Chapter 4 – Not in the Club Room, Mio! ♡

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Author: Jammin’ Rabbit Original Source: Tamaya Kagiya Artist: Himexin

Mio is still putting her clothes back on when my two classmates come through the door. It isn’t the sight of their Principal and Nurse that stuns them. Their expressions are nothing short of surprise and absolute shock— Mio’s invisibility isn’t active. Standing before them is a naked succubus.

Kana glances in my direction. “S-Saeko…?”

“Mio, do something!” I shout at her.

“Eugh. Man, you are really driving me up a wall.” She blows them a kiss and suddenly they drop limp to the ground.

I rush over to Kana. “W-what did you do to him?”

“I put them to sleep.”

“Give me a hand…” With Mio’s help, we pull the two unconscious students onto a bed each. “This is getting stupid. Who’s coming next? The prime minister?”

The Principal and Nurse are still going at it like dogs in heat while two students are passed out in the same room. This is like a scene right out of some doujin. There are still two more periods left, so I’m going to have to cover for these two…

“Are they going to remember anything when they wake up?”

Mio shrugged as she put her panties back on. “Yeah, but it’ll be fuzzy.”

“Can you… I dunno, make sure they don’t remember seeing me?”

“It’d take a little fiddling around in their dreams, yeah.” She puts a finger on their forehead.

“Wait, like what you did with me? Let’s not do that with Kana, please.”

“Relax, I know you’ve claimed him so I won’t f̲u̲c̲k̲ the kid.”

I nearly trip walking out of the nurse’s office. “I haven’t claimed anyone! Ugh.”

I slam the door on my way out and march back to my class. Phys. ed. should’ve ended by now, so I can sneak back in with the crowd.

As soon as I get into class, Suga Sensei shoots me a worried look and says, “Maiko Sensei told me a few of her students ended up in the nurse’s office. Are you feeling better, Saeko?”

“Aha… yeah, a little rest did the trick.”

Before I can get to my seat, Sensei calls out to me again. “I thought Shirai was just taking Kana to the nurse’s office. Why isn’t he back yet?”

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“He, uh… had a heatstroke, so I helped him onto a bed.”

Suga Sensei narrows his eyes at me and says. “Come here.”

Oh, s̲h̲i̲t̲. Did he figure out that I was lying?

I come back to his desk, and he gives me a couple of handouts. “These are for you, Kana, and Shirai. Make sure they get it later.”

“Yes, Sensei.”


Classes end for the day without Kana or Shirai coming back. When I’d gone to check on them, they were nowhere to be seen and neither were Principal Murata and Nurse Naruse. Mio assured me that she charmed them to just go home for the day and they wouldn’t remember anything else.

I breathe a sigh of relief. I can at least go to Kendo Club without worrying about anything else. When I arrive at the club, everyone is already sparring and Coach is nowhere to be seen.

“Hey, Mascot!” Teruaki Gouda, the Kendo Club Captain, pops up behind me. “You’re late. We had to get things moving without you.”

“S-sorry. There was something I had to check on in the nurse’s office.”

“With Nurse Naruse? Saeko, you dog. Are you two secretly dating?” He smirks.

“N-no!” The fresh memory of my sexual encounter with her is a little TOO fresh in my mind. My legs are probably coated with her dry saliva, too. “Ahem. How’s the team looking? Ready for Hyogo?”

“Honestly? At this rate, we won’t even see third place.”

“Whaa??” That’s not a good thing to hear, since my joining the team hinges on them winning.

“Form’s good, always on time to practice, we’re working out every day, too. It just feels like they’re lacking in spirit and motivation. If only they got something to fight for, ya know?”

Gouda wears a bright and confident smile. We joined Kendo at the same time, and I watched him rise to the rank of captain through sheer will. He’s the ideal kind of guy I want to be. Muscular, handsome, big hands… delicious—


I slap myself even harder this time.

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Just what the f̲u̲c̲k̲ was I thinking just now…? Are these the thoughts of a woman in heat? Get ahold of yourself, Saeko!

Gouda looks down at me with surprise. “What was that?”

“Ahhh! Just psyching myself up. I want to do all I can to help you guys succeed, so please rely on me!”

“I’m glad you’re on our team, Saeko.”


“Kyaa— mmph!” A hard slap strikes my butt, but it wasn’t my hand. It came so suddenly I had to cover my mouth to silence my weird voice. Gouda throws a thumbs up and joins the rest of the team.

