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Volume 2

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Chapter 23 – Shared Pain

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

Just like last time, we assembled around 10.

This damn trash king is simply jerking me around… he should have just told us what was going on.

Now I have to meet up with these dicks. What if I end up getting an ulcer?

“Now then, I will distribute this wave’s bounty reward and support funding.”


An assistant appeared carrying bags filled with money.

“For each of the heroes.”

I looked at the bags.

I see, just for monthly living expenses we would require at least 500 silver coins.

500 coins… would not be enough for preparation costs.

“Good job.”

Raphtalia smiled while facing me.


What should I buy with the money?

Maybe some weapon for Raphtalia would be for the best? Or maybe strong armor this time around?

Ahh, it’s also about time to buy some new tools for mixing medicine. The truth is, the shield reacted to my current tools, so I’m curious what would happen if they were absorbed.

I fantasize about what to buy while hearing the coins clinking inside the bags.

I receive the bag and check its contents.

One, two, three… yup, 500 pieces.

“For completing requests and in expectation for Motoyasu-dono’s other great deeds, we award 4,000 coins.”


I stare dumbfounded at the heavy looking bag that Motoyasu was holding.

I feel like I’ll be endlessly complaining if I start now, so I hold it in, clenching my fists.

“Next is Ren-dono, for displaying similar bravery during the wave and completing requests, we award 3,800 coins.”

You too!?

Ren coolly received the bag while making a face as if annoyed that he lost to Motoyasu. Even cursing silently, “All because the princess favors you…”

“Itsuki-dono… Your heroism echoes throughout the country. For your great work in times of strife, we award 3,800 coins.”

Itsuki acts as if this much was to be expected while looking at Motoyasu enviously.

What are these ‘requests’?

“Hmm… Shield needs to work harder, you only get living expenses.”

Who’s ‘Shield’?! Is that supposed to be my name?!

I felt like a blood vessel would soon burst.

Even after going through all that bullshit from yesterday!?

“Um, Sire?”

Raphtalia raises her hand.

“What is it, demi-human?”

“… That is, what are requests?”

Raphtalia was also curious. Ignoring how little we received, we should at least investigate the reason.

“Requests are assigned to heroes to resolve problems that occur in the kingdom.”

“… Why did Naofumi-sama not receive any requests? This is the first we’ve heard of this.”

“Ha! What can Shield do?”


The audience snickered.

Ahh, not good. I feel like I’m going to start rampaging.

Is what I thought until I feel Raphtalia grasp my hand as she whispered to let it go. I suppressed my anger while still trembling.

… It’s fine, I can bear it.

“Be thankful for even receiving this much!”

“It’s not like you helped us out at all.”

“Right. I didn’t see you during the wave at all, what were you even doing?”

“You’re an embarrassment to us heroes. Completely useless.”

My irritation had peaked. I spat out a sarcastic retort.

“Great heroes, abandoning the lives of the villagers to fight the boss sure was heroic.”

“Ha! Just leave that stuff to the knights.”

“The knights are useless, leaving it to them would have resulted in a massacre. You bastards who only aimed for the boss wouldn’t understand that.”

Motoyasu, Itsuki, and Ren all look towards the leader of the knights.

That ******* just nods back at them.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself. Without the heroes dealing with the source of the wave, the casualties would have been far greater.”

This *******… how can you say that?

Acting all haughty while relaxing back at the castle.

Anyways, I’m also a hero. Or are you implying that the Shield Hero isn’t one?

“Yeah, yeah. I’m busy with lots of stuff, so if there’s nothing else we’re leaving.”

There’s no point in arguing here. Let’s just leave it at that and go.

“Wait, Shield.”

“Hah? What. I’m busy unlike you assholes.”

“You have been a disappointment; that money is our way of washing our hands of you.”


So for all future waves I will get nothing. That’s what you mean, right?

“That’s great, Naofumi-sama!”

Raphtalia replied with a wide smile.

“… Eh?”

“You don’t need to waste your time coming here anymore. Instead of dawdling, you can now focus on more important things.”

“O… Oh.”

It feels like Raphtalia has become really reliable.

She tightly held my hand while calming me down.

“We will be taking our leave now.”

Cheerily, she pulled me along and we turned to leave.

“The whining of a loser.”

Motoyasu said while Ren and Itsuki just shrug.

… Yeah. Rather than an uncomfortable partnership, this was much better.

“Now then, let’s head over to the slave tent and redo the curse.”


Leaving the castle, Raphtalia said while turning to me.

“Otherwise, Naofumi-sama will not be able to trust me completely.”

“Well… Not really…”

I recall her words from yesterday.

With those words I felt that I could trust Raphtalia.

“It’s… fine if you aren’t a slave anymore.”



“You shouldn’t lie. Naofumi-sama doesn’t trust anyone other than a slave.”

… Maybe I raised her wrong.

Well, even though it’s true that I only trust slaves, Raphtalia is an exception.


“Um… Raphtalia.”

“What is it?”

“It’s fine even without the curse.”

“No, I want it.”

… Why is she so adamant about this?

“I also want something to prove that I trust you, Naofumi-sama.”


First, what a weird person… that thought came to mind.

Second, I was reminded of Mein and got annoyed.

Why? I don’t know why, but it’s not like I’m angry at Raphtalia.

Normally I would feel… something else? What a strange feeling.

“So let’s go.”


If she insists, then I won’t stop her.

To handle this matter, we headed back to the slave tent.


Chapter 22 – What I Wanted to Hear

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

“What do you mean by ‘win’, you coward!”

Our one-on-one duel was interrupted, right!?

“What are you talking about? You lost because you couldn’t stand up to my strength.”

… You *******, you’re seriously saying that.

What was that crap about heroes! That they shouldn’t own slaves!

You trash, acting like a hero while rigging this battle to satisfy yourself.

“Your comrade interfered in the middle of our fight! That’s why I staggered!”

“Ha! Is that lie the bitching of a loser?”

“That’s not it, you *******!”

That coward Motoyasu looked down on me, ignoring my complaints while feeling victorious.

Even though there really was an intrusion… that *******!

“Is that so.”

The spectators had their eyes on Motoyasu.

Did they not see what happened..? Everyone was completely silent.

“There is no need to believe the words of a criminal Hero. Hero of the Spear! It is your victory!”

That *******!

Just like that, the king boldly announced the result.

Even then, some of the crowd were unsure. They looked around as if they wanted to speak up. However, there was no one who would challenge what the king had declared.

Because the king had silenced all dissent.

This kingdom was a complete dictatorship!

“As expected of Motoyasu-sama!”

The ***** who was the instigator of this incident shamelessly rushed to Motoyasu’s side.

Furthermore, the castle’s magicians only cast healing magic on Motoyasu, treating his wounds.

Looks like they had no intention of helping me.

“Fumu, as expected of the Hero whom my daughter, Malty, has selected.”

The king says as he places his hand on Mein’s shoulder.


Mein is the king’s daughter!?

“Ah… I was also surprised at the time upon hearing that Mein is a princess. She used a fake name in order to slip amongst us.”

“Yes… I wanted to help for the sake of world peace~”

… I see. So it’s like that.

It seemed strange how easily I was labeled a criminal with just the victim’s testimony.

So that’s what it was… The king overlooked his idiotic daughter’s selfishness and pushed a false crime onto me using fake evidence. For the sake of the Hero that his daughter had chosen, he sacrificed me and reclaimed my money because I was the weakest among the Heroes.

And because Motoyasu saved the princess from me, they ended up becoming closer, more so than all the other girls around him.

This also explains why I received additional funds at the beginning.

In other words, she was able to obtain good equipment for herself as well as support her chosen hero, Motoyasu.

If Motoyasu alone started off with equipment far better than the other Heroes, then even he would find it suspicious and be wary.

With such meticulous planning, there’s definitely no way to find the truth other than from the culprits themselves. In the end the result was a worthless, criminal Shield Hero and the Spear Hero who magnificently saved the princess.

Piece by piece, everything began to make sense.

There was no evidence other than the blow1 I received, which did no damage apart from making me stagger. There was no clear evidence that the princess was cheating.

Any objections to this rigged match were probably silenced behind the scenes.

So she could interfere in our duel and cover for her favored hero, Motoyasu.

In that case, it must have been planned from the start for Motoyasu and I to have this duel.

…Oh, it’s so simple. All she had to do was whisper this to him:

“‘That girl has been forced into slavery by the Shield Hero. Please save her.'”

A chance to both test her potential husband as well as to show herself in a good light. If it’s her, she definitely won’t let that chance slip by.

If they do get married in the end, this will become a heroic tale of how they rescued a slave from a criminal.

And in the distant future, her name will be carried on as the wife of the virtuous Hero who defeated the evil Hero.

****! This trash king and ***** princess!

No, wait… the princess, a *****…?

This phrase, where have I heard it before?

Where? Where did I hear such a thing?

… I remember now. I read it in the ‘Four Heavenly Weapon’s Manual’.2.

In that book the princess was a ***** who whored herself to all the Heroes.

If the book I read in the library is related to this world, then it makes sense that the princess is a *****. The same can apply to all these other ****** Heroes.3

A seething rage from the very depths of my body enveloped me.

Curse Series

The conditions for unlocking this shield have been met.

My vision distorted as my shield was swallowed by the pitch black emotion overflowing from my heart.

“Now then Motoyasu-dono, the girl which the Shield Hero has kept enslaved is waiting.”

The crowd separated as the magicians began to release Raphtalia from the slave curse.

The magicians brought a bowl overflowing with a certain liquid and smeared it on the slave mark etched onto her chest.

The mark faded away before my eyes.

Raphtalia was now officially freed from her enslavement.

My stomach churned as my heart was consumed by a dark feeling.

It’s as if this world was ridiculing and scorning me, all the while laughing at my struggles.

All I can see… are the dark grins of the shadowy presences around me.


Motoyasu rushed over to her.

Raphtalia, with the gag now removed from her mouth and tears flowing down her face–

–slapped Motoyasu.

“You… coward!”

“… Eh?”

Motoyasu had a dumbfounded look on his face after being hit.

“I never asked to be saved by your cowardly tactics!”

“B-but Raphtalia-chan was being exploited by him, right?”

“Naofumi-sama has never forced me to do anything! Only when I was too afraid to fight did he ever use the curse!”

Slipping in and out of consciousness, I couldn’t hear what was being said.

No, I could actually hear it.

But I did not want to listen to anyone.

I just want to hurry and run away from here.

I want to return to my world.

“He shouldn’t have done that!”

“Naofumi-sama can’t defeat any monsters by himself. That’s why he has to rely on someone else to defeat them!”

“You don’t need to do that! He’ll just use you until you’re broken!”

“Naofumi-sama has never once let any monsters harm me! And if I become tired he lets me rest!”

“N, No… he’s not the type to be so considerate…”

“… Would you be able to offer your hand to a dirty slave wrecked with illness?”


“Naofumi-sama has done so much for me. He allowed me eat whatever I wanted. He gave me precious medicine when I was sick. Would you be able to do that?”

“I- I would!”

“Then you should have another slave by your side right now!”


For some reason… Raphtalia ran over to me.

“S-stay away!”

This… is hell.

A maliciously created world.

Women – no – everyone in this world scorns me as if to torture me.

