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[Vol 2] Chapter 30: New Beginnings

The scene was silent as everyone present contemplated what they had just seen. How was it possible for Willard break out of the strange branch’s tight grip. On the elevated portion of the mansion, the second in command of the Marquis city guard got up as he closely watched the scenes unfold.

“I admit defeat,” Mailey said, following an honest laughter.

“To think I will meet such a character here today. The world sure is vast.”

“It was a good fight,” Willard responded. Although the both of them had just fought, Willard had a really good impression of Mailey. When most people with Mailey’s reputation would have taken this lost with an ill temper, Mailey, on the other hand, wasn’t angry. If anything he was truly grateful to have fought Willard.

“When you get the time, pay the blue dragon academy a visit. I will welcome as my honored guest.”

“If time permits. I will certainly come.”

The conversation between the both of them seemed to have sent a breath of life through the crowd as they all resumed their conversations. Undoubtedly tonight, Willard will have left his mark on everyone’s memory. What seemed to have been an easy Victory for Mailey was, in fact, the complete opposite.

Sebastian was in a state of utter bliss. Who would have thought Willard would be this strong. He had written this fight as a loss, but to his good fortunes, this young fellow had given him the best gift he could ask for tonight. Hector at Sebastian’s side, was silently pondering all that he had just seen. ‘If my guess is correct, this Willard is at the 9th or 10th level of natural energy. How is it possible for him to be this much stronger than me.’

Everyone had different reactions to what they had seen. Asyut in his corner was fuming with rage. Not only was he not able to suppress Sebastian, it was him who was suppressed. ‘Curse the heavens. Why is it you favor this Sebastian over me? This is the third incident he has gotten the upper hand ahead of me. In this life, it is me or Sebastian, one of us shall die for the other.’ Although these were Asyut’s thoughts, he couldn’t dare speak them loudly. All he could do at the moment was drink his depression away.

“Brother Asyut, doesn’t this Willard fellow seem familiar to you?” Mubi said while walking over to Asyut’s side. Mubi could see the apparent signs of anger and frustration on Asyut expression. Normally, he would have given him some time to calm down, but what he had noticed was just too shocking to withhold.

“Mubi, I am not interested in conversing about this Willard. This is not a good time for that.”

“Doesn’t this Willard fellow remind of that random commoner you asked your guards to beat to death?” Asyut could help but think back to the day a commoner had defied his command to leave the restaurant. Now that Mubi had mentioned it to him, it all started to come back. The black frizzy hair, the arrogant demeanor, was all the same. The already angered Asyut got only grew angrier. Everything now seemed to make sense to him. After tasking his guards to beat the commoner to death, his guards never returned. He had originally thought they all defected and left the employment of his family, but now that he knew Willard was powerful, he finally put things in perspective.

“You are right Mubi. This is, in fact, the same fellow. It seems the gods truly haven’t abandoned me.” Asyut said with a new found smile on his face. Mubi was a little confused with Asyut response but chose not to question it.

Ade walked up to the elevated portion of the hall and proceeded to walk towards her father. She gave a slight bow as she approached his side. “Father, what do you think of this Willard? He was the one I told you about the other day.” Ade words were spoken with caution, she had spoken softly and inconspicuously to make sure no unintended ears was paying any attention to what she was saying.

“Your judgment was correct. He is certainly a talented young warrior.” Ducart said before taking a slight pause. “Use every means possible to recruit this one. He will definitely grow to greater prominence in the future. Bring him to Allada at some point.” Ade nodded and took her leave. A couple of days back when she visited Sebastian, her original impression of Willard wasn’t good, but as she thought more critically about the scenario that played out, she quickly realized she might have been too hasty in her judgment and treatment of Willard.

“Retaining this Willard fellow might be a little tricky, but all men under the heavens have a price.” Ade softly said as she walked towards Sebastian’s side. On the way there, Ade could see all the various nobles stop Willard to converse a little with him. “Come enlist in my Kazan family, we would double the fee you are currently being paid.” A chubby noble said. “Nonsense, join my Sandell family and you shall be paid however much you desire.” More nobles kept on trying to recruit Willard. They were only doing so because Willard wasn’t really enlisted to the Gerret family. He had introduced himself as just a friend, and so they thought they entice him with better offers.

Willard hearing their remarks resumed his walk back towards where Sebastian was. He couldn’t be bothered to even respond to the comments. “Heaven’s brother. I never would have imagined you were this powerful. To compete and even win against Mailey is a serious achievement. I bet all the academies in the kingdom will be wanting you after news of this event spreads.”

Sebastian continued chatting with Willard, Hector and Ade in his state of bliss. He was in such a good mood that he even accommodated some of the nobles who sneakily still tried to recruit Willard at every opportunity they got.

“Sebastian, your friend has made a name for himself. It seems senior Allada will like to meet him.” Ade said in a soft voice. Her attitude seemed to have completely changed from what it used to be. Although the entire situation seemed fishy, Sebastian could not refuse her indirect request.

