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[Vol 3] Chapter 35: Demon Shaped Man

Willard was momentarily in a contemplative state. ‘So in this world, a tempest existence is referred to as a saint. If that is the case, this Aorah is much more powerful than I had previously thought.’ Willard silently thought with a frown on his face. Although Willard was docile while he was in the presence of Aorah, he had still not given up the thought of killing her for keeping him against his will. ‘This would prove to be more difficult than I originally planned.’

“I see.” Willard feigned ignorance as he rubbed his chin. “What universal law have you mastered?” Willard asked with an innocent look to him. Although they were currently on the same side, Willard still considered Aorah an enemy. As long as he could gain some understanding of the depth of his enemy, he would have a better chance of killing this enemy.

“There is no need to ask, you do not train in any of the elements I study or have a basic understanding of the law I have mastered. In due time you shall see them for yourself.”

Willard did not press on with his question because, in reality, Aorah spoke the truth. If they were to go together, Willard would be able to decipher the elements and laws she had studied. At least for now he had also gained some vital information on his immediate enemy, the blue mist bandits. Aorah spoke some more with Willard about how they were going to approach the situation. Although Aorah was much more powerful than the current Willard, she still needed to make sure Willard was in tune with her so as to make sure unforeseen events of disaster could be prevented.

As nighttime approached, Aorah appeared right in front of Willard, who was in a meditative posture on his bed. Without uttering a single word, they both disappeared from the room and reappeared about a few feets away from the borders of the Yellow Hew village, behind the cover of some trees. “We shall do as I spoke earlier,” Aorah said before she mystically disappeared again.

After she left, Willard proceeded to head straight for the village. From afar, he could see the destroyed houses, farmland, and many more structures that created the former image of the village he once knew. After a few minutes, Willard had already reached the village. Willard noticed the lively atmosphere of the bandits who now inhabited the village. Most of the ones he could see were drunk as they were broken off in groups eating, drinking or doing whatever they felt like. Willard was shocked to notice that they paid little to no attention to their surroundings. He could understand why that was the case, after all, they were lead by a fiend. Not even entire kingdoms lightly made enemies of fiends. Which begged one of the questions that greatly disturbed Aorah, why would a fiend work lead and work with bandits? One had to understand, that the birth of fiends were inconceivable rare, and once one had appeared all the kingdoms will offer anything to get the fiend on their side. So why was it that this fiend chose to be a bandit?

One of the bandits noticed a youngster in what seemed like a silky white attire strolling through the village almost as if he could not see them. The bandit was holding a piece of chicken in one hand, and tapped the fellow to his side with his free hand before he pointed to the direction of the youngster. “What do we have here?” The bandit that had been tapped said as he got up. It was obvious, that he had way too many to drink as he wobbled on his way to confront the incoming youngster.

“What happened to the people that lived here?” Willard who was the youngster in question asked in the most authoritative manner the drunk bandit had ever known. Traces of anger slowly engulfed the face of the bandit. Who the hell was this youngster? And does he not realize they were bandits.

“Insolence. If you are wishing for death this badly, I shall grant it to you.” The obviously drunk and annoyed bandit said as he haphazardly grabbed his battle axe. Before the bandit was able to make use of his axe, Willard had used the earth elemental energy to strengthen his hands and plunged it straight into the bandit’s heart. With a “thud” the bandit’s body dropped to the floor, the rest of the bandits all stared at this youngster that had some blood stains splashed on his white attire. The bandits all stopped what they were doing and stared at the youngster that had just killed one of them.

“Now that I have all of your attention, I would ask one last time. What happened to the people that lived here?”

As Willard finished his statement, one of the bandits caught himself from his earlier stupor and said;”Kill him.” The rest of the bandits within that area all slowly started to converge on Willard who was at the epicenter of the fight that was brewing.

“This child has too great a violent disposition. He should have done as instructed,” Aorah who stood up in the air above the scene said to herself as she sighed.

The bandits rushed in one by one to kill Willard who stood there mercilessly killing anyone within the range of his attack. Willard threw a battle axe, he had disarmed from one of the bandits, at a bandit who wanted to use arrows to attack. Willard was like the reincarnation of destruction itself. His originally silky white attire was completely drenched red with the blood of the bandits he had just massacred. As the bandits noticed their numbers dwindle faster than they ever thought possible, they all started to move away from him. “Who is this demon? Quickly, someone report this to the higher ups.” One of the bandits said as cold beads of sweat dropped from his head.

“Don’t attack him directly, we just have to defend against him until one of the higher ups comes to take care of him.” The remaining eight or so bandits all came together to help protect themselves from Willard. When the night had started, they were more than forty bandits leisurely enjoying themselves, but who could have known they would face such a disaster tonight. More than thirty and counting were already dead. What scared them the most wasn’t the fact that their companions had died, but how their companions had died. Each and every one of the dead bandits were either stabbed first or had their bones broken before they were decapitated by Willard. Willard did not even give them any more opportunities to talk to him, as he endlessly slaughtered them like sheeps.

Willard was the spitting image of the god of death to them. Wherever he went, only death followed. Willard was in a frenzied state, he was like an animal that had a serious blood lust and was satisfying its depraved urges.

In a room, located somewhere within the Yellow Hew village a bald headed man was sitting on a high chair that seemed like a thrown for a small time king. In front of this man were two other men who knelt on a single knee. They were currently reporting matters to the bald headed man, when suddenly someone burst open the door of that room and yelled, “Leader, there is a demonic character killing my brothers within the village. Before I left he had killed more than half of the entire group..” The man was saying before the bald headed man shot a ball of water that completely engulfed the man’s head. The man was struggling to push the water away from his face as he was slowly drowning. The next moment, to the kneeling men’s surprise, the ball of water started bubbling. “I have warned that no one was permitted to yell in front of me.” The bald headed man said as the man who was covered with a ball of water’s head slowly dissolved to a pool of blood. The man whose headed was berried in the ball of water could only scream till his death. The man’s body slumped to the ground lifelessly. “Go check on what is happening outside. Kill the character that dares to cause trouble in my camp.”

“Yes leader.”The two men who were still kneeling both gulped their salivas after they responded.


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