If she touches me, then I’ll just be reliving those bad memories.

Raphtalia witnesses my condition and again glared at Motoyasu.

“I’ve heard the rumors… that Naofumi-sama forced himself onto his companion, that he is an awful Hero.”

“A-Ah. He’s a rapist! As a female slave, you should understand that, right!?”

“Why would I!? Naofumi-sama has never once laid his hands on me!”

Raphtalia then grabbed my hand.

“L-let go!”

“Naofumi-sama… How can I earn your trust?”

“Let go of my hand!”

Everyone in this world accuses me of a crime I didn’t commit.

“I didn’t do it!”


Something covered my frienzied self.

“Please calm yourself Naofumi-sama. Please hear me out and give me a chance to earn your trust.”


“…Or is it that you cannot trust anyone but a slave who can never disobey nor betray you? In that case please let’s go to that place where we first met. So you can put a new curse on me. ”

“Y-you’re lying!… This is another trick to deceive me!”

What was that!? Who?! This voice… these words… how come they managed to force their way into my heart?

“No matter what happens, I will always believe in you, Naofumi-sama”

“Shut up! You people are just going to pin more crimes on me!”

“…I don’t believe those rumors. You are a person who would never do such a thing.”

Ever since I arrived in this world, it was the first time… that I had heard the words I have been wishing for.

Slowly the darkness that obscured my vision cleared out.

And I could feel the warmth of another person.

“Even if the whole world unites to blame you, Naofumi-sama. I will not… No matter how many time it takes, I will tell them all: Naofumi-sama did not do it.”

When I lifted my head, what laid in front of me was not a little girl, but a young woman around the age of seventeen.

While her features looked like those of Raphtalia, she was an unbelievably cute girl.

What should have been dry, cracked skin was now a healthy complexion, with beautiful hair that was slightly dusty in color.

The body that was once all skin and bones was now curvy with a fit, robust figure.

Most prominently, her eyes were no longer filled with hopelessness, but brimmed with a strong will.

I could not recognize a girl like her.

“Naofumi-sama, now let’s go and place the curse on me again.”

“W-who are you?”

“Eh? What are you saying? It’s me, Raphtalia.”

“No-no-no, isn’t Raphtalia a little girl?”

She claimed to be Raphtalia. Troubled, she tilted her head while trying to convince me.

“Geez, Naofumi-sama is always treating me like a child.”

That voice… is definitely the voice of the Raphtalia I remember.

However, her body was completely different.

No-no-no, this is strange even if she was Raphtalia.

“Naofumi-sama, I’ll say this due to the circumstances.”


“When young Demi-humans raise their level, their bodies also mature quickly in order to match their level growth.”


“Demi-humans are not like humans. It is the same with monsters.”

Embarrassed, the girl who claimed to be Raphtalia continued.

“Although my… my mind is still that of a child, my body has already become similar to an adult.”

While telling me this, Raphtalia once again buried my head into her voluptuous chest.

“Please believe me. I believe that Naofumi-sama has not committed any crimes. You are the great Shield Hero who has saved my life, given me precious medicine, taught me how to survive and how to fight. I am your sword, and I will follow you no matter what hardships we may face.”

Those were… the words that I wanted to hear.

The words spoken ever since Raphtalia swore to fight alongside me.

“If you don’t believe me, then make me your slave or do whatever you wish with me. I will always stay with you.”


From the first kind words that I received since arriving in this world, I unwittingly began to weep.

Although I felt that I shouldn’t cry no matter what, I couldn’t stop the tears from falling.

“Uuu….. uuuuuuuuu…”

“The duel just now… Motoyasu, you are disqualified.”


Ren and Itsuki appeared from within the crowd and said.

“We saw it clearly from above, your companion targeted Naofumi with wind magic.”

“No, but… That can’t be.”

“The king has become silent. You understand from that much, right?”

“… Is that what happened?”

Motoyasu’s head swept through the room, looking at the audience.

“But he attacked me with monsters.”

“They did no damage. You can check it for yourself.”

Acting self-righteous now, Ren scolds Motoyasu.

“But… He! He aimed for my face and crotch!”

“Using dirty tactics after being forced into a fight where he had no chance of winning. We should overlook something like that.”

After hearing Itsuki’s words, Moyotasu gave up arguing with a displeased look.

“This fight seems to be your mistake this time, so just let it go.”

“Hmph… what a ****** result. I’m still suspicious that Raphtalia-chan is being brainwashed.”

“How can you still say that after looking at them like this?”

“That’s right.”

With the atmosphere turning awkward, the heroes began to leave while the crowd returned to the castle.

“… Hmph! How boring.”

“Yes… this was quite a disappointing result.”

The two royalties who were dissatisfied with the match’s conclusion left in irritation. Only Raphtalia and I were left in the yard.

“It must have been tough for you. I didn’t realize it at all. From now on, I want to share in your hardships.”

My consciousness drifted away when I heard her kind voice.

After that, I slept while being embraced by Raphtalia for about another hour.

I was surprised. I didn’t realize Raphtalia had already grown up so much.

Why didn’t I notice?

… I was too stressed, probably.

I didn’t have the luxury of noticing Raphtalia’s growth. All I could see were her rising stats in the status screen.

The feast has long ended. So I fell into a deep sleep in a dusty unused room, originally prepared for the servants.

Someone believes in me. With just that, I feel like a burden had been lifted from my heart.

The meaning of this became clear the next day during breakfast.

For the first time since I was betrayed by Mein, my sense of taste had returned.


  1. dq10 reference I think, ignored 
  2. name of book that transported him, taken from BT 
  3. unsure how to word, lit: just like all these ****** Heroes, the princess being a ***** makes sense if this world is related to the book I read in that library. 

Chapter 21 – Contradicting Actions

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

1 At this very moment, the castle’s garden had turned into a dueling arena.

Along the edge of the vicinity, torches were brightly lit and the joyful folks from the banquet expectantly gathered around to witness a duel between heroes. 2

Unfortunately, the outcome of this duel was already predetermined.

I, who ultimately dealt zero damage, versus the Spear Hero, Motoyasu.

A match between the parties of both the Shield Hero and the Spear Hero! …not! What was about to take place was a one-on-one duel between Motoyasu and I.

It seemed that the proposal for a team battle was rejected by Motoyasu due to his overflowing pride, and thus we came to have our solo matchup.

Everyone already knew how the duel would turn out.

No sounds of people placing their bet could be heard.3

Although this event was taking place within the royal palace, among the varying mix of nobles were adventurers who aided in the wave-effort.4

Hence it was natural not to start a gambling circle here.5

Everyone unanimously believed that I would end up being defeated.

As spectators, Ren and Itsuki could be seen looking and laughing from within the castle terrace.

They seem to have pleasure in witnessing the moment when I have my slave stolen from me.

****. ****! ****! **** IT ALL!6

Every last one of them thought of nothing but to harass me.

For example, raining fire down on me amidst the battlefield confusion during the wave.7

In the eyes of the people in this world, I am nothing but the object of scorn and ridicule.

… That’s just great. Defeat might have been the only choice for me all along. But, I won’t be defeated without putting up a fight.

“Now then, let us commence the duel between the Spear Hero and the Shield Hero! The victor and the vanquished shall only be determined either before the finishing blow is directly dealt or when one of them accepts their defeat!”

I twisted my joints, cracked my fingers, and shifted into my battle stance.

“Who will fall first, the shield or the spear? Such a match… this will be a joke.”

Motoyasu spitefully stared at me and hissed with his nose.

Are you mocking me?

“Well then―――”

Motoyasu, I’ll show you that only knowing how to fight won’t defeat your opponent.

If one were to ask a merchant whether the sharpest weapon or the sturdiest shield is the ‘strongest’ equipment a person can have, then that merchant will just contradict themselves over the meaning of ‘strongest’. As a matter of fact, the word itself holds no meaning.

However, even if the word is a contradiction in and of itself, I will accept such a contradiction.

And to begin with, what elements decide the outcome of this duel?

Isn’t this just the same as Shogi and Go?8

Even if that’s the case, how would this affect the outcome of the duel?

The ultimate purpose of a spear is to kill your opponent.

The ultimate purpose of a shield is to act as your guardian.9

If one was to carefully analyze and think about it, the sturdiest shield will always triumph over the sharpest spear.

Their purposes were fundamentally different. The spear and shield that is.




I rushed at Motoyasu with a Falcon Punch while Motoyasu rushed at me with his spear leveled, preparing to pierce me.11

The distance was shortened in an instant. Motoyasu thrust his spear at me, utilizing our momentum to amplify the penetrative force.

There is no attack that cannot be blocked if one is able to see the direction it’s coming from.

“Chaos thrust!”12

Motoyasu flicked his arm and his spear instantly appeared to have multiplied several-fold.

A Skill! That certainly came at an unexpected moment.

But my rush was unstoppable.

I charged through while holding the shield over my head.



Arg… I could feel pain run through my shoulders and into my legs.

Although they were only scratches, attacks from a hero sure were different as expected.13

However, Motoyasu’s Skill came to a sudden halt; it seemed to have entered its cooldown period.

“Eat this!”

But Motoyasu continued to thrust his spear at me.14

The spear, its weakness lies within its range.

Like any other polearm, it is specialized for mid-ranged combat. Once inside of this range, its difficulty of usage becomes apparent.

Usually this doesn’t matter as you only need to defeat your enemies before they have a chance to get close. Not for me though, my shield won’t collapse to a single blow.

I dodged Motoyasu’s thrust by a hair’s length and charged with my whole body weight, focusing everything on a single point.

And thus my fist dug splendidly into Motoyasu’s face.


Tsk! It’s impossible for me to deal any damage after all.

However, my attacks won’t end with just that.

That ******* Motoyasu didn’t even seem to move an inch from my attack and just rolled his eyes.

Let’s see how long you’ll be able to keep that face, hmm?

I pulled a deadly weapon from within my mantle and threw it towards Motoyasu’s face.15



My stockpile was completely wiped out earlier during the wave and the fiery rain, so I picked up a few along the way to the castle for negotiation usage.

“Wait? WHAT!?”

Kukuku… look at that idiot Motoyasu speaking in a confused and puzzled voice.


“Ouch, OUCH!”

Motoyasu writhed in agony from the pain of his oh-so-precious face being bitten.

Yep, my attacks aren’t just barehanded only.

There is also the existence of a convenient weapon invented by humanity’s experts, BALLOON!16


Two on the face and an extra one to his crotch ensure that he’s unable to get back up.


The spectators shrieked.

Now you know!

I kept adding kicks with all of my weight to the balloon that was feasting upon his crotch.18

“Kuh… *******! What sort of move is this?!”

“I can’t win anyways so I’ll just harass you to the utmost of my abilities! The targets are: the face – a popular guy’s lifeline – and the crotch19 – the proof of your manhood! Inside those balls of yours are just gross otaku-substances!”


“Don’t ask for the impossibleeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

I relentlessly knocked Motoyasu’s loins with one heavy kick after another.

Motoyasu managed to peel off the balloon on his face, but was unable to muster any of his impotent strength21 to lift his spear.

To buy even more time, I decided to throw the previously peeled off Balloons onto his face once again.

