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[Vol 3] Chapter 38: The Darkness

There was a saying that true despair doesn’t come from death, but rather the inability to prevent an inevitable death. This was exactly the situation with Willard, he had watched his mother suffer and die without being able to help. He was furious but had no one to pour the anger on. He sat there in that enclosure silent as a piece of wood. Not a single tear dropped from his eyes, he just continued to stare at the blood in a deep state of thought.

“That’s right, it is her fault,” Willard said to himself. “If I had come a little sooner, I might have been able to save her.” After saying that, Willard finally got up and walked out of the enclosure. When he saw Aorah standing there his face dramatically changed with a huge frown. Seeing Willard’s sudden change, Aorah somewhat understood Willard’s current thought process.

“That’s right, I am the one to blame.” She said to him with an indifferent tone.

“What are you going to do? Stand there and watch me.” Willard stood silently as his state of anger kept increasing with Aorah’s angering words.

“Now who hides in cowardice? It is your mother that died.” She said and turned to walk away. As the words, “It is your mother that died” played in Willard’s head, he couldn’t hold back his anger any longer. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Willard charged towards Aorah with his greatest speed. He had activated his earth elemental energy as he approached in a punching manner. Aorah used her sound domain aided by vibrations to constrict Willard’s movement. Although she could completely seal his movement, she only slowed them down to the point his speed was no match to hers. With every punch Willard threw, she avoided and retaliated with two. The scene couldn’t even be considered a fight, It was clear bullying. With her actions, she was clearly showing Willard how much stronger than him she was.

Willard took some steps backward and gave Aorah a vicious stare. It was clear he was beyond livid, but Willard also had the fortitude to calm himself this time around. With his current level of power, there was no way he could be a match for Aorah, even though she was somewhat exhausted from a prior fight.

“It seems you have calmed yourself a little bit,” Aorah said indifferently.

“Your mother and fellow villagers died because of your actions. You were so blinded by a lust to kill, you forgot the most important thing I had instructed you to do.”

“If you had lowered yourself down to be captured and then secured the villagers like I told you, I would have been able to prevent the calamity.”

When Willard had heard from Ayola that the Yellow Hew village was raided, he had felt anxious not for himself, but for his parents, especially his mother whom he developed a strong bond with. And now he felt guilt for letting his pride and battle hunger to get the best of him. He had been previously instructed by Aorah, to make sure he first knew about the whereabouts of the villagers and taken them to safety. But instead, he decided to directly slaughter everyone in his path. This had subsequently lead to the death of everyone that had been captured including his mother. This shock was so strong Willard fell to his knees. He had never been in a situation where he lost someone he truly cared about. At this moment within his core, the dirty brown elemental core Willard had formed started vibrating with some hint of the strange red energy, this time around, the vibrations were even more erratic than the time he was almost crippled at the hands of Allada. Aorah noticing the strange reaction of the natural energy within the surroundings started calling to Willard. She had a faint idea of what was about to transpire, and wanted to snap Willard out of it.

Willard was in a completely zoned out state. “It is all my fault. I did this to her.” Willard mumbled to himself. “I course this damn mortal existence. If I had been stronger, I would have prevented this.”

Immediately after he uttered those words, the erratic nature of the natural energy within their surrounding increased to a much greater level. Willard’s body released a massive wave of natural energy followed by an inexplicable red substance. “Impossible,” Aorah said as she quickly left the area. The red substance reduced Willard’s entire surroundings to nothingness. This was exactly the same thing that had happened while Willard fought Allada, but this time around, Aorah had a front seat in monitoring the entire event. “How can this be?” Aorah said as she watched Willard’s body slump to the floor.


In the nine heavens, a goddess was meditating within a dirty green lake. She was submerged at the bottom of this lake, with her eyes firmly shut. The goddess suddenly opened her eyes and started to float upwards. Her speed was neither fast nor slow, as she was contemplating something that seemed to bother her. “Those eyes, I have seen them before.” She said as she reached the top of the lake. At the top of the lake, the goddess slowly floated up in the air. The lake shrank in size and followed underneath this goddess. When the reduced lake came in contact with the goddess, They both disappeared from that region.

Within the void of a certain space, darkness ruled in its absolute command. A god sat on a floating throne adorned with skeletal parts. To the right-hand side of the god, was a dark spear that would momentarily release a dark energy and later retract the energy. “Why have you come here Akhlys?” The god who sat on the throne asked.

“My lord Zinus, there is something strange I would like to show you.” The female goddess from the lake, Akhlys said as she bowed.

Akhlys touched her forehead with her right index finger. A white light sparkled be a droplet of water flew out from her forehead. “My lord Zinus, one of my recently deceased will came with this memory that I think you should see,” Akhlys responded as the water droplet flew towards Zinus. As the droplet approached Zinus, he waved his hand which sent dark clouds to intercept the droplet. The dark clouds sparkled then flew right in front of Zinus. Suddenly, the scene of Aorah’s fight the bald headed waterfiend started playing out. A frown appeared on Zinus face as he watched for a couple of seconds. “What exactly am I supposed to be watching here?” Zinus asked in an irritated voice?

“My lord, if I may,” Akhlys asked in a suggestive manner. Zinus nodded in acknowledgment. Akhlys waved her hand changing the scenes on the cloud towards the time Willard made his appearance in the fight. Zinus had a focused look as he watched Willard’s mannerism. “A million years and he has finally been reborn. Did he show any signs of regaining his memory?”

“Not to my knowledge, this was the first contact my will had made with him.”

“Good Akhlys, good. You shall be greatly rewarded for this. What world was that?”

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“The fifth world of the Okal blue realm,” Akhlys responded.

Zinus grabbed his spare and got up. A dark cloudy substance flew from the top of Zinus’s spare and flew straight towards Akhlys. “Thank you my lord,” she responded with a smile. Zinus immediately disappeared from his throne leaving behind Akhlys who in turn disappeared out of that region.


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