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Chapter 29 – Third Time with Mio ♡

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Author: Jammin’ Rabbit Original Source: Tamaya Kagiya Artist: Himexin

Mio looks me right in the eyes as she guides my 𝓭𝓲𝓬𝓴 towards her 𝓹𝓾𝓼𝓼𝔂. She presses the head against the entrance of her wet slit. There’s a hesitation in her actions, her hand moves no further. An uncharacteristic look of shame stares back at me.

For some reason, I find myself apologizing. “S-should I get off??”

“Ugh. You’ve got to be joking…” Whatever expression Mio had before is erased, replaced with a smirk. She takes advantage of my moment of weakness and shoves me onto my back.

Mio straddles my waist as she grips my 𝓭𝓲𝓬𝓴 with both hands. She leans it against her stomach, it’s so large it reaches up to her belly button.

“Kehehe. The last time we were in this position, you refused me. Are you going to reject me a third time?”

Blood rushes to my head while I scramble to gather the right words, but all that escapes my mouth is, “No…”

“Hmmm?” Mio leans down, her hair cascading onto me. “I can’t hear you.”

“I… I want to have sex with you!”

“Kahaha! That’s more like— it?!”

I push her down and climb on top of her, positioning my 𝓭𝓲𝓬𝓴 right at her entrance. “But I want to take the lead.”

“Er— wait, where’d all this spirit come from?”

The sudden glimpse of submission and meekness in her voice is the final straw. In a single thrust, I plunge into her 𝓹𝓾𝓼𝓼𝔂 all the way down to the base.

“GUUHH— NNNNGHhhaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!” Mio’s face contorts in pain, her back arches up from the impact.

Her 𝓹𝓾𝓼𝓼𝔂 twitches, clamping down on me with a vise. The sensation is so intense I’m already close to 𝓬𝓾𝓶𝓶𝓲𝓷𝓰.

Is this… a succubus’ inside? Rika’s was nothing like this. It’s like my 𝓭𝓲𝓬𝓴 is both melting and being massaged at the same time. Was this what Kana and Gouda felt, too?

“Nn… Mio, you’re so tight…”

“You… better, aahh… bet your tail. I’m the best around— kuh…This is nothing…”

The look of ecstasy on her face betrays the brave front she puts up. Her tongue is hanging out, eyes rolled back in the moment of pleasure .

I lean over her face to lick her lips and tongue, purring into her ears like she did to me. Mio turns her head, grabs my face and shoves her tongue into my mouth.

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Being on top of her, staring at her fluttering eyelids as our lips tease one another, I can tell I’m doing something right.

A sliver of spit hangs between us. “I’m going to start moving now.”

Mio has her eyes screwed shut, still trying to get used to the size of my 𝓭𝓲𝓬𝓴. I’m still buried in her. As I slowly pull out, her 𝓹𝓾𝓼𝓼𝔂 clings to me like it’s trying to wring me dry. After sliding in and out of her a few times, I get a good rhythm.

“What… is this vanilla 𝓼𝓱𝓲𝓽?” Mio asks, annoyed. “I thought you were going to 𝓯𝓾𝓬𝓴 me?”

I just wanted to have normal sex with Mio, maybe be like a couple since we’re in front of a camera. But who am I kidding? We’re both succubi, and she’s nothing but a 𝓼𝓵𝓾𝓽 who wants to be 𝓯𝓾𝓬𝓴𝓮𝓭 silly.

“F-fine… if that’s how you want it. I’m going to 𝓯𝓾𝓬𝓴 you so good, you won’t stop 𝓬𝓾𝓶𝓶𝓲𝓷𝓰!”


The handcuffs detach from my wrist and latches onto Mio’s other hand. Then it extends and snaps onto the bed frame.

“What the?!” Mio throws a confused glance at Hana’s direction.

With my wrist free, I grab Mio’s waist with both hands. She sees what I’m doing, and a tinge of fear washes over her.

“You can’t possibly— iiee! Aaahnn… 𝓯𝓾𝓬𝓴, what’s going on— AAAaaaahhhhh! Ahshitfuck— nnggghh!!”

I start slamming my 𝓭𝓲𝓬𝓴 into her 𝓹𝓾𝓼𝓼𝔂 without regards for how she feels anymore. Mio’s body shudders, she struggles to catch her breath between her moans. Each time I thrust, her hips rise to meet me.

I notice her tail squirming around and an idea comes to me. I whip my tail behind Mio, her legs are already wide open and I easily find the entrance to her 𝓪𝓼𝓼.