And of course the Balloons weren’t the only weapons I had, there were Eggies too. Motoyasu’s situation was like sitting on a throne of needles.

I’ll have my fill of harassing him this time around.

I will lose either way, so I’ll carve the utmost trauma onto his soul.22



Motoyasu concentrated all of his power into lifting my weight off his body, but I continued with my malicious strikes.


This is invigorating! Let me hear more of your tormented cries!

My laughter and smile naturally surfaced from deep inside me.


Suddenly my back was forcefully pushed and I ended up staggering forward.

I looked back at the direction from where the staggering force came from.

What I found was that *****! 25

Mein was hiding within the crowd of people with her hand extended toward my direction.

Most likely, that was a type of wind magic.

To be more precise, Wind Blow is a spell that accumulates and fires a condensed, fist-sized mass of air.

Since the condensed mass of air is transparent, it wouldn’t be noticeable if not closely observed.

That ***** Mein smirked then pulled down one of her eyelids and provokingly stuck out her tongue.26


I staggered again in mid-shout due to Motoyasu’s counterattack, having regained his stance thanks to the reduced weight on his body.

Motoyasu panted as he pushed me down, threateningly holding his pike at my neck. All of my Balloons were shaken off at this point.

“Haa… Haa… My, WIN!”

While holding his spear, Motoyasu declared with a tone ever more desperate than when he fought against the wave of calamity.


  1. for those that like to analyse chapter titles (like moi), this chapter [CHAPTER SPOILERS!!] title basically talks about the contradiction in Naofumi’s actions (a hero yet used monsters as a weapon, a hero yet used cheap tactics, the weakest hero yet he was able to traumatize Motoyasu), Motoyasu’s actions (big mouth but got [email protected] hard), and Mein’s action (it was a one-on-one duel yet she interfered, not surprising though.) 
  2. imagine a donut ( O ) looking area with the lines being torches 
  3. i.e. no one even bothered to gamble their money here since the result is pretty obvious. 
  4. sounds pretty hilarious since it’s similar to war effort so I went with it 
  5. he could be referring that since there are a lot of nobles -> no gambling normally or it’s useless to do so. The sentence has 2 meanings. 
  6. or just input 4 swear words in a row or just plain ‘**** **** **** ****’ or ‘poop poop poop poop'(LOL) if you so desired. 
  7. reread last chap if you don’t know what that is 
  8. shogi = Japanese chess and Go is another type of chess (vusni: I would say it’s more a type of Draughts (British English) or checkers(American English))using black and white tiles, google it. I myself recommend mah-jong! Can’t get enough of those Rinshan Kaihou. 
  9. fixed and remix to make it cooler in English. 
  10. deriyaaaaaa 
  11. original: telephone punch. Jap’s version of falcon punch. 
  12. midare tsuki -> disorder pierce/thrust -> chaos= disorder. 
  13. this is the first time Naofumi “really” takes any damage. 
  14. it’s not very obvious but Motoyasu was using a “pike”. A variation of spears where its head doesn’t have just the “poking part” but also a sub bladed-side part, like a halberd is a sub pieces of a pike (and a pike is a sub species of a spear) 
  15. a.k.a balloon bombs 
  16. talking about narcissi 
  17. kind of ambiguous, might had been Motoyasu or the spectators 
  18. [Originally “OH LONG JOHNSON”] – I find the phrase hilarious so I’m using it, if you don’t understand: it’s his crotch, a.k.a D*** 
  19. [Originally “thine magnum”] again, one of my antics 
  20. E sound more hilarious compare to I 
  21. in jap the word strength that used here also meant potency- a man/woman’s sexual vigor. This is too big of a hilarious thing to not add 
  22. the danger of a man with nothing to lose 
  23. laugh sfx 
  24. more agonized cries 
  25. original in jap: landmine woman, which means next to nothing in eng but implies a sly, adulterous woman in jap. 
  26. あっかんべー google that 

Chapter 20 – Wave of Calamity

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

We arrived right on time as the demons overflowing from the wave started to wreak havoc within the village.

The adventurers and soldiers stationed there were barely able to defend against the horde’s onslaught. They were greatly outnumbered…

… and the line of defense was about to break.

“Raphtalia, please evacuate the villagers.”

“Huh? What about Naofumi-sama..?”

“I will aggro the enemy!”

I flung myself into the frontline and bashed my shield against a group of locust-looking monsters.

The sound of metal colliding was there but the damage obviously wasn’t.

However, I was able to grab their attention.

It was the same as what I had always done with Raphtalia.


The herd of tiny locust-like monsters charged at my direction. Moving on, I immediately decided on my next targets: the ghouls and the swarm of wasps.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Was it thanks to the barbarian’s armor, or was it the shield? Either way I received zero damage as usual.


“Ah, right… You guys go and reorganize yourselves while I hold them back!”

I saw a lot of familiar faces within the Riyuto village bunch.

“Y-yes sir!”

Fortunately, no one was fatally wounded among the survivors even though I was the only one on the frontline.

“What the…”

What was that thought just now? How unpleasant.

While I was dazed, the monsters attempted to knock me out of commission with their claw, fang, and needle attacks.

Even though there were the sweet sounds of impact, I didn’t feel any pain, only a bit of an itch. However, the feeling of them crawling all over my body was beyond disgusting.

Hence I beat the crap out of the mobs.


Damn it, didn’t any of the inhabitants of this world know how to leave people alone?

But I guess it couldn’t be helped since the wave of great calamity was happening and all that.

“He-help m―!”

Behind me, the innkeeper whom I was indebted to was being attacked by a monster.

Right before the innkeeper got decapitated by the monster’s claw, I shouted:

“Air Strike Shield!”

I cast the skill, and a lifesaving shield was immediately summoned and rescued the innkeeper.

He was surprised at the sudden appearance of the shield and looked towards my direction.

“Run for it!”

“… Ooh, thank you.”

After he bowed from his waist and voiced his gratitude, the innkeeper left the scene along with his family.


A stereotypical, ear-deafening shriek.

It was the sight of a damsel in distress fleeing away with a gang of pursuing monsters.

I approached the vicinity.

“Shield Prison!”

I called forth a box of shields to surround and protect the damsel.

With the shields’ sudden appearance, the monsters switched their target to me.

That’s good. Come over here. I’m very delicious.2

Before the duration time of the Shield Prison expired, I lured the monsters away and returned to the frontline.


Haah haah…

My body steadily became heavier with the increasing number of monsters.

Then, a rain of fire poured down on top of me.

Behind the horde of monsters, I could spot the knight squadron’s arrival. The magic users among their ranks were shooting out their magic; so this was the cause of the fire.

“DUDES! There are allies over here!”

Although, there was only me here.

The monsters were quickly ignited and turned into cinders.

Since there were a lot of insects they burned nicely.

Apparently, not only was my physical defense high but my magical defense was as well.

The front line was burning brightly with a crimson red. Anger swelled up from within me while questioning the motive behind this friendly fire; I glared and approached the knight squadron amidst the mayhem as my cloak fluttered, scattering the flames.3

“Hmph, so that is the Shield Hero… He’s surprisingly resilient.”

The person who appeared to be the knight commander threw me a glance and spat on the ground while uttering those words.

Then a shadow dashed at him, brandishing a sword.

And with a loud ‘Klang!’, the knight commander quickly unsheathed his own sword and locked blades with his attacker.

“What was the meaning of your actions against Naofumi-sama?! I will cut you down depending on your answer!”

Raphtalia declared with great bloodlust.

“A companion of the Shield Hero, huh?”

“Correct, I am Naofumi-sama’s blade! I shall not forgive any act of disrespect!”

“… How dare a demi-human try to speak on the same level as us knights?”

“You have neglected your duties of protecting civilians and attacked your own allies, specifically Naofumi-sama whom you tried burning along with all the monsters using your magic. For those reasons, you people are unfit to be called knights!”

“Isn’t it fine since he’s still safe and sound over there?”

“No it’s not!”

Raphtalia passionately continued arguing with the knight commander while the others began to surround her.

“Shield Prison!”

“Damn, you basta――”

I confined the encircling knights with my shields and stared down at the knights who tried to usurp my hard work.

“… Aren’t the real enemies here the monsters spawned from the wave? Don’t mix up your objectives!”

Ashen-faced, the knights turned their heads away after my rebuttal.

“A criminal Hero doesn’t have the right to say such crap.”

“Oh well… I’m fine with anything. So I guess it’s safe to say that you guys want to make an enemy out of me?”

The frontline was brimming with fire blazing monsters who were crawling all over my face, with more and more from the wave joining the fray.

Looking at me withstanding all of that, the knights’ faces turned completely blue.

After all, I was the Shield Hero. ‘Do not mess with this guy’ or other lines of reasoning were there.

“Raphtalia, did you finish with the evacuation?”

“No… it’s not done yet. I believe that it will take a little bit more time.”

“Understood, then hurry up and evacuate the civilians.”


“Though our allies had rained fire on me, it wasn’t even painful or ticklish. It just… left a feeling of being licked on my arms and legs.”

I patted Raphtalia’s shoulder and followed with a glare at the knights.

“… I will definitely kill you, no matter what it will take. I’ll lure the worst monsters here and abandon you, for example, as well as all that other fun stuff too.”

My threat was effective; the knights stopped chanting magic and gasped.

“Now then, Raphtalia. The fight’s already started; let’s remove the disabled away from the battlefield, discarding all this dead weight.4 Wow, look at that. There sure are a bunch of enemies.5 Yes, let’s do just that.”

Unexpectedly, since the knights can seemingly hold their own… it should be alright to ditch them here.


Upon my orders, Raphtalia rushed back to the village.

“****!6 Putting on airs even though you’re just a criminal Hero.”

The knight commander bellowed at me like an idiot right when the Shield Prison’s duration time expired.

“Alright, so you… want to die?”

Monsters began to stir towards me.

The idiot shuts up, knowing what would happen if I were to abandon them and only protect myself.

Geez, I couldn’t seem to find a decent person amongst all of these people.7

These guys were the type that thought that I wouldn’t be able to do anything other than protect others since I was nothing but a Shield Hero. Who the hell would ever help others for the fun of it?

8Afterwards, the cleanup of the stranded monsters from the wave was completed to some extent.

Once she was done with evacuating the civilians9, Raphtalia returned to the frontline, that was when I commenced my retaliation.

Using the knight squadron as our human shield, we finished off the monsters by baiting them into our encircled formation.10 And a few hours had passed by in no time at all.

“Alright, I guess that’s the end.”

“Seems like it, this boss was a cakewalk.”

“Yep, at this rate, the next wave will also be a cinch.”

Our bravely fought heroes were simply chatting at the heart of the frontline; where the corpse of a Chimera, the wave’s Boss, laid.11

It was as if the job of evacuating civilians were only the adventurers and knights’ responsibility…

Even though a month had already passed, these folks still think that all of this is nothing but a game.

It was quite a hassle for me to ignore these ****** heroes, but I was relieved that I managed to survive this wave.

The sky’s color was still pitch black. Although it was only a matter of time before it would be dyed orange by the setting sun.

With this, I should be able to stay alive for at least another month.

… Although I didn’t receive any damage, that was probably due to the wave being weak: for now. I honestly don’t know if I can endure the next one.

Sooner or later I’ll be unable to withstand their attacks… what in the world would happen to me then?

