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[Vol 4] Chapter 53: Surprising Appearance

With the claw of the wind element cheetah blown away, the cheetah retreated as its claw slowly reformed. The fire element serpent was next to charge in and attack. Before colliding with Willard, the fire element serpent coiled up in one spot. The fire element of the surrounding space around the fire serpent dramatically increased. This increase was evident with the drastic increase in the temperature of its surrounding. The serpent’s original orange like body slowly transformed red.

The serpent charged forward towards Willard, wherever the serpent went through ghastly trembles in spaces could be seen elapsing. The serpent collided head first with Willard’s golem shield. With that one strike, its intention to kill Willard was evident.

As Willard tumbled backward from that strike, he couldn’t help but sigh in amazement of the intensity of fire element the serpent had condensed. After tumbling a few meters away, Willard regained his balance and stared at the aberrations before him. ‘I can’t take too many attacks from this serpent.’ Willard thought to himself.

“The wind element cheetah excels solely in speed, the earth element golem should excel solely in strength, while this fire element serpent has a good balance between speed and strength with the added power of incineration.” Willard softly said. Unknowingly, this battle had brought back the kind of thrill Thanus had lived for as a god. Although the aberrations seemed undefeatable to the others, but to him, it was a welcomed challenge.

Willard once more gathered the earth element and formed his earth armor. He rushed towards the group of aberrations that seemed to be in perfect sync as they began battling Willard. At first, Willard seemed to have been at a disadvantage when they fought, but after the few exchanges they had, his experience fighting them had significantly increased. Willard decided to first take down the earth element golem given the fact he had ample experience with the earth element, and for the added fact the golem was the slowest.

Willard who seemed like a squirrel climbing a tree, stealthy evaded the attacks of the earth golem and climbed onto the arm of the golem. Willard used his earth movement technique to hastily make his way towards the head of the earth element golem. “Although you are talented you lack experience.” Svecko who seemed delighted with the current exchange between Willard and the aberrations said out loud. The onlookers had a face full of surprise as they watched Willard combat these aberrations. When Willard made his move gunning for the earth element Svecko had immediately known what Willard had been thinking.

Of all the aberrations one could form with elements, the earth element golem was notoriously known for its strength. Even among saints, there is only a handful of them willing to compete against an earth element golem created by that many elemental energy mages. From that, he had stipulated that Willard had done so out of his ignorance. Although the earth element golem was not fast, its defense was at least ten times that of the fire element serpent.

As Willard approached the head of the golem, his movement speed seemed to have drastically reduced. In front of Willard, a sudden strange ripple in space seemed to mysteriously appear and then disappear. Svecko who had been in a relaxed manner suddenly tensed up. “This! How is that possible?” Svecko said out loud to the bewilderment of the people around him. Of which, Darey Helden who had joined Ducart at the center of the army had an unsightly look on his face. He was currently the one that felt the most animosity towards Willard, after all, Willard had personally slain his son.

Darey had been shocked the entire time as he watched Willard battle the aberrations, but hearing Svecko’s words his expression slightly changed to that of disgust. ‘What is wrong with this envoy? Is he just noticing the fight now?’ Darey silently thought to himself. ‘What is Ducart thinking off for bringing such a useless person to the battlefield.’ Darey who had been watching the fight intently did not notice anything new as everything seemed like it had previously been, but with Svecko’s sudden outburst of surprise seemed to only just irritate him. Ducart only gave a slightly surprised look as he side glanced Svecko. The others on the battlefield might not know Svecko, but he was well aware of the fact that Svecko was a great expert from the Paisa kingdom. So when something could possibly startle someone like Svecko, then it had to have been something incredible.

