Chapter 56 – Pool Day at School! pt. 2

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Author: Jammin’ Rabbit Original Source: Tamaya Kagiya Artist: Himexin

In a matter of seconds after Hitomi and Mio declared a swimming contest, the whole crowd erupted into chaos. Two sides form pretty quickly, split between boys and girls while stragglers uninterested in the bickering are on the sidelines.

One of the boys shouts louder than the rest. “We need to know what the conditions are first!”

What follows is a series of suggestions.

“Clean the pool!”

“Buy us drinks!”

“How about lunch instead?”

“I want to hold a girl’s hand! That’s all!”

“I vote two boys from class to act out a boy’s love scene!”

The requests are becoming more and more ridiculous until one suggestion in particular catches everyone’s attention.

“How about b̲o̲o̲b̲s̲?!”

Everyone at the pool has gone silent. Awkward glances are being thrown around trying to figure out who said it, but at this point, the culprit isn’t going to fess up.

Some of the guys begin nodding, and like an infectious disease the rest of them join in agreement. Even I find myself nodding. After all, the pinnacle of boyhood in highschool is getting a chance to see b̲o̲o̲b̲s̲ in person—

Wait, what am I thinking? This is going to be at my expense. It’s my b̲o̲o̲b̲s̲ they are going to see.

Kana nudges me in the ribs. “You were just agreeing with the b̲o̲o̲b̲s̲, weren’t you?”

“N-No, I wasn’t…”

Naturally, the girls are opposed to this.

“Ugh, if the condition is to show my b̲o̲o̲b̲s̲, count me out.”

“Me, too.”

Some of the guys start teasing the girls.

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“What? Scared that you’ll lose?”

I climb out of the pool to get to Mio and Hitomi.

“You guys are going to start a fight at this rate,” I warn them.

“What would you suggest?” Mio asks.

“Me? Er, how about letting people volunteer. That way not everyone has to take the fall and only the participants. I just made it up on the spot.”

Both Hitomi and Mio grin.

Mio puts an arm over my shoulder and turns me to address the students. “Saeko just got a great idea. Only the people who volunteer need to abide by the conditions.”

Both sides seem to agree with the decision. I breathe a sigh of relief that my suggestion is worth something.

“And that’s not all. Saeko is our first volunteer fighting for the girl’s side!” Mio announces as loud as she can. All the blood drains from my face.

The girls begin to cheer, chanting my name. And for some reason, the guys are also cheering.

I turn back to Mio in a panic. “I never agreed to this! I’m not even that good at swimming!”

Mio giggles into her hand. “Kehehe. That’s the point.”

“Excuse me?!”

Hitomi steps forward. “I will be swimming on the boy’s side.”

Once again, everyone erupts into shouts. Both sides are in utter confusion. The girls are in disbelief that the president, their idol and star, would betray them. Meanwhile, the boys know of Hitomi’s athleticism and are more than ecstatic.

I grab Hitomi by the shoulders. “Why?! What’s the point of boys versus girls then?”

“Heh. I also happen to want to see your b̲o̲o̲b̲s̲ again,” she says, rubbing her nose.

I throw my hands in the air. It’s like I’ve already lost. I lost the moment I stepped into the pool.

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Two groups form to decide the remainder of the participants. I guess I’m locked in, so I have to accept my fate and do my best if I don’t want to suffer the consequences. In the end, the teams are decided as such: on the side of the boys’ team is Gouda, Hitomi, and the captain of the boy’s swim team, Ryou; on the side of the girls’ team is Mio, myself, and the captain of the girl’s swim team, Miwa.

When you really look at it, the other team is stacked against us. The only way to win is—

Wait… as a succubus, Mio and I are a lot stronger. We can use that to our advantage.

The first contestants are Miwa versus Ryou. Both of them are already fast swimmers who, like me and Gouda, joined their sports team at the beginning of their first year. They take their place at the starting blocks and wait on Rika’s signal.

A sharp whistle pierces across the room, and two splashes into the water heralds the start of their race. The girls are cheering Miwa on, and the boys cheer on Ryou. It’s an arbitrary swim contest for bragging rights for them, but for me, my breasts are on the line.

They are neck and neck, but just as they cleared the pool for the return lap, Miwa is beginning to take the lead. The cheers grow louder. Some of the boys and girls run along the edges in pace with them to goad them on. But by the half-way point, Ryou’s catching up. Both hands reach out to grab the edge of the pool, but it is Ryou who takes the first round win.

He climbs out of the water surrounded by the other boys in the class patting him on the back.

