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Chapter 73 – The Succubus is a Part Timer?!

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Author: Jammin’ Rabbit Original Source: Tamaya Kagiya Artist: Himexin

Because of Mio’s wild suggestion, the both of us were going into our first day of work at a cosplay cafe. It was a moderately popular place called Isekai Gohan just outside of Sannomiya Station, nestled along a shopping strip of clothing outlets and izakayas that led up to the station. I only knew of it, though never had the pleasure of going. Several students in my year, especially the otakus, knew about it.

Koga and his group of friends frequented the cafe. I’d heard them talking about it in passing. There was a good chance Mio heard it from them, which was why she knew to pick this job.

Which also meant meeting them was an inevitability as long as I was working.

Getting the job was easy. They were always looking for part-timers. When we sent in our pictures, the manager hired us on the spot. Getting permission from our school to work was the hard part. We had to go through an entire process of signing paperwork, interviewing why we wanted to work, and getting our guardians to sign paperwork— which led to Hatsumi finding out I would be working at a cosplay cafe.

And… why she wanted to accompany us on our first day.

The three of us sat together on the empty Sunday noon train. Mio’s head bobbed as she slipped in and out of consciousness. Hatsumi was humming happily to herself with a camera in hand.

“Do you really have to come with us?” I asked my sister.

“As if I’m going to miss this momentous occasion of Saeko stepping into the adult world, picking up a job, and more importantly…” Hatsumi began to pant and salivate. Her hands clutching the camera trembled with excitement. “I have to take pictures of you in cosplay. Ehehehe~”

“Just don’t be too weird. I want to take this job seriously, but I’m a nervous wreck… ” I sighed.

“I was surprised when you said you wanted to work. With the amount of allowance mom and dad sends us, neither of us really need a job until we’re out of college,” Hatsumi said.

It was true that our parents sent us a bit more money than we knew what to do with. Most of it we just put into a savings account and keep it hands off. If it weren’t for Mio showing genuine interest in working, I would still be home reading manga. This was a good opportunity for me to get off my butt. Maybe even earn some pocket money for more manga down the line.

“You know Mio. It’s hard to get her passionate about literally anything besides sex. On top of making sure she stays out of trouble, I can also get into the swing of the working life,” I answered.

Hatsumi put a hand on my head and stroked my hair. She flashed a warm, reassuring smile.

“No matter how much I want you to stay your cute little self, I knew you were going to grow up one day. I didn’t expect it to be so soon, and you’re already taking your responsibilities like a mature adult. I just want you to know, your big sis is proud of you. Hopefully, I can be the first person you service, then you won’t have to be anxious!” she exclaimed gleefully.

Her words instantly washed my worries away. With my sister by my side, it felt like I could do anything. Hatsumi really had been with me my entire life. I wouldn’t have it any other way, even if she could be embarrassing.

To finally be seen and treated like an adult was really all I wanted. To be my own man— well, woman now.

After saying those touching words, Hatsumi went right back to taking pictures of me.

“Sis… You’re ruining the mood snapping pictures for a slideshow…” I said.

“Sannomiya Station… Sannomiya Station…” the robotic voice on the intercom announced our arrival.

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This succubitch was still sleeping without a care in the world.

“Mio. Wake up, Mio! Don’t let me waking you up become a habit, or it’s going to get violent!” I shouted while shaking her.

“Oh, s̲h̲i̲t̲— I’m awake! Stop, I’m gonna barf!”

The cafe was the first of many stores along the strip. It wasn’t particularly flashy like the ones I’d find in Akiba. Big neon letters spelled out ‘Isekai Gohan’ above the door. A menu stand outside listed their daily special of 50% off omurice. The store had tinted windows, which I learned from a quick search before applying that it was to prevent peepers.

Most people passed by without a second glance, and the few who did go in were either very shy about it or unabashedly proud to. Nowhere in between. Which was about right because you had to be shameless or full of shame to come to one of these. A girl outside wearing a black and white maid outfit was handing out flyers. Her blonde hair was fashioned into drills that hung off the side of her head and pointed to the ground.

