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Chapter 68 – Typhoon’s a Comin’

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Author: Jammin’ Rabbit Original Source: Tamaya Kagiya Artist: Himexin

The succubi before me remained kneeling, over forty auras tickled at mine like the bristles of a brush against my hair. I sensed their fear, anger, and even adoration. I was able to ascertain whether they liked me or were indifferent towards me just by focusing my aura on them, but each time I did, they stiffened up.

A sudden gust of cold wind blew in, and I realized how cloudy it was being outside. The typhoon was so strong, trees looked like they could be uprooted at any moment. It was dark enough to mistake it for the early evening. Clouds were so thick and close it felt like I could just fly up and touch them.

I had to say something otherwise, we’re just going to be stuck here.

“Well, uh… I’m glad everyone can make it. This is everyone, right?” I asked, trying to make filler discussion in this awkward meeting.

One of the succubus whom I recognized was the shaved ice vendor from the first day, peeked up, locked eyes with me, and quickly threw her stare back to the ground.

The succubus who had been speaking to me from the start answered, “Yes. Of the few hundred that initially arrived here with Beatrice, only forty-three of us came to Okinawa after her defeat.”

“Did you just say ‘few hundred’ succubi?” I echoed in surprise.

“We live in the former demon lord’s manor back in Elza, that’s where we make our nest. I’m not surprised my sister brought as many as she could to earth. A few hundred is just a fraction of how many there are,” Mio said.

Even though the succubus were all disguised, the longer we’re out here, the more attention this gathering was going to draw. I already charmed Airi Sensei, the last thing I wanted to do was charm anyone else.

I awkwardly pulled out my phone. The succubi raised their head to watch what was going on. My first inclination was to ask for their numbers, but I didn’t need forty new contacts to fill up my contact list.

“I have an idea. You’ve been speaking for them, so you’re like the leader of this clutch?” I asked.

“Yes, my queen. My name is Clerissa. At your service, ” she answered with a bow.

Clerissa wore a light blue happi coat which didn’t match the weather we were having. Raven-black hair tied tightly to a bun, and a bandana kept loose strands out of her face. She either worked as a fisherman or as some sort of dockhand.

“We’ll swap contact information. I’ll check up on you every once in a while to make sure you’re staying out of trouble. You’ll be in charge of keeping the others in check. I know I can’t tell you not to feed. Mio says it’s like telling you to go starve yourself. So please, please don’t hurt any of the natives.” Clerissa digested everything I said with a wide, eager to please grin.

“Of course!” she beamed. “I won’t disappoint you. We will make Okinawa a queendom you would want to return to every year!”

“Damn it… what have I gotten myself into?” I muttered off to the side.

Clerissa and I traded phone numbers, much to the envy of the other succubus. They crowded around her to get a glimpse, but she hid her phone like a prized possession. When they didn’t get what they wanted, some of the more adoring ones started coming for me.

“Whoa, there! You little hornbats ain’t getting any closer to Saeko than this!” Mio said, coming between me and the horde. Clerissa shooed them away, and Mio and I returned to the inn to catch a break. “Man, you’ve got fangirls now. I have to step up my game to keep them off you.”

The horde of succubus left without drawing too much attention. As we headed back inside, I asked Mio, “How is Clerissa?”

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She paused and thought for a moment. “Huh? She’s okay, I guess. Likes getting rammed by hyena beastkins. Takes it up the a̲s̲s̲ like a champ—”

“No, damn it! I meant, can we trust her to lead?” I clarified, trying to wipe away the thought Mio put into my head.

“Dunno. As long as you’re a better queen than Bea, you can probably trust me. Probably,” Mio repeated the last word doubtfully.

When I got back to my room, I was welcomed to the unbelievable sight of Airi Sensei curled up on my futon. She had her head buried in the pillow, sheets gathered up to her chest, sniffing all she could of it.

“What the hell is going on here?!” I screamed.

Rika and Hitomi were sitting off to the side enjoying tea and biscuits, meanwhile our teacher was sexually harassing my futon.

“After you told her to come back inside, Sensei made a beeline to our room and into your futon. She’s been like this for ten minutes now,” Hitomi explained.

I smacked my face loud enough that I think it left a mark.

“I… charmed her so she wouldn’t think anything of the whole group of women calling me queen.” No way in hell was I going to explain this off. She was charmed, the damage was done. Removing it now meant that she would remember everything.

Mio jumped on top of Airi Sensei and started dry humping our teacher in front of us.

“Mmmmh! I always thought Kikouji Sensei was hotter, but Airi Sensei’s t̲i̲t̲s̲ give yours a run for their money,” Mio said.

