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NOTE: Since I only have 1 donation button, throw me an email to tell me which series you want to donate to after donating. I’ll double check the email you used to send me the email and the one used for donation, then add the amount to queue.

My email: [email protected]

World of Immortals

Due to certain circumstances in real life, I am now unable to keep any regular schedules nor do any sponsored chapters. However, I will try to update as frequently as possible. If interested, you may find out what’s going on with the translator by visiting this link.

Wants to support the project but unable to donate?
No problem, just whitelist this site or click this AdFly link once a day.

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Silva’s Diary

I am writing this on my free time, and strive to do 1 chapter on a weekly basis. I do not have plans to do sponsored chapters, but by supporting the author on Patreon, or just from interacting with the author, you can have a character created in the story just for you!

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