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Author: Jammin’ Rabbit Original Source: Tamaya Kagiya Artist: Himexin

“I’m still dreaming… right?”

As soon as I grab my breasts, my legs give out from under me. Every inch of me trembles from the mere touch.

“Do I dare…”

When I pinch my nipples, fireworks go off in my head. My body tenses up again and my legs squeeze shut from the new sensation.

“Is this… hahh… really a woman’s body…? Even girls can’t be this sensitive… right…?”

I reach down between my legs again. There is a distinct lack of a p̲e̲n̲i̲s̲, instead there is an incredibly damp patch of carpet where I was just sitting.

“I’m wet?”

My hands find an opening between a new entrance. Touching it sends waves of pleasure coursing through my body, making me want to touch it more.

“Saeko!!!” I hear Hatsumi calling, and her steps rushing upstairs to wake me up again.

“S̲h̲i̲t̲—” I slam my body against the door at the same time she does from the other side.

“What are you doing??” Her voice is filled with confusion. “Open up. We have to get you ready for school.”

“Not this time, sis! Please, just go back downstairs and let me get ready myself.”

“How many times do I have to tell you? It’s the older sibling’s duty to take care of the younger one!” She struggles against the door, but for some reason I’m filled with more strength than usual. Eventually, she gives up realizing that I won’t budge. “Goodness. When did you become so disobedient? Fine, just hurry down or breakfast will get cold.”

I breathe a sigh of relief and wait by the door until I can no longer hear her footsteps. Who knows if she’s going to come rushing back up here? Hatsumi IS that crazy, but she’s still my sister and I love her. If only she wasn’t so overbearing.

As I back away from the door, I bump into something soft. “Uwah— sorry… UWEH?!”

Standing before me is the self-proclaimed girlfriend from my dream. The wings, the horns, the skimpy outfit, the very same person. Mio stands there with her hands on her hips, laughing. “Kahahaha! How was your first taste of being a girl?”

“You really did this to me? It wasn’t a dream? Why?!”

“This is your punishment for refusing to have sex with me.”

“Bullshit. Turn me back.”

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“No can do.” She pulls out a tiny orange crystal. “Looks like I’ve depleted the power from this shard, and I only had one of it.”

“All because I didn’t stick my d̲i̲c̲k̲ in you?”

“You are— were a strange boy, you know that? I haven’t met a male who was so adamantly against getting laid.”

I peer at the purple wings furled behind her back and sharp horns protruding on her head. “Are you what I think you are? A succubus?”

“Yep. Which was even more infuriating. Somehow you were able to resist my charm, but whatevs.”

“A real succubus… that turned me into a girl… this is the worst.”

“Ahh…” She put a finger on her chin and chuckled. “You aren’t just a girl.”

“What do you mean—?” The question is caught in my throat when I look into the mirror again and see the same succubus features on my body. “NOOOOOOOOO!”

“Teehee.” She stuck her tongue out. “That crystal was a lot more powerful than I thought.”

I race up to the mirror to inspect the new additions to my body. “This isn’t happening… I can’t face Hatsumi like this let alone goto school!”

“Saeko!” Hatsumi calls from downstairs. “If you don’t come down, I’m going back up to get you!”


“This is going to be interesting. I’ll take responsibility since I turned you into a succubus.” Mio cackles quietly. She snaps her finger and the horns, tail, and wings on my back disappear. The long silvery hair shortens back to my original look. “I can do this for you at the very least. It’s only an illusory effect. It’ll wear off by the end of the day.”

I grab a towel from my closet to wrap around my chest, and then wear my uniform over it. There’s a little bulge, but it has to be enough.

By a stroke of luck, Hatsumi got picked up by her boyfriend to go to Uni together. I can walk to school alone leisurely and without her embarrassing me in front of the whole school.

My biggest problem right now is… I’m a girl. Worse, a succubus. My voice hasn’t changed, so I just need to act natural. During physical education, I can just pretend to be sick or change after everyone else has left. Maybe I can even change in the restrooms.

The school’s coming into view, and I see Kana walking along some ways ahead of me talking with another student. Something caught his eyes and he glanced over his shoulder and saw me. Instead of continuing with the other student, he waved them off and waited for me to catch up.

“I’m going to be honest. It’s strange not seeing you with Hatsumi.”

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“Shut up.”

Kana narrows his eyes at me like he noticed something. “You’re kinda red. Are you sick?”

“I’m fine. Maybe just the pre-summer heat.”

“Hmmm… something’s different. Have you… been working out?”

He was staring at my chest after all!

“N-no— yes! I mean, I am in the kendo club.”

“I thought you were just a seat warmer.”

“Heh.” I almost puff out my chest when I realize the towel is only barely holding in my breasts. “Coach said he’d put me on the team after they win the Hyogo Invitationals. You’re looking at a soon-to-be actual kendo member!”

“That is good news.”

This is going well. Kana hasn’t noticed anything different other than my chest, but I managed to play that off. It’s a good thing these uniforms are bulky.

“This boy smells of lust.”

“Eh?!” I turn around to the voice and find Mio floating just above me.

“What’s up?” Kana asked.

Mio puts a finger over her lips and says, “Shhh.”

“Nothing, just a leaf fell on my back.”

It must be some sort of invisibility, like the illusion spell she cast to hide my other features. Mio continues to float behind them as they head into school. Her eyes dart around each student as if she’s looking for new prey.

When we get into the school building and change out of our shoes, I tell Kana to go ahead of me. “I just need to check up on something.”

“Alright. Don’t mind me if I take your seat until the bell rings.”

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When Kana and the other students have trickled away, I dive under a staircase and pull Mio along with me. “What are you doing here?”

