Chapter 5 – Suddenly, I Have a Succubus Roommate

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Author: Jammin’ Rabbit Original Source: Tamaya Kagiya Artist: Himexin

“Come on, lighten up!” Mio floats in front of me as we’re walking home. “No one noticed, and you had fun!”

“I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life.”

My pants and underwear are still soaked, and they’ve long since gotten cold. Fortunately, summer is rolling in. Even with the sun coming down, the warm ambience reduces my wet clothes as just a passable discomfort.

“So… about changing me back…”

Mio groans and floats down onto her feet next to me. It’s not often I see her walk. I wonder if her wings ever get tired? Since I’m a succubus, too, does that mean I can also fly?

“I’m telling you, I can’t. I’m not that powerful to begin with.”

“The shard you had,” I recall the crystal she showed me in the morning. “How do we get more of those?”

“They’re from my world— which we can’t go back to without said crystal. Which means I’m actually stuck here.”

Wait a minute…

She is a succubus after all. A creature that I didn’t think existed until she appeared before me. It’s only natural she came from another world. Doesn’t that mean there are a whole bunch of other worlds out there, too?

“You don’t care about trying to return?”

“Why would I?” We pass by a couple of joggers and Mio whistles at them. The rider in the back turns around and gives me a dirty look. “This world is soooo much better. Filled with h̲o̲r̲n̲y̲ f̲u̲c̲k̲s̲ just looking to get it in.”

“Hah… as long as you don’t cause any major problems.” Come to think of it… if Mio came from another world, doesn’t that mean… “Could there be others like you that came to this world with a shard?”

“Possibly. Haven’t seen any of my sisters yet.”

As we get to the front of my house, I realize Mio has been following me the entire way. “Don’t tell me, you’re going to live with me?”

Mio flies into the air, puts her hands together, and dons the biggest puppy dog eyes possible. “Pwetty pwease! I’ll behave.”

“Fine. I need to keep a close eye on you anyway.”

“Yay! I call the bed.” She flies up to the second floor and enters from the balcony.

“Uuu… going to have to set some ground rules.”

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When I get inside, the tangy smell of katsu curry fills my nose. Hatsumi’s curry is about the only thing that makes me tolerate all her babying. It’s so good, it could probably bring about world peace if everyone sat down and ate it.

“Sis, I’m home,” I call out to her from the foyer.

“Ah! Welcome home, Saeko! I’m making your favorite for dinner.”

As I’m taking my shoes off, I notice a tail swinging back and forth between my legs. I draw my hand across my hair and it is stopped by two boney horns. “Eh?!”

“What’s wrong?” Hatsumi asks, coming towards the foyer.

“NOTHING! I’LL BE DOWN IN A MINUTE.” I race upstairs before she can see me and slam the door behind me once I get into my bedroom.

Mio is lying on my bed reading a manga. She looks up and says, “Hey, this one is really good. I think the protagonist is kinda dumb, though. Like who the hell willingly lets themselves get hit by a truck thinking they’d get into another world?”

“I need you to cast another spell to remove my succubus features again.”

She sighs, waves a hand in front of me, and snaps her finger. The horns, wings, and tail disappear. My hair retreats back to its normal short and black color. I’m back to looking like my normal self—

Glancing down my body, there is a bulging mound that’s blocking the view of my feet. “Uh. S̲h̲i̲t̲… the towel…”

“Hey, hey. What’s that smell downstairs? You having a feast?” Mio heads towards the door but I pull her away from it and push her back onto the bed. “What gives— oh, maybe you want some of me? Teehee♡.”

“As if! Don’t you dare go downstairs. You can live with me, but I can’t have Hatsumi finding out about you. Or this.” I gesture to my body. I dive into my closet for another towel to wrap around my chest and wear a light sweater on top of it.

Mio starts moping. “Aww, but it smells sooo good!”

“Haven’t you had enough feasting for one day?”

“Even succubus can enjoy the pleasures of a physical meal.”

Well, she did hide my succubus parts. “I’ll save you some leftovers for later. Just please stay in here until I’m back.”

“Yay! You’re the best!” She throws her arms on me, pressing her breasts against mine.

Mio is surprisingly cute for how crude she is. If things had turned out a little differently, maybe I would have accepted having sex with her. Doing so would’ve prevented me from getting into this mess to begin with… But there’s no use lingering on it now.

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“Okay, get off me already. You’ll make the towel loose and— nnnph?!” Soft lips press against my own, and I feel a slippery tongue slide into my mouth.

Is this… a kiss?! She just went ahead and took my first kiss like that!

My mind is getting fuzzy as her tongue plays with mine. She lets her saliva drip down my throat, and I happily accept it. It tastes so good it’s driving me mad.

“Haaahhh— ah ♡!” Mio pulls away leaving a thin trail of saliva still connecting us. She sticks her tongue out, winks, and says, “Even two succubus can have a little fun. Maybe I’ll show you tonight, now that you’re more willing.”

I wipe the drool from my mouth and dash out of the room. My heart is pumping, a hundred thoughts are racing through my mind. Things like…

Why did she do that?

Am I a man now? No, of course not. That’s dumb.

What did she mean tonight?!

It can only mean… one thing… right?

“Saeko! Dinner’s ready!”

“I’m coming!” I hurry downstairs to the foyer first to look for the towel. I spend a good five minutes looking around, but it is nowhere to be seen. That’s impossible. It had to have dropped between the doorway and my room.

“That can’t be…” I tell myself out loud. “There’s no way I could have missed the towel? Did Hatsumi take it? If she did, she might suspect something.”


I go into the kitchen scanning both the dining area and the living room, but I can’t see the towel anywhere.

“Looking for something?” Hatsumi asks from the stove. She brings two plates of curry to the table. The delicious smell of fried chicken and the sight of diced pickled daikon is enough to make me abandon my objective.

“N-nothing.” I tell her.

Hatsumi sits down across from me and smiles. “Itadakimasu.”

“Thank you for the food, sis!”

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“Hehe. Anything for my little Saeko.”


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