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[Vol 1] Chapter 11: Origins

Although it can be said all participants aim to pass under ten minutes, but none would ever have such a goal as their primary target. After studying all he could about Marquis city, Willard was naturally attuned to the affairs of the city. He knew the city limits for visitors such as himself, and also knew places within the city to avoid. Willard wasn’t willing to offend anyone just yet, he needed to be much stronger to do that.

After making themselves comfortable, they both fell asleep and rested the entire night. Baya had always been an upright person, he was fully committed to whatever he did. When he trained, he did that wholeheartedly and when he worked he that to the best of his ability. Naturally, Baya would always wake up earlier than everyone else. This time around, when he woke up, he noticed that Willard was already awake. He saw Willard sitting on top of the bed in a meditative position, which shocked him. Baya secretly praised Willard in his mind, after which he decided to do the same and cultivate.

While meditating, Baya sensed a strange energy around him. He turned to look at Willard who was still cultivating at the moment. Baya quickly noticed that Willard was actually cultivating elemental energy. “Impossible” Baya said while staring at Willard. “How is this possible? How can he cultivate elemental energy when he hasn’t stabilized his base?” Baya thought to himself. What he was currently witnessing was something that truly amazed him. One had to first stabilize their core by strengthening the body with natural energy. Only after reaching the 10th level, will the body be strong enough to hold elemental energy. But yet this youth in front of him was clearly cultivating elemental energy. “Could he have already reached the 10th level?” He thought, but then dismissed that theory. “I sensed his natural energy yesterday, it was definitely weaker than mine.” Now Baya understood how it was possible for Willard to kill Azeya. If he had not just witnessed this, he wouldn’t have believed it if anyone else told him.

Willard opened his eyes, to get a glimpse of Baya staring at him in awe. “You’re up already,” Willard said to break the awkward atmosphere. “What are you?” Baya asked directly. Baya was a straightforward person, and would always say what comes to his mind. Willard hearing the question couldn’t help but laugh. He knew that Baya had to have been thoroughly baffled with the scene of him cultivating natural energy. Willard thought for a couple of seconds before finally coming to a conclusion. He was going to tell Baya everything about him. Now that Baya was a retainer of his, he knew Baya couldn’t intentionally use the information to do any harm to him. And why not tell him, Willard thoroughly enjoyed recalling memories from his past life.

“Where to start?” Willard said while massaging his chin. He was currently contemplating how far back to go. “Ok, I got it.” He said while staring at Baya. “Before I was this mortal you see before you, I was the exalted chief god of destruction, Thanus.” Willard said gauging Baya’s response. Baya in turn, continued staring at Willard with an even more inquisitive look. Willard was surprised at the fact that Baya did not say a word. He originally thought that Baya would dismiss his words as lies, but instead, the opposite seemed to be happening. Baya did not doubt Willard in the slightest bit. He had witnessed Willard accomplish something that should be virtually impossible for mortals.

“I was born in the 3rd heaven, by fire and earth. I ceaselessly trained for millions of years before I was acknowledged as a chief god in the 9th heaven.” As Willard said those words, the scenes of the first time he came to be started flashing through his mind. He remembered how fire and earth surrounded him, which were the first things he ever laid his eyes on. Willard involuntarily had a smile on his face as he started narrating things from his former life.

“So that is why you are called the god of destruction.” Baya said in response to the story of Thanus killing Poseidon. “Yes. Back then, my attack could be ranked among the top 3 strongest.” Willard said in response to Baya’s comment. “After I defeated Poseidon and made my grand entrance to the level of a chief god. The victors of the war had been decided.” He said self gloatingly. “All the chief gods present could pretty much guess what was to come.”

Willard started explaining what happened after he became a chief god. After becoming a chief god, Thanus left the 9th heaven and went to the the lower heavens. He was fine-tuning his technique and recruiting other gods to serve under him. After a hundred thousand years, Thanus once more ascended to the 9th heaven. This time, he brought a large entourage with him. Thanus immediately declared war on Zinus the chief god of Darkness. Now that Thanus was a chief god, he was going to need his own territory, and since he made his breakthrough on the valley of Thandine, Thanus naturally wanted that particular place. He had once helped Zinus protect that land, but now he was going to seize it for himself. This lead to a war lasting a thousand years, which fostered Zinus’s eternal hatred for Thanus. During that war, Thanus completely established his reputation. He had massacred thousands of lesser gods with the desolation rain. He also fought Zinus to a tie, where he held significant advantage over Zinus. Thanus eventually won the war and got the territories he wanted.

Listening to all this, Baya was completely dumbstruck. He had heard a lot from Willard, but what shocked him the most was Thanus’s love for battle. Throughout the story so far, Thanus was usually the aggressor. He was unyielding and overbearing on his path to becoming a chief god. Willard talked about other instances where he fought various chief gods. The more he fought other gods, the more he grew in strength. Finally, Willard narrated the story of how he was deceived by Athena and some other chief gods. He explained how he regained his memories through the meteorite.

After absorbing all the information, Baya finally understood how Willard suddenly grew to prominence in the Yellow Hew village. Baya, stared at Willard with immeasurable reverence. After all, he was staring at a former god. Now more than ever, Baya was overjoyed he had made the right decision. If anyone could help him grow, it would be this former god in front of him. “Let’s go get some food. I am quite hungry after talking so much.” Willard said with a smile. He was currently in a good mood, he had finally told someone about his former life. Baya nodded in agreement, and quickly followed after Willard.


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