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Chapter 60 – Sports Day pt. 1

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Author: Jammin’ Rabbit Original Source: Tamaya Kagiya Artist: Himexin

“Ooooh! It’s Spoooooorrrts Daaaaay!!” Hana shouts into the microphone, blowing out the entire school’s ears.

“Hana… please get off the stage,” Principal Murata calls from below the stage. Three faculty members throw Hana off of the stage so the principal can take over. “Well then, let’s all have another good Sports Day this year. Compete to your hearts’ content, and remember that at the end of the day we are a school together.”

The first, second, and third years split to their respective corners of the track field. Families and city locales occupy the bleachers, cheering at us from edges. I see Hatsumi occupying a spot in the bleachers. The seats around her are empty, taken up by a large banner of my face, and she is waving a flag of our family name.

Hatsumi screams at the top of her lungs. “Go, Saeko! Go! Go, Mio! Go! Fight-o!”

“Oh, my god…” I bury my face into my hands as the other students giggle at the sight of my sister’s enthusiasm.

Mio smashes her fists together. “I can just feel the energy in the air. It’s like everyone is psyching themselves up for battle. All we’re missing now is a massive orgy to knock out the jitters.”

I put a finger up to her face. “I’m warning you now, no using magic.”

“Why not? That’s like asking a bird not to fly,” she counters.

“For one, it’s cheating. We’re going up against regular humans. Two, don’t you dare charm people!”

Mio throws her hands up. “Fine, fine.”

I breathe a sigh of relief, but I’m going to need to keep an eye on her and Hana. Speaking of Hana…

“Uwah ha ha ha! As long as I’m team leader for the first year class, you two won’t stand a chance!” Hana comes back changed into a sarashi and longcoat, the back of which is written in giant kanji— fighting spirit.

I had no idea she was so gung-ho about this. “Hana… you’re taking this a lot more seriously than us…”

“Bring it, squirt!” Mio stomps the ground, causing the earth to tremble. “We third years are going to wipe the floor with you so bad, we’ll send you crying back to mommy.”

“You’re taunting her?!” I pry Mio away as the first-years do the same of Hana. “Come on! I know it’s Hana, but you’re going to get a bad rep if you’re seen bullying a first year.”

“Captain!” Kana rushes over with a clipboard in his hands. He passes it to Mio who takes a glance over.

“What is this?” She asks.

“The list of third years signed up to participate, as well as the list of games for today. You have to fill them out so we know who is doing what,” he explains.

“Sounds boring. You do it.” Mio pushes it back into his hands.

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“Sorry, Kana. I’ll make it up to you later!” As I say that, Kana perks right up.

“Leave it to me. I’ll design the best teams to bring us to victory.” He races back to the main third year group.

“You know, Mio… you could have taken this whole team captain thing more seriously.” I say, frowning.

This year, the third year class overwhelmingly elected Mio over much more qualified candidates like Gouda. She was already popular with the girls, and since most guys wanted to get into her pants, they didn’t hesitate to tell her how they thought she’s the best choice to represent the third years.

Despite being a wild card transfer student…

“Look, pal. I didn’t choose the popular life, the popular life chose me. Who am I to refuse if they thought I was the best pick? I just wanted to screw around in every sense of the word.” She says, shrugging.

Yep. Mio is no good.

Across the field, the student council and faculty are sitting at the tables under the canopies. It must be nice not having the sun beat down on you. It might not be the hottest day of the summer, but that doesn’t make it any less hot.

I pull on Mio’s jersey and point to where the student council’s table is set up. “Hitomi and Rika are by the judging tables. Wanna go say hi?”

We’re just dropping by, but as soon as we get there, Rika is about to leave.

“Oh, Saeko! Mio! Sorry I can’t stay, I have to deliver these to the instructors.” Rika waves and takes off towards the other tables.

“Mio, Saeko. Glad you could join us today.” Hitomi greets us without looking up from the paperwork she’s reading. “Shouldn’t you be planning the third year’s sport games?”

“Mio threw the work onto Kana.” I nudge her side.

Mio nudges back. “Can’t help it. Boring stuff isn’t my kinda work. But if we’re doing dodgeball like my first week, I’m all in.”

“I was team captain our second year. It’s too bad that as student council president I can’t participate. I have to remain impartial in the judging process.” Hitomi leans back on the chair, reminiscing about last year’s Sports Day.

“Might not have been fair to the other classes if you were participating anyway,” I say as a compliment.

It would be an understatement to say she was just the team captain. Hitomi single-handedly won every game she participated in last year, and secured a never heard of win against the third years.

A light gust scatters some of the paperwork in front of Hitomi, I manage to catch a few and Mio snatches the rest. Mine and Mio’s name catch my attention, and a quick glance reveals that it’s a room list at an Okinawa ryokan.

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“This is for our class trip, isn’t it?” I ask.

Hitomi nods. “I have to make proper room and board arrangements for our week stay at Okinawa.

Mio looks over my shoulder to read the paper in my hand, her face is brimming with excitement. “Does this mean Saeko and I are gonna be in the same room? Sweet! Orgy party!”

Hitomi puts a finger to her lips and then speaks into the intercom. “The three-way tug of war will begin shortly. Will the teams please proceed to the center of the field.”

She takes the papers from our hands and shoo us off.

Mio and I are about to stand back to watch, but Kana calls us to the field.

“Wait, we’re participating?” Mio is just as surprised as I am.

Kana lowers his voice, “That’s because I know you two are succubus. Just use your insane strength.”

Suddenly the both of us are at the front of the rope for the three-way tug of war. Behind us are big third year students, many of whom are from the sumo club, jiu jitsu club, Gouda, Yuuto, and Kameshiro are on the rope, too.

