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[Vol 4] Chapter 52: Battle at the city square 4

It did not take long for the battle to break into a frantic series of attack. Looking at the dire situation, of the battlefield, the remaining Garret warriors started retreating backwards towards the inner city square. Willard held Kaban by his side and instantly used his movement technique to transverse the currently frenzied battlefield. Willard arrived where the horses had been kept and instructed Kaban to ride back.  Without watching him leave, Willard once more used his movement techniques to get back into the battlefield.


At this point in time, the battlefield had moved backwards towards the inner city square. The Gerret house archers that had previously been in hiding all took to their positions in attacking their foes. Primarily because the archers had caught the Minya forces by surprise, the majority of the retreating warriors were able to reduce their casualties.


In retaliation to the sudden interference from the Gerret archers, mages on the side of the Minya house started casting various offensive and defensive spells. A massive fire serpent took form and started gliding through the air. This massive fire serpent spell was a joint spell the several fire mages had cast, which gave it its frightening size. To another corner an earth style golem was taking shape. The colossal size was something to behold. Just like that, different aberrations of magic were getting on the offensive as they all primarily targeted the archers who were all frantically trying to escape. One after the other, large destructive sounds were heard as the magical aberrations all destroyed the buildings in their paths.


Willard who had arrived in the midst of all this had a look of intrigue on his face. ‘Why did it take them this long to use this?’ He silently thought without the least bit of worry on his face. If the Minya forces had immediately used those magical aberrations, they would have easily annihilated the Gerret warriors. Willard concluded there had to be a price the warriors paid for using this spells and that was why they had not used it in the beginning. Perhaps the amount of elemental energy it consumed was astonishing.


“It’s about time the fun starts,” Willard said before clasping his hands in a loud bang. The clapping sound he made echoed throughout the battlefield but did not cause any change to the state of the battlefield.


Within five foot of Willard, an enormous amount of earth elemental energy swiveled chaotic around him. Willard who shut his eyes as he roused the earth elemental energy, suddenly opened them. He could see hundreds of warriors running towards his direction, but he still stood in place. “Strike!” Willard said, which immediately followed with the earth slightly trembling. The attacking Minya warriors could not feel the trembles as it blended perfectly with the echoes their running footsteps had caused.


Suddenly, hundreds of earthen spikes surreptitiously sprouted from the ground. Within fifty feet perimeter in front of Willard, these spikes mysteriously appeared massacring everything in its wake. The original charging Minya warriors, those that were entangled in battles, and even some Gerret warriors who were in front of him, were all attacked by those spikes. Although Willard wanted to mainly attack their foes, but some of the Garret warriors were already caught in tight positions of which he couldn’t help. Willard wasn’t the type to second guess his actions as he mercilessly attacked every corner of the fifty feet in front of him.


The sudden appearance of those spikes had caused huge casualties on the side of the Minya family. It was nothing short of share slaughter, which had blindsided the Minya forces. “That kid is quite impressive. It’s a pity, he should have used up a good amount of his elemental energy in that attack.” Svecko who had watched the entire thing happen said. The look on Ducart and the rest of the nobles faces were that of complete shock and anger. “How is it that a meager force of less than thirty has caused us this much casualty? If things continue like this aren’t we going to be the losers in the end.” Ducart silent thought to himself.


In the midst of this slaughter, three elemental aberrations remained. It was the earth element golem, the fire element serpent, and the wind element cheetah. As those aberrations made their way forward, the spikes that were clustered all around the battlefield were either disintegrated or blown away. It was clear that against these elemental aberrations, techniques similar to the earth spike, Willard had used, would have absolutely no effect on it.


All three of those remaining aberrations charged towards Willard with their fastest speed. The wind element  cheetah was the fastest of the three, and so was the first one to attack Willard. Several translucent crescent wind blades flew out of the mouth of the wind element cheetah as it approached Willard. From the density and speed of the wind blades, Willard knew he had to evade those attacks as there was no way he could defend against them with his physical body.

Willard was like a hummingbird, each movement was fluid and crisp. After his battle with Aorah, he had tremendously improved in the aspects of agility and control of the earth element. This seemingly minor improvement translated to a difference of night day in the speed and control of his movement technique. If it was in the past he had fought with the wind element aberration, he probably would not have been able to avoid all of its wind blade attacks.

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Willard controlled the broken up pieces of earth from the earth spikes all around the battlefield to all float in mid air. Some flew towards Willard and started forming an earth element golem shield, while others just remained floating. At this point in time, the other aberrations had caught up to the wind element cheetah and started attacking. Willard was like a mouse to the cat-sized aberrations, a mortal to the titanic sized aberrations.


The fire element serpent slithered through the air and attacked with its giant head. Willard met the attack straight on now that he was in his golem protective shield. He did not dare to defend with his bare body, but now that he had the shield he was at least certain to a certain degree to survive a head on attack. The blow from the fire element serpent sent Willard tumbling backwards. The combination of the heat and power of that titanic sized serpent was much more power than Willard had predicted earlier. When Willard regained his balance, he immediately willed the earth around him to reinforce the damaged golem protective shield.


The wind element cheetah was already in front of him, it swiped forcefully with its claw striking straight for Willard’s head. Now that Willard had the golem shield, his speed and agility had reduced a little bit, whilst he gaining much more strength. Willard punched straight at the incoming claw attack of the cheetah. To everyone’s surprise, Willard had successfully defended the attack and also blown away the claw of the wind element claw. “How is this possible?” Many of those who had been watching exclaimed as they realized Willard had not only defended the attack but he had also managed to destroy the claw of the wind element cheetah.

On the current battle, only one other person aside from Willard was capable of understanding the subtleties of what had happened. To the ordinary person on the battlefield it seemed as if Willard just punched through the wind claw of the cheetah, but in actuality, a little more had happened. Before Willard’s earth golem fist had met with the claw of the wind element cheetah, Willard had formed a series of vibration in front of his blow. This translucent vibration was in accordance to one of the laws of the earth element. That was the basic form of the primary laws of vibration. And with that little usage of the primary law of vibration, Willard was capable of astonishingly increasing the strength of his blow.



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