“Please, take one. Thank you!” She ran up to strangers and offered flyers. Most people ignored her, those who did tossed it right into the trash, but her smile never faltered. As we came up to the entrance, she stuck out a flyer.

“Will the three mistresses be joining us for lunch? Or would you perhaps… like to eat me?” she asked coquettishly.

“Oooh. I’d like a bite!” Mio licked her lips.

I pushed Mio away, nearly choking on my own spit. “Ignore her! We’re the new hires.”

The maid’s eyes went wide with excitement.

“You two are? Ahh, you’re so cute! If I wasn’t holding these stupid flyers, I’d hug both of you!” she squealed, then opened the door for us. “Ask for Taira, she’ll get you started.”

The first thing I noticed walking through the door was a middle-aged security guard eyeing the room. Then the smell of freshly roasted coffee and sweet, baked food hit my nose. A busybody catgirl raced from one end of the cafe to the other, delivering beverages and omurice. The glass counter displayed samples of their food and doubled up as the register, and the kitchen was in plain site behind it.

Isekai Gohan was a moderate-sized place, furnished with small circular tables that seat up to three at most. Tall palm plants that were clearly plastic formed a makeshift partition between each table for privacy. The walls were plastered with posters and artwork of the latest anime, idol groups, and popular characters all along a fantasy setting background.

A magical girl with long, fiery hair wielding a rose-shaped baton jumped in front of us and struck a pose.

“Hi, hi! Welcome to Isekai Gohan! I’m your resident magical girl, Rose. Will it be for a table of three?” the flamboyant magical girl asked.

“A-Actually, the two of us are the new hires. The maid outside told us to ask for Taira,” I said, taken aback by her just as fiery introduction.

“Oh, I’m Taira! Which means the two of you are Saeko and Mio.” She took both mine and Mio’s hand, then pulled us further into the cafe. She shouted over her shoulder, “Ayacchi, can you take care of the guest at the front, please?”

“Okay, nya~” A girl around our age wearing black cat ears and a tail weaved through the tables to service my sister.

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Hatsumi pumped a fist into the air and mouthed the words, ‘do your best.’

Rose led us into a breakroom behind the counter which doubled up as a changing room. There were racks full of different costumes, and hidden in the corner of the room behind changing curtains was a sewing machine. Aside from a big, round table, the only appliances in the room were a mini fridge and microwave.

“Alrighty, let’s get to it. Konomi, the manager, couldn’t make it today. So I’ll be showing you the ropes. Your first day’s easy, you’ll be shadowing us one at a time across the shift. Aya is the catgirl. Kotori is our maid. You already met her outside. Finally, I’m Taira, Rose the magical girl.” She struck the heart pose again.

“I’m S-Saeko! Nice to meet you… ” I said, bowing.

A finger poked at my head. I looked up to see Taira grinning.

“No need to be so stiff! We’re all friends here, Saecchi!” she said.


“Which costumes are we wearing?” Mio asked, already digging into the racks of outfits available to her.

“That’s the spirit, Miochin! You’re welcome to wear whatever you want, but Konomi encouraged us to pick something we can create a character out of,” Taira said.

Miochin… what’s with the gap here?

I didn’t share Mio’s excitement. How could I? Dressing as a girl was embarrassing enough, but cosplaying was on another level. Who knew if I might run into my classmates, too.

Taira came up behind me and gently squeezed my shoulders.

“Manager said you two are working for the first time ever. I know it can be daunting, so don’t be afraid to rely on your senpais, okay?” Taira gave me a thumbs up, but her short pep talk did make me feel better. She looked older than us, maybe the same age as my sister if not a year or two her senior.

Mio had gone through the entire rack on her side but only held a single outfit— a maid’s dress, similar to the one Kotori was wearing.

“I want this. Can I be like those maids who cuss the s̲h̲i̲t̲ out of people?” Mio asked.

