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[Vol 5] Chapter 69: Rogue Martial Artist

In a big mansion over at the city of Khan, a young man was peacefully sleeping, when a loud commotion suddenly woke him up. “What the hell is going on?” the young man angrily yelled as he rushed out of his lavish room. Outside of his room, stood two maids who bowed respectfully to the young man. “Master, a report just came in. Two warriors were killed within the city.” One of the maids said.

“So what? Why the hell did you disturb my sleep because of this nonsense?” The young man responded in obvious anger.

“Master, sir Bolget and sir Manul were the ones that got killed.” The maid hastily responded.

“What?” The young man uncontrollable asked in shock. “Where is Vice captain Lindel?”

“Master, Vice captain Lindel is waiting outside.”


The young man rushed back into his room to quickly change his attire. If it had been two lower level warriors that had died, it wouldn’t really be much of an issue that he had to intervene, but the current situation was that two elementary level warriors were killed within the city of Kahn. That was an unforgivable crime. That represented a significant drop in the military power of the Khan household. It wasn’t particularly easy to recruit or train elementary energy level experts, and now they had lost two in one night.

“Lindel, what the hell happened?” The young man said as he rushed out of the house. He looked particularly tense as he stared at Lindel waiting for a response.

“Captain Kaylin.” the woman, Lindel, said as she immediately bowed.

“How did Bolget and Manul end up dead?” Kaylin asked again.

“Not sure about the details captain, but Oaklif from the Bastich house reported that he witnessed the entire thing.”

“Where is Oaklif?” Kaylin asked impatiently.

“He is waiting at camp one.”

Kaylin, Lindel and the surrounding guards quickly made their way back to camp one, where Lindel had previously interrogated Oaklif before placing him on arrest. “How could this have happened? How would I be able to explain what had happened here today to the other captains and the Kahn household?” Kaylin thought as he rushed to the camp that Oaklif was currently being held. One of Kaylin’s biggest fears was that the culprits would have escaped from the city without anyone noticing. And if that were to happen, even his position wouldn’t be safe.

“Who the hell are these rogue martial artist the Bastich ***** brought to my city?” Kaylin inwardly cursed. Right now, he was in a terrible mood and also quite nervous. Although he was stronger than Moore, Bolget and Manul, he wasn’t completely confident in his ability to take on the three of them at the same time and come out without any significant injury. “Hmm. He must have used an unknown method to defeat them. Anyone that capable would be well known around the kingdom.”

Not long after they set out, they reached the camp. Oaklif was placed in a room awaiting some interrogation. Oaklif sat on a chair at one corner of a table, with his arms tied up. As Kaylin walked into the room, the atmosphere immediately changed. From his demeanor, it was clear that he was angry and impatient. “How the hell did Bolget and Manul end up dead?” he asked.

“Captain, sir Bolget and Manul were helping me reprehend a criminal of the Bastich household, when they were blindsided by one of the criminals.” Oaklif responded.

“Blindsided you say.” Kaylin said as he slowly walked towards Oaklif. From the look on Kaylin’s face, Oaklif could tell Kaylin wasn’t buying his story. Oaklif’s expression immediately as he tried to get up and explain. Before he could move, Kaylin slammed his palm on the table in front of him, instantly disintegrating the entire table to fine dust. That drove a new found sense of fear in Oaklif’s mind. At this point, Oaklif knew he was walking a fine line between life and death.

“Do you take me for a fool?” Kaylin said as he walked closer towards Oaklif.

“No captain. Let me explain.” Oaklif said before he began narrating the exact account of what had happened from his perspective. Bravery was never one of Oaklif’s qualities, and after Kaylin’s display, Oaklif gave up any sense loyalty. Out of fear for his life Oaklif even narrated the entire story, including his instructions from the crowned prince of the Bastich household.

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Moments later, Kaylin left the camp with an even bigger frown on his face. “Damn the Bastich household. What kind problem have they brought to my city?” Kaylin caused as he and a group of warriors rushed to the Rosemary inn. Within a couple of minutes, Kaylin’s group of warriors got to the vicinity of the Rosemary inn. On their way to the inn, Kaylin had been thinking about the entire situation, and from what Oaklif had told him about the youth that was the leader of the group, he wasn’t completely certain in their victory. With more thought on the situation Kaylin decided it was best he approached the situation with some caution.

“Listen up, none of you should enter the inn with me. Wait out here and let me know if you see anything suspicious.” Kaylin said as he walked in. As Kaylin


Over at the northern borders of the southern continent, the fighting had mysteriously stopped. Not even a single northern warrior could be seen within the borders. This mysterious event had sent tremors through the ranks of generals at the northern border. Within one of the camps at the northern border, there was a meeting of the generals of the southern continent army currently ongoing.

“This is an unprecedented event in the history of the four continents. We need stride with caution, or else we might fall into a well planned scheme.” A tall lanky man, who had a general armor on said.