“Hahhh… how am I going to survive?”

“Ya don’t. Just give in.” Mio comes floating midair on her backside. She glances into the room.

“Uwah, that’s some heavy testosterone going on. If you show yourself right now, they’d be on you like a pack of starved wolves.”

“That’s not happening. Ever. Ew. Don’t put that in my head ever again.” I turn away from her. For some reason, I didn’t believe my own words. “Now if you will excuse me, I have a team to help win a tournament.”

I spend the better half of the afternoon doing the usual— fetching water, replacing towels, giving shoulder massages. Mio was being uncharacteristically well-behaved, and just lingered around watching the club members practice.

“Mascot!” Gouda calls out. “Come here and show the team some spirit.”

“What do you want me to do?” I ask, eager to help.

“Getting cheered at feels real good, and some of the other teams have their entire school filling the stands shouting encouragement during past tournies. Why don’t you cheer for our boys to get them psyched up.”


It sounds embarrassing, and I honestly prefer not to. But… anything to get them to win. I cup my hands over my mouth and shout, “E-everyone, f-f-fight-o!”

Gouda shakes his head. “It needs more spunk! Tell Ikezawa to do his best!”

I swallow my pride, take a deep breath, and shout again, “Ikezawa, ganbatte!”

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Mio floats down next to me while I’m cheering for each member of the team. A wicked smirk draws across her lips.

I have to focus… I can’t let her distract me.

“Hayato, fight-o— hya~?!”

Something slips under my pants. When I look down, I can barely make out the outlines of something squirming underneath. I look to my side, and Mio’s tail has snaked into my pants and underwear.

I lower my voice. “Mio, now’s not the time!”

“Saeko, keep it up! I can see them putting their all into it when you cheer them on.” Gouda yells to me from the other side of the room.

“Kuh… Nobi, do your best— nnngh!!”

I jolt up with a start. Her tail is teasing my **** again. It’s still sensitive from when the Nurse was licking it, but Mio is rubbing me down there without a care.

“Hau~… K-Kei… s-swing harder… nnngh… fight— oh?!”


“Ha… haahh… ♡ ahhh…”

The tail pushes its way into my v̲a̲g̲i̲n̲a̲ and starts stirring up my insides. I can feel the penetration getting more intense.

Shlick. Shlick. Shlick. Shlick.

No way… not here… I really hope no one else can hear it…

Gouda notices me struggling and shouts. “Look guys, Saeko’s working up a sweat cheering y’all on. Keep giving it your all!”

D-don’t tell them to look at me, you dummy!

My legs start trembling, and the sound of lewd noises coming from the tail and my crotch is getting louder. My legs are getting wet from my own juices as Mio doesn’t let up.

“Ahhh… haaa… nnngh ♡ go, Daisuke! Nnngh— ganbat… iya… te…!

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Shlick. Shlick. Shlick. Shlick. Shlick. Shlick. Shlick. Shlick. Shlick. Shlick. Shlick. Shlick.

“I’m c̲u̲m̲m̲i̲n̲g̲… oh, god…”

Shlick. Shlick. Shlick. Shlick.

“Yuuto… don’t stop ♡… that’s it… keep going!”

My brain is going blank. This is more intense than with the Nurse. My crotch is going numb, but I still feel the pleasure assaulting my body.

Shlick. Shlick. Shlick. Shlick.

“Uuu… Fight-o, Kurama…! Yes… yes ♡… keep going…! C̲u̲m̲m̲i̲n̲g̲— hyaaaahh~♡!”

The floodgates open up again, and I’m overcome with ecstasy. My legs give out from under me and I drop to the floor. Mio’s tail slips out of me with a loud and final Shlick!

“Haah… ganbatte… ehehe ♡…”

“Okay, everyone! It’s time to pack up and get outta here.” Gouda tells the team and everyone starts picking up their stuff to leave. He pats me on the head and gives another thumbs up. “That was some wicked enthusiastic cheering, Mascot. Counting on you to get us through Hyogo!”

The Captain leaves with everyone else, while I’m stuck on the floor. My underwear is soaking through my pants, and I’m trying to catch my breath after the intense o̲r̲g̲a̲s̲m̲.

I turn to Mio and shoot her an angry look. “No more… of that… hahh… here…”


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