“A job well done, oh brave heroes. The king has properly readied a feast in celebration for your achievements. We humbly invite you to join in since we will also be handing out your rewards there.”

I naturally didn’t want to participate. However, I had no more money. So I’ll bless them with my presence. Let us depart together!

Indeed, it was expected for them to prepare our tributes, ones which equal our efforts for every wave.

500 silver coins. That was quite a sum of money for me at the moment.

“Ah, um…”

The Riyuto villagers saw me and came over to talk.


“Thank you very much. We would all be dead if you weren’t here.”

“It would be the same if I wasn’t around.”


Another villager refused my comment.

“It was thanks to you being there that we were able to survive.”12

“If you think so, then just do whatever you want.”


The villagers bowed to me and went back.

Their village was violently raided. I suppose that it would be quite a hassle to reconstruct it afterwards.

They merely expressed their gratitude to their life savior, whom they usually despise… what a calculating bunch.13


After the long battle, a muddy, sweaty and smiling Raphtalia came running over to me.

“We really did it! Everyone is expressing their gratitude.”

“… I guess.”

“With this, there will be nobody who’ll end up like me. It was all thanks to Naofumi-sama!”

“… Haaa.”14

So this was what they called a post-war bliss, famous throughout the history of my birthplace;15 Raphtalia was moved to tears.

“I too… tried my best.”

“Right, you did well.”

I praise her while patting her head.

That’s right. Raphtalia had followed my orders and fought devotedly.

It would be a folly of mine to falsely evaluate that.

“I defeated a bunch of monsters.”

“Haha, that certainly saved me.”


I felt a bit uncomfortable with Raphtalia laughing so blissfully like this, dood;17 we headed towards the castle.

“Well well! As expected of our heroes. I cannot contain my surprise after seeing the difference between the casualties from this battle and the last.”

Once the sun had gone down and the night sky had taken over, the king declared loudly to his grandiose banquet held within the castle.

On that note, I had no idea what the casualty count was before, but this time the casualties were within the single digits.

… Though I had no intention of taking credit for that.

I didn’t resent that bunch of muscle-headed heroes at all18 for charging in and beating the crap out of the monsters while leaving me behind to do all the cleanup.

However, I thought to myself that we’ll eventually be left in a sorry state at this rate.

We were lucky this time, but who knew what would have happened if the knights didn’t arrive on time. It was thanks to the sand hourglass for sending us close to them.

This was such a heavy subject…

Cry out for help, and aid shall come.19

It was about the battle20 against the wave.

Mobilizing knights to accompany us when we got teleported by the hourglass was a valid possibility.

But didn’t the knights get left behind right after we were teleported the last time?

It must have been their attitude! Those people didn’t want to acknowledge me as a hero, so that’s why they weren’t teleported!

But… didn’t the party of those ****** heroes get teleported too?

Just, how the hell?21

This kind of setting was weird as hell if this was a game.

… Anyways, aren’t we in big trouble? This is the part where they will drop their guard just because aid arrived.

In short, it’s complicated stuff.

I ate my share in an appropriate looking corner while the banquet was being held.

“This is such a feast!”

Raphtalia stared at the mountain of food which she normally couldn’t get a chance to eat with eyes shining like stars.22

“Go and eat whatever you want.”

“Yes sir!”23

I don’t usually give her a lot of good food to eat… so it would be wise to let her eat whatever she desired here. Once she ate her fill, she would be an even better war asset. 24

“Ah… But, I’ll gain weight if I eat too much.”

“You didn’t even hit your growth spurt yet, right?”


For some reason Raphtalia was making a very troubled expression.

“It’s fine to eat whatever you want.”

“Do you prefer fat girls, Naofumi-sama?”25


What was she saying?

“Not at all.”

Just thinking about women would only make me imagine that *****. A lot of unpleasant feelings would also pop up.

To begin with, that woman was a life form that was repulsive to the mind…

“I suppose that’s right. That’s just like the usual Naofumi-sama.”

She said as if giving up on whatever was on her mind.

“Naofumi-sama, this is so good.”

“That’s nice.”


Hmm… This banquet was such a waste of time. Just when will I get my reward?

This place was like a cesspool of garbage, just looking around made my anger boil.

… Thinking back, it was quite possible that the rewards would be handed out tomorrow.

Then was this a fool’s errand? No, since the food was good I’ll let it fly.

It’s not the same for normal people since Raphtalia was in the middle of her growth spurt! By no means I am a fool to pass this chance up.

“I wonder if they have something like a container in order to bring food home.”

One should always think about tomorrow and never waste money.

… I’ll have ask them to let me have the rest and re-cook the food later. Anything that can be considered food will be fine.26

Amidst the crowd, a raging Motoyasu was pushing his way through, heading towards our direction. 27

Really, just what the hell is wrong today?

Since it looked like a pain in the ***, the crowd split apart and made way for that trash, Motoyasu, as he glared at me with intense hatred.


“… What?”

He removed the glove on one of his hands and threw it at me.

If I was right, that guy wanted to challenge me to a duel.28

The crowd was stirred into motion by his following statement.

“Duel with me!”

“Just what are you talking about?”

Was his brain finally fried?

You’ll turn into an idiot if you kept on thinking about games all day long.

The goddamned spear hero who charged in to kill the boss like a madman, ditching all the innocents that he should have defended.

“I know it all! Raptalia-chan was only tagging along with you just because she’s your slave!”

He was burning with fighting spirit as he pointed at me and denounced.


The person in question was feasting upon her piled up delicacies.

“So, what about it?”

” ‘So, what about it?’… you say?! Did you seriously just say that!?”


What’s wrong with possessing a slave?

There was nobody that was willing to fight alongside me. Hence, I bought and used a slave.

And this country didn’t have a ban on slavery anyway.

So, for what reason did he go on a rampage for?

“She’s my slave. What’s it to you?”

“It’s… it’s not the enslavement that’s wrong! It’s because we’re heroes with different worldly ethics than the people here which makes your actions wrong!”29

“Isn’t that a bit too late… there were plenty of slaves back in our world, right?”

I didn’t know anything about Motoyasu’s world. But it was literally impossible for mankind’s history to be without the existence of slavery.

A different way of interpreting it would be: members of society are slaves to the higher corporations.

“Unforgivable? Are you even using your head? Think with that ******* brain of yours!”

Forcing others to follow their own biased beliefs… This guy’s mind has problems.

“But it’s such a shame that this is a different world. Slaves exist here. And what’s the problem with me using them?”

“Bas… tard!”

Gritting his teeth, Motoyasu swung his fist at me.30

“Duel with me! If I win, release Raphtalia-chan!”31

“Why would I have to accept this challenge to begin with? What’s in it for me anyways?”

“You can do whatever you desire with Raphtalia-chan! Just like now.”

“Are you retarded?”32

I attempted to ignore Motoyasu and leave, since this duel had nothing to offer me.

“I have heard Motoyasu-dono’s story.”

The excited crowd made room for the king to pass through.

“I heard that one of the heroes was using slaves… although only as a rumor. If you refuse Motoyasu-dono’s proposal then I shall order it. Duel!”

“My ***. Just hand over this wave’s reward already. I have no time to waste in a place like this!”

The king sighed and twitched his fingers.

The soldiers appeared out of nowhere and began to surround me.

When I looked over at Raphtalia, she was detained by the soldiers.


“… Are you threatening me?”

I said while staring him down with all the force I could muster.

This guy, he didn’t believe what I said at all.

So that’s the case, didn’t know that I was intruding here.

“If you’re in this country then my word is absolute! I can even forcibly confiscate the Shield Hero’s slave if it comes down to that.”

“… Tsk!”

Things like undoing the curse placed upon a slave, the court magicians probably knew about such techniques.

In other words, to preserve my connection with Raphtalia, I have to fight.

Don’t **** with me! I barely even got any return from my purchase on this slave!

Whose money and time do you think was invested on her?

“This match is meaningless! I am――uuuuurg!”[^33]

A piece of cloth was rolled up and stuffed into Raphtalia’s mouth so that she wouldn’t be able to say anything.

“The owner has the power to strengthen the punishing curse of the inflicted individual. Therefore, let us stop this slave from speaking any further.”

“… You just did that so that I would have to participate in the duel.”

“Aren’t we simply granting you the participation prize?”

“What! You bas――”

“Well then, the duel shall be held in the castle’s garden!”

That ******* of a king interrupted my complaint and declared the duel location.

****, don’t you people see that I have no attack power? This is like a gimped race!


  1. Or some sfx for impact, trying to remove all these sfx that I loved to leave alone since a friend requested so. 
  2. This sounds better than lit translation. Darke: I can’t help but think of him using a “Meat Shield” and luring them away (word play intended, I’m really tired, I’m entitled to bad jokes) 
  3. Basically Naofumi is acting like one of the cool guys in movies, google ‘cool guys don’t look at explosions’ if you so desired. (Darke: Lol, please do) 
  4. Lit meaning: damsel = hindrances which implies both civilian AND the knights, but meant something like ditch the knights and let the civilians escape 
  5. Although it’s not apparent in English, Naofumi is provoking/threatening the knights while ordering Raphtalia around 
  6. literally, well, Poop 
  7. Talking about this world in general 
  8. The spacing is intentional to create a gap in time 
  9. Said hindrance, but only meant the civilians this time around 
  10. For reference, they kind of made a C shaped formation and Naofumi and Raphtalia lured the mobs inside the C and killed them within (with the C being the knights) 
  11. The spacing were intended for time skip 
  12. It’s not obvious but this one is female, most likely 
  13. Naofumi was complaining about not getting money since he believed that they used their thanks as an excuse. 
  14. Sigh 
  15. a.k.a Earth 
  16. It’s actually eheheh, but I like this better although it sounds more evil. Guhehehe. Darke: … They both sound evil to me… 
  17. Kudos to all that get this -ED- Prinny-ssu! 
  18. A bit of sarcasm here if anyone noticed 
  19. Or something like that, it’s one of those power ranger/kid’s show thing where they cry out for a hero, and he/she will always reply/appear 
  20. reminded me of kibou nitsuite from akb0048 so I rewatched that, anyway this one is “tatakai nitsuite” 
  21. Yes, I know I bull crapped but, no reason shall stands before me boost Raphtalia’s moefism 
  22. I was told that a bunch of “hai” was annoying… Darke: Really? I guess I’m just used to it… 
  23. Basically, he’s just letting her eat because he wanted to vent his revenge 
  24. Too good, I laughed so hard that I passed out until the next morning. Darke: Did anyone picture a really chubby chibi tanuki loli? (Yes, I know she’s grown up at this point) 
  25. Like a true asian. 
  26. Can be interpreted as a 2-direction thing (for the rage), Naofumi @ Motoyasu and vice versa 
  27. Pretty sure I translated something about this? Darke: Nope, it’s a medieval Europe thing. 
  28. Basically saying that since their previous world has ‘human rights'(LOL) that enslaving someone is wrong, even though this doesn’t apply for the people in this world. 
  29. That kind of rhyme didn’t it. Anyway, he didn’t punch, just swing. 
  30. Don’t feel like adding fancy words for this guy. Darke: He doesn’t deserve any :P 
  31. That’s the gist, this sounds better 
  32. Muffled sfx 

Chapter 19 – Memory / Black Beast

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.