“What’s it look like? I’m exploring. A school is ripe with h̲o̲r̲n̲y̲ teenagers.”

“Don’t you dare go preying on them!”

“Hey, now. I’m a succubus. I’ll die a painful death if I don’t feast.”

“Okay, but…”

“You don’t go around telling the fox to stop hunting rabbits. They need to eat or die otherwise, ya know.” Mio flitters around and floats on her back. “But fine. I’ll go help myself to a teacher or two, later.”

“Wait… so as a succubus now… does that mean I have to…?”

“Naturally, yes.”

I drop to my knees, my strength leaving me. “Oh… oh god, no.”

“You’re already good to go. That boy you were walking with is just dripping with lustful energy for you.”

A lump catches in my throat. “K-Kana? No… we’re both boys. We’ve been best friends since elementary school.”

“Well, you’re a girl now. As a succubus, you can enthrall him and reciprocate.”

“No! Absolutely not. Never! I’m a boy. The thought of a p̲e̲n̲i̲s̲… going into me… gulp…”

Am I seriously getting wet again? At the thought of something so vulgar?

“Kahaha! Oh, this will be so much fun. I look forward to seeing you struggle.”

I couldn’t focus in class today at all. All I could think about was whether or not anyone suspected me of being a girl.

The next bell is about to ring, which means the next class is Physical Ed. Alright, so the plan is to pretend to be sick so I can be excused to the nurse’s office. That way, I don’t have to attend. I’ll have to think of a different excuse tomorrow, but for now…

Ding. Ding. Ding!

(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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The sound of the bell plays through the intercoms.

Sensei tidies up his desk and then announces, “Alright class, you know the drill. Boys change here, girls change in the gym lockers. Takahashi Rika, you’re in charge of the girls.”

“Yes, Sensei!”

The girls start leaving, and the boys start changing even before the last ones leave. For some reason, the sight of their bodies is making me blush. I shuffle up to Sensei and ask to be excused.

“I’m not feeling very well. Might be something I ate this morning…” I say, pretending to be as sick as possible.

“You’re not trying to weasel out of P.E. are you, Ito?”

“No, Sensei! I would never!”

“Well… it’s not like you’re the troublemaking type. Head on over to the nurse’s office, but you’re welcome to join us if you start feeling better.”

“Thank you!”

Kana stops me halfway through. He hasn’t put his gym shirt on yet, and I get a face full of his shirtless body. “Saeko, are you feeling alright?”

“Ahh… yeah— I mean, no. I’ll be fine once I rest a little.”

“I can walk you to the nurse’s office.”

“No, it’s fine. I can walk myself there just fine. I’ll see you later.”

I hurry out of the room so as to not raise anymore suspicions with my classmates. The nurse’s office is on the floor above my class, so it isn’t too far of a walk. The next issue to tackle is the nurse herself.

There is a strange muffled sound from the other side of the nurse’s office door. When I press an ear against it, I hear creaking and… moaning…

“Ah! Yes…♡! Principal, your tongue is stirring me up…♡ more…! Nnngh! Don’t stop!”

Oh, god. Is that the nurse…?

“That’s right, you swine. Keep f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ me, and don’t you dare stop.”

Are they…? Could Mio be…?

I open the door slightly and peek in. There are two silhouettes behind one of the curtains surrounding the bed. Upon closer inspection, a female figure was bouncing up and down the end of the bed, and another female figure was grinding their hips against something at the head of the bed. When I squint my eyes, I see one of them has horns.

“Mmmm! You should consider yourself lucky, piggy. Oink for me! Keep f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ me!!”

There is a muffled attempt to oink coming from behind the curtains as the Principal tries in vain to obey.

Seriously, Mio?! Here? Of all places? With the NURSE AND PRINCIPAL?!

I’m going to be sick.

I quietly close the door, but realize that going back downstairs means I have to participate in physical education.

“Uu… g̲o̲d̲d̲a̲m̲n̲ it, Mio…” As quietly as I can, I slip into the nurse’s office while a threesome is going on. I take another bed with curtains around it on the other side of the room. No matter how hard I squeeze my ears shut, their moans and the creaking of the bed are clear as day while I’m in the room.

Man, they are really going at it. What would’ve happened if someone else other than me discovered them? Just listening to them is making me h̲o̲r̲n̲y̲…

Without thinking, my hands move under my pants. It’s soaking wet. It couldn’t hurt if I just took my pants and underwear off, right? I’d rather not get them wet.

While the sexual escapades are still going on, I pull my pants and underwear off and lay them at the foot of the bed. I pull the covers over me just in case I’m discovered.

My hands move on their own between my legs. I feel a small nub just above the slit, the mere touch makes me gasp and sends tantalizing shivers up my body.

“Ahh…♡! Nnnh…” When I start rubbing it, a voice I never thought possible from me squeaks out. I cover my mouth and continue rubbing it.

Shlick. Shlick. Shlick. Shlick. Shlick.

The lewd sounds of me masturbating alongside the moans of the threesome in the room turns me on even more. I’m getting lost in the pleasure and press a finger into my new girl part, sending a wave of ecstasy that’s making me lose my mind.

At some point the bedsheets fall away from the bed, and I’m writhing in wild abandon to the euphoria of masturbating. Like some floodgate is opening up within me, I arch my back and press my fingers deeper. Then—

The curtains of my bed are pulled open, and I see Principal Murata and the college age Nurse Naruse standing before me naked.

The Principal’s large erect c̲o̲c̲k̲ stares back at me, twitching. Nurse Naruse has her blouse undone, a pair of breasts with perky nipples stare too. Her skirt and underwear are nowhere to be seen, and there is white substance on her mouth and crotch.

“Wait… it’s not what it looks like…!”

The two of them reach for me, and there is nowhere for me to go.


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