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Chapter 9 – Decisions, decisions…

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Author: Jammin’ Rabbit Original Source: Tamaya Kagiya Artist: Himexin

When Mio and I get back to class, the students start crowding around her again. I get back to my seat avoiding Kana’s eyes. Instead, I find myself occasionally glancing down at his crotch. I can’t get Mio’s words out of my mind.

A p̲e̲n̲i̲s̲ in me? Not happening. When I used to have one, it was just something to pleasure myself with and piss from. It’s filthy. Putting that thing in me would be gross!


When I masturbated as a boy, it felt good. Kana must do it, too. He probably rubs one out every night just to feel good. Now that I’m a girl, I wonder if we can help each other feel—


I shake my head violently to erase the thought from my mind. Some of the students notice and give me a weird look.

Being a succubus is dangerous. It’s only the second day, and all these lewd thoughts are popping into my head more than usual. Hell, more than when I was a h̲o̲r̲n̲y̲ teenage boy. At this rate, it’s only going to get more dangerous the longer I remain this way.

Classes end, and I hurry out of the class without saying goodbye to my best friend.

I’m sorry! As soon as I turn back into a boy, I’ll explain everything!

Mio catches up with me as I’m heading out and asks, “What’s the hurry?”

“It’s your fault.”

“But I didn’t do anything yet!” She exclaims.

I think I’ll check on Nurse Naruse before going to Kendo Club. I head upstairs with Mio in tow to Naruse’s office. Most of the students have cleared away, gone home or gone to their clubs.

I’m about to open the door when I hear two voices from the other side.

Naruse, you’re so rough! It’s difficult to keep up… I don’t have that same youthful vigor— ahh!”

It’s your fault, Principal! I can’t stop thinking— ♡nnngh… about you being inside me!”

Naruse! Naruse! Be my lover from now on!”

Iyaaa~ but I have a fiancé!”

Forget about him. Just think about my d̲i̲c̲k̲ from now on!”

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Ah! For…give me! Ahhh♡! You’re so big ♡! More, please…! Kiss me, Principal Murata! Hahhhh— mmmmph♡!”


I slowly back away from the door and shoot Mio a glare.

“What?” She asks innocently.

“I believe I have you to blame for this.” I say, pointing at the Nurse’s office.

Mio is confused. She presses an ear to the door and then reels back trying to hold in her laughter. “Pfftt! They’re actually doing it on their own now! That’s rich!”

“What are you going to do about them?!”

“They’re adults having fun. What’s the problem?”

I guess… she’s right… but it’s frustrating to admit it so I’ll just stay quiet. Guess I’ll bite my tongue this time around and go to Kendo. Wait…

“I don’t know how I feel about bringing you to Kendo Club after that stunt yesterday.”

“Kahahah! Can’t pull that trick when I’m not invisible.” Mio shrugs, “Buuuuut, if you really insist I buzz off and do my own thing…”

“Okay, okay! It’s probably worse leaving you to your own devices. When we get there, please don’t do any succubus-things.”

“Yes, ma’am— I mean… sir! Tehehe!”


Bringing Mio to Kendo Club was clearly a mistake.

When you have a room filled with testosterone and then throw a girl into the mix, that’s just asking for trouble. All the boys swarmed Mio the moment she stepped inside. I wasn’t free from the attention either. Several of the guys who want to get a step ahead of the others prodded me with personal questions about her. Things I didn’t even know because SHE DOESN’T BELONG IN THIS WORLD!

It takes both Coach and Gouda to threaten pulling them off the Hyogo roster for practice to start. Coach pulls me to the side and says, “Since when did you have a cousin like that going to this school?”

“Ehh. It’s a surprise to me, too.”

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He scratches his stubble, and then his balding head. “Look at them. It’s like they’re practicing even harder now that there’s a girl watching.”

Coach is right. A lot of the boys are more ramped up this time around. I doubt it has anything to do with me cheering them on yesterday, but more on the fact that Mio is watching them. Speaking of Mio, she’s looking bored now that she’s just sitting on the sidelines.

“Saeko, I need another favor.”

“Yes, Coach?”

“Start bringing your cousin more often.”

“Ehhhhh??? Why?”

“Because this is the push they need! They’re so much more motivated. You want to be on the team, right? Remember our deal?”

Everyone is doing their best from just having Mio in the room. Watching the sweat drip down their muscular bodies makes me want to do my best for them. It’s not fair. I’m a girl now, too. I bet the guys will work harder if I promise to reward them. Like… with my body…


Wait. What’s happening?