“I disagree, general Lunell.” A short bulky man, said as he got up. “I think the various kingdoms of the north are feeling our overwhelming strength and have finally cowed into hiding.” He said as he took of his helmet, showing his wildly grown beard and disheveled balding hair. “I say we strike now while the cut is still fresh and put an end to all this.” He said ending his statement.

“An unguided response to a situation we do not fully grasp cannot be our immediate course of action. With all due respect general Gardez, what you are suggesting could disable the entire southern continent,” the tall lanky man responded.

More arguments for both side were going on as the generals tried to come to a decision on what to do. Seated quietly at the far end of the conversation was someone that Willard was familiar with. This was lord Jayesh of the Gerret household. He quietly observed the discussion without adding to them. Jayesh was currently preoccupied with thoughts of his own. “What did the metal saint mean by all that? Could that be related to what is happening here at the Northern borders?” He thought before moving his gaze to the tall lanky man who was currently speaking.

“I employ you to be prudent, and not give way to your emotions. Right now, more than ever, we need to be calm and study the situation. It is my recommendation that we send a party to go investigate the situation within the northern states.” The tall lanky man, general Lunell, said.

“I second general Lunell’s suggestion,” Jayesh said as he slowly stood up to address the group. “Now more than ever, we can’t be rash. Never in the recorded history of the northern lands, has there been an event like this. I suggest we approach this with caution.”

The conversation continued for a little bit longer before the generals decided on a course of action. They decided to follow general Lunell’s original suggestion of sending a scouting party into the northern states to verify the state of the region in large. After the meeting came to an end, general Jayesh and Lunell walked to a remote corner of the military camp.

“General Jayesh, from your actions, I can tell you have more information on the matters of the Northern states.” Lunell said with a reserved look. “What i’m more interested in is why you decided not to divulge the information to the other generals.” Jayesh stared at Lunnell with an appreciative smile. He knew the different temperaments of the generals, but he especially appreciated Lunell’s ability to judge situations.

“Incisive as ever Lunell.” Jayesh said with a smile, before staring into the distance. “You are right, I do know a little bit more about the situation, but I don’t know enough to make a statement about it. All I can say is; there is a war coming to the four continents, and the Northern continent are the spark to light that fire.” After hearing Jayesh’s words, Lunell nodded and walked back towards the camp. Lunell was generally acknowledged as the strongest strategist of the southern continent, and as such his ability to understand and accurately judge situations were of the highest order. From their conversation, Lunell could extrapolate the situation involved more than the armies of the continent, it probably involved saints of the four continents.

“For Jayesh to say that much, it means he was probably contacted by that saint and told not to divulge the contents of their meeting. That was probably done so as to not cause any panic. If that’s the case, this is a much more serious issue than I had previously thought.” Lunell said to himself as he walked back to his base.


Over at the Rosemary Inn, darkness was slowly starting to give way to the break of dawn. The warriors from the city Kahn, were standing outside the vicinity of the Inn, as they patiently waited for their orders. Within the Rosemary Inn, Kaylin was patiently sitting in front of the stairs. To anyone watching, his actions might have seemed very strange, but to Kaylin himself, he knew this was the best course of action. After thinking through the situation, Kaylin came to the conclusion that it would be better to not be overly aggressive with this person. He wanted to see the rogue martial artist for himself before deciding on what to do.

“Your patience is admirable!” Willard said as he walked down the final stair, jolting Kaylin from his seat. Kaylin stared at Willard with a weary look on his face. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. At this moment, Kaylin’s mind was in shock, but outwardly, he did not express any of the shock he was experiencing. “How on earth could I not have heard him walk down? And how can he be this young?” Kaylin silently thanked his stars that he had decided to wait for this martial artist, rather than take the aggressive approach.

“How can we help you? I don’t believe you waited this long just to stare at me,” Willard continued.

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“I am Kaylin, captain of the city guard. I got a report saying you and your group were responsible for killing two of our warriors, is this true?” Kaylin asked with a stern look? Although Kaylin wasn’t confident in his victory if he solely fought against the person in front of him, he still wouldn’t completely back down. If he was the type to back down from a fight, he would never have gotten to his current position.

“Yes that’s true.” Willard said staring straight at Kaylin. Kaylin in turn frowned as he heard Willard’s response. If it were anyone else, he would have attacked them, but the person in front of him gave him predatorial feeling, one that he hadn’t felt in a while. “Why did you kill them?” Kaylin asked again. Although he knew the details of what had happened, he still needed to get some kind of justification from him.

“They attacked me, so I naturally killed them.” Willard said with the same look on his face.

“It is against the law of this city to kill a warrior of the Khan household. No matter their crimes, it is something that everyone has to be accountable for.”

“Are you willing to come with and make this report to the Khan household?” Kaylin asked. Kaylin knew trying to forcefully bring this rogue martial artist in, would probably not be possible for him. Although the chances of him going peacefully were low, he still wanted to give it a try.

“I am not willing!” Willard directly responded. Kaylin sighed as he slowly reached for the short blade on his waist. “How about this, present this to the Khan household.” Willard said as he reached for an object in his pouch. Kaylin expression gradually changed as he recognized the object. “Summon token!”


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