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Chapter 105: Milla and the Mastermind

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Master, I have located lady Milla. She has jumped into the Spirit Pit. Lady Odin was intercepted by Ray. What shall I do now? No matter how I try, the spirits assault me each time I get close.”

“Fool. The spirits will never allow you to get in. Consider yourself lucky that the Oroboros protected you. Just stay were you are. You still have the jewel I gave you?”


“Then throw it in the pit. I’ll handle the rest. The destroyer has granted me even more power since I fed him the blue flames of destruction. I can handle the spirits.”

“Very well.”

Glenn pulled out of his pocket a purple yellow jewel in the shape of a tear drop, and as instructed he threw it in the pit.

“Oh, great destroyer, grant me a soul capable to carry out my biding!”

The jewel shined like crazy, and a magic circle appeared on the ground. From it, a holy knight appeared. A beautiful white and radiant heavy armor and holy sword. However, the face which wasn’t covered by any helmet was that of a sabertooth tiger.

“Onward, my warrior. Find Milla.”

Note to self. Never do a cannonball in anything other than water. My butt stings from that landing. Why did I think it was a good idea in the first place? Anyway, now that I’m here, what am I supposed to look for anyway? I can barely see my own nose in this fog.

This way

“Who’s there?”

Come this way

Are these the so called spirits? Are they trying to guide me?

You wish to stop the destroyer. The destroyer is a threat to all living things. This way

I must be crazy to follow a random voice, but I don’t have any other lead right now.

How long have I been walking? I would say almost an hour, but without the sun or any view point it’s hard to say. But after a while something finally happened. All the fog dissipated at once. And I was surprised. I was sitting in a room similar to some sort of castle.

Welcome. This is a realistic illusion created by us. Inside these walls it’s easier to talk. What do you desire?

“Umm… I was told that you guys could help me. My magic was cut off from the source and… well, do you know another source I could tap into?”

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Dangerous. What you seek… is far more dangerous than the destroyer himself. You are speaking about the Nightmare King

Tenebria did mention him. I guess this was her plan. If I can’t borrow power from the gods anymore, I need to use an even older source.

“Yeah. Is there a way?”

Dangerous. Too risky. Even if the Nightmare King agrees to lend you his powers, if you can’t control it, the world will be covered in darkness.

“Hey, I don’t know who you guys are or who you take me for. But I am the Demon King of Insanity, Milla Walpurgis. I am the one that makes the impossible possible. This isn’t the first time I done something crazy.”

She has a point… It is insane, but she pulled it off before

What are these guys talking about? What did I pull off?

Insane. Truly insane. The Nightmare King might as well devour her rather than helping.

Wait… what if she had a teacher. Not just the path.

Reckless. We would be meddling with the balance of the world if we did that.

But the gods won’t interfere down here. Especially after her last display. They might be scared of her.

*Very well. Milla Walpurgis, we will provide a way for you**

Great. I have no idea what they were talking about, but if they plan on helping me, that’s all I care about.

Warning. Dangerous presence is approaching. We can’t stop it. Stall or keep it busy until we can work our magic


In the next moment a crack was made in the wall. Some sort of paladin with a sabertooth tiger face walked in. Darn it. Those glowing eyes. I recognize that power. It’s the league of shadows. They followed me all the way here? Dang… and his sword… My demon eyes were instinctively drawn to it. I’ve never seen anything like that. It’s a holy sword on the level of an ancient relic. I may be part dragon, but I’m also still part Mazoku. That thing is scary. It can seriously damage me. Just what the hell is this guy?

I entered a combat stance, but the knight didn’t attack me. Instead he thrust his sword into the ground. A magic circle formed in that spot and a voice spoke out to me.

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“No need to be alarmed. It is an honour to finally meet you, lady Milla.”

“Who the hell are you?”

“Allow me to properly introduce myself. My name is Kyron. I am what you would refer to as the leader of the league of shadows.”

“Hou? And what do you all want from me?”

“I want the same thing you want. World peace. I am sorry if my companions caused you trouble, but please hear me out.”

The voices told me to stall. So I guess I will play along for now.

“You were probably misinformed about the destroyer. You don’t know his true purpose.”

“His true purpose? I know enough.”

I started to tell him the story that Tenebria told me. How he was sealed because of his twisted vision of balance. But he only laughed.

“That story is false. It is true that the destroyer was sealed, but only because he had a just vision. A vision that God wasn’t ready to accept. Listen, Milla. I will tell you a story. I will show you what happened 10000 years ago. You may think that life started 5-6000 years ago along the races and your founder. But life started 10000 years ago. It’s time to see the true nature of the world.”

A bright light flashed before my eyes. When I opened them, I was like a ghost. My body was transparent. And what I saw before me… a truly beautiful landscape. A mighty city like you would see in ancient Greece, but at the same time in perfect harmony with nature. It was a coastal city, with rivers running all across it.

“This is the very first city of the mortal races. The ancient city of Venovia. And this… is its tragedy.”

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