Chapter 23 – Guess I’m a Little Sister Now…

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Author: Jammin’ Rabbit Original Source: Tamaya Kagiya Artist: Himexin

Saturday, the next morning…

Looking at the ceiling of my own room never felt more comforting. After telling Hatsumi the truth last night, I’m a lot more at ease about my situation. Though… some things still haven’t changed.

Rather, it’s gotten worse.

“Huu…huu…” Hatsumi didn’t want to leave my side last night, and I ended up crying myself to sleep in her arms. I guess she must have brought me up here and jumped at the chance to sleep next to me.

The good thing is we didn’t have sex. At least I don’t think we did. I really hope nothing happened. Our clothes are still on, so that’s a good sign.

Before she wakes up, I need to somehow hide my succubus features. Mio always just snapped her fingers to change our appearance. If the powers work the same way as the aura, I just need to focus on my features instead.

Wait, what if I accidentally charm my own sister? It was hard enough to admit I turned into a girl, telling her I became a succubus is another matter entirely.

I recall what Mio told me about controlling the aura, and shift that focus to my features. Suddenly, my head and back feel a little lighter, and my swaying tail vanishes.

It worked! The problem now is…

I try to pull away from Hatsumi’s grasp, but she’s got a vise grip around me. How am I supposed to get out of bed without waking her up?

“Huu… nnh… Saeko… ” Hatsumi starts talking in her sleep. “What’s that poking me under there…?”

“But I’m not a boy anymore?!”

“Were you excited to sleep with your own sister…”

“Of all the times to be joking, you have to do it while sleep talking— hnng!

Her knee shifts between my legs and pushes up against my crotch. “Your big sister will take care of that morning wood for you… hehehe…”

“… I don’t have a tsukkomi for that.”

I don’t sense Mio, so she must not have come home. I wonder where she went last night?

There’s an uneasy feeling in my chest that she might not return. That can’t be it, we promised to look for the sword and into what’s going on with Kotaro together.

“Hatsumi, I need to get up. It’s like 11 already!”

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She suddenly rolls me on top of her and tightens her grip. “Five more minutes with my adowable wittle Saeko.”

“Owowowowow— Sis… I’m suffocating…” Despite me being a succubus, Hatsumi somehow overpowers me with the strength of a gorilla. “Uncle! Uncle— ack…”

Her eyes open just a little and yawns. “Mmmh… Saeko?”

“Morning, sis… let me go before I die.” I tap on her arm like a wrestler on death’s door.

“I had a dream my little brother turned into a little sister.” She says groggily.

“Aha… that wasn’t a dream…”

Hatsumi’s eyes snap open. She lifts up the covers and looks under, then stares at me with wide deadpan eyes.

In a single motion, faster than the speed of light, she dashes out of the room.


She returns a few seconds later with an enormous stack of clothes, eyes glittering and breathing heavily. Fast asleep one moment, full of energy the next. “Now that you’re a girl, I HAVE to dress you up.”

“I’m getting horrible deja vu. Can we not?”

“You’re not getting out of this room, my dear little sister!”

“P-please, just let me wear my own clothes— ahhh! Stop ripping my pajamas!!”

On one hand, Hatsumi’s outfits are modest compared to Mio’s fashion sense. On the other, I’ve officially lost my dignity as both a boy. In the end, I settle on a light dress and sunhat to wear.

She also gave me a bunch of her old panties, they would have otherwise made me blush seeing as a boy. I still can’t wear bras, and Hatsumi doesn’t have any in my size anyway. I’m just glad I don’t have to wear a towel anymore.

Hatsumi gives me the rest of her wardrobe that she no longer wears. Now I have doubled the size of my closet with new clothes.

I tug on her arm, “I didn’t think you’d be so accepting of my situation.”

“As far as I’m concerned,” Hatsumi begins, “You’re still family.”

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“What do you think mom and dad will say if they see me like this?”

She ruffles my hair and says, “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there, and I’ll be right by your side.”

Hatsumi can hardly contain her excitement and hugs me again, squishing my cheeks together like you would with a pet. “Hehe. I have a little sister now! This is so exciting.”

“Ehh… don’t get used to it. As soon as I find a way to change back, I will.”

“But you’re so much cuter this way!” She says, shocked. “Not that you weren’t already cute as a boy. Have you been hiding this from school, too?”

“Y-yeah… Actually, a few people found out, but they’re keeping it a secret. I think.”

Sis goes into thought as she looks at me. “Why don’t you just come clean to them?”