“Willard it is your good fortune to make the acquaintance of senior Allada. He is the second in command of the Marquis city guard.” Sebastian said approvingly. Ade lead the way to the elevated portion of the hall. She purposefully decided to walk slowly to strike conversations with Willard, but unfortunately, they were both harassed by swarms of nobles who wanted to chat up this new young genius that was poised to rise to great heights. After a couple seconds of walking through the crowd, they made their way to the elevated portion of the hall.

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“Senior Allada, this is Willard Wuldag.” Ade said leaving them both to chat, while she walked to her father’s side.

“Willard tell me, how is it that someone still at the natural energy levels is able to use elemental energy?” Allada asked with a gentle smile on his face. The smile on his face, was in complete contrast to the expression Allada had when Willard had first set eyes on him. That expression was that of irrepressible aggression.

“It’s a little trivial trick I use, nothing special,” Willard responded giving the hint he wasn’t willing to divulge any more. Allada laughed and tapped Willard on the shoulder.

“How about you join the Marquis guard. I would make sure it is worth your time. And also, you don’t have to worry about betraying your friend because it wouldn’t necessarily mean you have to join the Marquis Household.”

“Thank you for the offer senior, but I cannot join for the time being. There are still some things I have yet to accomplish.” Willard said, clearly rejecting the offer.

“The offer still remains whenever you are ready,” Allada said ending the conversation. As Willard started walking off, Allada’s smile quickly changed to a frown. Several thoughts were running through his mind. ‘Who exactly is this fellow? Although he spoke respectfully, there wasn’t an ounce of respect in his tone. Trivial tricks? I am already at the 7th level of elemental energy, there is no way I can be tricked by the likes of him.’

The rest of the event went on as expected, the remaining contestant who originally planned on competing all chose to forgo that idea after watching Willard and Mailey’s fight. There was nothing that could possibly compete with the result of that fight. After dining and mingling with everyone, Sebastian bid his farewell to Ade and her family.


Two days had passed since the event at the Minya household. Willard had reunited with Baya and brought him to the Gerret household. After narrating the events of his adventure, Willard had immediately instructed Baya to use the opportunity to cultivate and break through to the 10th level of natural energy.

Willard sat in front of the garden within the Garret household, as he usually does at that time of day. The tranquil scenery seemed to help him get in a meditative state. Suddenly, his meditation was brought to an early end, A loud commotion seemed to be brewing at the gate.

“We demand you send out Willard Wuldag. That criminal is to be arrested immediately.” Someone yelled as the noise intensified.

Willard used his movement technique to immediately reach the gate within seconds. He saw a group of Marquis city guard men standing beside Asyut. “There he is, the criminal is standing right there,” Asyut said when he laid eyes on Willard.

“Oh. What crimes am I being accused of committing?” Willard asked.

“Do you deny that you murdered three of my guards? We have two witnesses who said they saw you committing the crimes.” Asyut responded as he pointed to two men. Both of them were servers that worked at the restaurant where Willard first encountered Asyut.

“That’s right, when we went on an errand, we saw that fellow over there stabbing one of the guards with our own eyes. Afterward, that fellow arranged for their bodies to be transported out of the city.” One of the men said. Willard knew right away what happened. These men did not witness anything, rather they were paid by Asyut to lie so that he would be arrested.

By this point in time, Sebastian had made his way to the gate. “What nonsense are you spewing? Isnt this situation a little too convenient? Not only are you two fellows the only witness, but the body of the guards in question are also not in town. What proof do we have that Asyut here did not kill the guards himself and is now framing Willard?” Sebastian said

“It is not up to us to decide who is guilty, but we will require Willard to come with us to the guard square.” One of the city guardsmen said. Willard walked closer to Sebastian and whispered in a low voice: “Sebastian, I will go with them. When Baya comes out of his training, give him this totem.” Willard handed the totem to Sebastian and walked towards the city guardsmen, who proceeded to escort him to the guard square. “I will contact my father immediately. Don’t worry, you will be out soon.” Sebastian yelled as the guards escorted Willard away. On the way over to guard square, Asyut had been overjoyed with the way things had played out. Asyut originally expected Willard or Sebastian to refuse and reject the order leading to a more complicated situation, but that did not happen.

“You filthy trash dare go against me. I will make you wish you were dead sooner.” Asyut said trying to get a reaction out of Willard. ‘Now that it has come to this, I must kill this Willard’ Asyut thought to himself.

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“You Willard shall die today, but before you die I will make you suffer.”

“Now is far enough. Tie this trash up for me.” Asyut instructed. The guards all stopped their movement and proceeded to tie Willard up. The immediate obedience from the guards gave Willard a better sense of the situation.

“You will need more than just the six of you to tie me down,” Willard said while staring at the guards.

“You over estimate yourself.” One of the city guardsmen said before he dashed towards Willard. The guardsman in question did not use any fancy movement technique, but his speed was still faster than Willard had anticipated. From the energy that trailed him, Willard could tell he was at the elemental energy level. The guardsman aimed for Willard with every intention of subduing him. All around his body, golden lightning could be seen dangling as he moved. He was like one of those fabled lightning fiends when he moved.

