venovia evolved in very quick manner, becoming even more advanced than civilizations today.

However, I didn’t notice something: the people’s hearts were slowly beginning to become corrupt. Desire, greed for wealth and power.

A world full of useful material has caused the people to forget to be thankful to the land, the spirits and the gods. They have traded their gratitude for commodities. There are no crueler living beings than the races.

Thieves, war, the desire for more power surfaced on people. Humans, Mazoku, elves… the races that once lived in harmony started to view everyone else as an enemy. Even my own family didn’t escape. One day, I heard a scream from my bedroom. And when I rushed I could only see my wife with a bloody dagger and our daughter lying in a blood puddle. She killed her. Out of jelousy. She said she occupied a place in my heart that should belong to her. I almost sunk into despair myself. I had no choice but to kill my wife.

Confused, I heard a voice. The voice of the destroyer. It’s when I understood everything: the Oroboros wasn’t a miraculous material. It was an extension of the destroyer’s power. A test, to see if the mortals of this world are worthy. A test we failed. The mortals on this planet were a mistake created by the gods. The destroyer contacted me.

I was about to become the Messiah of the new world. For my sense of justice was similar to the destroyer. Mortals would end up destroying themselves. All they do is take take take from this world to satisfy their greed. They must be stopped before they turn this planet into a desert. And so, I was tasked with reviving the destroyer and purging the Earth of mortals to restore Paradise.

Of course, not all mortals. Destroy the corrupt ones and create a new world of perfect beings. However, the gods stopped my attempt to awaken the destroyer back then by causing a tsunami and swallowing Venovia. But the destroyer has granted me a gift. Age immortality. Since that they I haven’t aged a bit. So I waited 10000 years, collecting souls for the destroyer. I was also observing the mortals but the result is the same: they keep on being corrupt and I must purge this world.

Another light flashed before my eyes. I was now back in the castle facing the sabertooth tiger like before. Everything looked so real.

“Do you understand now, lady Milla? The destroyer isn’t evil. Mortals are.”

“You got guts to say that. Look, I’m sorry for what happened to you, but that doesn’t give you the right to simply kill everyone. You should have tried other ways to…”

“Over the years I learned that there is no other way. You say you want to achieve peace too, but do you really think you will succeed? Rule by fear, so that nobody would dare oppose you? Rule them by kindness so that people will love you? As long as people remember the darkness in their hearts, their greed, their desire for wealth and power… there will always be those who can’t see the picture. Rebels, assassination plots… There will always be those that are unable to accept what can be. They will resist.”

“You think this story will actually end the way you want it? You’ll be nothing but a murderer.”

“The hardest choices require the strongest will. I have prepared myself. The life that shall be born after destruction is the future I seek. A grateful world. Milla, I ask you once more. Won’t you join my cause and stand beside me?”

“Sorry. But pass. You think too little of mortals. We’re the ones that build the future every day. Not you. I’ll stop you here and now!”

“I see. Such a shame. Very well. I gave you a fair chance. There is nothing more to discuss then. Holy champion of Venovia. Kill Milla Walpurgis and bring me her soul!”

The sabertooth knight pulled the sword out of the ground and let out a powerful roar. It’s finally time. But I’m more determined now than ever. You think you’ll destroy everything I worked so hard to achieve? Destroy my loved ones? If you love destruction so much then I’ll grant it to you. I’ll destroy you!

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The knight charged at me with the powerful holy sword. Although I admit it’s dangerous, it’s meaningless if you can’t hit me. He made a big horizontal slash, which I easily dodge. I put a lot of force in my fist and punch him straight in the head. A powerful shockwave was generated and his head was blown away. Blood splattered everywhere.

“So weak. Is that really all you got?”

But in the next moment a magic circle formed over his body and his head regenerated. Oof. Me and my big mouth. If this thing has an ability similar to my Phoenix Ressurection then it will be hard to deal with.

“Triple Slash!”

The knight once again let loose a skill. This skill is similar to the one Ren used to have. But it’s superior and way more polished. Wait. Something isn’t right. I managed to dodge all slashes but I end up jumping back and taking some distance. This guy… was he toying with me before? He’s faster now. I quickly grab my orichalcum sword and meet his charge with my own.


I slash his arm right off and then quickly spin around and stab his chest. But after I took some distance again, the same thing happened. The magic circle forming at his feet completely restored him. What’s more…


Dam. His strikes became heavier and once again he was faster. Don’t tell me each time I kill him he improves in his weak areas and becomes stronger!? If that’s the case even if I use something like Unlimited Sword Strikes, unless I can vaporize his whole body, he’ll just keep coming back. And that holy sword is getting to close for comfort. I can’t afford to take a hit by that. Think Milla, think! How can I handle this guy without magic?

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