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[Vol 2] Chapter 18: Breakthrough

One thing was clear to the warriors from the Gerrett family, and that was that they had been ambushed. “Protect the young master,” the tall muscular warrior said as he staggered backwards to try to tend to his wounds. The three uninjured warriors from the Gerrett family, all moved in unison. They spaced themselves to cover the front lines of the carriage. From the leftmost side, the warrior wielded twin blades. The warrior in the middle had a long sword, which the tightly held on to with both hands. The warrior to the right took out a sickle and connected it to a chain he wore on his body. From the looks of this standoff, one could tell that the warriors of the Gerrett family were battle seasoned.

Willard did not get too far into the bushes before he decided to stop running. He could tell that he wasn’t being followed and as such, this was the perfect time for him to try and recuperate. Willard sat in a meditative position with his legs crossed together and started gathering the natural energy of the world. Willard had a gentle smile on his face, almost as if he was in ecstasy. Although the previous battle he just experienced almost claimed his life, it also brought unspeakable joy to him. Ever since he regained his memory, he had never really been in true danger. He always had the ability to escape with his life, but his previous encounter was clearly different. If the warriors from the Gerrett household hadn’t been there, he would never have escaped from the assassins claws.

As the event that transpired flew across Willard’s mind, he was immediately engulfed in a trance-like state. His memory of fighting the Eurus, a chief god wind, came crashing through his subconscious. Eurus was fairly private chief god that resided in the uttermost east side of the nine heavens. Although he had no interest in the power struggle of the various chief gods, he none the less created a reputation for himself as one of the supreme gods of the nine heavens. Even with his might, Eurus lack of interest in everything was of the highest level.

After Thanus had won over the territory of Thandine from Zinus, he had immediately sent out his subordinates to go secure the perimeters of his territory and establish his prominence. Willard got word of a troublesome fellow, in the southernmost region of Thandine, that was a thorn to his subordinates. Willard decided to go to the southernmost region of Thandine, Thanus encountered a strange fellow sitting on a branch of a tree and staring into the distance. At that time, Thanus had no idea it was Eurus, and proceeded to expel this person from his ever-expanding territory. This encounter ended up as a fight between Thanus and Eurus. During their bout, Thanus realized how powerful a chief god of the wind element could be in a one vs one battle. No matter what attack Thanus used, Eurus was easily able to evade it. In his anger, Thanus released his ultimate attack, the desolation rain. In the wake of that attack, the surrounding previously serene environment was completely destroyed. The lake, trees and surrounding mountains were all but reduced to dust.

Eurus walked by to the location where the large tree, he enjoyed laying on, used to be. For the first time, during his encounter with Eurus, Willard noticed an emotion on Eurus face. A silky white ripple of energy was permeating from Eurus, who was clearly angry. In a fraction of a second, Eurus appeared before Thanus. In his hand was a short transparent blade. Eurus started attacking Thanus wholeheartedly, wherever his transparent blade cuts across, a hurricane would proceed in its path. Both Thanus and the lesser gods that came with him were all in awe at the battle prowess Eurus possessed. Eurus continued pressuring Thanus until he abruptly stopped attacking and immediately started flying down southwards.

With that confrontation, It was clear to Thanus that he was equally matched with Eurus, and Eurus having the advantage in speed. Thanus immediately stopped his expansion southward and marked that region the southern end of his territory.

While in that same meditative position, a slight ripple of natural energy escaped from Willards core and spread to the surrounding area around his body. Willard opened his eyes with a smile on his face. Willard had finally broken through to the 7th level of natural energy. He could also feel that with enough time, he would easily be able to break through to the 8th level. Before his fight with the assassins, Willard was at the bottleneck of the peak of level 6 natural energy. The fight with the assassins provided him a much-needed tempering of his soul.

Although Willard had made a breakthrough in the levels of natural energy, he was still quite weak and exhausted. Willard continued meditating to stabilize and replenish the natural energy in his core. At this time his mind was devoid of all thoughts, it was as calm and quiet as the floating clouds. He meditated quietly directing natural energy to his body for some time. Afterwards, Willard proceeded to leave the bushes where he had been meditating

During the time Willard took to breakthrough to the 6th level of natural energy, the fight between the assassins and the Gerrett family warriors had seen the death of two people. From the assassins side, the man who had been shooting the arrows was dead. From the Gerrett household warriors side, the man with the sickle and chain had died. Kota was in a miserable state, as blood could be seen dripping from the various cuts around his body.

Kota had barely managed to maintain an equilibrium in the face of the Gerrett warriors onslaught. “Damn that brat,” Kota cursed inwardly as he thought of Willard. If he hadn’t been injured by Willard, his group would have had the advantage, and not to talk of the extra person Willard had killed. Now there was just one other assassin and himself against the remaining three Gerrett warriors. It would have been enough to fight almost any other group, but the tall muscular warrior that originally got shot with an arrow turned out to be in the peak stage of the 10th level of natural energy. He was at the epitome of natural energy base, a step away from the elemental energy level and was incredibly powerful. The warrior easily wielded a great axe with one hand and was able to pressure the injured Kota.

At this point in time Sebastian Gerrett was watching the whole fight from the carriage and was quite panicked at the situation. This was the first time his guards had fought with a group this powerful. Sebastian couldn’t join the guards in the fight because he was much weaker than they were. If he did, he would only be causing trouble for them, since he was only just at 3rd level of natural energy. “Please anyone save them.” Sebastian inwardly hoped.

The tall muscular warrior charged forward to engage Kota on a one versus one battle, while the other two warriors ganged up on the last remaining assassin. The other Gerret family warriors knew they were in a bind for time, because the tall muscular warrior could only at most hold Kota down for some seconds before he would be eventually overwhelmed by Kota. So they instinctively knew they had to kill their opponent before the tall muscular warrior ended up dead. Because if that happened, then they’ll most definitely lose their lives to Kota.

As the tall muscular warrior got in close proximity to Kota, he powerfully swung his axe aiming for Kota’s head. As the axe drew closer to Kota, a mischievous smile emerged from Kota’s face. This was the opportunity he had hoped for. The most powerful of the warriors was within his attack range and was still drawing closer to him. Kota immediately activated the wind elemental energy on his sword and proceeded to attack the axe on its motion. As Kota expected, his sword was gently slicing through the great battle-axe and headed straight for the tall muscular warriors neck.

Suddenly, Kota felt something rapidly moving towards his direction, and immediately tried to move away. Unfortunately for him, it was too late. His body was already pierced through, from the back, with a broken battle blade.


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