Chapter 15 – Gym with Mio

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Author: Jammin’ Rabbit Original Source: Tamaya Kagiya Artist: Himexin

The last girl hasn’t even left yet and all the boys have taken their shirts off. One of the kids in the class looks at me and says, “Saeko, you look like your pet died.”

“No, but I’m definitely dying inside,” I say, trying not to stare.

The events of last night have definitely made me more aware of my femininity. It doesn’t help that Kana wouldn’t stop squeezing my nipples so much. They’re so sensitive even the towel is stimulating them.

From the other side of the room, some of the students are laughing at Kameshiro. “Kamecchi, are you seriously getting hard from changing? Ahaha!”

“He’s probably fantasizing about the school nurse again!”

“Quit staring! I’m not thinking about anything lewd and somehow this happened.”

“Uwah, Kamecchi’s getting hard from looking at us.”

As they continue to poke fun at him, I make a silent apology to Kameshiro as it’s probably the result of my new succubus aura.

“Saeko, what are you doing?” Sensei comes to me asking, “Hurry and get changed or you’ll be late to gym.”

“I, uh… might’ve left my jersey at home…”

Sensei eyes me suspiciously but shrugs. “Your friends with Kana, right? Just borrow his for now.”


I dig through Kana’s desk as slowly as possible. Sensei starts leading the rest of the students out of the room and calls out to me. “Don’t keep us waiting, Saeko. You, too, Kameshiro. Get your tiny friend under control already.”

“Shut up, Sensei!”

I watch as Kameshiro smooths out his pants, grimaces, and then leaves. Now that the room is empty, I can start changing. Rewrapping the towel comes first since it was coming undone over the course of the day.

“Hah…” I sigh. Letting my breasts hang out is a weird freedom I didn’t think I’d long for. I can’t imagine how girls wear bras all day.

The truth is I still have my jersey, but I’m compelled to pull Kana’s shirt out of his desk. It has his scent from the other day he went to P. E. I bring it up to my nose and take a deep breath. Kana’s smell eases my mind and makes me wet. The memories of him screwing me last night come pouring back in, and I find my hand reaching down to my c̲l̲i̲t̲.

“Wait… get ahold of yourself, Saeko!” I wrench my hand away, then glance between my shirt and his, toss mine back into my bag, and put his on. “He’s not going to be here so…”

I change into my shorts and put on my track jacket just in case. It’s a little hot today, but since we’re indoors it shouldn’t be too bad. As I head to the door, I notice it isn’t completely shut.

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“Uwah… that’s close. Kameshiro didn’t close it all the way. Hopefully nobody saw me.”

The first thing Sensei has us do is pair up to start stretching. Everyone starts to bother Mio to be her partner, but she turns all of them down. “Sorry! I wanna hang out with my cousin, instead.”

Mio comes running to me and lowers her voice. “Did you show everyone your t̲i̲t̲s̲?”

“Why is that the first thing you ask me?!”

Something catches her attention and she leans in to sniff me. “Kehehe! I see how it is.”

I catch on to what she’s thinking and say, “Wait, it’s not what you think I’m just—”

“Okay, class. Let’s get our stretches in before we begin.”

Mio and I take turns to help each other stretch. I have to be careful not to overdo it otherwise my towel will start coming loose.

“Hey, Mio?” I start as we go back to back and lock arms. I bend forward with her leaning against my back to stretch out her abdomen. “I was hoping we head downtown today to look for a succubus.”

“Oh, I wanna check out the city! I haven’t been any further than your suburbs yet.” We come back upright, and Mio does the same thing for me.

“Wait— ah! You’re bending too far! It’s going to come loose!”


After everyone finishes stretching, Sensei announces that we’re playing dodgeball. We’re split into two teams with even boys and girls. Mio and I get placed on opposite sides of the court.

“Saeko,” Mio calls out to me from the other side, clutching a dodgeball, “Don’t get full of yourself now just because you’re on your second.”

“Wait, what—”




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Mio launches the ball with such force that I couldn’t see it fly past me. The vacuum of air comes rushing in like a gale. “Wawawawa?!”

“Shirai’s down!” Someone on the team calls out. I turn around to see Shirai flat on the ground with a ball-sized mark on his face.

“Whoooooo!” The other team cheers Mio on. She’s already picked up another ball.

“Mio, let’s talk about this!”

The match continues until Mio and I are the only ones left on the court. Everyone else has been knocked out with a minor concussion. It’s as though Mio is out for blood in this match, so I had to respond in kind. Both of us have a ball in our hands.

Mio takes a stance and revs up like she’s about to pitch a baseball. Even though I don’t want to get hit by that, the evil smile on her face tells me I can’t dodge this. I can even sense magic emanating from her hand.

“Hold on, if you hit me with that it might knock the towel off!”

“Then ya better hope you throw first—”

“Wait!!!!!!” I scream, holding the ball in front of my chest. Then I hear the sound of a dodgeball bouncing on the ground, echoing in the gym. I open my eyes to see Mio on the ground, clutching her crotch in… pleasure?

“Kuh~ nnghh… you…!” She struggles to speak.

Did I do that…?

“Finish her, Saeko!”

“Do it!”

Mio is sweating, her face red and legs trembling. “Kahaha~ ahh!… You really— nngh♡… end it… give it to me…”

My teammates shout at me from the sidelines. I walk up as close as I can and toss the ball at her. It bounces off her chest with a light thud, but it’s enough to tip her over the edge.

“Mmmmhh~ aaaahhhh♡!!!”

I cover my face to hide my embarrassment

Somehow, it still feels like I lost.

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