“Looks like I get to see Miwa’s b̲o̲o̲b̲s̲ later!” Ryou exclaims. “Or, we can forget about all this if you go on a date with me.”

Miwa shrugs. “Hmph. I’d rather show you my t̲i̲t̲s̲ once, and get a better boyfriend who knows how to treat me.”

“Gah! Why does it feel like I lost instead?”

Next up is Gouda versus Mio. Despite her desire to sail the seas, she can’t swim for the life of her. As a succubus who’s been flying all her life, Mio flounders in the water at best. If I didn’t know better, I’d think she was sabotaging the race just to put our b̲o̲o̲b̲s̲ on public display.

I help Mio, who is panting like a dog in a desert, out of the water. “I don’t know what I was expecting. But I thought you would be faster than a turtle.”

Mio collapses to the floor catching her breath. “Holy s̲h̲i̲t̲. Is swimming supposed to be this intense? I thought I was gonna die out there.”

“Thanks to you, I’m the tiebreaker—”

She starts feeling up my waist.

“Uwah— that tickles!”

Mio sighs. “If only you were wearing a bikini. This would’ve been the part I loosened your strings so your swimsuit comes off in the middle of the race.”

I slap her hands. “What kind of person thinks of something like that?!”

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“Kahaha! I can’t wait for Okinawa!” She saunters off to her groupies to watch the final showdown between me and Hitomi.

“Wouldn’t be the first time we faced off, Saeko.” Hitomi remarks as she steps on to the starting block next to me.

“At least we’re splashing water and not chucking spells at each other,” I say, relieved that our friendship hasn’t changed after we nearly killed each other.

“On your marks,” Rika raises the whistle to her mouth.

Everyone watches with bated breath.

“By the way, I don’t intend to play fair.” Hitomi winks.


Rika blows into the whistle and Hitomi torpedoes into the pool. I dive in after, but the brief moment of hesitation put a massive gap between us. All I hear around me is the splashing of water, and mixed cheers for both me and Hitomi. The water around me begins to turn cold, and each time I drive my arms into the water, I feel like my fingers will come off.

She’s using magic to chill the water on my side to slow me down. If that’s how she wants to do this, two can play at that. I heat up the pool with my magic, but keeping the fire to a low so the others don’t see.

Or so I thought.

“Oooh! The race is heating up!”

“Like literally…!”

“Did someone flip a heat switch?”

“I don’t think the pool has that function.”

The water has heated to the point where it’s beginning to steam. Judging by Hitomi’s red face, she’s feeling the heat. Fortunately, I’m not affected and I’ve managed to catch up to her on the return lap.

Hitomi and I are side by side on the lane. She raises a hand into the air and the room bursts with light. Everyone reels back, shielding their eyes. She launches out of the pool with her wings spread wide. I jump out and grab her ankles.

“What happened?” I hear Rika say.

“Did the lights blow out?” Another student asks.

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“Cheap tricks from the student council president! What would the disciplinary committee think?” I shout at her as we both come crashing down into the water.

“Hah! I am the law in this school!” She kicks me loose and takes off into the air again.

A burst of speed carries me out of the water and I tackle her back down. The flash of light is subsiding, any moment now the students will be able to see again. Mustering as much of my strength as I can, I hurl her several meters back behind me.

Only a few meters more and—

“Sorry, Saeko. I’ve also learned a few tricks from Torii Sensei.” Hitomi’s voice speaks from in front of me.

I watch helplessly as a black portal opens and she floats out from it. She casts an illusion spell to hide her succubus features and then taps on the edge of the pool. The blinding light fades, I quickly cast my own illusion before everyone rubbing their eyes can see again.

“Victor, Hitomi!” Rika declares.

I climb out of the water, mere meters behind her.

The boys gather around Hitomi, shouting in victory for their tiebreaker. She seems to fit right in.

Mio comes up behind me and pats me on the back. “Chin up, a loss is a loss. And a deal is a deal.”

“Wait, why do you sound so happy about this. Your t̲i̲t̲s̲ were on the line, too!”

Mio shrugs. “Kehehe. Unlike you, I like showing off my body.”

All of the boys, including Hitomi, crowd around the three of us who have lost and now must face the consequences. All of them, with bulges in their pants, eyes wide open and pupils dilated.

I can’t believe we’re about to do this.

“Kana? You, too?!” I notice him standing at the very front.

“I’m sorry, but it’s still something I like seeing.” He says without a hint of guilt. If any of them had a camera on them, I don’t doubt they would be snapping pictures or taking a video about now.

