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[Vol 3] Chapter 43: Saint Level Battle 2

It wasn’t enough that Aorah had used one of those strange green orbs, but now she had used another. Who was to say just how many she might have on her. Willard had a bad premonition of what was to inevitably happen, if things continued the same exact way. He never could had have imagined that Aorah had such an object on her. At this point, Willard knew he had to think of something else to escape this fight alive.

Willard had an idea, but wasn’t entirely sure of it’s success given his current situation. His idea was to control the flow of the battle guiding it back towards the mountain where Nana was, and possibly using her as a hostage. Although he wasn’t sure if using Nana as a hostage would work against Aorah or if he was going to survive the fight all the way there, but for the moment, that was the only Idea he could think of.


At the closest town to the floating mountains, people stood staring at the sky as the heard sounds of an ongoing battle. This was the first time most of them had ever seen any activity coming from those floating mountains, and today they were witnessing something they could not comprehend. “Father what is going on?” A young boy asked his father as he tugged the fathers clothing.

“Seiyu. Run to the house and stay with your mother.” The father coldly responded.

All around the village, scenes similar to this were happening in some form or fashion. Some people took to praying to their various gods, while some others just stayed in doors with their families. Either way the day would remain a historic one within that village.

“Elder. What is going on?” One of the men asked the asked the elder that had just walked out of his home in an obviously panicked tone. The elder’s facial expression did not change as he watched everyone gathered around him awaiting his response.

“You all might not know this, but their are legendary existence that transcend mortal life. These existence are called saints. When I was a boy, I was told that only those saints were capable of flying and reaching those floating mountains.” The chief said as he noticed the looks on everyone’s face.

“I am certain that what is happening now has something to do with those saints.”

“Elder, what should we do now?” Another man asked.

“There is nothing we can do. We are mere ants in the eyes of these saints. If they plan to kill us, we will definitely be killed. Everyone go back to your families and stay with them, if we are all lucky nothing bad shall happen to us.” The elder said before walking back to his house.


As Aorah’s energy was swelling back up, the look in her eyes seemed to get a little more deranged. Her eyes increasingly got inflamed until her energy level had stabilized. With that sinister look, Aorah dashed towards Willard. Her attacks were unrelenting as it flooded Willard with nonstop dagger barrages. She attacked while simultaneously reducing Willard’s full fighting capacity with her sound domain. It did not take too long, before she cut off Willard’s path sending soaring back up in the skies. Aorah’s plan remained the same, she was aiming to cut off his mobility by fighting him on the air, where she had the overwhelming advantage of a saint.

The fight persisted for a couple more bouts. By this point in time, Willard’s body had cut and stab wounds all around. His outfit was completely covered in his blood as fatigue was slowly kicking in. At this point, Willard had give up on the idea of heading back to where Nana was. He was just giving it his best to survive the next attack. ‘Is this it for me?’ Willard thought to himself. Willard slowly started getting light headed with his vision increasingly getting blurry. ‘I refuse. I will not die here. My enemies must burn before me.’ He said to himself as he watched Aorah walk towards him. An all too familiar sensation seemed to grip Willard at that moment. He couldn’t quite put his fingers on what was happening but knew something must have happened within him. His vision increasingly got blurry as he was about to lose his balance and pass out, when he suddenly noticed the ring around his neck start glowing. Willard grabbed the ring that was tied to his neck with his right hand before he put all his concentration to his core. He noticed that red energy moving erratically within his core. ‘What is this energy? Why is my ring reacting to it?’ He thought to himself.

Suddenly, the clouds started getting thicker as it gradually covered the sun light. Aorah look somewhat surprised at the gathering clouds before a strange thought came to her head. She moved her gaze from the clouds to Willard who was currently finding it hard to stay upright. Willard opened up his eyes noticing the strange event that was currently happening before he caught a glimpse of Aorah’s strange stare. At that moment both Willard and Aorah both reacted simultaneously. Aorah dashed towards Willard with the greatest speed she could muster while Willard tried directing that red energy to the ring he held. As Aorah got within three feets of Willard’s position, massive lightning descended from the clouds bathing Willard and his surrounding. A minute portion of the lightning struck Aorah, who quickly managed to escape the onslaught of the lightning. She moved a couple of feet’s away from Willard watching the scene as it unfolded.

Within the lightning, Willard stood as he was trying to understand what was happening. “The lightning doesn’t harm me.” Willard said somewhat surprised. “This must be the power of that red energy.” A determined look appeared on Willard’s face, as the lightning died down. Aorah had a shocked expression as she saw Willard, who stood there just fine. ‘This is trouble.’ She thought to herself before she turned hill to run away. WIllard noticing Aorah run, stood in place watching her leave. When suddenly, he noticed Aorah’s energy drastically fall. Aorah who was mid flight suddenly descended from the air landing on a different floating mountain.

This was the opportunity Willard needed. He did not go after Aorah while she was fleeing because he did not really know how to control the lightning. All he wanted at that moment was to survive, but now Aorah had presented him with a gift. She was out of energy, out of breath as she slumped to ground lifelessly. “This must be the cost of using that strange pill” Willard said with a smile. Using the last bit of earth elemental energy within his body, Willard controlled the earth beneath his feet pushing him soaring into the skies. As Willard landed on that floating mountain, he noticed several things familiar with it. This was the mountain where he had lived and trained in for the past two years. That was his prison and was also his home all that while. Willard walked towards Aorah who was breathing heavily on the floor.

“Hahaha” Aorah laughed before she coughed up some blood.

“Isn’t it funny? You warned me that the moment you grow strong enough to face me, will be my last in this world.”

“To think it would only take two years. Go ahead, I have no regrets.” Aorah said with a strange smile on her face.

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Willard had an indifferent look to him. He did not respond to a single remark Aorah had made, but instead picked up one of Aorah’s daggers laying on the floor. Before he could get close to Aorah, Nana had rushed out of the cave. “Please don’t kill my teacher.” She said as she dived in front of Aorah, covering Aorah with her body.


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