“You’re sexually assaulting a faculty, you know that?” Hitomi remarked, arms crossed and unamused.

Mio rubbed her face against the bare of Airi Sensei’s upper back from her yukata being pulled down. “Look, I don’t discriminate. I will f̲u̲c̲k̲ everyone— all people equally without bias: If you’ve got a hole, I’m sticking something in it. If you got a d̲i̲c̲k̲, I’m sticking it in me.”

Hitomi, Rika, and I pulled Mio off our teacher.

“You’re not having sex with our teacher,” Hitomi asserted.

After a couple of hours, we decided to head into the lounge. Only a couple of girls were here, relaxing on the comfy reclining theater seats. Most of them looked like they would rather be anywhere but stuck inside, others watched news on the television hoping the weather would let up in the evening.

The ryokan staff were kind enough to provide us with refreshments and snacks since we were stuck inside. Dinner was promised to us later if we couldn’t go outside, which was more than kind enough for them to offer.

Mio popped a couple of salted peanuts into her mouth and squealed in delight.

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“Why are these so goooood? The bite-sized crunch and salty goodness makes me want to keep munching!” She was ripping open bag after bag of the snacks the staff gave us, pouring them into her mouth like popcorn.

“You’ve never had salt and roasted peanuts where you’re from?” I asked.

“What the f̲u̲c̲k̲. That’s all you need to do to make these godly snacks? There are three things I’m grateful about coming to Japan for,” she mused happily.

I could name the first two— spicy food and now, salted peanuts.

“What’s the third?” When I turned to ask Mio, she had a finger pointed right up to my nose, and I blushed up immediately. “O-Oh…”

Out of boredom, Mio began to toss the peanuts into the air and tried to catch them with her mouth. She was missing a good four times out of every five tries. Eventually, she got tired of missing and turned to me.

“Open your mouth,” she said.

“Fine, but only if you don’t chuck them like you did that dodgeball way back when.” I opened my mouth wide and kept my eyes open to position myself when it’s thrown.

Mio lobbed the first one high, but it hit my nose and clattered onto the couch. The next one hit my forehead, then rolled down my face and into my mouth.

“That one didn’t count!” Mio declared. “Hold still this time.”

I kept my mouth open, waiting for the inevitable miss again. However, I heard the sound of another bag being ripped open, the many peanuts poured out of the wrinkling plastic, and in the next moment, a dozen peanuts rained down my face.

“Pfft— bleh! What is this? An arcade?!” I scolded her, then went to pick up and eat the pieces that hadn’t fallen to the ground. Mio stared at me with lust in her eyes.

She lunged forward, pinning me to the couch.

“Heh. Those are my peanuts you got in that pretty little mouth of yours.” Mio licked her lips and the sharp incisors inside her mouth.

“You have the whole bowl of peanut bags and you want the ones I’m eating— are you crazy?” I glanced around the lobby to see if anyone was watching. Fortunately, everyone was too glued to the television or their phones.

Maybe she was stronger than me at that moment. Maybe not. My arms suddenly went weak, and she screwed our lips together. Her tongue pried open my mouth and licked up the partially-chewed peanuts while we made out.

Mio finally let go once she had her fill, wiping her mouth with a big grin. “Mmmh. Thanks for the food.”

“Eugh… that was so gross…” I hid my face in my hands, red up to my ears.

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By noon, Kaede had emerged into the lobby in her pyjamas. She wore cute prints of animal faces and walked around in a pair of big bunny slippers. Judging by her rubbing the crust from her eyes and yawning as she came in, Kaede had just woken up.

“Good morning, Saeko… Mio…” she greeted us with a contagious yawn that got us, too.

Mio grabbed the girl and pulled her into the seat between us. She seemed to still be half-asleep, unknowingly snuggling into Mio’s chest.

“Do you normally wake up this late?” I asked Kaede.

“Fwuuaahh~ I always wanted to sleep in, so I ended up turning my alarm before bed last night.” Kaede didn’t realize that she was rubbing her head against Mio’s breasts, but Mio was more than excited to accommodate by stroking her hair. It wasn’t until Kaede’s eyes snapped open did she realize what she had been doing, and so jumped into another empty seat. “I’m sorry, Mio! I didn’t know!”

“You can come onto me anytime,” Mio winked.

It was Kaede’s turn to blush after I recovered. Mio had a knack for putting anyone she met off-guard. Unlike me, all I had going for was my strong aura as a greater succubus. Despite being what I was for some time now, I could still be put at a disadvantage when someone like Kana or Mio called me cute.