“Kuh… kahah! You’re really going for it, ain’tcha? You gonna 𝓯𝓾𝓬𝓴 my 𝓪𝓼𝓼, too?”

“Hahh… don’t underestimate me…!” I pull away her bra, revealing two erect nipples pointing right up.

Mio continues to struggle against the handcuffs, but whatever magical enchantments are on it prevent her from using magic or breaking free.

“Watcha waiting for, Saeko? Too puss— mmmh?! Shhlrrrp… shlrrp… chuu!

I screw her mouth shut with my own lips, pinching her nipples as hard as I can. She moans in my mouth. Her struggles are hopeless, serving only to stimulate my 𝓭𝓲𝓬𝓴 even more. Not wanting to give her room to relax, I drill the tip of my tail into her 𝓪𝓼𝓼𝓱𝓸𝓵𝓮.

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“MMMHHRRRPPHH!! Mmmmhh! Nnnggghh… mmmph!”

Mio’s 𝓹𝓾𝓼𝓼𝔂 tightens even more. Like it’s begging to be filled with my 𝓬𝓾𝓶. Having sex with Mio, being the one to 𝓯𝓾𝓬𝓴 her, how stupid was I to refuse this from the start?

No, maybe holding back was right. We’re only able to have sex as equals because I’m a succubus. I’m even able to make her feel good like she’s never felt before.

I have to wrench my tongue from her lips since she’s sucking on it so much. She’s in a trance, like my 𝓭𝓲𝓬𝓴 has her hypnotized by the pleasure.

“Haahh… ahhhahaa! Come back…! I want more… keep 𝓯𝓾𝓬𝓴𝓲𝓷𝓰 me, please?” Mio begs, rattling the chains on her wrists.

With her hands at the top of the bed frame, she struggles to get any closer to me than we already are. A limp tongue dripping with saliva hangs out of her mouth. I oblige her lust, leaning in to kiss her as I continue to piston into her.


“Haah, aaahh! 𝓕𝓾𝓬𝓴!”

Kiss! Slap. Slap!

“Oh, god… harder, please! Harder, harder, yeesss!”


Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap!

“Mmmmh, 𝓯𝓾𝓬𝓴 me! 𝓕𝓾𝓬𝓴 me!”

Kiss! Kiss! Chu!

“MMmmpphh— nnmmh! Haahh… ahh! Aaahhh!!”

Mio is making the ahegao face I see in h-doujins. My own 𝓭𝓲𝓬𝓴 is 𝓯𝓾𝓬𝓴𝓲𝓷𝓰 her senseless. Being in control of her pleasure, giving her the taste of my kisses as I see fit, the sight of her helplessness and submission …

It’s so intoxicating.

“How’s this, Mio? Keeping begging if you want more!”

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“Mmhmm, yes! More! Aaaaahhhahaha— aaaahhh!”

Her 𝓹𝓾𝓼𝓼𝔂 clamps down as I stir up her 𝓪𝓼𝓼 with my tail. I’m getting close. Mio’s 𝓹𝓾𝓼𝓼𝔂 feels too good, even my tail is feeling good. My 𝓬𝓸𝓬𝓴 is tightening, the 𝓸𝓻𝓰𝓪𝓼𝓶 building up within me.

“Uu… I can’t hold it in… I’m going to 𝓬𝓾𝓶 inside…!”

“Nnnnhhaa! Fill me up… don’t keep me waiting— unnffhh, fuuck— ahh! AAaaaaaaahhhhhh!!”

Mio’s frenzied begging is the final push.

Even though I’m a girl, even though this 𝓭𝓲𝓬𝓴 is temporary, it feels so real at this moment. I slam into her one last time, hitting the entrance to her womb and filling it to the brim.

She convulses, rattling the chains and shaking her hips. Never has she looked more delicate, so vulnerable and delicious.

The handcuff on her wrists unlock and clatter away. I fall back onto the bed, exhausted and spent. The 𝓹𝓮𝓷𝓲𝓼 between my legs begins to shrivel and disappear.

From the corner of my eyes, I see Mio sitting up and rubbing her head. She looks down at her crotch and draws a finger across the oozing 𝓬𝓾𝓶. I came so much that it’s leaking from her 𝓹𝓾𝓼𝓼𝔂.

“You… really did a number on me, didn’t ya?” Mio grins.

“I don’t know what came over me. I saw that— you egged me on, so I…” I reach for whatever words I can grasp at.

“I give it a hard 7 out of 10. Now that you’ve had your fun. It’s my turn.” Mio drinks the tea she set aside earlier and says, “Hana, keep the cameras rolling. We’re filming the sequel.”

