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[Vol 3] Chapter 37: Elements and the Laws

“As expected of a saint.” The water fiend said turning to look at Aorah.

Willard who watched in hiding knew that this was going to be a tough match. Although Aorah had mastered a universal law, her opponent had control over the true element of water, which was fundamentally different from the level of elements mortals could control. According to the classifications, Willard had known through his experience as a chief god, the elements were divided into seven known core elements and the laws were divided into three major stages. The elements were namely: Water, Fire, Earth, Thunder, Iron, Darkness and Light while the stages of the laws were divided into the primary, true and grand laws. The primary laws of the elements, which was the prevalent knowledge in the mortal world, were the most basic of the laws. Above that were the true laws of the elements, of which lesser gods trained and wielded. And above both of them, were the grand laws which only chief gods had a mastery off. Thanus became a chief god only after he mastered the law of incineration in the fire element.

The universal laws were of the elements, but fundamentally different from the elements itself. Take for instance Aorah, who trained in the wind element, but had mastered the law of sound within the wind element and transformed her mortal body, soul and core. Not a single chief god in Willard’s memory could claim to have complete mastery of all grand laws within a single element, as just the mastery of a single law within an element was considered the pique of a chief god’s power. Over the millions of years he had spent training in the nine heavens, Willard only mastered the incineration of fire.

Willard stopped paying attention to the battle as he could tell he wasn’t going to be of any use the way he currently was. Willard sat in a meditative posture and started cultivating earth elemental energy. Willard noticed his rate of absorbing earth elemental energy was rapidly rising. He was surprised with this growth but ultimately couldn’t afford to waste any time investigating as he really needed to recoup some elemental energy.

Explosions rang out all around Willard, who still concentrated on his cultivation. It took a good five hours of rest and cultivation for Willard to fully restore his elemental energy base. At this point in time, shimmers of daylight had penetrated the dark skies. The battle between the water fiend and Aorah had reached its climax. From the intense level of destruction that had occurred to the surrounding structures and land, one could tell just how powerful saints and fiends were. Willard continued to watch biding his time for a single opportunity.

The bald headed water fiend had created a mist domain around the current battlefield. This did not prevent Willard from monitoring the ongoing battle as his senses and experience were good enough to fill in the blank of things he could not clearly see. Willard noticed the fiends ears had traces of blood all round it, from that he deduced that the fiend had rid himself of his hearing so as to not be affected by Aorah’s sound domain. ‘Something is still amiss.’ Willard said to himself as he watched the ongoing fight. ‘How come this fiends mobility still seems mitigated?’ Willard pondered for a bit. “Could it be?” Willard exclaimed as he seemed to have gained a little bit of understanding in regards to Aorah’s technique. “She has gained a vague knowledge in the true law of vibration.” This seemed to make the most sense to Willard. It could explain how he had been so powerless under Aorah’s techniques without even noticing it coming. Although Aorah had mastered the primary law of sound, she had a tiny insight to the true law of vibration. That was how she was able to still affect the fiend even though he had gotten rid of his hearing. “Remarkable.”

“Why did this fiend not just run away? Why does he still persist until now?” Willard was confused with the fiends actions. Normally, most people would just give up when they realize they cannot win. As for Aorah, she had persisted all this while just for Willard’s sake. What exactly was driving this fiend seemed to be on an even or greater scale to Aorah’s. “Willard!” Aorah’s voice came crashing in his head. This was a technique Aorah had used multiple times to communicate with him privately. She gave him a little bit instructions to carry out as she continued fighting.

Aorah seemingly exhausted had appeared right in front of the water fiend, she was currently attacking with a flood of torrential dagger stabs, each one seemed faster than the one before. She was both suppressing the movement of the water fiend, and was savagely attacking him. The beastly nature of each of her attacks seemed to be in complete contrast to her usual personality of calm and childish tranquility. As her moves gained in ferocity, the fiend had gained more visible cuts to his body, the mist in the surrounding was rapidly flying and congealing at the fiends body. “Die” Aorah yelled as she stabbed forward with all the strength she could muster. Her dagger seemed to have pierced the chest of fiend, when she noticed a water clone had grabbed her hand firmly holding it attached to the dagger in its heart. What she apparently stabbed was just a clone. This had been the fiends hidden trump card he was just revealing. The fiend rushed in to use this opportunity to kill Aorah.

Before he was able to stab Aorah with his sword, a cold metallic object stabbed him from his back. The fiend turned back to see what happened when he noticed Willard’s cold smile. The fiend fell to the floor breathing heavily. “So you were still in the area? I should have gone after you first.” He said as he coughed out a mouthful of blood. When Aorah had communicated with Willard earlier, she had told him the battle was about to get to its final stage. She knew the fiend had a trump card, and that Willard was to ask the moment it was shown. She knew once it got to that part, the fiend would completely focus on killing her, giving Willard the opportunity to sneak an attack.

“Where are the villagers?” Willard coldly asked. He could care less about the dying words of the fiend before him, all he cared about at this moment was the whereabouts of his family.

“So that is why you came here.” The fiend said as he laughed. His laughter was ended as he resumed his coughing of blood. “I guess we shall all be disappointed. A blood sacrifice to my goddess Akhlys.” the fiend said as the light in his eyes disappeared. Immediately, a colorless substance flew out of the dead fiend’s mouth. The substance gave a strange ripple to the fragment of reality itself, before it ascended, in great speed, to the sky. As that was happening, loud bellows of agony came from a certain region within the village. Aorah disappeared with Willard and appeared in front of what seemed like an enclosing for prisoners. Scattered all around the place were either already dead bandits, whose bodies were slowly melting, or others that were still barely alive but in pain and also slowly dying in the same manner. Willard broke the gate that covered the place and rushed in. The scene that followed had completely stopped him in his tracks. He saw a bunch of his villagers either dead or about to join the dead as they screamed in pain. To the corner of the enclosing, a familiar face caught Willard as he saw the woman screaming. This was his mother, Angelica, who was in apparent pain. Willard dashed to her side, raising her head and placing it on his lap. Aorah appeared right there and placed her hand on Angelica’s forehead. “Mother,” Willard called staring at his mother in pain. The emotions Willard was currently going through was nothing like he had ever known. This was the first time someone he had actually cared for was dying right in front of him. The pain on Angelica’s face seemed to lessen a little bit as she responded Willards call. “Willard is that you? Thank goodness, I was afraid I would not get to see you before I died.” Angelica said in a weary voice.

“Don’t speak, I would definitely save you.”

“Haha..” Angelica laughed before she caressed Willard’s face a little. “Your father is still alive, he was not in the village when they raided.”

“Stop talking mother. Save your strength.”

“Willard, your mother has less than ten minutes before she dies,” Aorah said to Willard in a low voice before she walked away to give him some privacy.

Angelica narrated what happened earlier to Willard, she told him how the fiend had made all of them swallow a colorless pearl, which explained how he was able to kill Garach with a snap of his finger, and all the strange death before him. Willard sat there as he watched his mother’s body gradually liquidated to a pool of blood.


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