“Ah. Maid, huh?” Taira orbited around Mio, inspecting every inch of her body as if scanning her measurements. “I can see it. The tsundere S maid would contrast well with Kotori’s deredere M-ness.”

“Their— what…?” I choked trying to keep up with the conversation.

Taira wagged a finger in my face. “People who come into Isekai Gohan are, like the name implies, coming into a new world. If we bring our mundane, human selves into work, they will feel that. You have to create the character you want to be. Bring them and yourself into a world they could enjoy. Sometimes, getting cussed out and insulted is exactly what they’re looking for.”

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I was beginning to think I wasn’t cut out for this. Mio on the other hand—

She and Taira were already doing a practice round.

“As a waitress, you will have guests asking for a menu. Pretend I’m a guest asking for one. What do you say to me?” Taira asked.

“Ugh. Get it yourself you low-life filth. Better yet, if you grovel and lick my feet, I’ll consider getting you the menu.” Mio scowled.

“MMMMM! I felt that. There will definitely be people who love that!” Taira said.

“Will there really…? I still don’t know what to choose…” I mumbled to myself, eyes combing over the many costumes. Some of them were too skimpy to consider, others weren’t interesting or cute.

“How about a succubus?” Mio chimed in, snickering.

“I can totally see it. Saecchi, you have that little sister succubus vibe going on. I imagine your cute little tail and horns, welcoming me home with a naked apron on, and you asking if I want dinner or you. Mmmm!” Taira’s wild imagination went from zero to a hundred in a single breath. She was certainly eccentric.

Mio picked out a sexy bunny suit with fishnet leggings.

“How about this?” she asked.

“No.” I shot her down instantly.

“Hold her down!” Taira ordered.

“Wait— aahhh!” Struggle was all I could do as the two of them overpowered me, stripped me, and forced the bunny suit on me.

Taira put the finishing touches by slipping the bunny ears onto my head. Their eyes sparkled, and they shook each other’s hand for a job well done.

“Isn’t this a little too revealing for a cafe?” I asked, tugging on the suit around my crotch. The vinyl fabric stopped just above my butt. It was like wearing the one-piece school swimsuit, but no straps on my shoulders, and my whole back was bare right down to the hips. A little white puff that was my bunny tail bobbed as I moved.

“I hate this,” I said.

“I love this. Let’s get Selene in on this. Bet she could use a change of pace,” Mio suggested.

“Let’s not torture her more than she’s torturing herself.” I shook my head.

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“Don’t keep our guests waiting!” Taira said, leading the way back out.

I took a deep breath and followed her out. The moment we stepped back into the cafe floor, the spam of the camera shutters and flashing assaulted my senses.

“So cute! So cute! Ahhhhh! Give me a pose, Saeko!” Hatsumi squealed.

The security guard ran up to my sister to block her shots.

“E-Excuse me, ma’am! It’s against store policy to take pictures of the employees. I’m afraid I have to ask you to leave,” he said.

“Whaaaat?! Nooooo!” my sister wailed as she was dragged out of the cafe in tears.

“God… Now I’m even more embarrassed,” I grumbled, putting a hand up to cover my face.

“Saecchi, I’ll have you shadow Ayacchi first. She’ll show you the ropes to service our guests. Miocchi, we’ll pair you maids together.” Taira led Mio out of the cafe, where I heard another high-pitched squeal, presumably from Kotori.

Already I felt the burning gaze of the guests inside the cafe. Naturally so, since I wore the most risque outfit of the group. It might be just me confusing the scent with the food, but the distinct odor of lust was heavy in the air.

“Saeko!” the catgirl, Aya, shook both of my hands and pinched the bunny ears as if they were real. “As fellow animal girls, we gotta look out for each other’s tail.”

“I look forward to working with you, Aya!” I exclaimed, shaking her hands with the same enthusiasm.

Aya pulled me to the display counter where trays of food and drinks were placed on top of the glass. She handed me a round tray with a single mug of coffee on it, and took the remaining three plates filled with plates of omurice.

