Chapter Four – I Can Use Magic?! [Part One]

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Author: ArcanePunkster Original Source: Scribble Hub

Yawning at the dining table after a long restless night, Nariko begrudgingly returned to sipping down the human blood that filled her bowl before her. Due to sleeping in the same bed as Mana completely naked she couldn’t help but stay awake with such thoughts crossing her mind.

She turned to see Mana once again happily eating a small buffet to herself. I’d kill to have some of that, Nariko thought to herself. The thing she hated most about drinking human blood wasn’t the taste but, the tingling sensation that went through her body and the gentle warmth filling her from within.

At the end of the dining table, Lord Lucifer sat examining new documents that arrived today paying no mind to the two girls.

After a few minutes Lord Lucifer finished his current task, he then directed his attention to both Nariko and Mana.

“I’m sure the two of you are wondering why I got you up so early in the day?” he asked bluntly. Their perplexed silent looks gave him the answer he needed.

“To put it simply, we’re going to see if we can manifest Nariko’s aura for mana”

Nariko’s eyes lit up for a moment lifting herself out of the chair with joy, “You’re talking about magic right?!”. Looking she could see the surprised looks on both Mana and Lord Lucifer’s faces at her excitement.

Embarrassed she timidly sat back down, well that was awkward Yuuma thought to himself.

“Well to answer your question Nariko, yes, I’m talking about magic”
Mana suddenly saw Nariko’s gloomy demeanour change to a more cheerful and giddy persona. Surprised that Nariko was so excited about the idea of learning magic.

“Change into your practical clothing, I had the maids get them ready for you in your quarters…” Lord Lucifer stood up readying himself to leave “…once you’re done meet me out back” he leaves the dining hall through the double doors. As for the girls, they both quickly finished their breakfast in order to head back to their quarters.

When they returned to the quarters Nariko was surprised by the simple clothing that had been laid out for them. There were three parts to the suit the one piece over the torso and pelvis that also had a hole for their tail to go through, gloves that reached over the elbow and tights up just above the knee.

All of it made out of a black elastic material that was skin-tight luckily Nariko and Mana were slim enough to fit into their suits. Even though the suits seemed normal to the naked eye, in fact, the material’s magical properties allowed the wearer to properly harness their powers.

Without delay, both Nariko and Mana rushed out of their quarters to meet Lord Lucifer in the back courtyard of House Helel ben Shachar. As the duo went through the double glass panned doors they were greeted by an extraordinary sight.

The back courtyard was filled with exotic flowers and plants ranging in various colours and shapes. Nariko noticed that some of the plants looked similar to the ones from Japan in particular camellia’s and hydrangea’s, yet she could tell that they not quite the same as if they had evolved.

In the distance, they could see a large oak tree that had red flowers blossoming on its branches. Underneath that tree stood Lord Lucifer patiently waiting for the two of them to arrive.

“What took you two so long?” he asked bluntly.

“Well these clothes weren’t exactly easy to fit into, we were only just able to get here on time” Nariko replied.

Lord Lucifer waved his hand dismissively in response to Nariko’s comment.

“Anyway, let’s get started…” Lord Lucifer directed his attention at Mana “…I heard from Leviathan that you’re quite adept at Dark Ice magic?”

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Mana was somewhat surprised that Lord Lucifer would go to such lengths to learn more about her, “Uhm, yes Lord Lucifer” she bowed slightly.

“Excellent, would you mind giving a demonstration for Nariko?”

Mana nodded, “Of course, Lord Lucifer”

Nariko stood there excited to see real magic with her very own eyes. In her previous life, she had only seen such things in manga and anime. She dreamed of one day being able to use magic as they did.

Standing there Mana closed her eyes to concentrate on bringing out her magic after a few moments a black cloud of smoke materialised in her hands. This plume of smoke swirled between her two hands as it slowly started to freeze up hardening into a spherical ball.

Holy ****! It’s just like in that manga I was reading before I was reincarnated…what was it called? Oh, White Clover! Yuuma’s subconscious exclaimed.

“Wow, that’s so cool!” Nariko shouted as her eyes widened in awe.

Mana embarrassingly laughed, “I-It’s not that amazing, really”

“What are talking about it is!” Nariko continued to stare at the dark black ice ball hovering in between Mana’s hands.

“I don’t know what cool means but, I think it means what I think is then I have to agree with Nariko here” Lord Lucifer interjected.
“Now Nariko I must ask you, do you know what magic is?” he asks.

Nariko returning to her serious persona thought on his question for a moment, “Magic what’s created through the use of mana in our bodies” she replied confidently.

“Well, you are partly right…” he pauses for a moment to make sure Nariko is paying attention “…magic is created through the use of mana in our bodies but, in order to get that mana we absorb it into our bodies from the atmosphere around us”

Nariko’s keen interest weighed in on every word Lord Lucifer spoke surprising the latter with how eager she was to learn magic.

“Now can you tell me the difference between Source Magic and Potency Magic?”

Upon hearing the question Nariko’s mind went blank she only ever knew of just magic being magic, not anything else. As much as she tried to rack her brain for answers she couldn’t come up with anything.

“Sorry, I don’t know” she replied timidly.

Lord Lucifer laughed lightheartedly, “No worries I wasn’t expecting you to know in the first place” he became serious when he started to explain the concept.

“Source magic determines where and how you manifest your magic, demons have three ways of doing this Fire, Darkness and Blood…” he turns his face to Mana “…Mana’s Source Magic is Darkness she manifests her power through the use of emotions both internally and externally such as hatred, sadness and pain”

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Nariko this time wasn’t giddy eyed as she would normally be this time she became invested in every little detail that she was told about magic in this new world.

“On the other hand, Potency Magic determines how your magic will manifest this could be anything ranging from weapons to elements. As you can probably tell Mana has the ability of ice magic, do you understand?”

Nariko nodded enthusiastically, come to think of it what is Lucifer’s magic like? She thought to herself.

“Actually I do have one question what’s your magic exactly?” she asked.

Lord Lucifer sighed, “We’re not here to admire my magic, we’re trying to help you manifest yours so stop thinking on such pointless ideas at the moment”. In response, Nariko pouted clearly irritated by Lord Lucifer’s answer.

“Besides, it’s time to start your training Nariko” a smirk appeared on Lord Lucifer’s face. Seeing the look on Lucifer’s face slowly drained the life out of Nariko as she dreaded what was to come in the next few hours.

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