Mio and I are the only ones who look out of place.

One of the sports instructors hangs a ball at the center of the rope, and on the ground is a chalk-marked triangle in which the teams have to pull past their line. “Ready— begin!”

The rope is pulled taut, but Mio and I are just standing there with the rope in our hands. Our teammates behind us are pulling with all their strength, but they don’t realize they’re just pulling against us who’ve become the anchors. The two teams at the other ends of the rope aren’t budging it either.

“What? Did it already start?” Mio asks.

“Mio, don’t pull too hard—”

I warn her too late. She yanks it once, causing the second and first years to tumble forward. The hanging ball is pulled behind our line, securing our victory. The third years cheer at our win, but I know without a shadow of a doubt we basically just cheated.

Kameshiro suddenly bursts out crying. He lays on the ground and rubs his head. “I can’t! I can’t go on anymore. My head hurts!”

“It might be a heatstroke. I’m hearing a lot of students from the other classes are getting it, too.” Kana blows into a whistle and a few students gather around to help Kameshiro up.

Gouda picks him up on his back. “I’ll get him to the relief tent.”

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“I’ll go with you!” I follow Gouda and Kana to the relief tent to find the entire tent full of boys laying on cots. “What the heck? We barely just started Sports Day.”

“Ara, ara. Another injury? At this rate, we’re going to need to set up another tent.” Yumi comes out from behind the desk.

“Nurse! I think my leg is aching again!” One of the ‘injured’ students calls out.

“No fair. My thighs have been hurting since morning!” Another one shouts.

Yumi giggles into her hand. “I’ll get to each of you soon. Be patient~”

“Yep. I think I know why there are so many injuries now.” I muse to myself.

Kana taps me on the shoulder. “I’m going to head back to the team. You’re on the next game, so don’t stay too long.”

“Where’s Naruse?” I ask Yumi.

“She went to speak with the principal, I think?” She answers.

Yes. Speaking. That’s totally what they’re doing.

Gouda is looking for a place to put Kameshiro down. “Where can I put him? All your beds are full.”

Yumi pulls up a chair for Kameshiro to sit down on. “I’m sorry to trouble both of you, but can you grab me some cases of water from the back of the tent? I’ve been so busy back here, I haven’t had a chance.”

“No problem!” I follow Gouda behind the relief tent where cases of water are stacked as tall as myself.

“If it’s too heavy, I can carry it for you, Saeko.” He offers.

“I’m fine. This is just like kendo anyway.” I notice he’s also red in the face. The heat might be getting to him. I grab his head and pull him down so our foreheads are touching. “More importantly, you look like you have a fever or heat—”

It occurs to me by his embarrassed expression that it’s not that Gouda’s unwell, he’s just been blushing this whole time. I take my hands off him and apologize profusely.

“Don’t worry about it. Why don’t you go back first? I’ll catch up.” He clears his throat and turns his back to me.

He thinks I didn’t notice. There was a very obvious bulge between his legs. I hug him from behind and reach into his pants to grip his hard member.

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“This is my fault. So how about I take care of it?”

Gouda takes a seat on a case of water bottles and drops his pants down to his knees. When I take my jersey off, he reaches behind me to unhook my bra. His large c̲o̲c̲k̲ stares back at me.

The last time I had him was in a love hotel with Kana. It looks just as delicious as I remembered. I let my drool drip down to the tip of his c̲o̲c̲k̲ and squeeze it between my breasts. Maybe it’s just me, but I think they’ve gotten bigger.

As I rub the shaft of his member with my breasts, I lean down to suck on the tip. Gouda makes a quiet moan and throws his head back. It begins to throb, but before he can finish in my mouth I hear someone call my name.

“Saeko, the next match is about to start!” Kana shouts

I look Gouda in the eyes, continuing to pleasure him with my t̲i̲t̲s̲. “I’ll be there in a minute! Just grabbing another case of water for the relief tent!”

Kana gives me an ‘okay’ and leaves just as Gouda whispers to me that he’s about to c̲u̲m̲. I wrap my lips around the head of his c̲o̲c̲k̲, taking every spurt that he shoots out. His warm juices slide down my throat like honey.

The b̲l̲o̲w̲j̲o̲b̲ and titjob combo isn’t enough. Gouda is still hard as a rock. I want to do more, but the longer I stay here, the more dangerous it will be. Someone might actually walk in on us.

“I’m not in the next game,” Gouda says, pulling up his pants. “I’ll just wait here until it goes down. You go ahead first.”

I put my jersey back on, pick up a case of water, and hurry out of the back. It might have been my imagination, but I think Gouda was calling to me. I don’t have time, so I drop off the case of water for Yumi and race back off, seemingly feeling more eyes on me than usual.

As soon as I return, the others are already waiting for me for the cavalry battle. The goal is to grab the bandana off the opposing team rider’s head. Each class year has two cavalries made up of five members. Four members on foot act as the horse, joining hands to provide a foothold for the fifth member who is the rider— which I happen to be.

I am my team’s rider which consists of Mio, Hayato, Miwa, and a boy from another class as my horse. Our second rider is Kana with his own four-member horse. Kana thought this was the ideal set-up. The horse members will have more mobility by putting the two lightest members in our class as the riders— which happens to be us.

Mio points two wriggling fingers at my chest. “Someone’s raring to go.”

“Huh?” I look down to see my breasts loose and nipples hard. I realize now that when I put on the jersey, I completely forgot to put the bra back on. It explains why so many people were staring at me. “Wait, guys! Let me get something first—”

My request is cut short by the announcement on the intercom. “Will the cavalry teams please proceed to the center of the field!”

I cover my chest as I’m suddenly picked up by my four teammates. “Crap— I’m not ready for this yet!”


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