“Here is where we will pick up the food. There will be a piece of paper with a number on the trays to show you which table to take it to. We’re taking these three to the corner table.” Aya pointed to the table of three college-aged otakus in what sounded like a heated discussion.

“G-Got it…” I whispered to myself.

As soon as we got to the table, their discussion stopped. All three of them stared hard at me, and gulped just as hard.

“Hey, hey! You can’t just stare at the new recruit like that. She’s a shy bunny nya~” Aya scolded them, then set down the plates of omurice.

“The bunny is cute, but Aya will always be my number one here,” the one in a plaid shirt said.

“Hehe. Flattery will get you nowhere with this kitty!” Aya grinned, then nudged me forward. She leaned in and whispered, “Ask, ‘Who ordered the coffee?'”

“Uh— Did… Who ordered the coffee?” I asked.

The one who sat against the wall raised his hand. “Right here.”

I leaned over to hand him the coffee, and the moment I did, the other two straightened their back. They couldn’t make it anymore obvious about trying to peek down my cleavage.

“Good work!” Aya said, patting my head.

“Wait! Before you go, could you two bless the food?” the third otaku asked.

Aya frowned. “Nya geez. You’re really asking the new girl to do something so difficult right off the bat?”

“I’ll do it. I want to give it my all working here,” I exclaimed.

They wanted me to bless the food. It was going to be a chant like I’d see in videos. How hard could it be?

“Watch me first, Saeko. Then we’ll do it together.” Aya took a step back, leaned forward, and started meowing. Two hands formed paws, her elbows squishing her breasts together, then pressed her fingers together to form a heart, made a circle around her head, and for the finale— spun around to shake her a̲s̲s̲, spun to face the table and blew a kiss. “Nya nya!”

My jaw dropped. The otakus applauded.

“Ready?” she asked, waiting on me.

“I’m ready.” I steeled my nerves.

We performed the routine and chant, but I lagged behind a good second. Everything was going fine, I even swallowed my pride to shake my a̲s̲s̲ as seductively as possible. Then I blew them a kiss, and everything went downhill.

Aya didn’t notice their eyes flashed a shade of red.

“Uh, oh,” I managed to utter before they sprung from their seats, tackled me to the ground, and started groping my body. Their hands slipped under my suit and pinched my nipples, another pair of hands squeezed my cheeks, and the most daring hand burrowed to my p̲u̲s̲s̲y̲.

“Long live the bunny!”

“I have a new favorite girl now!”

“Must lick! Must lick!”

“Oh, nya s̲h̲i̲t̲. Jiro! We have code red gropers!” Aya shouted.

The security guard wrenched the men off me and tossed them out of the cafe screaming, “No groping the employees, ya freaks!”

“I’m so sorry, Saeko! If I’d known that would happen, I would’ve never let you near them. Those three are usually well-behaved. Maybe a month’s suspension will cool off their heads.” Aya helped me up and fixed the loose suit.

My mishap might have cost them three regulars.

Aya had no idea I accidentally charmed them. I thought I had greater control of my powers since defeating Beatrice, but the incident just now was clearly not the case.

I still felt their touch. It even got me a little wet.

Taira raced back into the cafe to check on me. “You alright? Jiro told me what those creeps did to you.”

“I’m okay… I just need a moment,” I said, sitting down on the now emptied seat.

“You’re tenacious, I’ll give you that. Most— any sane girl would have quit on the spot if that happened,” Taira said, worry still written on her face.

“The important thing is I’m not hurt. I want to keep working and be useful to Isekai Gohan,” I told her.

Taira and Aya were relieved to hear it, impressed even.

“Nyahaha. Saeko is a good girl. Why don’t you treat yourself to their omurice as a reward? Don’t need to let it go to waste,” Aya said.

“Better eat it now while you can,” Taira warned. She directed our attention to the entrance, where a large crowd of people were waiting to get inside. “Mio’s got talent when it comes to attracting customers. We’ve never seen a crowd this large before.”

There was no doubt in my mind how Mio could have attracted them any other way. Part time job at Isekai Gohan was only just beginning.

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