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Chapter 7: Between Slumbers and Awakening

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“Leaf, sorry for the wait. It’s time for milk.”

Gently roused by a tender voice, I awoke. A faint, sweet, and gentle fragrance lingered in the air. Emerging from the drowsiness, I realized that I was being held in my mother’s arms.


I tried to call out to her, perhaps as “Mother,” but a completely different sound came out. Not only was articulating difficult, but I also became aware of the dribble slipping from the corner of my lips as I opened my mouth.

“You slept well, so you must be hungry, right?”

As she said this, my mother wiped the corner of my lips for me. There was no doubt that she was the mother of this body of mine, but being taken care of by someone else felt strangely unfamiliar.


Even attempting to express gratitude resulted in nothing but an infantile sound escaping. Yet, mysteriously, it seemed like she understood what I intended to say, as I could vaguely see her smiling through my blurry vision.

“Hehe, you’re welcome.”

Impressed that she understood me, I blinked in astonishment. Before I knew it, a silver spoon was presented before me. The slightly intensified sweet scent must be due to the milk that was ladled onto the spoon.

“Here, go ahead.”

The spoonful of milk touched my lips. Without even stretching out my tongue, the liquid was gently tilted and poured into my mouth.

“Nn, nn.”

The taste was sweet and comforting. As I made noises while swallowing, it seemed as though my body instinctively craved this, my limbs moving almost on their own.

“Is it delicious? Drink a lot and grow big, okay?”

While saying this, my mother brought another spoonful closer to my mouth. I accepted it as offered, moistening my throat with the milk. It was slightly warm and had a gentle taste, so exquisite that I wondered if such a delicacy existed in this world, making it an incredibly delightful treat.

While drinking the milk, my stomach gradually began to feel full. With my throat moisturized and my belly satisfied, a feeling of relief enveloped me, leading to a yawn and a drowsy sensation starting to take over.

“Have a good sleep, Leaf.”

In the midst of drowsiness, my mother’s gentle voice resonated. The warm touch of her hand stroking my head was comforting, and I surrendered myself to the impending sleep.

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When I woke up next, I felt a warm and damp sensation enveloping my body.


I couldn’t help but utter a sound at the discomfort of my wet behind. The surroundings were dimly lit; it seemed to have become night. Although I have no memories from when I was a baby, it appeared that going to the toilet was impossible in this body. Resigned to the fact that I had no choice but to wet myself until I could walk on two legs, I exhaled a breath of acceptance.


I attempted to sigh, but a ridiculous sound escaped from my throat instead. There was something surging up from the region around my diaphragm. Each time it leaked from my throat, my whole body twitched, moving as if spasming.

“Oh dear, are you hiccuping?”

I realized I was hiccuping from my mother’s voice. However, understanding what was happening didn’t stop it.

“The diaper is also wet, isn’t it? That must have been unpleasant, I’m sorry.”

My mother, who lifted me up, noticed the damp clothes and raised her voice in a regretful tone. Swiftly, she removed my clothes, and I was dressed in clean garments smelling of soap.

“I’m sorry for not noticing earlier, Leaf.”

No, I should be the one apologizing. Despite being unable to move, making an adult take care of my lower half is…

“Your bottom must feel cold and uncomfortable, right? Could you prepare some warm water, dear?”

“It’s already heating up, Natal.”

Responding to my mother’s call was my father’s voice. With my current vision, I couldn’t see clearly, but it seemed like there was something mechanical near my father. I could barely make out a small red lamp that was lit.

Before long, my father placed a basin filled with warm water on the floor, holding it in his hands, and I was laid down on a towel next to it.

“…Hmm, this feels good. Let’s take this opportunity to give you a bath.”

My mother said as she began to undress me, despite having just changed my clothes a moment ago. The piece of underwear known as a diaper was also removed; even though it wasn’t dirty, a new one was prepared.

“Alright, dear, please help me here.”

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“Okay… Now, Leaf, it’s bath time.”

Lifted by my father, my feet were immersed into the warm bath water. A thin cloth was draped over me to prevent me from getting cold, with warm water being poured over me frequently to keep me warm.

“How is it, feels good, doesn’t it, Leaf?”

While lathering soap to clean my head and body, my father asked.


Trying to somehow express agreement, I moved my still awkward limbs. I could tell that my father’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Natal, did you hear that?”

“Hehehe, I heard it.”

My parents responded with smiles to my reaction. It was frustrating for me not being able to speak properly, but it seemed to not matter to the two of them.

“He’s happy to have his bath with daddy, isn’t he?”

“Yes, yes. From now on, I will give you a bath every day.”

“I’m looking forward to it, Rudra.”

The relationship between my mother Natal and father Rudra seemed to be very good, as they continued their conversation smiling at each other, triggered by my response. I wondered if I should respond somehow, but since I could only make sounds like “ah” or “oo” even though I could understand what the two were saying, I decided to just play the listening role for now.

“I am truly happy that you were born safely.”

“It’s all thanks to you, Natal.”


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