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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

It’s been 1 year since the events that happened in the God Realm. Life finally became peaceful. Because I had the support from Odin, Persia, and now Tenebria who became the new Demon King of Kindness, nobody dared to ever challenge me again. My own power and my friends’ only kept increasing.

You can say a form of peace was finally established. Thanks to me standing above both Empress Eclair and Queen Aria, nobody invaded the demon continent. As I was sitting on dragon mom’s lap I had this blissful feeling that I achieved quite a lot in this world. I didn’t have any more worries. Or at least that’s what I thought.

Grace, my most loyal battle made hurried inside my bedroom and barged in.

“Milla-nee! There’s an emergency!”

“Hmm? What’s wrong, Grace?”

“We’re being attacked!”

“What!? Who is attacking us? Another king?”

“No. Please come outside. You must see with your own eyes.”

I went outside but I couldn’t believe it. At the edge of my town the sky was dark and there were 3 purple tornadoes. They weren’t advancing. They were just standing there and spinning in place. But from the tornadoes, hordes of monsters appeared. One after the other. They made an army.

“Grace! I’ll fly ahead. Call the others. Have Tengu and Felicia prepare our troops. We must engage them!”

“Right away!”

Damn! These things aren’t that much of a threat to me, but their numbers are ridiculous.

“Eat this! [Geo Flame Burst]!”

I destroy and destroy, but they keep coming. It’s like these guys have no fear.

“Milla-nee, if we don’t do something about them, we eventually will grow tired.”

Grace is right. Everybody is doing their best right now. Lorina and Himeko are chopping limbs, Tengu and Felicia are brilliantly managing the soldiers’ formation, Grace, Cleo, Irina, Sue and Teri are all violently crushing them. Even dragon mom is knocking them around.

“Oi! Don’t just randomly kill. Can’t you tell this won’t work?”

“Tenebria? How…”

“I came here as soon as I saw this phenomenon.”

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“You know what’s happening?”

“Sort of. I personally haven’t encountered it but I did hear other gods talking about it. It’s something that travels across dimensions and causes those tornadoes. They’re called Astral Storms. They literally link to a world full of nothing other than these creatures. And all they want is to kill.”

“How do we stop them?”

“We gotta close the tornadoes or else they’ll just keep coming.”

Tenebria pointed her index finger straight up.

“Focus your eyes. There’s a purple light in the clouds. That’s the source. Destroy that and the tornadoes will disappear.”

“Ok. Take my place here on the ground. I’m on it!”

I soared straight upwards with all my might. I saw something that could only be described as sinister. A purple floating crystal. And inside it there was a dark figure of something. All I could see were the glowing red eyes.

“I don’t know what you are or how you got here, but you’re going down!”

I inhaled deeply and fired off my flamethrower breath. The crystal took on the full force of my heat but it didn’t suffer any damage.

“No signs of melting, huh? Well then, I’m just gonna have to crack you.”

I dashed towards it but this time, it lashed out at me. It fired numerous lightning strikes at me.


It hurts! This thing… it actually has quite a vast amount of mana. To be able to penetrate my scales like that. Just what the f̲u̲c̲k̲ am I facing?

The crystal rapidly spinned around unleashing a power shockwave towards me. I placed my hands in an X shape guard but the force was so great that it tore my arms off completely. For a second, blood gushed out from me, but it soon turned to flames. My Phoenix Resurrection kicked in and restored me.

“That’s it buster! It seems I can’t take you lightly. But you made a mistake making an enemy out of me.”

I still can’t control this power well, but at least now I can activate at will. A short burst is all I need.

“DEUS EX!!! HAAA!!!”

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My body was wrapped in the godly blue flames. My hair changed its color to red. And because of the sheer pressure of my aura the clouds around me were pushed aside making a clear hole in the sky.

That crystal once again sent lightning strikes at me but this time… they hit nothing.

“Where do you think you’re aiming? I’m over here.”

I appeared behind it, but before it got the chance to turn around I planted my fist into it. A powerful wave that shook the clouds was generated. After images of me circling it and launching a barrage of flaming fists were formed. After wrapping that thing in flames I took some distance. Cracks appeared all over the crystal. The dark figure with red eyes trapped inside opened it’s eyes wide as if not believing what happened.

“Don’t look so surprised. These flames can even kill a God. I told you. You picked the wrong enemy.”

The crystal once again spinned around and opened some sort of portal. The tornadoes disappeared the very same moment.

“Did you really think that I was going to let you escape?”

I pointed my index finger at it.

“[Azure Dragon Strike]!”

It doesn’t matter how sturdy you are, once this hits you, you’re dead. My ranging flaming dragon wrapped in blue lightning made its way to it, but, out of nowhere, the crystal released a massive amount of magical energy. It intercepted my attack.

“It’s useless!”

No matter how much magic you pour my attack can’t be stopped. But… darn. My dragon stopped for a moment before splitting his blast in 2. In that instant he managed to escape and my attack hit nothing. I had to redirect it upwards in the sky. I can’t let it hit anything after all.

“What the hell was that?”


“Tenebria, how are things going down there?”

“Since the tornadoes vanished we managed to clean all of them. Are you ok?”

“Yeah, but that thing forced me to use all my power. What the hell was it after.”

“I couldn’t say. Like I said, it’s the first time I saw it personally too. Given the stories I think that thing just wants to devour worlds.”

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“Well this is one world it ain’t touching. At least it’s over for now. If that thing ever comes back…”

“We’ll just use double Delete All and erase it from existence!”

“Yeah! Although it’s strange that you gods simply let something like that roam around.”

“It’s not my fault. Gods can’t directly interfere. So we have no choice but to watch and hope someone like you crushes it.”

“Anyway let’s get back to the others for now. We need to check our casualties.”

As we both descended, one final thought crossed my mind. If Tenebria is right, that thing just slipped into another world. I just hope that whichever world it hoped into, that world has someone capable of handling that thing.

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