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Chapter 8: An Infant’s Body

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Come to think of it, how much time has passed since I was born as “Leaf”?

I’ve slept several times, yet the concept of time remains somewhat elusive. I feel like I’m getting used to the current situation, but because I easily fall prey to sleepiness, several days might have actually passed without my realizing it.


It seems that I have truly “reincarnated”. I am not aware of having a dream filled with such novel sensations before. While I am asleep, my parents seem to be diligently taking care of me.

My father is Rudra. As far as I could tell from the conversation when I was born, he seems to be a military man.

As for my mother, Natal, I don’t know what her occupation is. Considering she spends a lot of time caring for me, it seems her current job is to look after me.

“We have to raise her with great care from now on.”

“Even though she’s a daughter, we have been entrusted with a life. It’s a huge responsibility.”

I must have fallen asleep unnoticed, as I find time has flown by again. I noticed that it has brightened outside the window which was supposed to be dark at night.

Trying to stretch my body with a yawn, my limbs moved awkwardly. It might be what is called a reflex, but still, it is uncomfortable not being able to move my body as I wish. However, it is a relief to feel hope for the future, which I couldn’t while confined to a frail body due to Black Stone disease.

“Leaf, good morning. You woke up early this morning.”

I heard my mother’s voice from somewhere. My ears are fairly good at hearing but my eyes can’t see much yet. Judging by the pleasant smell, I figured she must be in the kitchen.

Yet, having nothing to do but eat or sleep is indeed boring. I wish I at least knew what kind of place and time this world is…

Looking up at the ceiling of what seems to be a wood-built house. The sturdy thick wood is probably the beam. I wonder if this house is a single-story building? Despite it being my house, I don’t know anything about it.

Turning over in bed, or even moving my neck on my own is difficult. I don’t know if it’s because my head is too heavy or my neck is too weak, but unless someone picks me up, the stimulus from the outside world is quite limited.

“Ah, aah-oo”

Intending to sigh, the inarticulate sound of a baby escaped from my mouth.

“Oh dear. Did we bore you, Leaf?”

My father noticed and approached. Being lifted up in his strong arms, my vision elevated and I began to vaguely see the state of the room. It might be because the room is bright, or perhaps my eyes have developed a little, or maybe both.


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Taking the opportunity, I urged my father to move. I didn’t expect him to understand a baby’s speech, but it’s worth a try.

“Oh, do you want to go over there, Leaf?”

I don’t know how he understood, but my father began moving towards the window while holding me. This would be the first time I’ve left the crib with the rails, aside from bath time. This situation of being able to look around the room in the daylight was quite fresh for me.

“Ah-oo, ah”

Outside the window, something resembling a large human-shaped shadow passed by. Judging by its size, it didn’t seem to be a human, I didn’t expect to see combat robots like mechanized soldiers in the city.

“Trouble, it was the garbage day. Rudra, please.”

“Ah, I need to hurry.”

My mother raised her voice as if realizing something, and my responsive father returned me to the bed.

“Just now, I think a servant machine passed by.”

Servant machine…?

It seems that what looked like a mechanized soldier was a servant machine. In the era where Glass=Dimeria was alive—especially during the era of the great war between humans and demons—these were giant humanoid soldier machines fighting alongside mechanized soldiers. Judging from my parents’ conversation, the servant machines of this era seem to be responsible for collecting garbage.


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