I guess going from a guy to a girl, compliments still affected me just as well.

The television chimed with an alert. A weather reporter on the news channel was introduced after a ‘Weather Alert Update’ that played across the screen.

“Good morning. It is currently 12:13 noon. The typhoon projected to hit Okinawa will be making landfall first in Zamami Island by the early afternoon, and is expected to grow to an intensity of a class 4 severe tropical storm, with sustained winds of up to 95 to 106 kilometers per hour. Typhoon number nine will be the fourth to pass through Okinawa Prefecture this early into the season. We urge all people to remain indoors until tomorrow morning, and will keep you updated with live updates. Stay safe, Okinawans!”

The weather alert had put everyone on edge. What was a lively lobby full of vacationing students chattering away, now only silence remained in a tense atmosphere thick enough to cut with a knife. All that could be heard was the boiling kettle from the staff brewing tea, and Mio eating her beloved peanuts.

“Rika and I are going to check in with the boy’s side to talk to Ieda Sensei.” Hitomi came up behind us with a jacket on and holding an umbrella. Behind her, Rika was just as covered, preparing to brave the weather outside. “It looks like it’s getting to be bigger than I thought, so we need to talk about safety precautions with us being so close to sea.”

“Any evacuation notices?” I asked them.

It didn’t affect Mio and I at all, being that we could fly in the event something happened. The issue was everyone else. The typhoon was being classed at a four, which was only several kilometer wind speeds away from being upgraded to a strong typhoon at a class five. Those sustained wind speeds would be devastating.

“Too dangerous to move further inland now. Even the ferries and charter buses have stopped working. We just have to ride out the storm,” HItomi said.

The other students were listening in and were growing more worried by the second.

Rika noticed they were getting worried and chimed in to assuage their concerns. “Don’t worry. The typhoon’s already gotten as strong as it can. All we can expect is heavy rain. Make sure you close your windows unless you have a life jacket in your room.”

And just like that, Rika managed to get some chuckles from our schoolmates and quench the tension.

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“Aw, man. I wanna go to the boy’s place,” Mio groaned.

“No,” the rest of us said in unison.

Since our student council roommates went to the other building, Mio, Kaede, and I decided to play in the recreation lounge. It wasn’t a secret anymore that it was opened, so a lot of other students who had the same thought process came to play as well. That made the room very crowded and not fun.

So we brought Kaede to our room to hang out instead.

“Ahhhh! This sucks!” Mio shouted, throwing herself onto her futon.

As soon as Kaede walked in, she noticed Airi Sensei sleeping half-naked in my futon, breasts hanging out for the world to see. “S-Sensei? What is Airi Sensei doing in here?”

I quickly went to pull her yukata over her breasts and tied the robes so it would stay.

“We’re good friends with Sensei, so she likes to hang out… in our… room…?” I lost track of what I wanted to say and offered a half-assed explanation instead.

Fortunately, Kaede bought it.

Mio produced a deck of cards and asked, “You ever play strip poker, Kaede?”

“N-No. Is that really the norm for high schoolers these days?” she asked.

“Mio just really wants to put people in a vulnerable spot,” I answered.

It didn’t take much convincing to get Kaede to join. The three of us sat around the table, but the moment I put my butt on the cushion, the soft cotton and polyester fabric made me realize a very miscalculated decision— I wasn’t wearing underwear.

Mio. That b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲. She invited me to play strip poker knowing I had one piece of clothing before I was butt naked. And I fell for her trap because I completely forgot.

I glared at her hard.

She responded with a smirk.

“Alright, fine. Bring it on,” I said, ready to throw down. But my bravado was for naught. On the very first round, Mio drew a full house, and Kaede drew a two pair. My hand was a joke. So I flipped the table. “I call bullshit!”

“Oh, wah-wah. You lost that one time and got a punishment for it, now you’re just salty,” Mio teased.

“Saeko, you don’t have to strip if you don’t want—” Mio put a hand over Kaede’s mouth to shut her up.

“Don’t tell her that. I know you want to see her naked as much as I do,” she said.

I shook my fist at Mio. The yukata was all I had on. The moment I took this off, I was going to be completely naked, and Kaede would think me some sort of pervert. I started undoing me obi when Hitomi and Rika burst through the door. They were soaked from top to bottom, dripping wet from the rain.

It was now during that silence how loud the rain was coming down, and how our lights were on to illuminate the room despite it being the mid-afternoon when it should be bright.

“Bad news,” HItomi began. “We did roll call at the boy’s building, but three students are missing.”

Rika turned to me with dread in her eyes. “Kana is one of them.”

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