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[Vol 4] Chapter 51: Battle at the city square 3

At the Marquis house. A meeting was currently going in full session.

Lyon was pacing back and forth within the meeting room. He slowed down his movements, and gradually settled down before he sat back down.

“Saving the Gerret household holds no value to us,” Lyon said to the room filled with high ranking members of the Marquis household. Currently, Lyon was the person with the highest authority within their house. His father, Leonardo Marquis, had left the city a month earlier on private business.


“If we don’t go to their rescue, that would spell doom for our only allies right now.” Another high-ranking member retorted.

“Their rescue? They are already a lost cause. The way I see it, the only option we have right now is to fortify our defenses. Hopefully, father will be able to get in touch with our ancestor.”

“Are you suggesting we leave our only ally to hang right now?” Another member responded to Lyon’s remarks. “What shame? To think the future head of this household will fall to such levels of cowardice.”


Lyons muscle slightly twitched as he heard those words. Although he could be considered the current head, but in reality, his status wasn’t any higher than those in the meeting. These people consisted of knights, great warriors, and mages. None of them took Lyon as a serious leader, especially after his fit of cowardice. One after the other, they all raised issues with Lyons suggestion.


“Enough talking.” An old man with gray hair said as he banged the table and stood up. “Even the young master of the Gerret household is bold enough to fight them head on.” He continued saying as he walked slowly towards the door. “I will lead my unit and go back that young one.” He concluded immediately leaving the room.

At the moment, the room had turned silent. “Sir Allen!” Someone said to break up the complete silence. The next moment, several others got up as well. “I will also be following the primero knight.” A young feminine voice rang out across the room. Everyone’s attention moved to the beautiful woman who stood up from her seat. She did not wait for any response as she left the table. Her long blonde hair dangled as she seductively walked out.


The primero knight was a position given to the number one most outstanding knight in Marquis city. Sir Allen who was currently in that position, had been the longest current serving member of the knighthood. His accomplishment over the years had been phenomenal and praiseworthy and even in his current old age, no one had successfully taken the primero position from him. He was a man that effortlessly garnered awe and admiration, a pious and up worthy man.

“Wait up Agnes, I will also be joining you.” Another man said not paying any attention to anyone on the table. Lyon who was currently sitting down had a face full of frowns. He knew quite well that only the head of the Marquis house could command a knight. ‘Wait until I inherit the position, I will make you regret your actions.’ Lyons said bottling up his anger.




Marquis city square.

Ducart was currently smiling as he watched the battlefield. “Oh, that Kaban fellow of the Gerret house is quite outstanding.” He said with a smirk. “He was actually able to make Allada use his weapon.” Ducart turned to the person to his right and asked: “Sir Svecko, what do you think of that fellow Allada is currently battling?” Although Ducart was always a proud person, he also knew when to be respectful. Svecko was a special envoy that had been personally sent to him by one of his major backers. This envoy, in particular, was one of his special trump cards for this battle against the Marquis.

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“He is indeed talented. He is barely touching upon the primary laws of explosions of the fire element. With a few more decades he would surely reach the saint level.” Svecko responded with an indifferent look. Ducart hearing “saint level” was greatly shocked. This was the first time Svecko had spoken highly of anyone since he came to Marquis city, not even Allada, whom Ducart had considered the finest genius under his banner, was praised by Svecko.


As they continued watching the fight, the smile on Ducart’s face grew ever more crescent shaped. “It’s a pity we could not have recruited that one. He would have been an asset to us in the future. Since you are not with us, you must die.” Ducart’s reasoning was quite astute since he could not have Kaban, it was best Kaban dies.


“What the?” Svecko straightened up his back as he first reacted. “What hell just happened? How did he get there so fast?” Ducart said in complete surprise. They had been casually watching Allada beat Kaban effortlessly, and when it had reached the final moments of the battle, an unexpected variable came into play. Somehow, Willard had appeared right behind Allada in the last second and stabbed him to death.


“You *******!” Allada cursed as he watched Allada slump to the ground. Seeing Allada die caused him so much pain, he had really high expectations of Allada’s future prospects and now he had met his end at the hands of some youth. “Who is that person?” Svecko asked.


“He is that young fellow I told you about. The young genius of the Gerret house.” Ducart said with a little bad taste in his mouth.


“Incredible. Even among saints of the earth element, his movement technique could be considered first class.” Ducart was shocked again by Svecko words. This was the second time he had praised someone from the opposing side, but this time, he really wasn’t happy to hear it. This particular person had killed one of his most dazzling stars, how could he possibly be happy hearing words of praises of the person. Svecko relaxed his posture back to his originally slacked position and paid no more attention to Ducart.


Ducart called a nearby general to his side as they discussed. After a couple of seconds of exchanging words, Ducart nodded. “Aswan, we shall do as you have suggested. Go immediately take charge of the army.” Ducart was currently unhappy with the state of the current battle. In every exchange so far, they had come in worse. So far they had lost more than twenty of their elite warriors while the forces of the Gerret household had only lost three. Just now, Aswan had suggested they neglect the small scrambles they were currently having and use their overwhelming numbers to completely crush the foes before them.


As Aswan arrived in front of the army, he immediately yelled; “Everyone attack. Kill the enemies before us.”


Instantly, the morale of the warriors had risen to a higher level. They all charged forward with their weapons. They knew the warriors of the Gerret household were elite’s, but for how long could they possibly defend against a large army like theirs? They knew sooner or later they would wipe them clean and rid the Gerret forces of their best warriors.

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Soon the large scale battle began. The unfortunate warriors who were cut in the first line of attack were instantly swamped by increasing amount of people. As they killed one person, the warrior will be surrounded by two more. It did not take long for the six Gerret warriors that were at the front lines to fall to the overwhelming number of the Minya forces.



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