Within less than ten seconds of Svecko’s surprising outburst, a sudden loud bang was heard around the battlefield. When Willard had attacked, he had condensed all of the vibrations that were previously being spread out in a chaotic manner to a single point on his fist. As his fist collided with the head of the golem, a partial rip in the fabric of space had appeared at the point of  contact, before it quickly reformed and fixed itself. But as that attack had met the head of the golem, the vibration quick spread from a single point to the entire body to the golem. It was like a silent hymn as the vibrations were continually increasing in magnitude until the body of the golem slowly started cracking up, followed by a loud explosion which sent the broken up pieces spreading across the battlefield.

Immediately after the body of the golem had been destroyed, the earth mages that had casted that earth golem spell, all coughed out some blood. The remaining warriors on the side of the Minya household were all shocked with what they had currently witnessed. Not just the warriors, everybody that had been watching the battlefield was amazed. Some of the Gerret warriors who had already escaped to the outskirts of the Gerret household heard the loud exploding sound, they turned to look towards the battlefield. To their complete surprise, the noticed the complete  disintegrating form of the earth element golem.

The debris from the crumbled up golem first spread towards the aberrations that were close by. Of the two aberrations, the fire element serpent had struggled to successfully defend against the striking shattered earth pieces as its defenses was a little bit tougher, but the wind element cheetah suffered a couple of attacks that completely bore holes through its body. Because of their closure to the earth element golem when it was attacked and the sudden attack that took everyone by surprise, the remaining two aberrations were the first to be attacked by the shattered earth pieces. Although the wind element cheetah had suffered more under the attack, it still wasn’t enough to completely destroy the cheetah. The cheetah retreated to a safe distance, while its body slowly reformed.

Willard took the opportunity to dash towards the regenerating wind element cheetah. Now that the cheetah was in a weakened state, this was the perfect opportunity to completely destroy it. Before Willard could attack the wind element cheetah, a voice suddenly rang all across the battlefield; “Stop.” Willard that was already on the motion to collide with the wind element cheetah, ignored the voice and proceeded to attack the cheetah. Just as Willard’s fist was about to get in the motion to attack, Willard suddenly felt a familiar feeling of someone using elemental energy to try and suppress his consciousness. Willard quickly abandoned his attack and roused the elemental energy within his core to quickly dissipated the attack.

“Impressive. Impressive. You are even able to combat the domain of a saint. You are quite the impressive young fellow.” Voice said before the image of a man appeared to be slowly descending. The man looked old but had short golden brown hair full of life. He had a strange smile that made it hard for people to know if he was smiling or frowning. This person was clearly a saint that had interfered in the battle, and Willard was unfamiliar with this person, so he knew it most likely had to be an enemy.

“Sir Svecko!” Ducart who had been utterly shaken by the destruction of the earth golem immediately called out in delight. Svecko was previously seated in a relaxed and unbothered state beside Ducart before he suddenly disappeared from his position without anyone noticing him. “A saint!” Some of the Minya warriors exclaimed. They were ecstatic at the fact that a saint had suddenly appeared on their side. After Willard had displayed his overwhelming martial prowess, all of the Minya forces had given up hope. They knew beneath the saint level Willard was near undefeatable. But now that a saint had shown himself, the battle had completely shifted to their side.

Darey Helden who was beside Ducart was in complete shock when he noticed who the saint was. This was someone he had felt utter disdain towards, someone he almost caused out not too long. Darey inwardly thanked the heavens he had not said anything inappropriate because he knew a saint killing him was tantamount to killing an ant. He wouldn’t even have the opportunity to apologize. ‘This must be one of the trump cards Ducart had spoken off.’ Darey silently said to himself before he moved his gaze towards Ducart. He couldn’t even imagine what price Ducart had to pay to illicit the help of a saint.

‘This child is as monstrously talented. Without a doubt, he will reach the saint level. If he is properly nurtured, he can reach the heights of those geniuses of the Eastern and Northern continent. If I can recruit him I will have rendered a great service to our side. And if I kill him, I will also have rendered great service.’ Svecko thought to himself as he seized up Willard.

“Child I am quite impressed with your talents,” Svecko said before he finally landed beside Willard.



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