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[Vol 3] Chapter 36: Battle of the Giants

As the two men got to the area where the fight had been going on, they were shocked to see the level of devastation. At the point the men arrived, they were on three bandits left alive. Underneath the illustrious lumination of the moon, Willard was like a red-skinned demon with a pair of white glowing eyes. All three of the remaining bandit had given up all hope, as they stood in place almost as if they had come to peace with their inevitable deaths. “Who in the infinite hollows are you?” One of the men who had arrived at the scene yelled.

“You shall suffer a fate worse than death.” The man continued as his state of anger compounded.

Willard who only gave the newcomers a side glance rushed to the three bandits close to him. He grabbed the face of one of the bandits with his right hand and stabbed the other with his left hand. With the added strength of the earth element technique, Willard was using, he pierced through the face of the bandit he held with his right hand. The bandit was screaming his lungs out as Willard kept on increasing the pressure, until finally, Willard had ripped a portion of the man’s face out. Willard took the wailing man’s sword and stabbed him, before throwing that same sword at the last bandit close to him. ‘Why did they all fight me to the end? This makes no sense.’ Willard thought to himself without expressing any of his thoughts outwardly.

“Garach, support me. I want to personally burn this person to death.’ The bandit that had previously threatened Willard said to his partner.

Garach, who had remained silent the entire time stretched both his hands forward. The natural energy within his surrounding started gathering around him. Two whirlwinds slowly started forming at the basis of his palms. The man threw the whirlwinds, which continued to increase in magnitude as it flew towards Willard. Garach who was directly behind the whirlwinds bit his teeth with great force, creating some fire that set the whirlwind ablaze. Willard was shocked to not only see one elemental energy combatant but two who were above average elemental energy users. With this one move, Willard could tell these were expats that had definitely worked together in the past. Their co-ordinated attack wasn’t something they had just done at the spur of the moment. ‘Two elemental users and a water fiend in this bandit group. This is very strange.” Willard thought to himself as he got ready to engage the two fighters.

Willard rapidly utilized his movement technique to quickly evade the attack. Now that he knew they were elemental energy users, he couldn’t afford to be careless and waste the remainder of his elemental energy. ‘I can’t give them time and space to keep on using ranged attacks.’

Willard dashed towards them with all the strength he could muster. The two men were completely shocked to see Willard’s quick escape and immediate retaliation. “Find an opening to end this fast,” Garach instructed as he rushed to intercept Willard. Garach punched straight aiming for the head of incoming Willard, who instinctively evaded that attack. Willard and Garach were locked on a one versus one exchange of punches. Each and every single attack from Garach seemed like an attack from a volcano. As Willard evaded or blocked, he felt a high degree of heat burning the air as if he was bathing himself with fire. The one thing Willard wasn’t lacking in was fighting experience. Very quickly he controlled the tempo of the fight and feigned a sense of equilibrium between him and Garach. That quickly prompted Garach to increase the ferocity of his attacks, resulting in the lesser awareness of his surrounding.

Noticing Garach had fallen for his trap, Willard willed the earth to create a spike that directly stabbed Garach’s left foot. With that one step, he had completely thrown Garach out of balance. Willard rushed in to stab Garach with his fingers when he felt a cold sensation nearing his neck. Willard instead used the motion of his hand to intercept what was heading for his neck. Willard felt a little pain as he caught the sword handled by the other bandit that had been on the sideline the entire time. Willard feeling some pain from that attack knew that he was running low on elemental energy. Garach who had just been saved bit his teeth together and produced fire that aimed straight at Willard, who was left with only the option of retreat. Willard used the remaining bit of his elemental energy to use his movement technique and escape backwards.

At this point, Willard was drained completely of his elemental energy. The two men working in tandem pressed forward with their attacks. ‘Stupid woman now will be a good time to help.’ Willard cursed inwardly. Willard couldn’t do much as both men quickly overwhelmed him. They had caught Willard in a dead end, as they were about to strike a fatal blow before they came to a complete halt in their motion. Finally, Aorah had acted and robbed them of their mobility. Willard quickly seized the opportunity to disarm the silent fighter of his sword and quickly beheaded him. Before Willard could attack the other bandit, Garach, he heard a loud echoing laughter ring around him. “So that is why you had the courage to come here.” A loud voice said, as the image of a bald man slowly took form from a distance. “Come out saint in hiding. There is no real need for you to hide anymore.” The bald headed man said as he immediately shot a rapidly flying ball of water to Willard. Thanks to Willard’s strong battle instinct he was barely able to evade the attack.

Aorah appeared a few feet away from the bald-headed man in a calm manner. Garach who had been previously held in place by Aorah, got his mobility back. He immediately took heels running off in the distance. Previously he had thought he was fighting just an elemental energy practitioner, but the sudden inclusion of a saint was a completely different matter. Against saints, elemental energy users were akin to infants. He did not want to aimlessly throw his life away, so he decided to give way and let the giants battle it out, while he, the ant, does not suffer the repercussive effect of the fight.

The bald-headed man had a disgruntled look to him as he saw Garach running, he snapped his finger, which immediately caused Garch to tumble and scream in pain. “I told you, no one was ever permitted to run during battle.” the bald-headed man said as they all slowly watched Garach’s body liquefy into a pool of blood. The bald-headed man’s action had severely startled both Aorah and Willard, who watched as Garach turned into a pile of blood.

“Now let’s get this battle started.” The fiend who stood in front of Aorah said with a creepy smile.

“Willard get back,” Aorah instructed Willard who took the cue to go hide somewhere safe. Willard was after all from this village, although it was in ruins at the moment, he still knew his environment quite well.

The water fiend charged straight towards Aorah, who immediately took to the air and started uttering a strange sound that uniformly spread around her. The fiend who had been on the chase immediately noticed his pace had been reduced. He knew exactly what was going on, as the legend of saints were spread amongst the top elemental energy fighters. “So she has mastered the elementary law of sound. Quite interesting .” Willard said to himself as he watched the fight progress. Although Aorah’s lips were sealed, the sound still continued. Aorah directly appeared behind the water fiend and stabbed with a dagger. As her dagger stabbed the water fiend, it easily pierced through his head, like she had stabbed the ocean, as the whole body of the fiend was in essence water. Immediately, a large water bubble congealed out of nowhere as it encapsulated both the fiend and Aorah.

Aorah could immediately feel her skin getting eroded by a very strong poisonous element within the water. She immediately used her elemental energy to blast the water bubble away. This immediately explained how the water fiend had just killed his subordinate. Not only did he control water, he could poison his captives.


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