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[Vol 2] Chapter 25: Ade Minya

Willard heard some footsteps and turned to the direction it came from. He noticed two people walking towards him. One was Sebastian, who had an amiable smile, and the other was a female who Willard had not seen before. She had long inky black hair, and an oval shaped face. She wore a beautiful light blue dress which made her seem like a fairy. The woman’s features were perfectly highlighted, her eyes were large which gave a sense of innocence, and her smile was beautiful enough to raise the hearts of ten kings. In all, one could say she was a beautiful woman who had an air nobility.

“Good to see you friend,” Sebastian said as he brimmed with a smile

“You as well,” Willard responded.

“This is my good friend Ade Minya, the future heir to the Minya household,” Sebastian said while holding Ade’s hand as he showed a forced smiled. “I finally convinced her to come for a visit.”

“Its pleasure to meet you. My name is…” Willard was saying before he was cut short by Ade.

“Willard! I know. Sebastian here has told me about you. He says you are a valiant warrior who saved his life.”

“Do tell, what level of cultivation have you reached?” Sebastian hearing this was in complete shock. Although he knew Ade was an innately proud woman, he never expected her to be so direct and rude. It was common knowledge not to ask a cultivation experts directly of their rank, and to do it right in this situation was a clear insult to both Willard and Sebastian.

“Come now. Why don’t I show you the purple cotique flower I was telling you about.” Sebastian said in an effort to change the subject. He had a fake smile on as he tried to lead Ade away. Sebastian had a solemn expression as he stared at Willard, one could tell that Sebastian felt very responsible for the situation.

“Dear, let him speak. You might be convinced of his martial prowess, but I would like to know why you favor this youth.” Ade responded brazenly.

“Hahaha.” Willard laughed. “Why tell, when I can show you.”

Immediately after he finished his sentence, Willard released a large amount of natural energy from his body and directed it at Ade. The force of the natural energy caused Ade to stumble to the floor, her hair was a mess, her clothing and body were covered in brownish dirt. Sebastian stared in awe before he broke into laughter. Although he was angry at Ade, there was no way he could have reprimanded her. Her authority and influence far outmatched his own. But who could have thought that Willard would react like he had done. Sebastian subconsciously felt, even more, veneration towards Willard. He was impressed that Willard reacted without any hesitation.

“Be careful, the floor is a little slippery,” Sebastian said after laughing. Ade’s personal guards rushed to her side.

Although Willard had previously been on the reserved side while he interacted with Gerrett family, he had no intentions of showing restraint when he was offended. He decided not to directly harm Ade because of his environment. He wasn’t planning on creating a new enemy for the Gerrett family.

“You. You. How dare you? Guards arrest that man.”

“Do you actually plan on arresting my guest in my house?” Sebastian angrily said.

“You slipped and fell. No one is to blame for that.”

Willard was in complete shock seeing Sebastian’s reaction. When he acted, he had done so with every expectation of a latch back from Sebastian. From Sebastian’s comments, Willard could tell there was more to the whole situation.

“Hmmph” Ade sneered. She angrily turned to leave. She directed her guards and personal aid out of the Gerrett household. It did not take long before Ade and her group left.

“I seem to have caused you some problems,” Willard said.

“To be honest, I am not really interested in that woman. She is only interested in me because of her family’s interest in mine.”

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“I can’t do much about it because we still need the support of the Minya family.”

“Well, it’s a good thing you did not go too far because there would be no way I could protect you.”

“Let’s not talk about this anymore. Let me show you something interesting.” Sebastian said directing Willard to the main house.


At some random restaurant in Marquis city, a middle-aged woman was singing to an audience. Her audience was entirely made up of just men who seemed to be in a trance as they listened to her song. Everyone, including the waiters, cooks and the manager, all gave their undivided attention to the woman. Their expression appeared blissful. They all fixed their gaze and attention at the woman. The women’s silky brown hair dangled as she danced and sang. She had a condescending smile, as she looked at her audience.

After a couple of minutes of performing, she abruptly stopped. “What a bunch of idiots.” She said as she proceeded to take a seat. Right at this point, everyone present in the restaurant was in a daze. If a mage was present at the restaurant, the mage would have noticed the resonance of the natural energy within the place. Without a doubt, the mage would realise these men were under a spell.

“It did not even take up to ten minutes for them to fall under my spell.” She said as she sat.

“Actually, I should be thankful. Hopefully, they all have fat wallets.”

The woman got back to her feet and made a weird sound. As the men all heard that sound, they all reached for their wallets. The woman brought out a big sack and went from table to table ransacking all of their wallets. She did not spare even a single coin, as she wiped the entire restaurant clean of their money.

“Today’s work paid big time. Such fat cows.”

“Now comes the fun part. I’ll give them a special bonus”

The woman uttered more strange sounds and watched the men move about. After about five minutes of orchestrating, she stopped making the strange sounds and busted out laughing. After having her fill of laughter, she left the restaurant. If anyone was to come into the restaurant right at that moment, they would see a bunch of grown men completely naked and all in weird positions.

The manager of the restaurant had it worse, the woman made him lay on a table completely naked, while a waiter was in a position that made it seem like he was about to spank the manager. After a couple of minutes after the woman left, everyone in the restaurant got back to their usual self. A loud sound of someone being smacked was heard. After getting control of their body, the waiter hand was in motion and smacked the managers bare bottom ruthlessly. The manager jumped out of the table, massaging his bottom. A large red palm mark could be seen as the manager ran off to the corner. Immediately anger and shame filled the entire restaurant, no one was as angry as the manager who got it worse.

“What the hell is going on.” The customers yelled.

“My money is gone.”

“My entire month’s salary.” One customer yelled.

“Manager you need to explain this.”

Off at the corner of the street, the woman stared back at the restaurant and chuckled. As she walked, her hair was slowly changed from brown to black.

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