“Wawawawa— are you serious?? After all this time hiding from everyone just to… come out and say, I’ve turned into a girl?”

“It’d be easier for you to go about your days than worrying about being found out.” She then adds, “And if it isn’t a secret anymore, I can gush about my new little sister to my friends!”

“Please, don’t!”

But there is truth to what she said. I didn’t give it much thought. This entire week, I’ve been freaking out over hiding what happened to me. If that wasn’t an issue, I could investigate without any stress.

Hatsumi, Kana, and Gouda took my transformation without issue and accepted me immediately. Does that mean the rest of the school would, too?

“I’ll… give it some thought.” I say, more to buy time than anything.

“Sounds like a fun idea to me.” Mio’s disembodied voice says.

“Fun to you is not always fun to me— UWAH?!” I turn to see Mio sitting at the end of the bed. “Where did you come from?!”

“I was here from the start.” She says casually.

Hatsumi’s sisterly demeanor is renewed as soon as she sees Mio, “I’ll make breakfast for you two before I head out!”

When my sister is out of sight, I run up to Mio and gesture to my human form. “Look! I manage to do it all on my own!”

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“Heh. You’re shaping up.” She says, patting my head. Her compliment fills me with more joy than I expected it to. “Listen, I ran into a friend who can help us, and I think we’re gonna need all the help we can get.”

“That’s great! But… you really should have told me where you went. I was really worried that you left me.”

Mio’s taken aback, her usual mischievous demeanor falters to genuine surprise. A sharp pain strikes my forehead. I reel back to another finger winding up for another forehead flick. “You really know how to get under my skin, ya know?”

“Uu… sorry…” I suppress the urge to tell her I missed her for fear of another Mio-flick.

“We’ll meet up with her after breakfast. I’m sooo hungry for Hatsumi’s cooking!”

Mio and I head back to downtown Tsukiji. At Hatsumi’s request, she suggested I go out wearing women’s clothes. If I’m serious about revealing my situation, then I should try to get used to this.

That being said…

I pull my sunhat lower so as to hide my face from the crowd. This outfit may not be as skimpy as the ones Mio picked out, but it isn’t any less embarrassing!

Fortunately, our school has a lax policy on what students can do during non-school hours. All they ask is that we conduct ourselves with the appropriate decorum as we would in school.

Most students from Tsukiji High end up staying at home or at school over the weekends. Few come out to the city. Aside from Rika seeing us the other day, we’re unlikely to run into another student. For us to be out here on the weekends would be an unusual sight, and bound to raise some questions if we’re recognized.

We’re going to meet Mio’s friend at a cafe. As expected, she’s another succubus and someone Mio apparently trusts with her life.

Hopefully, she’s nothing like the other succubi we’ve encountered. Actually, I hope she’s nothing like Mio. One is wild enough, two will drive me insane.

The smell of freshly roasted coffee beans tickles my nose as we enter the designated cafe. It’s a chain that Hatsumi and her friends often frequent in their spare time. I’ve also been here on a few occasions to enjoy their signature house blend.

A mature-looking woman rises from a table to approach us. At first glance, I thought it was Hatsumi, and Mio was playing a silly joke on me. But her mannerisms and appearance are different and more refined.

Mio introduces us, “Saeko, this is Yumi. The one I was telling you about.”

“N-n-n-nice to meet you…” My words spill out with a stammer.

Eh? Huh? Why am I suddenly so shy?

The woman known as Yumi has beautiful black hair, and while she initially reminds me of Hatsumi, her appearance rouses a different kind of feeling within me.

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“Ara~ You’re Saeko?” She asks with a warm and soothing smile.

“Mio says— ah!” Yumi grabs my shoulders and pulls me into a bear hug, burying my face into her chest.”

“Ara, ara~ Mio said you were adorable, but I didn’t expect you to be so cute. If you were a boy, I could just eat you up!”

“Mrph— nngh?!”

When I thought Hatsumi’s hugs were deadly, Yumi’s is on another level of destructiveness. The epic softness of her breasts, the loving warmth that embraces me… I feel like a baby in my mom’s arms again…I think… I can fall asleep like this—

“Alright, Yumi. You’ve had your fill.” I’m suddenly yanked away and fall into Mio’s arms. For the first time since meeting Mio, I catch a whiff of jealousy in her words. “We’ve got some s̲h̲i̲t̲ to go over.”

“About the sword, right?” I ask.

Mio and Yumi shake their heads. Yumi puts a hand to her chest and speaks in a hushed voice, “This concerns your city, and maybe your entire world.”


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