In just another 17 minutes, the anticipated wave will spawn.

This news should already be well-known around town.

Squadrons of knights and adventurers were geared up and ready to dispatch at a moment’s notice, while the civilians barricaded themselves in their own houses.

Since I was a hero, I couldn’t even attempt to escape from the wave’s outbreak due to the hourglass’ power.

The same was applied to my party member; it was likely that Raphtalia would be teleported along with me.

“It’s almost time, Raphtalia.”


Raphtalia nodded with a strangely enthusiastic and excited response.

Well, I didn’t voice any objections since it was a blessing to have her so motivated.

“Naofumi-sama… may I talk with you for awhile?”

“Hm? That should be fine, what’s your concern?”

“Ah no, somehow I felt so moved since we’ll be fighting against the calamity soon.”

… Why was she murmuring this and raising her own death flag?1

I’ll protect her since it would be a pain if she died… Wait, that was so unlike me; I was being influenced by too much anime and manga.

Although this world was like a game, it definitely wasn’t one. This world was real.

And look at that, those ****** heroes had such fine equipment. I didn’t even know if my armor was strong enough or not.

It was likely that I would suffer some wounds.

It would be great if this battle ended with only injuries, since I might even lose my life.

If that were to happen, the trash heap of this country would rejoice at the sight of my corpse.

――A criminal’s fitting end.

… Let’s stop that. If I keep thinking this way then I won’t be able to fight.

In order for me to survive for another month.

“The truth is that… I was enslaved due to the spawning of the first calamity.”

“… Is that so?”

Certainly, I thought there was a slim chance that that might have been the case.

“I used to live in a remote region of this country. The demi-human village that I grew up in focused on agriculture and farming; it was also the spawn point of the very first wave.”

Her parents were kind and everyone in the village lived peacefully.2

However, a huge horde of Skeleton Soldiers came out from within the wave of disaster.

The Skeleton Soldiers only had large numbers at first, so the adventurers within the vicinity were able to suppress them.

But the beasts and giant beetles kept overflowing in massive quantities. Because of that, the line of defense was soon breached.

Then a pitch black, three-headed Cerberus appeared. And the villagers were trampled upon like they were helpless wilderness buds.

As Raphtalia’s village was desolated beyond recognition, the villagers desperately tried to escape.

Unfortunately, the monsters were merciless; they murdered everyone as if it was the greatest sport in the world.

And like all the others, Raphtalia’s parents took her and fled until they finally reached the edge of a sea cliff.

Knowing that escape was futile, both parents faced Raphtalia and smiled.

They didn’t use that time to escape, but to gently stroke her frightened head instead.

“Raphtalia… from now on, you will surely find yourself in a terrible situation. You might even die from it.”

“But you know what, Raphtalia? Both of us want you to continue living… so please forgive us for our selfishness.”

Even though she was young, she knew in her heart that her parents were only trying to keep her safe.

“Noo! Mommy! Daddy!”3


Their single greatest wish was for Raphtalia to live, and so they pushed her off the cliff.5

While she was falling, Raphtalia witnessed the scene of her parents being pounced upon by vicious monsters.

Raphtalia plunged into the sea with a huge splash, yet she miraculously survived and was washed ashore at a nearby beach.

After regaining her senses, Raphtalia rose up and returned to the cliffside in search of her parents.

By then, the monsters were already subjugated by the adventurers and knight squadrons.

Walking through the sea of corpses with great difficulty, she managed to locate her parents.

On that spot was a vast amount of blood… and scraps of meat scattered everywhere.

Realizing her parents’ death, Raphtalia dropped down as something deep within her burst opened.


She then wandered around aimlessly, sobbing and sincerely wishing for the warmth of her parents in an effort to escape reality.

And before she knew it, she had already been imprisoned within that dark corner of the circus tent.

That place… was comparable to hell.

Every day, someone would be purchased or returned.7

Raphtalia was also among those cases.

In the beginning, they considered making her into a servant. A well-buffed noble bought her and tried teaching her multiple things.

Not only was the coughing troublesome enough, she also shrieked like a banshee at night.

Thus, she was promptly refunded back to the tent the next day.

The next buyer also attempted to teach Raphtalia various stuff, but again she was immediately returned the following day.

The owner before me was the cruelest buyer of them all.

They purchased her one evening, whipped her throughout the entire night, and resold her, tattered and torn, the very next morning.

I wasn’t the least bit surprised that this country had sickos who would take pleasure in inflicting pain upon others.8

She was wrecked by illness, her heart was almost broken from the recurring nightmares, and she was used and abandoned countless times… that was before she was bought by me.

“You know, I’m very glad to have met you, Naofumi-sama.”

“… Yeah.”

“You were the one who taught me how to live a proper life after all.”

“… Yeah.”

I absentmindedly replied to Raphtalia’s story with a mechanical tone.

This didn’t matter much at any rate.9

“For that reason, please allow me a chance. A chance to confront this wave.”

“… Yeah.”

“With that said, I’ll do my best!”

“Ha… ha… give it your best shot.”

Even I thought that I was acting a bit too cruel.

However, my past self could only act in such a pitiful manner.


We have one more minute before it’s time.

I took my stance, prepared for the teleportation.



A deafening sound echoed throughout the world.

The very next instance, my vision was flushed away and the scenery around me changed. I was probably being warped.

“The sky…”

Dyed an eerie wine red, cracks began peeling away and expanding outward through the sky due to the dimensional rift.

“So this is…”

While assessing the scene, three shadows dashed passed me, followed by twelve other people.

Those ****** heroes.

I also tailed them since it was the obvious thing to do, but where were they heading off to?

While sprinting onward, I saw enemies come crawling out and pushing against each other through the large crack in the sky.

“This is the vicinity of Riyuuto village!”11

Raphtalia anxiously exclaimed after examining the surrounding area.

“Since this is all farm land, a lot of people should still be dwelling here!”

“But everyone should have already evacu–”

Then a sudden realization hit me.

We never knew beforehand where the Wave of Calamity would appear, right? Then how the hell would we know which locations needed to be evacuated?

“You fools, wait a minute!”

Refusing to heed my calls, the three idiotic heroes dashed straight towards the source of the wave.

During that time a group of monstrous spiders, having separated themselves from the overflowing monster horde, headed straight towards the village’s direction.

Wait, the buffoon hero troupe had shot something like a bullet flare up into the sky, signaling a sort of message.

It must have been to inform the knight squadrons and rally them to their location.

“Tsk!! Raphtalia! Let’s go protect the village!”

I was indebted to many of the people from Riyuuto village.

I’d definitely suffer from remorse if they got killed by the wave!


We then rushed to a different direction, separating from those ****** heroes.


  1. Google if you don’t know what death flag is 
  2. Raphtalia’s point of view from this point onward 
  3. I gave in to the temptation 
  4. Sound of soft impact, hit a pillow with your fist 
  5. Good kids, don’t try this at home 
  6. This were mixed w/ sobbing and tears sfx 
  7. A.k.a refunded 
  8. DarkeKyuubi:… I need to murder these people 
  9. Naofumi is in his duper dejected pessimist mode due to Raphtalia getting along with Motoyasu TOO well last chapter 
  10. Sfx echoed white noise, google if you don’t know what white noise is 
  11. The forest village where Naofumi got a bunch of skills from -ED- But more importantly, it was the place where Raphtalia graduated from being a loli and into a bishoujo~ 

Chapter 18 – Dragon Engraved Hourglass

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

The next day, we showed up at the weapon shop.

“Well, if it isn’t the lad.”

“How’s our order coming along?”

“Done! I’ve finished it a long while ago.”

Oyaji said while bringing out a set of armor from behind the counter.

What came out was a rather rough and lawless looking… set of unrefined armor; there was a wild vibe to it.

The Usapiru hides made up the fluffy wool portion around the neck, while the chest area was comprised of a metal plate.

The joints weren’t connected by metal, but by the Porcupine skins. Putting my hand in, I could feel the Pikyupikyu feathers fully stuffed between the dual skin layers.

“… I’m going to wear this?”

How should I say this, it looked like the type of armor that bandit lords would wear.1

Just what were they thinking by calling this the ‘Barbarian’s Armor’? I would look like one of those small time yankees back in the 90’s if I wore this.

“What’s wrong, lad?”

“No, I’m just thinking this looks like the armor of a wicked scoundrel.”

“What are you saying at this late hour, lad?”


“Are you implying that I’m already a wicked scoundrel to begin with?”

I certainly made the most efficient choices when it came to making money, but that didn’t make me a villain, okay?

“It will definitely suit you, Naofumi-sama!”

“Raphtalia… you–”

Wasn’t that like admitting I was one of them?

“Anyways, just try it on for us.”

“Urg… I would avoid it if possible… but there isn’t any other choice since we went through so much trouble in making this armor.”

I immediately got changed after entering the dressing room.

… I couldn’t even begin to describe my amazement on how perfectly fitted the size was.

It truly was something that could only be made by Oyaji, a true owner of a store who deals with weapons and armory. He could tell my specific sizes just by looking. 2

I came out of the dressing room and presented myself to both Oyaji and Raphtalia.

“Fumu… your face may not give off that barbaric vibe, but I can see the glint of a lawless thug within your eyes.”

“Hah? Are you saying that I have nasty looking eyes?”

“Lad, you sure are quick on the uptake regarding important details.”

Damn it, just what did you mean by that?

“Naofumi-sama, it suits you so well and you look so COOL!”

Raphtalia gushed over with a smile.

I glared at Raphtalia in silence.

Using the meanest look and most hurtful eyes as possible…

… That was my intention anyways.

Just what kind of environment did she grow up in?

Ah, I forgot that Raphtalia was a Demi-human. It was probably because of that that she had a different aesthetic sense compared to me.

I confirmed through the status that this armor’s defense was on par with the chain mail. Rather, it was a bit higher.

Oyaji sent me a wink. So this was his bonus for us, that was quite considerate I must say.

“Haah3… Thank you.”

Frankly speaking, this kind of thing wasn’t a hobby of mine, but I couldn’t do anything about it since I had to prepare for the incoming wave.

I convinced myself using that reasoning.

“Now then, what should we do?”

“That reminds me, the town’s atmosphere had been kind of tense lately.”

“The wave will probably be coming very soon, but where and when will it spawn?”

“Huh? Nobody told you, lad?”

“About what?”

Information that Oyaji knew but I was ignorant of… About this country’s counter measures against the calamity. I secretly cursed while listening to what Oyaji had to say.

“You’ve probably seen this country’s huge, famed clock tower in the town plaza, right?”

“Well, only a glimpse. I’ve usually been operating around the outskirts of town.”

“The Dragon Engraved Hourglass is inside that building. When the final bit of sand from the hourglass drips down, the Heroes along with their merry band4 will be teleported to where the wave of great calamity will occur.”


Without a doubt… that ****** king probably told this tidbit of info to the other heroes and their companions beforehand.

“If you don’t know when the wave will appear, why not stop over and take a look for yourself?”

“I… guess.”

I’ll be very troubled if I had no idea when I would be warped.

I planned on dropping by that place for some reassurance.

“Well then, Oyaji.”

“So long then!”

