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Chapter 66 – This Island is Full of… What?!

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Author: Jammin’ Rabbit Original Source: Tamaya Kagiya Artist: Himexin

Zamami Island has three villages. The largest one, Zamami Port, is where the ferry dropped us off on day one. Among the many restaurants and inns, there are shops where we can rent snorkeling gear, fishing equipment, and even charter a boat if we have a boating license.

Which we don’t.

We came out to Zamami Port on Mio’s insistence to have seafood for dinner. There’s no fresher fish than the ones that come right out of the sea, and Airi Sensei recommended us a sushi restaurant with a nice view of the port. Everyone was on board, including the newest member of our group, Kaede, who would rather spend time with us than her group.

The tranquil ambience is nice enough to make me want to move here. Inhabitants are polite and accommodating. Stars blanket the night sky, undeterred by the pollution of big cities. We pass by some of our classmates and stop to snap pictures with each other, even though we’ve never interacted with each other at school beyond a simple greeting. There’s something about this place that draws out the best in people.

My only problem is…

“Please, accept this with our good grace!” the chef shouts, plunking down another platter of sashimi, filling our already crowded table with more food.

There are succubus everywhere. The chef, as well as her entire staff, are all succubus!

“Thanks…” I say, glancing awkwardly at all the food and trying to keep my plate from falling.

Sweat beads from the chef’s head as she waits with bated breath for me to take a bite. Mio, Rika, Hitomi, and Kaede are all able to enjoy their meals in peace, while I’m freaking out because my aura is firing off like crazy.

My internal radar is telling me there are maybe thirty different auras around us. This restaurant alone has six. When we came into town, and I couldn’t help but feel anxious with so many succubus around. Mio doesn’t mind and thinks it’s no big deal, but I don’t share the same sentiments.

Sighing, I take a bite of the sashimi. The chef swallows so hard, I can hear it.

“It’s good,” I tell her.

She breathes a sigh of relief, clutching her heart, then throws her coworkers a thumbs up who are relieved to return to work.

“Hey! I’m outta salmon roe over here!” Mio yells.

The chef takes her empty bowl and scurries back to the kitchen. “R-Right away!”

I grab Mio and whisper, “Stop taking advantage of them!”

“If they’re offering free food, I’m taking it!” she says, brushing my hand away.

Hitomi can’t get enough of shellfish. Her corner of the table is packed full of crab, lobster, shrimp, and even octopus. Rika is in bliss enjoying her grilled unagi nigiri topped with takoyaki sauce and tempura flakes. Kaede forgoed the sushi because she can’t handle raw food, and is instead having curry with shrimp tempura.

Kaede is all smiles, a completely different look compared to when she told me to stay out of her business. I’m glad Hitomi and Rika are naturals at socializing with new people, the student council aren’t in their position for nothing.

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I just hate the circumstances that led to this. Being bullied is never fun. I hated it when it was happening to me, and if it wasn’t for Kana, I don’t know where I’d be today. I’m sure Kaede needs someone like that in her life.

“It’s been so long since I’ve had fresh unagi. I’m in love~” Rika sighs in pleasure. “The restaurant was really generous to offer us free food.”

“Yeah…” I cast my eyes down to the floor and eat my sashimi platter in silence.

I can’t tell them it’s because the succubus have crowned me as their queen, and are treating me out of fear rather than generosity.

The chef returns with Mio’s second bowl of salmon roe on rice. She doesn’t hesitate to add none other than the naga viper sauce to it.

“Will there be anything else?” the chef asks, eager to please. “Perhaps a human to round out your appetite?”

“PFFFSSSSHH!” I spit my water out all over the table, soaking Hitomi and Rika in front of me, both of whom give me an exasperated look.

Mio raises her hand for the offer, “Oh, I want a thick co—”

But I put a hand over her mouth to keep her from finishing the sentence.

Kaede’s head tilts to one side. “Human…?”

“CUMIN!” I yell so loud the entire restaurant turns to see what the commotion is. “S-She meant cumin! Ahh, we don’t need the spice. We’re fine, thank you…”

I cover my face in embarrassment and slink back into my seat. I preserved our identity at the cost of making myself look like a fool.

Hitomi and Rika are wiping their faces and clothes from the water I spat on them.

“S-Sorry!” I apologize, bowing.

“I won’t say it wasn’t refreshing,” Hitomi quips, helping Rika dry off with napkins.

“Since we’re out, why don’t we find a bathhouse?” Rika suggests.

Everyone appears to be in agreement except Kaede. As soon as we exit the sushi restaurant, she asks to excuse herself.

“Thank you for inviting me everyone, but I think I’ll go back to the inn and bathe there.”

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I know why. However, no one in our group is insensitive enough to make a big deal out of her bruises. I want to open my mouth and ask her to stay, but at the same time, I don’t want to pressure her. Mio glances at me, clicks her tongue, and follows after Kaede.

