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Chapter 104: The Spirit Pit

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Master, we have returned. But we lost Gaav.”

“It’s his own fault. I warned him not the understimate that child. Him losing his soul is not a waste though. He belongs to the destroyer now.”

“Master, it wasn’t all in vain. We still managed to cut her body from the source. She can’t use magic anymore. And we also have this!”

Glenn the lizardman pulled out the crystal ball with the sealed bluish flames.

“Excellent. The flames of Deus EX. At least you’ve earned your keep with this.”

The blue haired man took the ball and placed it on the altar.

“Oh, great beast! Accept this offering. May these flames feed your hunger and help you awaken!”

When he said those words the raging blue flames were released from the sphere and were being absorbed in some strange statue similar to a shinese dragon, but different at the same time. The flames were devoured by it’s mouth. And shortly after, a nice powerful earthquake shook the ground.

“Ha! Hahaha! The destroyer is pleased. It’s power is nearly restored!”

“Does that mean it…”

“No. It hasn’t fully awakened yet. It still requires more souls. A few more powerful and the cleansing of the world can begin.”

“Master… what about Milla? She might come after us to get her servants’ soul back.”

“Leave her to me. Ray. I will soon send you out to claim another soul. Odin Asgardia. The destroyer wishes for her soul also. How are our other members doing?”

“The ones in both the human and eleven countries have collected a fair amount, but recently, both rulers have tightened their security.”

The blue haired man closed his eyes for a few seconds.

“I understand. So Milla Walpurgis also has influence over the human and elf realm. Glenn, the destroyer has shown me something interesting just now. Although I don’t know what her plan is, I want you to head the Spirit Pit. Find her, but don’t engage her. I think it’s time I talked to her personally.”

“With all due respect, master, why do you want her to join our cause so much?”

“Because she’s like me. She desires a peaceful world. But her way of thinking is too naive. I’m sure if I open her eyes, she will understand that cleansing this world is the only way for true peace to be achieved. Now go!”

“Your will, shall be done!”

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“How much longer, Odin?”

“We should arrive at the Spirit Pit in just a few minutes.”


As you have guessed, me and Odin were riding Fenrir and were headed towards the Spirit Pit. Since I had no idea where it was located, Odin offered to come with me and show me the way. And I’m glad honestly. Without my magic I didn’t want to go on any trip alone, but at the same time I didn’t want to weaken my forces in my country. Tenebria agreed to take charge while I was gone. Tengu and Felicia made sure the troops were ready at all time. I’m confident that they can defend themselves.

We kept going for a while until we finally reached some sort of cliff. And then I could see it. A deep valley covered in dense fog. From above it really does look like a pit. The problem is that I can’t see anything inside. Fog like that… doesn’t seem natural at all.

“Okay… so now what? Are we supposed to go in there?”

“I’m not sure. Onee-chan, you should know that the spirits can be very moody. Many Mazoku that went in never came out. Some weren’t even able to enter at all.”

“What’s a spirit anyway?”

“It’s hard to explain. The spirit realm is different from magic. I guess you can call them ghosts. Beings that refused to pass on to the afterlife. Instead they gathered here. They have an important role in keeping balance to the world but… more than that is beyond me.”

“Okay then. Let’s start by trying to get down.”

We tried descending into the fog. I didn’t seem to have issues, but Odin and Fenrir… something weird happened. Suddenly various ghostly hands emerged from the mist and tried to grab Odin and Fenrir.


Odin and Fenrir struggled. But they couldn’t touch those ghostly hands. Odin tried to freeze them but that didn’t work either. That’s it. I don’t know how strong those things are, but they can’t be stronger than me. I grabbed Odin’s hand and started to pull her up. Although it was a little struggle, I was right. I was stronger. After a certain point the hands disappeared as if dissolving into the air. I did the same with Fenrir. Phew. That was close.

“Onee-chan… it seems we can’t go in. But you on the other hand… they don’t seem to have anything against you.”

“Do you mean I have to go in alone?”

“I’m afraid so. But I’m sure you will be okay. Lady Tenebria wouldn’t have suggested this if she didn’t believe in you. We’ll wait here for you.”

“I guess. Okay then. I’m going. Cannonball!”

I pretend that the fog was water, took a big leap and did a cannonball dive in it. I didn’t feel any resistance. Now let’s see what’s in here.

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After Milla finally left, Odin let out a breath of relief. She started to pat Fenrir.

“She should be safe now boy.”

She then turned her head around.

“How long do you plan to keep hiding there? Come out!”

From the shadows, a figure appeared. And that figure was none other than the league of shadows’ member, the elf named Ray.

“Now this is a surprise. I must praise your senses. I didn’t think you would notice me.”

“If you plan on going after onee-chan, you won’t get pass me.”

“Hmph. Although Milla is an important target, she isn’t my target. My target is you, lady Odin. I have come to collect your soul.”

“You chose the wrong Demon King to mess with! I will freeze you to the bone!”

“Hahaha. We’ll see how long you can keep that up when you experience the power of the Oroboros!”

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