Chapter 17 – Sento with Mio!

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Author: Jammin’ Rabbit Original Source: Tamaya Kagiya Artist: Himexin

“Hey. Hey!”

I come to my senses with Mio shaking my shoulders. “What happened?”

“You were about to go into a frenzy is what!” Mio says, shaking her head.

“But I had sex with Kana last night! Was that not enough?”

“Might be because you’re close to awakening the rest of your powers.” She shrugs, “Let’s get the last f̲u̲c̲k̲ outta the way!”

Mio starts pulling me into an alley where a group of yankee girls are smoking. “Those chicks look like they’re after a good time!”

“No, stop! They look scary and— ?” I’m pulling against her when I see Hatsumi and her boyfriend Kotaro across the street. “Mio, hide!”

Mio and I enter the closest building and peek out the window. It’s hard to see, but from here it looks like my sister is having an argument with her boyfriend. She’s tugging on his arm, but he wrenches it away and storms down the street with her chasing after him.

“Looks like a lover’s quarrel.” Mio quips.

“Hatsumi and Kotaro are always so lovey-dovey though. I’ve never seen them fight until now.”

My sister being in the city isn’t out of the ordinary. Tsukiji University, her school, is at the edge of the city, so she often spends time with her friends downtown before going home. That completely flew over my head when I thought about coming here. Fortunately, we ran into her without being noticed.

I let out a sigh. “I think the coast is clear as long as we don’t go north— ”


We turn around to see Takahashi Rika staring back at us with a concerned look. I panic and hide behind Mio to face the window again.

Oh, s̲h̲i̲t̲.

Why is Rika here? It’s over. My life is over. She’s going to find out!

“You’re the new student in my class, right? Mio?” I hear Rika ask inquisitively.

“Ah— oh! Glasses girl with pigtails! Watcha doing here?”

“What am I…? Oh, well I actually live here. My parents run a sento.” Rika says.

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I feel Rika’s eyes burning into my back. We made a mistake coming in here. I should have just gone straight home today!

“And, this person behind you is…”

“Eh— ?!”

Mio spins me around to face Rika. The two of us lock eyes, but I avert my gaze. Mio pats me on the head and says, “This is my little sister. She came to visit since she missed me so much.”

“Ah,” Rika seems to have taken the bait. “My name is Takahashi Rika. Rika is fine.”

“S-S-Sae… ahem. I’m Sayo… Nice to meet you, too.” I try to introduce myself as casually as possible and raise my voice to a slightly higher pitch.

“Your sister Mio made quite the impression on her first day transferring in.”

“Aha… she is kind of blunt…”

Now that I’m more calm, I notice people coming in and out of the lobby with a towel slung over their shoulders. So Rika runs a sento, huh?

“On top of being the class rep and student council secretary, that must be a lot of work,” I say.

“How do you know that?” Rika asks suspiciously.

“AH— well, er, Mio was talking to me about interesting people in her class, so…!”

Rika looks embarrassed, maybe thrown off by being called interesting. “It is hard work, but I give my best for my parents’ sake.”

Mio pokes at my shoulder and asks, “What’s a sento? And where are those people going?”

“A sento is a public bathhouse. Everyone is going in to wash up.” I answer.

“Oooh! I wanna go!!” Mio exclaims.

“We can’t. We still have to look for the succu— er, oop.” I shut my mouth. I almost forgot we’re in front of Rika.

“Succu?” Rika tilts her head and echoes my unfinished sentence.

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“Erm… succulent… a souvenir succulent…” I hang my head at the poor attempt to cover myself. “Okay, fine. We can check out the sento.”

“Whoooo!” Mio cheers excitedly.

“In that case, right this way!” Rika leads us past the lobby and into another reception area that has several entrances, presumably leading to the baths. A stern-looking man exits from the women’s bath carrying a bucket and mop.

“This is my father, the owner of the sento.” Rika bows to him.

“They’ll have to wait.” His voice is coarse and weary. “The women’s baths is the last one to be cleaned.”