When Kaede turns to leave, Mio dives under her legs to pick her up. Kaede wobbles on Mio’s shoulders but manages to steady herself.

“Wait— what’s going on?” Kaede asks, baffled beyond belief by what is happening.

Mio shrugs her shoulders, after making sure she’s steady, begins to walk forward with the group. “It’s more fun with all of us there. You had fun eating with us, didn’t you?”

Kaede blushes, then mumbles something out of earshot. She sounds more willing to go with us now after Mio’s urging.

I give Mio an approving smile, and she grins back.

Mio lets Kaede down in front of the bathhouse. The two of them are getting along despite the stark difference in their personalities.

As the others head inside, I grab Mio’s hand and pull her aside.

“Thanks for doing that. Even though I talked a big game about treating her well, I would’ve let her gone home without saying anything,” I confess, squeezing her hand.

That she was able to do that without a second thought, while I was biting my tongue instead, goes to show I’m not as mature as I think I am.

“Good intentions don’t mean s̲h̲i̲t̲ if you don’t do anything about it. Kaede’s got it rough, but being dragged around is all she knows. Just like when we first met, it takes a little push before they can stand on their own feet.” Mio squeezes back and pats my head with her free hand. When she ruffles my hair, it’s like she brushes away the shame I was feeling, too. “So you’re gonna need to try harder if you wanna f̲u̲c̲k̲ her.”

“Aaaannnd the moment is ruined.” I roll my eyes real slow so she can see it.

Mio cackles as she heads inside.

I stick outside and check my phone. Kana’s last message was a few hours ago telling us to eat first, and that he’d meet up with me in town afterwards. I haven’t seen him since. I’m getting worried, but it’s possible his group whisked him away to do other stuff again.

“Your boyfriend stood you up?” Mio asks, snickering from the door.

“He’s not my boyfriend!”

As soon as I enter the sento, my aura is blipping again. The receptionist at the desk stares at me, mouth hanging open, eyes wide with fear. I give her the stink-eye to not say anything so she doesn’t reveal me and Mio in front of Kaede.

Hitomi reaches the desk first and pulls out her wallet. “Party of five—”

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“Oh, if you’re all in a group, there’s no need to pay! We have a special today; the first five customers to get free entry!” the receptionist exclaims.

Rika and Hitomi give each other a weird look.

“But… the shoes at the door, aren’t there other people here before us?” Rika asks.

“It’s a special free offer!” the receptionist repeats again, louder this time.

Mio throws an arm around my shoulder, pulling me towards the bath entrance. “Come on, your highness!”

“Wait!” The succubus runs in front of us and puts her hands out. “Let me clean the bath first.”

She races inside, leaving us waiting in the lobby. A minute later, a whole bunch of people are coming out of the baths and exiting the bathhouse. The receptionist runs to the front entrance and flips the open sign to closed.

“The baths are ready for you now!” she says, stepping aside.

At this point, Rika and Hitomi have caught on. They give me a chuckle as they pass by, patting me on the back. Kaede is none the wiser.

When the others are inside, I grab the succubus receptionist by the collar of her shirt down eye level with me. “Tomorrow, I’m going to need a roll call from you guys to make sure you aren’t up to anything.”

The fear in her eyes is palpable. “B-But we aren’t— Yes, my queen. We shall assemble at your behest.”

I swallow my apprehension that they would disobey me, and follow my classmates into the changing rooms. Mio, Rika, and Hitomi have already stripped and gone inside to rinse. Kaede is left clutching the towel, still unchanged from her cardigan and sweatpants.

I put a hand on her shoulder. Mio’s words play back in my head.

‘… you’re gonna need to try harder if if you wanna f̲u̲c̲k̲—’


I start shaking my head of the perverted thoughts, and Kaede is suddenly worried about me instead.

“Saeko, are you feeling unwell?” she asks.

Ahem! I’m fine. I figured you were worried about coming to the baths because of your bruises. If you want, we can ask the bathhouse attendants to bring you a larger towel.”

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Kaede considers this deeply, but after a moment of thought she declines. She strips down to her birthday suit with nothing but the towel covering her crotch. I see now the extent of the bruises that cover her body. Blue and purple splotches all up her arms, bite imprints on her thighs, and even what looks like rope marks on her wrists.

My mind swirls and flashes with white hot anger. How Nogi could subject her to all that fills me with such rage that I want to throw him into the sea. Worse, she wants to stay with him.

Both of us head in to start rinsing ourselves. The other three are already soaking in the baths.

Ignoring the blemishes on her skin, Kaede is really cute— in a normal kind of way. Looking at her body, there isn’t anything that stands out. She’s about as tall as I am, her hair is a natural mess, and she’s as flat as a board. Yet, the more I look at her fumble around with the stool and shower head, scrubbing herself with the towel, the more I want to protect her.

Our eyes suddenly lock. She looks left and right, sees a towel on the ground, and picks it up. Kaede runs over to me, offering the towel she just found.

“Uhm… did you want this? Is that why you were looking over to me?” she asks.

