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[Vol 1] Chapter 12: Young Master Asyut

The streets were busy as usual, people going about their day like they had always done. Willard and Baya made their way to a nearby restaurant, they sat and ordered a round of food and drinks. Willard was in a particularly good mood today, he was happily chatting away with Baya who in turn responded in brief sentences. That did not bother Willard much because he had a good understanding of Baya’s behavior. While chatting, three individuals entered the restaurant in a grandeur fashion. The one in the middle had a rather small face with delicate looking features, his hair was bloodshot red and had an air to him that demanded respect. He was dressed in an exquisite jaded green outfit. The individual to the right of the red-haired youth also dressed in fine attire, he had short black hair and seemed to be angry at the moment. The other youth to the left complemented the rest with his fine golden attire. He was taller than the bunch, and was of a bigger build than them.

“Lyon, are you saying that you saw that Sebastian with my Ade?” The black haired youth said to red-haired youth with an angry expression. “Why would I Lyon Marquis have a need to lie to you?” the red-haired youth retorted with an indifferent look. The youths casually walked to the center of the restaurant, there was a prominently placed table occupied by other customers who were already eating their meal. The youths shot a single glance to the people occupying that particular table, who after noticing those piercing glances all stood up and made their way to a far corner of the restaurant.

“Waiter some wine and pleasantries” the black haired youth yelled after they took their seats. “Brother Asyut, calm down. We will take care of that Sebastian.” the well-built youth said to the black haired youth in an effort to calm him down. “I will see to it that this Sebastian is thoroughly dealt with, or my name is not Asyut Helden.”

Asyut was the first son and heir to the Helden household. The Helden house has existed since the founding of Marquis city. They were one of the families that had joined the ancestors of Marquis household and captured the city. While these conversations were going on, the surrounding groups of customers in their various tables, all slowly left the vicinity of the youths. Currently enjoying his meal, Willard noticed the surrounding people leave one after the other. He knew why they were leaving, but still decided to finish his meal on his table. To the table in the center, Asyut was currently chugging huge glasses of wine one after the other. His companions were drinking and enjoying the following assortments that beautifully decorated their table.

“That ***** Ade, dears to turn down my love for Sebastian.” Asyut cursed as he continued his ferocious assault on the wine. Ade was also from one of the founding families, the Minya family, who controlled a large portion of commerce within the city. Although Asyut was angry, he couldn’t plan anything bad for Ade because her family had enough power to rival that of his family’s and there was the fact that he also greatly wanted her for himself. “Mubi, you cannot truly know how I feel unless you..” Asyut was saying to the built youth in his company before he drunkenly dropped his glass.
“Asyut you already this drunk” Lyon said with a devilish smile. Asyut did not pay much attention to Lyon’s comment. Asyut turned to look at his surrounding, only to notice that everyone had vacated the nearby seats except for one group. Seeing that a group dared to still stay close to their table, Asyut got angry. He stood up from his seat and slowly staggered to that table where two other individuals were finishing up their meals. “Do you not see that I Asyut is having a meal here.” Asyut said to Willard and Baya, with an evident tone of anger mixed with a drunken stupor.

Willard seeing the developments, gestured with hands to Baya. Baya having spent some time with Willard knew what he meant with that gesture. Baya immediately got up and started making his way out of the restaurant. Asyut seeing this wasn’t satisfied he was about to go confront the leaving Baya before he felt a surging intense pain coming from his foot. He involuntarily screamed which caused the onlookers to stare in his direction, some people including his friends Lyon and Mubi had faces riddled with an unconscious laughter. Asyut turned to look at the direction of Willard. Now Asyut was truly livid, he was angry at the fact that this lowly existence before him had firstly caused him pain, and secondly made him scream in front of these people.

“Guards come in here.” Asyut yelled. Four well-armored men quickly rushed into the restaurant. “Young master Asyut.” The responded as they bowed. “I want to arrest this fellow over here and give him the beating of his life.” Asyut said while pointing to Willard. “Come now let’s go. It’s about time we return to our duties.” Lyon said after approaching Asyut. “Let’s leave the guards to take care of this fellow.” Mubi said in support of Lyon’s original statement. Asyut filled with immeasurable anger turned to look at Willard one more time. “After beating this fellow, hang his body up on a pole. Maybe next time, you’ll learn the difference between a snake and a dragon.” Asyut said while following his friends to exit the restaurant.

Willard had a smile on his face, he had successfully gotten Baya away from his vicinity, which meant he only had to fend for himself. Two of the guards took Willard by the hand as they walked him out of the restaurant. Although Willard stepped on Asyut to get his attention, he had done so surreptitiously, everyone including the guards felt a little pity for Willard as they assumed he was victimized. The four guards escorted him to closed of corner of the city, as they chose not to publicly beat him. Even though they felt pity for him, they were still ordered to beat him up. “Blame your bad luck and not us.” One of the guards said as he pulled out a whip from the side of his waist.

Willard was happy because the guards had chose a closed off section of the city to inflict his punishment. Although had the intentions to fight back, he did not want to do that in the public view. If the guards were more observant, they would have noticed Willards skin get a little tan. Willard at this point was strengthening his body with earth elemental energy. “Your four lives are connected. If one of you attacks, all four of you will die. If none attacks all four of you will live.” Willard said abruptly. His sentence had stunned the guards, because through the entire process Willard had remained silent almost as if he had accepted the inevitable.

The guard who had the whip paid no heed to Willard’s words as he slashed the whip towards Willard’s body. The four guards assumed Willard had made an idle threat to try and get out of his death sentence. As the coiling cord of the whip made its menacing way to Willard’s supposedly delicate body, Willard stretched out his hand in anticipation. He caught the whip, which surprised the guards who in turn reached out for their swords. It was too late at this point, Willard utilized his martial movement technique and suddenly appeared right at the center of the group of guards. He straightened his finger like a knife and proceeded to stab the guard that had originally tried to whip him. The guards body fell to the floor lifeless. The other guards only caught their self from their original dazed state when they saw the lifeless body of their comrade. Another guard unrelentingly dashed forward slashing his sword for Willard’s head. He was trying to get Willard off guard and finish him in one go, but to his complete surprise, Willard only stretched his hand to defend against the sword attack. A vicious smile appeared on the face of the guard who thought it was all over.

“Clank!” the sound of Willard’s hand and the guards sword made as they collided. All the guards present were dead surprised, now they started feeling true dread. Willard suddenly applied his movement technique again and stabbed the guard that was attacking him in the same manner as the first. “Please forgive us, master. We will leave here and not speak of this.” The remaining guards said while dropping their swords. The guards had unconsciously just assumed that Willard was a master cultivator. Willard nodded as if he had acknowledged their actions. The guards cursed inwardly at their terrible luck for meeting such a person. The fact that Willard had a martial technique and could cultivate elemental energy made him far superior to anyone in the foundation stage of natural energy cultivation. Willard suddenly had a mischievous smile on his face, he applied his movement technique one last time and appeared directly in front of the guards. He stabbed them both with his hands in the same manner as the earlier ones.



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