No Image Ensnared is a Fan Fiction of The 100 written by JustLaugh. This series is still ongoing.

Category: Fan Fiction, Drama, Mystery, Sci-fi, Yuri

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What if things did not happen as it was on the show? What if Clarke is not as responsible, probably still a leader, but her allegiance did not lie with anyone? She did not care whether she needs to protect these criminals that came down with her and went off on her own. What if she found something different, something she shouldn’t have found, that no one would be able to find and come out of it alive to tell the tale another day? And if she survived? What happens? And… one more what if: Bellamy never came down with the delinquents, but Raven was the one who came down and she became the assumed leader? Plus, plus, what if the grounders were a little different from the show? This is AU if you haven’t guessed. And with a supernatural twist to it, how fun, how fun! Rating subjected to change.

Chapter 1 - 50

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