“Oh, that’s not it. I was just looking at you—” I stop myself too late.

“I-I see… excuse me…” Kaede turns completely red and tiptoes back to her stool to rinse herself.

Wait a minute…


Why did I say that?!

Am I actively trying to get in Kaede’s pants? No, hold on… I already said yes to her request…

We’re all finally taking a dip in the baths. The warm waters soak into my bones, healing me from within. It’s not magic, but it might as well be.

All the hiking and running around we did looking for Kaede proved how out of shape I am despite being a succubus. I can have sex all night, but one afternoon of climbing rough terrain gets my entire body sore.

“Excuse me.” A bathhouse staff peeks in to interrupt our bathing. “I don’t mean to disturb you, my que— miss. The owner would like to offer our hospitality by providing you snacks and nourishment. If you will follow me, we have a selection for you to choose from.”

Rika scratches her head at the strange offer. “I’ve never heard of a sento providing food during the bath.”

“Snacks while bathing? Count me in!” Mio climbs out of the bath, pulling me out with her.

I follow Mio out, wrapping a towel around my body as we go. When we get to the changing room, an unbelievable sight awaits me.

A dozen naked humans, women and men alike, are standing before us. Their eyes are glossed over, clearly under the effects of charm.

“What the heck is this?!” I yell aloud, and then cover my mouth not realizing how loud I screamed. It’s then that I notice Kana and his group are part of the ‘snack selection.’

I smack my head at the ridiculous offer. Of all the things I thought they were going to give us, this wasn’t one of them. I should have expected as much from succubi.

“A-Are these not to your liking? We can fetch more, my queen!” the worker offers.

“I don’t want more!” I retort.

Mio goes over to one of the girls and sniffs her body. She then takes a large lick of her cheek. “Mmm. I’ll take this one.”

“You’re not taking anyone!”

Mio crosses her arms and sighs. “Geez. You want them all to yourself? Greedy much.”

“I DON’T WANT ANY OF THEM!” As I say that, the men in the room begin to get erect, most likely due to the auras of multiple succubus in the room. Kana’s in particular looks especially enticing because we haven’t had sex in a while. “M-Maybe one of them— no! We’re not having sex with anyone while the other three are still in the baths.”

“Shall I charm the three women inside the baths for you?” the lesser succubus asks.

“Don’t you dare touch a hair on them…” I warn, and she immediately backs up in response. “Anyway, make them put their clothes on and send them back home!”

“Aw. That’s no fun,” Mio says, moping.

I’ve had enough surprises for one day. The evening was supposed to be a relaxing one, but I feel like I had enough heart attacks for a lifetime.

Kaede’s crying face keeps appearing in my mind whenever I’m about to fall asleep. I want to do more for her, somehow convince her to leave her boyfriend. Anything to show her that she can do better than him.

After a while, I drift to sleep thinking about ways to sexually emasculate Nogi. Make him lose all confidence in being able to call himself a man.

Unfortunately, sleep only lasts for a few hours.

I wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of shuffling on the other side of the room. Not just the movement of futons and sheets rubbing against each other, but also the wet sound of kissing and heavy breathing. I pull my sheets low enough to see Hitomi naked and on top of Rika.

Their lips are locked in a tight kiss, stifling each other’s moans. Hitomi’s fingers move in and out of Rika’s p̲u̲s̲s̲y̲ in rhythm.

I have the unfortunate luck of waking up to them having sex. Rika’s whimpering moans are turning me on. Her voice reminds me of when Mio and I double teamed her with our magic potion-induced p̲e̲n̲i̲s̲.

Trying not to make my presence known to them, I reach down to start fingering myself. There’s no way I’m going to fall asleep while they’re doing it, so I might as well have some fun of my own.

My underwear is already soaked, and fingering myself exacerbates my leaking p̲u̲s̲s̲y̲. Mio is sleeping on her back when she suddenly turns over to face me. She’s wide awake, smirking.

“Hhnnngg!” Mio doesn’t try to hide her voice as she stretches herself awake.

Hitomi throws the bedsheet over herself with Rika underneath it. Both of them peek over the sheets, caught red-handed with their midnight romp.

“Sorry… were we too loud?” Rika whispers from the other side.

Mio hops out of her futon, her light t-shirt clings loosely to her body. The moonlight slipping through the cracks in the window bounces off her beautiful, sun-kissed skin. I gulp hard looking at her.

“It’s not that you were loud. We just want in on the fun,” Mio answers, licking her lips. Mio slips behind me, pulling off my shirt and groping my breasts. I melt to her touch, and when I lift my head, realize that Mio is teasing me to put on a show for them.

“What say we have a couple swap?” Mio asks.

Hitomi, Rika, and I collectively express our confusion with a baffled, “Eh?”

Without giving me a chance to struggle free, Mio slips her finger into my p̲u̲s̲s̲y̲. At night, both of our human forms have dropped. Her tail dangles in front of me like baiting for fish.

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