“Hmm” Willard grunted as he channeled earth elemental energy to his physical body. Almost instantaneously, the guardsman had arrived by Willard’s side striking straight at his head. Willard effortlessly blocked the attack with his right hand and simultaneously aimed for the guardsman abdomen with his left hand. The guardsman was push back by the force of Willard’s attack. On Willard’s fist, remnants of the wild golden lightning were dangling about before vanished.

“Be Careful, he is at the elemental energy level. And he trains the earth element.” The guardsman that attacked warned the others.

“You bunch of idiots. Cut his legs if you have to. Just bring this trash on his knees for me.” Asyut angrily yelled.

Just as he finished his statement, Willard used his movement technique to appear right in front of Asyut. Without a moment’s warning, he grabbed Asyut by the neck and turned to face the city guardsmen.

“Let me go! If any harm comes to me my father will burn you and whatever backward village you come from down.” Asyut said as he struggled to make out the words. At this point, the city guardsmen had faces full of fright. They did not account for the fact that Willard would be at the element level and that he would use Asyut as a hostage. They had come in false pretense to arrest Willard, but in truth, they were loyal subordinates of the Helden household placed enlisted Marquis city guard. If the word got out that the next head died because of their actions, they themselves will be doomed death.

“Don’t be rash, put him down and you might still come out of this alive.” One of the guardsmen said.

“Hahaha. Burn me to death. I might come out of this alive. Truly laughable.” Willard said with an ominous grin.


Willard plunged his left hand into Asyut chest aiming straight at his heart. His hands easily pierced Asyut’s flesh and stopped at his beating heart. “Haaaa” Asyut screamed in complete agony. Ever since he had been born, he never imagined there would be a person who could cause him this much pain. The guardsmen all dashed straight for Willard.

“Please I..” Asyut was saying as Willard yanked out his beating heart.

The guardsmen all stopped as they watched Asyut body slump to the ground lifelessly. They couldn’t believe what they had just seen. Regret, frustration, and anger were all they could feel at that moment.

“A gift to the Helden household,” Willard said throwing Asyut’s heart to the guardsmen.

“He has doomed us all.” One of the guardsmen said as he crazily charged towards Willard.

As the guardsman ran, the surface of his palm spontaneously flamed up. The guardsman reached for his sword , aiming it straight at Willard’s head. Willard willed the earth in front of him to shoot out a spike that aimed at the attacking guardsman. The guardsman noticed the earth spike that was gunning for him a little too late as the spike plunged through his abdomen, following shortly was his lifeless body collapsing to the ground.

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“Encircle him. Use long range attacks” The guardsman that was bathed in golden lightning instructed the remaining three.

‘I have almost completely depleted my elemental energy. If they manage to trap me here, I most certainly will die.’

Just as the guardsmen were moving to encircle him, Willard used his natural energy to form a ring of natural force, pushing back the guardsmen trying to encircle him. Willard immediately took off as he ran from the guardsmen. He did not get too far before he felt his body increase tremendously in weight. Before Willard even had the opportunity to understand what was happening, a figure appeared right in front of him.

“Killing a guardsman within the borders of Marquis city is a grade one capital offense.” The figure said as he walked closer to Willard. “It’s a pity such a young genius as yourself will have to die.” The figure said as he stared at Willard. Willard knew who this person was because he had personally been introduced to him. This person was none other than Allada the second in command of the Marquis city guard. “How is it that you just happened to be here? Have you been following me?” Willard asked following the arrival of the guardsmen who were originally pursuing him.

“Vice commander.” The four greeted as they bowed. Allada only gave them a single glance before his attention moved back to Willard.

“Just to make sure you are no trouble, I shall deprive you of your hands,” Allada said pulling out his sword from its sheath. Willard’s expression immediately turned grave. How could he accept the fact that Allada was going to cut off his hands? At that moment, time seemed to have stopped for Willard. His new life in this world had only just started and yet he was about to be deprived of his hands. Suddenly, something seemed to have occurred within Willard. The originally dormant and elusive red substance within Willard’s core exploded forth with terrifying force. The gravitational domain Allada had created was blown away, even Allada himself barely managed to escape with his life. The other guardsmen were blown to complete nothingness. Not even a drop of their blood was seen.

After everything settled down, Allada was in complete shock at the scene before him. Everything within half a mile of Willard was completely destroyed. No rock, tree, or structure were left within half a mile. Not even their remnant could be seen. At the center of it all was Willard who had completely passed out.

“I was right, this child is trouble. I need to end his life before something terrible happens”

Within a couple of seconds, Allada had appeared before Willard. Without much thought to it, he stabbed straight for Willard’s heart. As his sword was about to make contact with Willard, his body suddenly grew stiff. He couldn’t move an inch or even make a sound. He just stood at his original stabbing position. Mysteriously a black haired woman appeared right in front of him. She did not so much as say a word, as she inspected the crater Willard had created. Afterward, she mysteriously disappeared with Willard’s unconscious body leaving Allada in a state of complete confusion.

“Who is that woman? And how come I couldn’t even move?” Allada said in his state of confusion. At this point, Allada had regained his mobility.

“Could it be that she is one of those fabled saints?”


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