Miwa, Mio, and I have our fingers looped over the top of our swimsuits when the doors screech open. Three instructors, each from our class has come to check in on us.

“You guys are ten minutes over the swim period! Schools over, get changed and go home.” One of them shouts.

All of the boys let out a collective, “AWWWWW!”

Hitomi appears the most dejected of them all. “We’ll take a rain check and collect on this in Okinawa.”

I turn to Rika. “Get your girlfriend under control, please.”

“G-G-Girl… friend…?” Her head is steaming more than the water.

We meet Yumi and Hana at the back of the school. Hitomi is spending a few minutes to say goodbye to Rika, but I suspect they are doing more than just sharing farewells. In the meantime, I’ve called Kana over to ask him to manage the kendo club in my absence.

“Somehow, I don’t think they will be happy to see a guy helping the club.” Kana scratches his head, nervous about accepting my request.

“Wait, but I was a boy before.”

“Yeah, and they’ve had two pretty girls to stare at in the club until today. Besides, it’s still stupid awkward around that Gouda guy…”

“I know, I’m sorry. I’ll do anything. So can you take care of this for me while I’m gone?” I say that, but I might be the one looking forward to it more than he is.

Kana blushes. “I won’t go too far. I’ll settle for a kiss right now?”

I blush, too. Mio, Yumi, and Hana are snickering at me.

“Follow me…” I pull Kana around the corner and push him up against the wall. Our lips meet soon after. He goes in for a deep kiss as our tongues play inside my mouth. His hard member pokes at my thighs.

Even when I was a succubus a week ago, I would never have taken the initiative to do this if I didn’t have to. Now it’s as though I’m more than happy to if he asks, and if he doesn’t ask, I’ll probably be the one who does.

“Saeko, you don’t have to— ahh!”

The tip of his c̲o̲c̲k̲ peeks out as soon as I unzip his pants, and I quickly envelop my mouth around it, dragging it out between my lips. Doing something so bold behind the school, an act that could get the both of us expelled, makes it all the more exciting.

Kana is enjoying it more than usual, too. His p̲e̲n̲i̲s̲ throbs with excitement, and soon he spurts a load into my mouth. Then another, and finally a third before he goes limp. I swallow it all, savouring the gooey and bitter taste in my mouth.

As the liquid cascades down my throat, I feel a burst of energy surge within me. I lick him clean while staring up at him.

“Hehe, thank you for the food.”

“I’ll— I’ll see you later, then!” Kana takes off after zipping up his pants.

I stand up to see Yumi, Hana, Mio, and Hitomi, peeking from the corner of the building.

“Scandalous,” Mio says.

“Uuu… you were looking…?” I ask, burying my face in my hands.

The four of us take flight towards downtown Tsukiji. Our destination is the Coliseum. With the five of us, we should have the leverage to convince Selene to fight alongside us against Beatrice. Today was supposed to be the deadline to kill Deedra, but the circumstances have changed.

“You guys went to a hostess club?” Hitomi asks. “You know that’s against school rules.”

“I probably shouldn’t tell you all the hidden d̲i̲l̲d̲o̲s̲ I planted in the faculty office, huh?” Hana wonders aloud. She’s suddenly grabbed by the collar.

“You did what?”

“Guys, focus.” I point to the Coliseum where I only sense Selene, but no other succubus are inside. “She’s definitely waiting for us, but she’s alone.”

“Think it’s a trap?” Mio asks.

Yumi shakes her head. “Selene wouldn’t do something so sly. She’s too upfront about things.”

“We’ll just have to ask her ourselves,” I say, taking point in our descent.

Hitomi and I throw open the doors to the Coliseum. We aren’t welcomed by a dozen succubus like last time, there are no patrons being serviced, and jazz isn’t playing from the speakers.

Selene sits in the middle of the empty club, facing away from us. Even without seeing her face, I can tell by the chimney of smoke that she’s got a cigarette in her mouth.

“Selene, we’re—”

“I know why you’re here.” She takes another drag of her cigarette and stands up. “Sorry, kid. You’re too late.”

I’m getting a bad vibe just looking at her back. Mio and the others are on edge, too.

“If you already heard about Beatrice, then help us. No more games or jobs, or hiding here. We can take her down together.” I plead.

Selene takes off her vest and tosses aside, then unfastens the top buttons of her shirt to loosen the collar. She finally turns around and kicks the chair away. We finally see it. The strange feeling that she’s giving off. Her eyes are glazed over, no different than someone who is enthralled or charmd.

“Beatrice doesn’t matter. I don’t, you don’t. None of us do. There’s a new queen in town,” she says, cracking her knuckles.


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