“W-w-wait! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Not in the butt, please! Not in the butt!!!”

After Mio has her way with me, I can barely sit down let alone walk. She chugs down a bottle of strawberry milk, courtesy of Hana, and sits back on the director’s chair as she’s being massaged and fanned.

“Uu… you… didn’t have to be that punishing.” I say, rubbing my sore butt as I lay on the bed.

Mio spreads open her legs and sticks her tongue out. “It’s the least I can do to repay you. Besides, you were screaming for more by the end of it.”

“I don’t even know if I can sit for a while!”

“Kahaha! You’ll be fine. Never pegged you for an 𝓪𝓷𝓪𝓵 𝔀𝓱𝓸𝓻𝓮 though.”

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“I’m… I’m not! W-where’s Hana anyway?”

Then, as though on cue, Hana bursts through the door flaunting a USB stick. “Uwahaha! My masterpiece. My sundae crepe with extra whip creme and chocolate drizzle! You two were so good, I came twice watching you!”

“Oh, I wanna watch it!” Mio says, kicking away the thrall giving her a foot rub.

“Well… I have some good news and some bad news. Whaddya wanna hear first?”

“Why is there even bad news…?” I ask nervously.

“I got the entire thing on film, but we may need to dub over the audio.”

I get up and wobble over to Mio and Hana. “What’s wrong with the audio?”

“There is no audio.” She says nonchalantly.



Mio snatches the flash drive and puts a hand on Hana’s head to keep her from flying. “My master copy! Noooooo!!!”

“Saeko, go destroy the other copies.”

“No, please! My life’s work is staked on this!”

I stop halfway towards the door. “We did what you asked, now tell us what you know about the queen!”

“Uwaaahhh— that wasnt part of the bargain?!”

“It is now, you dumb loli.” Mio tosses the flash drive to me and picks Hana up by the collar.

“Okay, okay. I’ll spill the beans! Just don’t ruin my hopes and dreams!!”

“Your heavy-handed tactic is making me feel sorry for her.” I say, slipping the flash drive into my pocket.

“Oh, go 𝓯𝓾𝓬𝓴 a priest if you want to play nice.” Mio retorts. She carries Hana over to the bed and chains her up with the handcuffs. “Talk. Who is she?”

“I don’t know! No one knows. Only that as soon as we were transported here, we were told to start embedding ourselves into human society. Honest!”

“You 𝓬𝓾𝓶 guzzlers didn’t even question the queen?” Mio asks doubtfully.

“Whoever she is had the power to transport us en masse. Aside from our orders, we’ve pretty much been left to our own devices.” Hana answers, cocooning herself in the bedsheets.

I squat down next to Hana, whose face is the only thing poking out of the bedsheets. “That’s definitely the crystals’ doing. At least I know for sure she has the means to transform me back to a boy.”

“Why do you wanna do that?” Hana asks with genuine astonishment. “Haven’t you been having fun?”


Don’t know how to answer that…

Mio has turned my life upside down. There’s no doubt about that. This whole succubus ordeal has been nothing but… trouble?

Can I honestly say that?

If it wasn’t for my succubus strength, I’d never have been able to impress anyone in the club. Ever since the sexual encounter with Yuuto, his usual unmotivated demeanor has taken a 180. He’s more driven than ever in Kendo.

There’s also Hatsumi. When was the last time we both opened up to each other? Until recently, I never would have sought out her affection. Never would have seen her as anything more than an overly affectionate and annoying sister.

So much more has happened that I haven’t had time to process yet. Was it all bad?

And this started with—

Mio squeezes my shoulders and lays her chin on my head. I lean into her, indulging in the warmth afforded by her body.

“Anything else we should know?” Mio demands as she lightly humps my butt.

“It’s all I know, really! If you guys are going up against the queen, I’ll join you. It sounds a lot more fun than love hotel management.”

“Nnh… can we really trust her?” I ask.

“Yeah, she’s chill. We’re war buddies so I can vouch for her.”

“So, uh… can you guys unlock these handcuffs, please?” Hana squirms in the trap of her own making.

“I got a better idea.” Mio smirks and turns me around to face Hana’s charmed groupies. “I think Hana wants a bit of fun first.”

“Er… Good work on the film, everyone. Let’s get together to thank our director for her wonderful job, too!”

Their eyes rollback as my charm takes effect. All thirteen of them approach Hana with rabid lust in their eyes.

“Uwaahh— wait a minute, guys! I’m sensitive— aaaahhhhh!!”


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