“You’ve been working all day, haven’t you? Let me finish cleaning the baths.” Rika tries to take away the tools from her father.

“Don’t you have schoolwork? What about the student council?”

“I’ve already finished, now give me those tools before you hurt yourself.”

“Fine. I’ll go watch the counter.”

Rika sighs, then turns to us and apologize, “Unfortunately the women’s bath isn’t ready. If you come back later—”

Her father peeks back in the room and says, “They’re your friends, right? Just let them in while you’re cleaning. On the house.”

I bow to him. “Thank you, Mr. Takahashi!”

Mio’s already at the entrance to the women’s bath, but she’s staring down the others. “How come there are four hallways?”

“Starting from the left is the women’s only, men’s only, mixed adult, and the last one is mixed-family,” Rika explains.

“Let’s go into the mixed adults.”

“EEEHHHHH????” Both Rika and I are startled by Mio’s bold suggestion.

“What? We’re all old enough.” She says as a matter of fact.

I run up to Mio and say, “We’re already bathing for free, let’s not cause any more trouble! For me, too!”

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Changing out of my clothes in front of Rika and Mio is still embarrassing. Every time Mio and I fooled around, it was dark and I could barely see anything. But in this lit-up room, I see how voluptuous Mio’s body is.

Her bust size is easily g-cup, and each mound is tipped with a perky pink nipple. She has a little stubble of hair just above her crotch that looks well-trimmed. Mio is every bit as beautiful as the glamour models you see on television. My face is heating up just looking at her.

“Hm?” Mio notices me staring. “Oh. Kehehe!”

She comes over to me and hugs me from the front. Her bare skin, slightly sticky from sweat, presses against my body. Her hand gently squeezes my breasts.

“Am I turning you on, you little minx?” She cooes.

“Wait… Rika might see us…!”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s just a little sisterly skinship.” Mio pinches my nipple and gently kisses me on the lips, the contrast of pain and pleasure gets me wet in an instant. I kiss back and try to push my tongue into her mouth. Her knee grinds against my damp c̲u̲n̲t̲, and I push my waist against it to feel more of it. We link hands and—

“Kya! S-sorry—!” Rika covers her face from the entrance of the baths, her face beet red.

I push Mio away, grab my towel, and hurry into the baths. The interior is just like any other sento. The back wall offers a painted view of Mount Fuji and its surrounding landscape. To the left and right side of the wall are the rinsing areas and between them is a large pool of steaming water.

The last time I came to one of these was ages ago with the entire family. Ever since mom and dad left the country to work, I haven’t gone to one until now. Hatsumi has tried to get me to go to this one so we could bathe together in the mixed family, but I declined every time.

“TO THE BATHS WE GO— UWAH?!” I grab Mio’s arm as she makes a dive for the pool. “What gives??”

“We’re supposed to rinse off first before bathing in the water,” I say, pointing to the stools and washing area.

Rika, still red in the face, returns with a mop and bucket. She starts mopping the floor when Mio calls to her, “Rika, join us!”

“I-I can’t possibly. I have to work or it will cause trouble with my father.”

Aside from her embarrassed expression, Rika looks like she is having a tough time herself. That’s only natural, right? Between helping her family with the sento, dealing with both third-year schoolwork and student council business must be weighing down on her.

“I think… you should join us, too!” I say, almost pleading. Something inside me sort of wants to see the ever reserved-looking Rika naked. “If you’d like, we can help you clean right after. With three people, it should go by really quick.”

As Rika ponders the offer, I find my heart beating with anticipation. I swallow hard, and my lower region is getting itchy. The feeling of Mio’s lips hasn’t left my mind since the changing room.

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“In that case… okay!” Rika says.

A few minutes later, Rika comes out of the changing room with nothing but a thin towel over her chest. Her pigtails have come undone, letting the curls drop down her backside. She is still wearing her glasses which have fogged up, and her face is redder than ever.

Looking at her is getting me excited.


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