“Until next time.”

We said our farewells and headed for the clock tower.

In the entire town, the clock tower was the tallest structure around. From up close, it would rival the height of modern city buildings.

For some reason, the clock tower’s roof was dome-shaped very much like a church.

It seemed that there was no entrance fee; the gates were wide open and people were going in and out.

Wearing an outfit similar to a nun, the female receptionist was eyeing me suspiciously. She probably recognized my face.

“Are you the Hero of the Shield?”

“Haha, as you can see, I’m here since the time limit is just around the corner.”

“Then, please come this way.”

I was then guided towards an hourglass enshrined in the middle of the church.

A gigantic hourglass with a whopping height of approximately 7 meters.

It was decorated and gave off an indescribably divine aura.

… What was it? My spine felt tingling, like a surge of electricity was rushing up.

Just by looking at it, my instincts kicked in and a strange sensation began to stir from within my body.

The color of the sand… was red.

I turned my gaze upon the smooth, dripping sand.

I immediately understood what would happen once the last grain fell.

Letting out a “piin*” sound, a single beam of light flashed from my shield and into the center of the dragon engraved hourglass, striking the jewel from within it.

Then a digital clock appeared in my peripheral vision.


The 12 value soon turned into 11 after a short while.

I see, so the exact time remaining was translated for my own understanding.

Using this will allow me to act accordingly.

However… the things that I could do within a 20-hour time frame were extremely limited. All things considered, the best option was to gather as many meadow herbs as possible for the rest of the day.

I also needed to prepare some healing medicine.

“Huh? Isn’t that Naofumi over there?”

A loathsome, despicable voice resounded from within the tower’s interior.

Walking around with a huge harem of women, the Spear Hero Motoyasu casually came over to me.

What a pain, I want to immediately send his *** flying. But considering the time and place, I restrained myself from doing so.

“Did you also come here in preparation for the wave?”

That was one hell of an indescribably lascivious look. He looked me over from top to bottom with a single, scornful glance.

“What the hell, man. Are you planning on fighting with equipment of that level?”

And what if I am?

Who do you think I have to thank for putting me in this situation? You and that ******* ***** behind your sorry ***.

Motoyasu’s gear was vastly different from a month ago, one can tell how high-leveled he was with a single glance at his equipment.

It wasn’t iron-based, but a shiny armor made from silver. He wore cloth underneath which emitted a beautiful pale green tint, most likely due to the extra effects blessed by those clothes. Not only that, but there was the layer of chain mail worn in between those two; it was as if Motoyasu was boasting his absolute defense.

His legendary weapon wasn’t in its original, sorry state either. And although it is vexing to admit, the spear’s design was simply downright awesome to be honest.

It was a pike… well, I guess that was still a spear.


Talking with this guy was such a pain.

I turned my back on Motoyasu and ignored him while heading back to the clock tower’s entrance.

“What in the name of Melromarc5, Motoyasu-sama is talking to you! Open your ears wide and pay attention to him.”

A fangirl ***** from behind Motoyasu said as they all glared at me with eyes full of contempt and bloodlust. 6

After that came the stereotypical mockery. They began to provoke me by sticking out their tongues and jeering.

This *****, I’ll kill her someday.

“Naofumi-sama? Who are these people…?”

Raphtalia inclined her head and pointed at Motoyasu’s group.


I tried to walk away, deciding that it was best to simply leave and not answer her.

At that same moment, Itsuki came waltzing through the entrance.


“Oh, Motoyasu-san and… Naofumi-san.”

Itsuki seemed displeased with me clicking my tongue at him, but his ‘good boy’ features soon returned.


Ren had also come and walked up to us in silence, pretending to act cool. His equipment was undoubtedly much stronger than when his journey began.

And then, both of their companions popped up one after another.

The population within the clock tower quickly escalated.

4 + 12 + 1

We, the four summoned heroes, along with the twelve adventurers chosen by the king, and finally Raphtalia.

That added up to a grand total of 17 people, a rather disappointing amount of troops for the impending threat.


“Just who is this beauty? She’s simply adorable.”

Motoyasu pointed at Raphtalia and uttered.

This guy, he’s fine with anyone as long as they’re female?

To think that a hero would lust after a little girl… this country was finished.

On top of that, he approached Raphtalia with filthy motives while affectionately introducing himself.

“Nice to meet you, young miss. I was summoned to this world as one of the four great heroes. Please call me by my name, Kitamura Motoyasu. I’m honored to make your acquaintance.”

“Ah, yes… so you are one of those heroes.”

Raphtalia nodded timidly while her eyes eluded his gaze.8

“May I have the pleasure of knowing your name?”


A troubled Raphtalia looked over at me and darted her glance back to Motoyasu.

“I’m Ra-Raphtalia. It’s nice to meet you.”

She had probably guessed that I was quite ticked off. I understood that much from the cold sweat running down her face.

This girl also wanted to ditch me and join Motoyasu’s fanclub, didn’t she?

******* it, I’ve already tried to make a peaceful retreat here, so why did these bastards still have to **** with my heart?

“What’s your business here today, cutie? For what purpose are you carrying around such a dangerous sword and equipment?”

“I am here to fight along with Naofumi-sama, that’s why.”

“Hah? For Naofumi?”

Motoyasu turned and stared at me with eyes full of suspicion.

“… The hell are you looking at?”

“You fiend, why are you dragging such a cute girl into these dangerous places?”

Motoyasu said while looked down on me with his eyes.

“I don’t need to tell you the reason, *******.”

“And here I thought you would shoulder this battle alone… so you’re just leeching off Raphtalia’s kindness in the end.”

“Damn, delusional ******.”

The trash spewing out from this son of a *****, who trusted this parallel world’s biggest ***** more than a fellow hero, was seriously beginning to piss me off.

I headed toward Itsuki and Ren’s direction in order to make my exit.

Those two and their merry companies opened up a path for me.

“Let’s meet again during the wave.”

“Don’t be a burden to us.”

I walked pass them with Itsuki giving off a professional response, while Ren gave a cruel, bossy one like a real lone wolf hero.

Surprised by my suddenness, Raphtalia quickly rushed over to my side while looking around restlessly.

“I’m going.”

“Ah, hai! Naofumi-sama!”

After hearing my voice, she finally returned to her energetic self.

Good grief, that was painfully unpleasant.

Exiting the clock tower at last, I quickly passed through the castle town and made a beeline towards the meadow, growing more and more frustrated with each passing second.

“Um, Naofumi-sama? What happened to you?”

“Nothing really…”

“Back then…”


“Never mind…”

Sensing my awful mood, Raphtalia hung her head dejectedly as she followed behind me.

… Then a wild Balloon appear!10

Raphtalia immediately unsheathed her sword.

“Wait, let me handle this one alone.”

“Eh… but–”

“Just let me!”

Raphtalia cowered in surprise from my sudden shout.

The Balloon appeared before my eyes.

“Ora ora ora ora!”

****! **** **** **** **** **** ****!

Distracting myself by pummeling the balloon, I was able to calm down a little.

I checked the remaining time from the corner of my vision.


18 more hours.

I needed to do what I could until then.

After that, I went on a Balloon Hunt and collected medical meadow herbs along the way.

They still needed to be compounded into beneficial medicine in preparation for the incoming wave.

Then came evening… after returning to the inn to rest, Raphtalia humbly spoke to me.


“… What?”

“The people this morning were heroes just like Naofumi-sama, right?”

“… Urg.”

She had to remind me of that terrible experience.

And here I had finally forgotten about it after all that diversion.

“Just… what happened between all of you?”

“I don’t want to talk about it. If you want to know then go to a bar and ask around.”

No one believed me when I told them the truth anyway. This girl was probably the same as the lot of them.

However, a big difference between Raphtalia and others was that she was my slave.

If she refused my orders, tried to escape, or rebelled against me then she would be tormented by the curse.

Judging it was for the best, Raphtalia didn’t press the issue since I wasn’t going to talk.

To prepare for tomorrow, I compounded medicines until I fell asleep; I continued doing so for a long while.


  1. For an easier time imaging: It’s similar to ‘stalker’/’shadow chaser’ ‘s clothing in Ragnarok Online. 
  2. Please share me that ability, I want to know everyone’s 3 sizes 
  3. Sigh 
  4. This sounds hilarious so I used it 
  5. This is hilarious 
  6. It’s kind of confusing but it was Mein within the group of chicks behind motoyasu. 
  7. Sigh 
  8. Divine retribution to that Motoyasu ****. Ed: Keep your filthy hands off the tanuki! 
  9. As in ‘what do you want’ 
  10. Lol… I gave in to the devil’s temptation 

Chapter 17 – Armor of the Savage Tribe

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

“Oh well, if it isn’t the shield lad. It’s already been over a week now.”

Please don’t phrase it as if I’m getting fat

After returning to the castle town, we had gone straight to the shopping district.

Yet for some reason, Oyaji had his mouth wide open when he looked over at Raphtalia.

“We’re only meeting again after a short while… and look at how much of a beauty you’ve become.”


Just what was he saying? Why was Oyaji mumbling incoherently like this?

“You’ve developed so nicely… this is far too different from your previous, famished complexion.”

“Please don’t phrase it as if I’m getting fat.”

Seemingly bothered by his statement, Raphtalia fidgeted while fiddling with her fingers.

That reaction of hers was repulsive!

She reminded me of that ***** of a woman.

“Gahaha, you grew up into such an adorable mink.”1

“Grew up? Well, her level certainly rose.”

A week ago she was at Lvl 10, and now she was at Lvl 25. But did her physical appearance really change that much?

“Fuumu… you’re quite cynical, you know that?”

“I have no idea what nonsense you’re talking about.”

It was true that anyone would find a little 10 years old girl cute2. But since she had only been eating meat, meat, and more meat all day long, it might have made her a bit chubby.

Every time her stomach grumbled, we would immediately cook up the meat from the monsters we had encountered.

I was afraid she might turn into one of those beriberi people3 due to her unbalanced diet. So I started adding medical herbs into her meals, even though it broke my heart and wallet by doing so.

She hadn’t been coughing recently, probably thanks to the recovery potions finally taking effect.

“What were you up to this past week? Hunting?”

“The village inn staff had taught me some table manners. Since I wanted to be able to dine as elegantly as Naofumi-sama someday.”

“Looks like you’re well on your way.”

Unexpectedly, Oyaji was in a real good mood. At this rate he’ll probably sell us some high quality wares.

So keep on flattering him, Raphtalia!

“So, what’s your business with me today?”

“Haha, I plan on purchasing some equipment.”

I said while pointing at Raphtalia. In response, she firmly gripped my finger with an eerie smile on her face.

“Please consider Naofumi-sama and his protective gear this time around.”

“Gotcha. But for what reason?”

“I’d like to ask that you take a moment to ponder it over yourself.”

“Mmm… Well, to prepare for the incoming wave, I guess?”

“Just what are you two getting at? I seriously don’t have the slightest idea of what this Jou-chan is saying here…”4

Just what in the world were these guys even talking about?

Both Raphtalia and I had already decided that we’ll be buying my equipment, right?

“So, seems like we’ll be getting you some armor. Around how much are you looking to spend?”

“Within the range of 180 silver coins, if you would.”

Raphtalia rattled off our budget range without my consent.

