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Chapter 101: No Magic? No Problem

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“I’ve been waiting for that!”

He pulled from under his robe some sort of crystal ball. I don’t know what he’s planning, but there’s nothing my Azure Dragon Strike can’t destroy. Or at least that’s what I thought.


The attack was being absorbed inside the sphere. That shouldn’t be possible. What’s more…

“What… the f̲u̲c̲k̲… is happening to me!?”

I felt weaker and weaker. My blue flames were being sucked as well. I… I can’t maintain my Deus EX…


One of the 3 masked guys pulled out a golden sword and charged towards me. Damn it! My body is still numb. I can’t react. Guess I need to take the hit and rely on my Phoenix Resurrection. Or so I thought at least. His blade passed through my body as if it was a ghost. I felt nothing. Eventually my body started to work again after he drained my flames.

“What the hell did you to me?”

I could clearly see my flames swirling inside his sphere.

“Your power is necessary for our goal. So I simply took it.”

“I’ll make you regret that. [Thousand Tears]!”

I tried chanting a spell to blow them all up at once… but nothing happened.

“Hahaha! Do you understand now? That golden sword was the legendary Magic Slayer. As you stand now, you have no shred of magic power left!”

I slightly lower my head and shoulders.

“Our Master told me to make you an offer. Join us! Join our sacred mission of making this world a paradise. Observe.”

The stone on his ring once again glowed and more warriors were summoned. They all took off their masks.

“Nya!! No way! That’s impossible! Those are the first 11 Demon Kings. The very first generation! Our ancestors-nya!”

Persia was shocked. And frankly I was too. I don’t know them, but I do know that bringing people back from the dead is impossible. Well, although there is a way to ressurect someone within 10 seconds of death; if you die of natural death that’s it. You’re gone. And reincarnation is something only the gods can do. But that doesn’t matter right now. After a brief moment 8 of them once again disappeared.

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“Sorry, but unfortunately I wasn’t granted the power to keep all 11 around for too long. But these 3 are more than enough. The Demon Kings of Wrath, Savagery and Kindness. Well? Now that you saw a glimpse of the power we have, what will you do?”

“Screw you!”

“Such a shame. Then I shall claim your soul!”

He waved his hand and the so called Demon King of Savagery charged at me like a while beast. He hand long claws and a face full of claws a true madman. He wanted to slice me up, however…


Before the old man realized, I already sent his warrior crashing into the dome’s wall.


Close your mouth. You’ll catch flies. The seventh stance, Hollow Fist. Persia’s technique connected just like I thought it would.

“Did you honestly think that you can beat me just by removing my ability to use magic?”

Even if you cut my magic power, mana still flows through my body. My physical strength hasn’t dropped at all. I’m actually curious what that golden sword did exactly, but that can wait.

The mad warrior once again stood up and charged at me. This time I grabbed both of his arms.

“That’s it! Now make her one with the… Eh!?”

The reason why he was surprised again was because I didn’t budge a single inch. Your strength isn’t half bad but… too weak. I lifted him in the air and slammed him on the ground. After that I spinned him around and threw him away again.

“The likes of you can never hope to beat me.”

I reached for my shadow. For some reason my shadow inventory still works. So I pull out my orichalcum sword.

“Let me show you what it means to challenge a Demon King on his own territory!”

“Kill her! Blast her! Do something!”

“[Dinas Blast]!”

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Never heard of that spell before. But apparently, like a machine gun, multiple baseball sized yellow orbs were headed for me. Are you trying to restrict my movements? Sorry to disappoint you, but dodging won’t be necessary. My sword almost looked like a spinning whip. None of the balls hit me. I sliced all off them.

“Perpetual Slashes!”

The Demon King of Wrath drew a new sword and came right at me. I can tell that he’s an excellent swordsman. His speed can even rivals Ornis. However…

“Too slow. Unlimited…”

My body disappeared from were I was standing and appeared behind him. A barrage of slashes ran across his body, cutting him down. Blood scattered everywhere.

“…Sword Strikes!”

Unfortunately for him, Lorina is way better. Although she herself didn’t manage to learn it. This can potentially break your arm off. But she’s an excellent teacher. Just by explaining the stance and moveset, with a little trial and error I managed to learn it.

“No… this… can’t be happening…”

I swiftly moved and also slashed the other too. I striked at their bodies continuously without stopping. The sword swings and attacks echoed loudly. Maintaining a strong grip, pushing the wrist to it’s limits, making a circle motion… for the untrained eye it all looks like a single attack, but I’m consecutive slashing. The other 2 Demon Kings also fell before me. They aren’t weak, but because I am taking them by surprise, their guard is low.


I finally move on and pierce the old guys’ heart.


He violently coughed blood.

“This… this can’t… Take… take the crystal!”

With his last sheer of power he threw the crystal ball in which he sealed my flames to the other 2 outside the dome. How the hell was that ball able to get across? He then collapsed and the dome shrunk, releasing me. At the same time a violent light surrounded his body. He was dead. The 2 thugs were preparing to take their leave.

“Hey! We’re not done here! Restore Teri or else…”

But unfortunately my body was wobbling. Unlimited Sword Strikes is something that drains almost all stamina.

“Hmph. If you want her back you have to beat all of us, not just one of us. We’ll meet again soon.”

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They then vanished through some sort teleport spell. Damn it! Damn it! I swear I’ll kill all of you! The world isn’t big enough for you guys to hide from me. I won’t rest until I get Teri back. This… I swear!

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