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[Vol 2] Chapter 22: My Slave

After reaching the 9th level, Willard was satisfied with his current base. He had only used a month to reach his current level, which in itself was monstrous. The benefits of having a godly soul and overcoming a near death situation were quite apparent. He could completely breakthrough from the 7th level to the 9th level in one month. This was more than a rare fit to accomplish, it was simply inconceivable. One had to realize that Baya had been stuck at the 8th level for years, and Willard surmounted that level within a month. Although Willard could cultivate earth elemental energy, he also needed to get his physical body to the state where he could fully utilize the power of elemental energy.

“It’s time for me to focus on my elemental base,” Willard said to himself as he stretched his body.

After a couple of minutes of moving his body, Willard went back to the same meditative position. He immediately started pulling the boundless energy of the earth to his body from which it was directed to his core. If one had keen eyes, they would notice traces of brownish earth elemental energy surrounding Willard. The earth’s elemental energy was flowing to the ball-shaped core Willard had formed. Willards core formed by natural energy had a trembling sensation as the earth elemental energy combined with the core formed from his natural energy. As Willard continued pulling in the earth’s elemental energy to his core, the color seemed to be slowly changing from a clear milky color to that of a light brownish color.

Ever so often, the tremor formed by the strange ripple occurring in Willards core would slightly increase in magnitude. Although the increase could barely be noticed, Willard paid some attention to this phenomenon, which was how he noticed the slight increase. After observing the strange occurrence for some time, Willard had decided to stop observing it. There was nothing he could do to it, even if he wanted to.


The odor of wood burning harassed Baya’s nostrils as he was jolted out of his unconscious state. Baya slowly opened his eyes to see an unfamiliar layout. He tried to get himself up, only to find that he had been chained up in a bed ridden position.

“You finally woke up,” a feminine voice rang in Baya’s ears. Baya turned to see who it was that had spoken to him. To his complete surprise, he saw what seemed like a young woman mixing some herbs at a distant table. Baya’s eyes moved around the unfamiliar place noting the various other people that were also chained up and unconscious. He also saw two other men who stood at the entrance to the enclosure. At this point, Baya was completely certain of his situation.

“Slave trappers,” Baya murmured to himself. It would seem his luck had turned from bad to worse. The slave trappers were usually groups of rogues or bandits who engaged in the illegal slave trade. They had a ruthless reputation for their inhumane treatment of the captives they enslaved. These rogues usually hid deep within a forest, and changed their locations ever so often, making it difficult for them to be found and punished.

“Go get the leader,” The female said instructing one of the men who stood at the entrance. She walked all the way to where Baya was chained. She stared at Baya for a bit and smiled.

“Who would have thought we would easily find such high-quality merchandise, and a good looking one at that,” she said merrily.

“Although we had to expend some effort in saving you, it would all be worth it.”

“What is your name and where are you from?”

Baya hearing her comments, felt a surge of sudden rage. He was trapped by this group and this woman in front of him only sees him as a merchandise. He thought of how many ways he could kill this woman if he was free, but as things stood he was a captive. Baya looked up at the woman who was talking to him. The first thing that caught his eyes was the huge scar on her forehead.

“Why ….” Baya was about to speak before he was interrupted with a slap to his face.

“When I ask a question, you are to respond immediately,” The middle-aged woman said angrily.

Baya who at this point was already angry grew to a state of utter madness. He yanked the chain in a gesture that suggested he was going to attack. No matter how hard he yanked the chain, he was still attached to the chain and immobile. Baya wished more than anything in the world to free himself and kill the woman in front of him.

“It seems you do not understand your situation,” the middle-aged woman said as she grabbed onto Baya’s neck with her left hand.

“You stinking animal are now my slave.”

In Baya’s fit of rage, all he could do was spit at her face. He was angry but unfortunately, he was a captive. The middle aged woman had a strange smile on her face, almost as if she got pleasure from tormenting him.

“You still have some courage. Good. Good. I will take my time and break that courage of yours.” She said as she slowly pulled out a short dagger from her waist. She pointed her dagger at Baya’s face and was slowly making her way to Baya’s ears.

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“Karin are you planning on killing the merchandise,” A male voice sounded in the enclosure. The male that had spoken slowly walked to the side of the middle aged woman. The man had a slim physique, with brown hair. He was the older brother of the middle aged woman and the leader of the group of bandits. Following right behind the man, was the two men who were previously guarding the enclosure.

“Not at all brother, I was just improving his behavior.” Karin, the middle-aged woman, responded.

With a smile on his face, the leader of the bandits, gently tapped Karin’s shoulder to suggest she puts away the dagger. He then proceeded to inspect Baya, who was surprisingly calm at this point.

“Don’t disfigure this one. It is very rare to find a merchandise in the 8th level of natural energy. I intend to make full profits from this one.” The leader of the bandits said. He then proceeded to walk out of the enclosure. The two men that were guarding the enclosure, had faces riddled with pity and indifference. They also started walking out with their leader. As the people who usually guarded the enclosure, they had witnessed similar occurrences in the past. They knew what fate awaited anyone that peaked Karin’s interest.

“Leave this place,” Karin yelled at the guards. One of the guards angrily turned for a couple of seconds, and then started walking off. They had experienced these familiar scenes so many times. It was easy to tell they hated Karin, but out of fear for her brother, the leader of the bandits, they couldn’t dare do anything about it.

After the guards had left, Karin slowly started taking off her clothing. She had a strange smile on her face. Baya seeing her entire naked body was stunned for a second. The only physical flaw this woman had was the scar on her forehead, and even with that, she was still beautiful.

Karin proceeded to sit on Baya’s body. She dropped her dagger to the side of Baya’s face and said with a smile, “Let me tell you a story.”


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