Now, that had ticked me off some.

If we settled for that price, then we couldn’t buy a new weapon for her!

“Let’s see… well, my best balanced armor for that amount would be this chain mail here.”

“That chain mail… BAAH!”

Dark emotions began creeping up from deep within my gut.

It’d be utterly humiliating for me to re-buy a piece of equipment which had originally been mine.

“Well… if the shield lad hates this so much, I suppose we should go with something else.”

Oyaji replied while scratching his head, understanding my reaction, as he turned to his other armory in stock.

“To be honest, it’s kind of hard to find an appropriate gear within this price range. How does an iron plated mail sound to you?”

He asked while pointing at the armor in question.

It was a huge sheet of iron morphed into… a full guarded plate. The armor was decorated with the castle town’s symbol.

I knew about this! Back in my old world, this was what people called a ‘full plate mail’ or something like that. This type of armor was said to be extremely tedious to move in; the wearer couldn’t even stand by themselves; and finally, they were the fastest to sink in a swamp.

“Some physical stamina will be needed in order to wear this. Its only fault is that the ‘Air Walk’ feature isn’t applied to it.”

“Air Walk feature?”

“A function which allows the wearer to lighten their weight by consuming their own magic power. A truly magnificent ability.”

“I agree.”

Basically in this world, if a full body armor didn’t have the Air Walk function then it was nothing more than an immobile sandbag.

That’s not quite right. If the wearer was physically capable then they should be able to move around somewhat.

However, I don’t have much stamina at this point in time.

“Seems like we can make it lighter and cheaper by removing the bulkier looking parts…”

“So lad, you were thinking along those lines after all.”

“Isn’t that a given?”

“Iron breastplates are indeed cheaper to buy. But their protective coverage is very limited.”

“Fumu… While high defense is a must, losing your mobility in exchange would make it meaningless.”

It was good and all to become as solid as a wall, but it would be a huge problem if I could barely move at all.

I’d like to refrain from equipping gear which decreased mobility as much as possible.

The Air Walk feature, huh? I wonder how much it would cost to add that function on.

“With that said… I might be able to craft a custom made armor if you can bring me the materials…”

“Sounds good, I enjoy doing these sort of things.”

“You have a satisfied expression there, lad… Guess we’ll go with this plan.”

Oyaji spread out a parchment with the names of various materials written on it.

“I can’t read this.”

While it was possible to communicate directly thanks to the shield’s translation feature, I still couldn’t read the writings of this world.

Oyaji looked troubled, so he went ahead and explained everything to me.

“You can buy some cheap copper and iron from the atelier over there. After that, bring me some Usapiru and Porcupine hides, and then a few Pikyupikyuu feathers.”

“Here are the hides and feathers.”

With a smile, Raphtalia happily took out the hides and feathers from inside our luggage sack.

Those were used as our blankets and bedding since they were warm and fluffy. But… well, I suppose it’s fine either way.

“The quality of the armor will be a bit bad. But it’s still good for practical use.”

“Then what’s the reason for making it?”

“This is the Barbarian Armor. Its performance is on par with the Chain Mail and covers the majority of the body. It may be a bit cold to wear but it’s very strong.”


Barbarian Armor… Somehow the phrase sounds a bit unpleasant.

“There’s a trick to add some magical options as a bonus, but this step can be done later when you’ve finished with gathering the other materials.”

“That’s reassuring. Well then, let’s go and buy some iron and copper.”

“Let’s go! Let’s go right away!”

Raphtalia energetically pulled my hand along while rushing me outside.

“What’s the big deal?”

“Naofumi-sama is going to look like a real adventurer. I can’t wait to see it.”

“W-well… I guess so.”

She did say that I looked exactly like a villager.

Although the equipment would be a bit barbarous, it wasn’t like I had much choice.

We then headed towards the metal atelier and bought the required amount of iron and copper.

They seemed to have heard about us from Oyaji, so they sold us the goods at a surprisingly cheap price.

They also said that Raphtalia was cute and gave us a little extra.

The ossan5 from the metal atelier was grinning widely while looking at her. Raphtalia graciously waved back at him in return.

I didn’t even want to start preaching about the pedophilia morality to this world. 6

“That was some quick material gathering.”

“It’s all thanks to your own efforts, isn’t that right, lad?”

“Well, yeah. Since a lot of Oyaji’s acquaintances are lolicons. I can already point out two or three of them.”

“Lolicon? What on Melromarc are you saying?”

“You don’t understand what lolicons are? I thought you would understand this word through the shield’s translating feature.”

“Not that, I just don’t get why you think my co-workers’ preferences are for young girls…”

“They said that Raphtalia was cute so they sold the goods even cheaper to us.”

“Lad… could it be that you seriously don’t know?”

“Don’t know what?”

“Oyaji, it’s fine for now.”

Raphtalia said that while shaking her head.

Oyaji somehow understood. Resigned, he slumped his shoulders and threw me a glance.

“It’ll be done by tomorrow, so please wait until then.”

“That’s fast, I thought it would take at least two days minimum for you to finish.”

“Hmm, that might be the case for some stranger. But it’s different for you, lad.”

“For once, you have my gratitude.”

“Wahaha, that sure was a butt-scratcher7 of a reply.”

He sure was making fun of me just because I showed him a little appreciation.

“So, what’s the price of this custom made armor?”

“Including the fee for copper and iron… about 130 silver coins. In addition, you can add some optional enhancements.”

“Is that the base cost? I thought it would be fine so long as I got the required materials.”

“Waha, those were already taken into account at the 130 coins price tag, I can’t go any lower than that.”

“I understand. Then it’s good enough for me.”

I took out 130 silver coins and handed them over to Oyaji.

“Thanks for your patronage.”

“Ah, that’s right. Oyaji, I want to buy a weapon within the range of 90 silver coins.”

“I guessing it’s for this Jou-chan here?”


That’s right. The ordinary sword which we bought last week was newly polished now. So we should ask for a trade-in?



Raphtalia pulled out the sword from her waist and put it on the counter.

“I want to ask for a resale. So here, include this sword into the payment amount.”

“Fumu… looks like you’ve properly maintained it this time around.”

“All thanks to my shield.”

The polishing maintenance would end by the next morning if we inserted the weapon inside the whetstone shield before going to sleep.

It also kept the blade nice and sharp for ease of cutting.

“That’s a convenient shield… I want one too.”

“You won’t be able to equip any other weapon, you know.”

I’m just a moving wall without any attack power.

I would gladly hand this over to anyone who wanted it. If only that was possible.

“That part is quite bothersome.”

I waited for the trade-in to commence while enduring Oyaji’s obnoxious laughter.

“There’s not a speck of rust on the blade. As expected of the legendary shield, its performance is superb.”

Oyaji stated his open admiration while inspecting the sword’s durability.

“Let me see… with this much left over, I can sell you a magic iron sword.”

Magic iron sword was definitely higher than an iron sword in terms of weapon ranking.

“It should be a given that blood-clean coating is included, right?”

“Urg, I’ll add that as a bonus. I know full well that you’re working hard, lad!”

Oyaji sure was a great guy. If you think about, he had been giving me various extras ever since the day I had been robbed and was left with absolutely nothing.

“Thank you…”

From the bottom of my heart, I expressed those sincere words of gratitude to Oyaji.

“Lad. It’s good to see that same glint in your eyes just like the first time we met. You’ve shown me some fine stuff today.”

Oyaji somehow seemed satisfied as he handed the magic iron sword to Raphtalia.

“Good weapons will only become powerful in capable hands, while they’ll only turn into worthless junk in the hands of the talentless. However, I believe that you’ll be able to fully master their strength. Give it your best shot, Jou-chan.”


Raphtalia sheathed the sword on her waist with sparkling, motivated eyes.

“Now then, please come again around this time tomorrow.”


“Thank you very much!”9

“Until then.”10

And thus, we left the weapon shop.

With our business there done, we headed off thinking about what to eat and what we should do for the remaining day.

Even though I couldn’t taste anything, I still needed to eat since I got hungry like everyone else.

In my hands were 10 silver coins. What we managed to save up in one full week had vanished instantly.

Oh well. This was well within expectations, and these coins should be good enough to make our future investments.

Fortunately, there were plenty of ways to earn money.

“Ah, that’s right. Do you want to eat at the shop that we went to a while ago?”

“Are you sure it’s alright?”

“I’m looking forward to seeing Raphtalia’s gluttonous manners as she devours the food off her plate again.”

“Please stop that! Mou11, I’m not a child anymore!”

The previously cheerful Raphtalia was now getting angry as she puffed her cheeks.

Why would you suddenly try to be an adult when you were acting like a kid only a week ago?

It looked like our little girl had just hit puberty.

“Yeah, yeah. You honestly want to eat. I understand that, I truly do.”

“Naofumi-sama isn’t even listening to a word I’m saying.”

“It’s okay. You’re totally an adult. With that being said… you really want to chow down, don’t you?”

“You think I can’t see through your true thoughts behind those kind eyes used to patronize children?! I don’t need that kind of sympathy!”

Good grief, she sure was at a difficult age.

Should we still get a Kid’s Lunch for her? We entered the same shop which served those.


Oh? Our server courteously guided us to our table this time.

Was this the effect of changing Raphtalia’s hairstyle? People sure were cruel over the smallest things back then.

“I’ll be ordering the cheapest meal set you have, while this girl will get the lunch for kids, the one with the little flag on it.”


The employee confirmed our orders with a perplexed expression while alternating between me and Raphtalia.

“Err, please give me the cheapest table course meal as well.”


Our server nodded at Raphtalia and returned to the kitchen.

“What was that for? Do you really dislike the kid’s lunch that much?”

“As I said before, I’ve already grown up.”

“Um… okay?”

Guess it couldn’t be helped. I’ll let Raphtalia indulge in her selfishness for now.

I suppose my only current obligation is to let her eat what she wants to eat.


  1. -ED- Both the words minks and minx are pronounced similarly. While a mink refers to a cute, furry type of woodland creature, minx can be defined as a wanton woman who only causes trouble. Both can describe Raptalia and (Nao’s image of) Mein to the letter. So while the reference probably doesn’t exist in the original series text, it’s too perfect of an inside English joke not to use. 
  2. only if there’s no ‘Z’ axis 
  3. Pretty much means a person who isn’t getting all of their essentials from what they are eating and they become ill because their body doesn’t have everything it needs to function correctly thus health problems. You can read this for more info: Beriberi Wikipedia page 
  4. this line is Naofumi’s, the others were Raphtalia and Oyaji’s 
  5. middle age man 
  6. SPOILER ALERT, DON’T CONTINUE READING THIS REF IF YOU DON’T WANT SPOILER:Anyway. In Naofumi’s eyes, Raphtalia was still a 10 years old little girl but in reality, since the last chapter (16), Raphtalia was already in her adult form. Naofumi won’t realize this until the end of vol 1. 
  7. a way of saying an unusual/awkward situation in japan -ED- For people who don’t understand, Naofumi was blowing smoke up Oyaji’s arse. However, because he’s very reluctant to do so, the smoke is not very sincere. Thus, Oyaji’s rebuttal. 
  8. Naofumi 
  9. Raphtalia 
  10. Oyaji 
  11. pouting sfx 

Chapter 16 – Preparations for the Wave

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

Requirement for Rope Shield has been released

Requirement for Pikyu Pikyu1 Shield has been released

Requirement for Wood Shield has been released

Requirement for Rock Shield has been released

Requirement for Butterfly Shield has been released

Requirement for Pipe Shield has been released


Rope Shield

Unsealing2 completed……Equipment Bonus: Skill -「Air Strike Shield」

Pikyu Pikyu Shield

Unsealing completed……Equipment Bonus: Beginner Rank’s Weapon Repair Techniques I

Wood Shield

Unsealing completed……Equipment Bonus: Lumbering Techniques I

Butterfly Shield

Unsealing completed……Equipment Bonus: Paralysis Resistance (Small)

Pipe Shield

Unsealing completed……Equipment Bonus: Skill – 「Shield Prison」


It had been eight days since then.