“Geh. F-fine…”

I go over to Mio who is falling asleep on the bench. She yawns as I approach her. “I don’t get what’s so fun with this. Why swing a sword over and over again?”

“They’re practicing. We have a tournament coming up soon. Which leads me to my question of… do you think you can keep coming to the club with me?”

“Whaaat? But it’s so booooorrriiiinnnggg!”

“They’re practicing harder now that you’re here. And it might give them the motivation to win our upcoming tournament.”

“You’re a girl. You can be their encouragement—” Her head ***** up, and she raises a brow. “I’ll do it, but I have a condition.”

“Wait, don’t tell me.” I brace myself, “It’s something sexual, isn’t it?”

She puts three fingers up. “Three more until your powers manifest. We can knock one down right now.”

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“Why are you so insistent on manifesting my powers?”

“It’s for your benefit, not mine! I can make it so they won’t even remember the next day.”


“You’ll do that for me?” I ask, to which Mio nods enthusiastically.

If I get my succubus powers, I could even charm Coach to let me on the team early. Is… having sex with a boy really something that I’m going to do right now? Can I even do it?

I put a hand on my chest. Even though I have a towel wrapped around me, I can feel it beating fast. Hard. It’s like I’m excited at the thought of doing it.

“Okay… b-but I get to choose!”

“Choose whoever you like.” Mio smiles. “Or hell, get all three outta the way with a g̲a̲n̲g̲b̲a̲n̲g̲! I’ll even join you.”

“That’s a definite no!”

I take a glance around the room at all the boys in Kendo Club. Many of them I’ve hung out with and chatted many times since year one. To think… I’m actually about to… gulp… have sex with one of them.

There’s Gouda. He’s the ideal body type and personality that I want, but I’m not sure if I can look at him the same way again after.

Someone I don’t talk to as often?

Ikezawa has the most feminine look after me, it’d probably be like doing it with Mio but… he has a strong B. O. and that’s not a smell I want on myself…

Maybe, Yuuto? We celebrated his 18th birthday two weeks ago in the club room, but didn’t talk much. The only time we talk is when he thanks me for water and towels. He’s taller than me and a little on the skinny side, and I guess… not that bad looking. The other members tease him sometimes about being a loner. It makes me feel bad that he doesn’t try his best in the club all that much.

Alright. I’ve made my choice, and my heart is beating faster than ever.

“C-Coach, I’m going to get more cases of water from the equipment shed out back. Can I… get Yuuto to help me?”

“Ah, sure. Oogawa! Oogawa Yuuto!”

“Yes, Coach?” He pulls his kendo mask off and sets down the bokken.

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“Help Saeko grab some water from the equipment.”


“I’ll go, too!” Mio hops off the bench, drawing a round of ‘awww!’ from the team.

As the three of us head to the shed, the only thing I can hear is the sound of my rapid heartbeats. The thought of putting something like the Principal’s thing inside me… is that even possible? Mio’s tail fits, but… that?

“Watcha waiting for?” Mio asks.

I look up to see the shed.

We’re already here?!

I have Coach’s only key to this. I try to insert the key but my hands are trembling too much to do it. A large hand— Yuuto’s hand, grabs ahold of mine and steadies the key in.


Yuuto doesn’t say anything, instead he walks into the shed. Seeing his back, I start to lose my nerve and turn to Mio. “I really don’t think I can do— this?!”

A push sends me off my feet. Mio shoves me hard into the shed, and I fall backwards onto Yuuto. The last thing I see as the shed doors shut is Mio, and a finger over her wicked grin.


The doors slam shut and we fall into the dark shed.

“Owie…” I rub my butt.

I sense Yuuto get up, and in the next moment the lights are flipped on.

“What the hell was that for, Sae—ko?”

Yuuto’s eyes widen, his mouth hangs open.

“What?” I ask. I look behind me but I don’t see anything except my tail.

Wait… tail?

I start feeling my head. The horns are there.

I grab my hair. There’s a handful of silver hair.

I reach behind me. My wings are there.

I look down at the rest of my body, and the gym jersey I changed into for club activities is gone. I’m wearing a skimpy suit similar to that of Mio’s near naked outfit. My hands immediately go up to cover my chest.

My eyes shoot to Yuuto, but instead of seeing his face. I’m drawn to his crotch, and the bulge that’s growing there. He’s definitely getting hard. He’s… getting hard looking at… gulp… me.

Why does that turn me on so much?


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