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[Vol 2] Chapter 19: Young Master Sebastian

Kota slowly turned, as he coughed out some blood, to see who or what it was that had stabbed him. To his surprise, he saw a condescending smile from Willard. Kota was filled with regrets for his earlier in-actions that had ultimately led to his current state. If only he had not underestimated the youth before him, and just killed him directly in the forest, he would have accomplished his mission and returned back safely. But as fate would have it, he was the one who ended up dead. Kota’s body slumped to the floor with a thud sound, his face was still covered with boundless resentment.

This event had utterly stunned everyone. In the face of despair, the tall muscular warrior had given up all hopes. He had even resigned himself to his death, but somehow a savior had appeared in the nick of time to save him. The last surviving assassin was the first to come back to his senses, he immediately took heel running. He knew he was no longer a match for the opposing side now that Kota had died. The other two warriors from the Gerrett family chased after the assassin.

“This warrior here owes you his life, Thank you.” The tall muscular man said to Willard in complete honesty. He indeed would have been dead without Willards intervention, and not just him everyone including his young master would have all died today.

Willard could feel the honesty and integrity of the warriors thankful appreciation. He nodded in acknowledgment as he stared towards the carriage. Willard could see the silhouette of a young man making his way towards him. The young man had a tall slender body structure, his face was well defined and handsome. His hair was strangely white as the cloud, his eyes were green as the jade green stones of the east seas. He was like a character out of a fairytale. One would have to admit this young man is very handsome.

“Young master Sebastian,” the tall muscular warrior said as he bowed to one knee. The muscular warrior was quite ashamed of his current state. He had been charged with the protection of the young lord, and not only had he failed but he was also saved by a youth. The tall muscular warrior kept on kneeling as if he was expecting some kind of punishment. Sebastian continued walking to the side of the warrior and tapped him on his right shoulder.

“What is there to be ashamed of Hector? You did your best and thankfully we survived.” Sebastian said as he walked past the tall muscular Hector.

“Thank you for saving us today. May I know the name of my benefactor?” Sebastian said while bowing. That scene had slightly surprised Willard because Sebastian’s appearance and mannerism were vastly different from the other nobles he had previously encountered. Willard could still remember the overbearing character of Asyut as he asked his guards to beat him up. What surprised Willard the most was the fact that Sebastian actually bowed to him. If Sebastian had only said his thanks, he would have found that normal, but for him to bow meant he did not see himself as a god among mortals. This gave Willard quite a favorable opinion of Sebastian and an affirmation in making the right decision.

“My name is Willard Wuldag,” Willard said in response to Sebastian’s question. “I had encountered those men while I was in Marquis city and decided to follow them in secret. Who would have known they had such terrible things in mind. Thankfully, your guard here was able to distract that one long enough for me to stab him” Willard said as he pointed to Kota’s dead body.

Sebastian hearing those words had a simple smile on his face. Although he was smiling, he was also deeply thinking about what Willard had said. He knew what had transpired wasn’t as simple as Willard was making out to be, but he chose not to delve any deeper into it. After all, he had only just survived this ordeal thanks to Willard’s intervention, and he wasn’t going to be impolite and pry any further. Whatever the case was, Sebastian had decided to get Willard on his side. Hector had a look of disbelief as he stared at Willard. He had originally seen Willard fighting the group of assassins before Willard had used their appearance to escape.

“I see. We are grateful for your kindness. How about we ride together since you are currently staying at Marquis city,” Sebastian said with a simple smile. Willard nodded in agreement and proceeded to follow Sebastian as they walked towards his carriage. While Willard and Sebastian were walking to the carriage, Hector was busy going through Kota’s belongings.

The warriors that had chased after the escaping assassin returned empty handed. The assassin had managed to outrun them without leaving a trace of his whereabout. Though they were not satisfied with the outcome, they couldn’t help but sigh in amazement of the assassin escaping prowess. From the choice of his path to his individual speed, it was well refined and seasoned. One could tell he was at least a one-star ranked assassin.

While going through Kota’s belongings, Hector had discovered a silver pendant with three purple stars embroidered on it. Hector was completely speechless as he stared intently at the pendant. He knew exactly what that pendant represented. Hector could tell that Kota was from an assassin sector, the purple mist assassin sector which was a very reputable one. It also meant that Kota had reached the third-star level, which was the most shocking thing to Hector.

Assassins within the Amber kingdom are usually ranked from the first to the fifth star. For an assassin to get ranked with a single star, that assassin would have reached at least the fifth level of natural energy, and have successfully completed ten unranked missions. For the second star level, the assassin would have at least reached the ninth or tenth level of natural energy and have successfully completed more than thirty one-stared missions. A three-star assassin would have reached the elemental energy level, and have completed fifty two-stared missions. As for a four-star assassin, there was no requirement on the level of elemental energy, only completing a hundred three-stared mission would earn you the title. After all, assassins had quite a difficult job. It was rare for assassins to successfully complete a hundred missions before their death. The five-star assassins were on a whole different level, it would require an assassin to have reached the saint level. In the history of the Amber kingdom, there has only ever been one five-stared assassin.

Hector knew how strong Kota was during their fight, but he had never expected him to be from the purple mist assassin sector or had reached the three-star level. After all, there were a lot of two stared assassins in the elemental energy level. Hector frantically searched kota’s corpse to find the assassination mission mandate, but he never could find one. Hector was surprised by the fact that there was no assassination mission mandate on Kota’s body, that directly requested for the death of Sebastian. Usually, most assassins would have their mission mandate on them everywhere they went.


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