Chapter 22 – Mio’s Night Out

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Author: Jammin’ Rabbit Original Source: Tamaya Kagiya Artist: Himexin

“Aaaahhhnnn!” The woman falls over backward from her o̲r̲g̲a̲s̲m̲ and passes out. I pull my tail out of her wet c̲u̲n̲t̲ and flick away the juices.

The bartenders and their patrons lying naked on the floor make for an amusing sight. Only in the human world can I get away with something like this. When they wake up, they’ll probably be making all sorts of excuses like they got too drunk.

Even after screwing six people, I can’t get this aching feeling out of my chest. Why do I care who Saeko latches onto? Not like it matters to me. That kid can do whatever he wants.


Almost forgot I’m the one who transformed her.

I pour myself a shot of human whiskey. A mere sip of it burns as it goes down. It’s pleasant at the end, with notes of apple and cedar. Their swill is all full of flavor but no substance. The stuff back in Elza would probably kill a human faster than a minor fireblast.

Should I head back now? I wonder if Saeko and Hatsumi are screwing right now? Probably not. She’s come far, but I need to do a little more to tip her over the edge.

To think, our little fun might end one day gets me a little emotional. Seeing them get all mushy brought back all sorts of memories I didn’t want.

Damn. If only I could just forget.

Why the f̲u̲c̲k̲ did she of all succubus have to come and ruin my fun. Is it so much to ask that I just want to be left alone? There’s no mistaking it… it has to be her, right?

Well, s̲h̲i̲t̲. I wonder if this is how Saeko feels around Hatsumi?

Before leaving the bar, I flip the sign back to open. Downtown Tsukiji is neat at night. A lot of stupid people out thinking they’re about to have a good time—

“Hey, missy~” A couple of flashy-looking humans approach me. “Saw you coming out of the bar. How about you join us for another round?”

I can’t help but smile. “Sure. Why don’t you three go in that alley and f̲u̲c̲k̲ yourselves silly.”

The three of them blink like something flew into their eyes. “Sounds like fun. Let’s go!”

“Kehehehe! Losers. Not even worth a f̲u̲c̲k̲.”

Rika’s sento has their lights out. Can’t just drop in to bother her. Kana’s a boring kid. I could hit up some random schmuck on the street, but—

Across the street, I see Hatsumi’s boyfriend walk into a love hotel with some red-haired chick. “Oh, what’s this? Hatsumi’s mate is a little promiscuous.”

As I get closer, an overwhelming presence bears down on me. The strength of it is on par with Saeko’s aura, but this feeling of dread… the familiar sensation of it. I try to identify it, but the feeling disappears. Like it was there, and then poof.

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Was it coming from the woman that’s with Kotaro?

I don’t want to risk my tail on this, but…

Saeko would be happy to see Hatsumi cheer up.

Damn it, Mio.

I run across the street and peek into the lobby. There’s no one inside except for the receptionist. Kotaro and that woman must’ve hitched a room already.

“Here goes nothing—”

“Oh, my… Mio?”

I whip around expecting a fight, instead I’m surprised to see a familiar friend. “Y-Yumi?”

She has a similar appearance to Hatsumi, busty with long black hair, but has a more mature appearance. If Hatsumi oozed big sister, Yumi is who you’d call mama.

“What are you doing here??” I ask.

“No time,” Yumi grabs my hand. “Let’s go somewhere safe.”

Yumi takes me to a high-end apartment complex across the city. Apparently she charmed her way up to live in one of the fancier residential areas of Tsukiji.

She sets down a plate of cookies and tea for me and says, “Mio, I never expected to see you here!”

“Me neither!” I give her a big hug, and she responds in kind. “I thought I was alone, but I’m starting to see succubus all over the city. What gives?”

“A lot happened after you disappeared. More importantly… you felt that presence back there, didn’t you?”

I gulp hard. “Yeah. Who was that?”

Yumi shakes her head, “I’m not sure, but it definitely felt like a queen succubus.”

“So it is true. Do you know if it’s… my sister?”

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“I’m sorry, I don’t know.” She gives me a sympathetic sigh.

I sigh with her and take a bite out of the snacks. They’re incredibly good. And the tea has a hint of citrus that goes down well with the cookies. “This is delicious. Leave it to Yumi to pick up on the cuisines of another world.”

“Hehe. I’m glad you think so! Would you like some more?” Yumi brings out a plate of pastries.

“Don’t mind if I do!”

Then another, “Here’s some more!”

“Oooh, you sure know how to treat a guest!”

Then another, “I made these last night~”

“Wait a minute…”

“Ah! I baked a cake this morning—”

I slap the slice of cake from her hands. “You trying to fatten me up?!”

“Oh, my. Is chocolate not to your liking? I have vanilla and hazelnut if you like.”

“Vanilla and hazelnut… such a combination exists— THAT’S NOT THE POINT!” The table before us is already packed to the brim with food. “This table is a miniature bakery!”

“Aw. My boys can’t get enough of this..” She tilts her head, confused as to why I’m full.

I try to change the subject. “So, still up to your old ways, ya saucy minx?”

“Ara~ You of all succubus should know I’m as innocent as they come by.”

“Uh, huh. Still after the young ones, aren’t you?”

“It’s so hard to resist when they ask to have a sleepover. Ufufu~” She continues to feign innocence. “Were you perhaps out hunting?”

“Nah, I was out— ”

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Wait… what was I out doing? Why?

Every time I ask myself that, only one person pops into my mind— Saeko.

She’s been a great source of entertainment for me this past week. I’ve had more fun with her in a week than I did my entire life in Elza. Not that it’s a tough hurdle to beat to begin with.



Yumi parts her hands and claps again.


She’s sitting on her knees and pats her lap, then raises her arms in the air like a mother beckoning a baby. “Come here, Mio~”

I quickly catch on to what she’s trying to pull, and I’m not submitting to it. “Nope. I’ve fallen for this trap before.”

“I can tell you’re troubled,” Yumi says, her gentle voice trying to entice me. “Don’t you think you deserve a little rest?”

“Kuh— fine…” I crawl over and lay my head down on her lap. Yumi strokes my hair, calming the magic inside my body. I can feel the illusion of my human form fade away. I miss this. It’s nostalgic. When I close my eyes, it’s like I’m back home with the rest of the nest.

“How’s living in the human world treating you?” Yumi asks, humming softly.

“Heh. Where do I begin? So there’s this kid, her name’s Saeko.”


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