After parting with Oyaji, we journeyed to the new village.

The village’s name was Riyuuto. It seemed like a good, operational base for adventurers. But since there was only one Inn around, the fee was one silver coin per night.

The Merchant Buyer3 dropped by this place only once every two days.

There was no ******** store, so I had to sell cheaper medicine directly to the villagers in order to compete with the castle town’s ******** imports.

To compensate for this, the medicines I sold were all subpar in quality.

By the way, my notoriety had spread quite far. When I first I arrived, I had to punish quite a few morons with my ‘Balloon Release’.

And that’s the gist of it.

Thanks to the monsters around town, the medical herbs, and the lumber, I was able to absorb them all and create multiple shields. I also learned a lot of new skills and techniques.

There were also various stat increases, but I won’t go into that since it’s such a hassle.


Raphtalia began chasing the porcupine-like monster who, upon realizing its disadvantage, fled the battle.

Raphtalia’s level had raised considerably. I was now at Lv 20 while she was at Lv 25.

Her growth was surprisingly fast.

… On a side note, I was still fighting in my ordinary clothes.4

And since I had yet to take any damage, not to mention all the monster attacks seemed quite weak up until now, this incident became a real head scratcher when I thought about it.

Yet it served as a painful experience for me.

Overestimating my defense, I went into battle with a weak shield, and it hurt like hell when I had gotten hit.

Astonishingly, I had received some small scratches from this Porcupine’s ambush attack.

“Ouch, that hurt a bit. It’s been awhile since I last felt like this.”

I promptly smeared the wound with a ‘heal pill’ to prevent the bleeding.

That needle sure stung when I got hit, naturally.

I’ve already forgotten about these sort of sensations ever since coming to this world and receiving the shield’s protection.

“Like I said before, it hurts, right? Naofumi-sama should just give in and buy some equipment already.”5

“No… It was only because I was using a weak shield.”

Since when did Raphtalia start calling me ‘Naofumi-sama’ instead of ‘Goshujin-sama”?

Well whatever. It wasn’t such a bad thing since it had a nice ring to it.

Anyways, my shield could cover up my whole body. So it wouldn’t make any sense to also wear individual pieces of small protective gear.

Just in case, I had always defended with the sturdiest part of my shield, and I hadn’t received a single injury up until now.

So this is my very first time experiencing damage. That’s all there is to it.

I watched the Whetstone Shield’s auto-polishing at work. It really was quite a convenient shield, one that I always used.

The polishing time period was 8 hours. There’ll be no effect if I pulled any weapons out beforehand.

The only drawback was that while in use, my SP won’t recover since I’ll be continuously drained.

Ah, speaking of which, I guess I should try utilizing the other abilities in my skill set…

“Air Strike Shield!”

It’s the first skill which I learned. It summons a shield within a range of about five meters.

But it served no purpose if I was alone.

It felt like everyone was forced into having a specialized role.

I focused my mind, imagining the desired location to call forth my Air Strike shield; this mysterious ward which will vanish once its duration time is over.

Alright, just a little bit more.

The porcupine stumbled in surprise due to the sudden appearance of my conjured shield.

However, it immediately regained its balance and resumed its escape once again.

Kuh…6 And here I thought that five meters was more than enough distance to catch up with you; this one was surprisingly fast at fleeing.

Guess I’ll have to use this.

“Shield Prison!”

A skill which allows me to summon an enclosed cage7 anywhere within a six meter radius.

This time around, I’ll be dropping it directly on my target, the porcupine.

Although this skill was intended for protection, it could also be used as a restraining device to trap a target inside.

Indeed, it was both an offensive and defensive skill.


No longer able to escape, the Porcupine rampaged inside ‘the Shield Prison’.

Its duration period was 15 seconds.

During that time, Raphtalia rapidly approached the ‘Shield Prison’. Then right as its effect had ended, she pierced the Porcupine with her sword.


“I did it!”

Raphtalia triumphantly returned while gripping the dead porcupine.


EXP 48

An adequate harvest.

We defeated our quarry, properly dissected its remains, and then absorbed the pieces into the shield so that it would undergo transformation. I only discovered this last week, but it seems the Balloon, Mush, and Eggy were all classified as ‘material’9. Well, that hadn’t been anything worth noticing back then, really.

I immediately dismantled the porcupine into needles, meat, and skin. It was quite easy after learning the trick to it.

All of them were precious materials and must be handled with care.

I absorbed the leftovers into the shield.

The bones belonged to the bone category, which required several other bones from different monsters, while the skin belonged to the pelt category and granted some additional stats through equipment bonuses. Of course, there were some cases where I lacked the required Lvl or category in order to unseal.

The meat belonged to the cuisine category. A topic which certainly caught my attention.10

I’m looking forward to what the needles will do. They are a porcupine’s trademark after all.

Requirement for Animal Needle Shield has been unsealed.

So it’s a shield made of an animal’s spikes. A needle shield… I’m excited to see what the unsealed effect will be.

Animal Needle Shield

Sealed11……Equipment Bonus: Offensive Power 1+

Special Effect: Shield of Needles (small)

Hell yeah! An increase in my offensive poweeeeeeeeeeeeer!

Yeah. I know. It’s only a measly increase of 1+.12

Although I didn’t know what ‘Special Effect: Shield of Needle (Small)’ could actually do, I was able to acquire an offensive shield, which is far more important.

This was just the beginning. From now on I’ll be able to attack too if I kept absorbing items that are connected with this shield type category.

The defensive force was slightly lower than the others belonging to the mineral category, but that should be alright.

“How did it go?”

“Haha, it seems that this shield will increase my attack power.”

“So you finally got one, good for you. But how about its defensive force?”

Raphtalia pointed at my wound with a dubious look.

“It’s so-so, I guess.”

“Is that so… Um, I wanted to ask if my sword could be polished but…”

“Got it. Let’s end our hunt and return to the forest for now.”


I equipped the ‘Whetstone Shield’ and inserted Raphtalia’s sword into one of its slots.

Currently polishing…

Now then, our levels rose considerably after a full week’s worth of extensive money making, and we saved up a grand total of 230 silver coins.

A moderate amount of medicine was sold, and the business on lumbering and mining was booming thanks to my new shield skills.

There was a shallow cause for concern, however, as it seemed that my online gaming tendencies were influencing how I had been acting.

Well, I was too preoccupied with choosing the best possible method in order to earn money.

And I didn’t waste time on pointless actions which didn’t strengthen me either. So it couldn’t be helped since this was what I needed to do to survive.

“Well then, we should return soon and upgrade your gear, Raphtalia.”

“… Naofumi-sama?”

Huh? For some reason, Raphtalia was softly smiling at me. Yet I couldn’t help but feel a strange, spine-freezing chill at the mere sight of her.

“Although, I very much welcome the idea of buying new equipment, but can you please pay a little more attention to yourself and how you’re dressed?”

“Do I look weird or something?”

“Except for that shield, you look like a common villager.”

“W-…well, it wasn’t really necessary… but I guess a small change in my attire should be alright?”


Raphtalia threateningly gripped my shoulder with a smile.

“Didn’t you just get injured a short while ago?”

“Like I said, I was deliberately using a weak shield… so it should still be fine, right? Your weapon’s much more important than me right now, so it’s better to invest our――“

“Naofumi-sama? Do you know that you’ll be dying very soon if you keep on joking like this?”14


With spare sword in hand, Raphtalia was poking me with it forebodingly.15

Although, I supposedly couldn’t be harmed by her due to the slave’s restraining spell.

“… To begin with, shouldn’t you worry more about your own equipment? The deadline is approaching, isn’t it?”

“… haha.”

Come to think of it, she’s right.

There were only a few days left before the wave of calamity spawns.

I’ll need to continue growing stronger until then.

Though I’ve certainly become anxious about dressing up like your average townie.

The ends and the means had truly been misplaced.16


Even though I wanted to raise my offensive power a bit more…

“Instead of me, let’s hurry up and find Naofumi-sama’s equipment right away.”

“I guess so, we’ll be buying my equipment for the time being. But we’ll use the remaining money to get your weapon.”


Although it’s fine with me since I’ve gotten used to it, she sure has become rather cheeky…

Her violent actions have escalated recently along with her stubbornness. I really wanted to know why our positions were somehow reversed.

She’s become quite a bossy slave if I do say so myself.


  1. ピキュピキュ, Pikyu pikyu(pronounce like pill ky-uuui), like um… fluffy and cute animals sfx 
  2. er… it sounds a bit odd, someone fix it for me o3o 
  3. the one that buys monster materials 
  4. -ed-“clothing made of cloth”. It should safely be changed into the clothes term, as the implied meaning is clear 
  5. Raphtalia-tan’s moe-level just sky rocketed, anyway her way of speaking changed from goshujin-sama -> Naofumi-sama. Also @ darkekyuubi, this one should be directly related to the ‘holding ball preciously’ part from chapter 15. 
  6. sfx for regretful muffled cursing. 
  7. so a box made out of gigantic *** shields basically 
  8. sfx for beastly shriek 
  9. as in a part of an animal Naofumi can dismantle from that animal 
  10. all this category stuff is about system messages and the categorization of materials -> shield type(in an evolution tree, like a skill tree in game, except this one is a shield-tree. Shield type = branch so every category is a different branch).-ED- I think the implied meaning of this sentence is that food make him pay more attention, but I am not sure. 
  11. it was shortened in japanese 
  12. broken up ‘I understood’ on purpose, indicated that Naofumi was overcame with emotion 
  13. sfx for gripping hard 
  14. K.O by Raphtalia-tan 
  15. Raphtalia is turning yandere, sweeeet. 
  16. end = surviving, mean = using Raphtalia to strengthen even more 
  17. sigh 

Chapter 15 – Traits of a Demi-Human

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

We took turns sleeping until morning came.

At around noontime, a certain incident occurred.

While we were hunting some Usapiru that had appeared before us.


pokin The knife in Raphtalia’s hands had snapped off completely.

“Show it to me.”

It couldn’t be helped. The knife had done its job and broke only after killing the last Usapiru which had been gnawing at my arm.

“I’m sorry.”

“Nothing lasts for an eternity. So it was inevitable for this knife to break.”

It was a cheap knife, not to mention it had never even been polished.

“We’ll stop here for now before returning to town.”


The bag that Raphtalia carried was splendidly stuffed full of loot.

On a side note, I’ve become a Lvl 11 and so has Raphtalia.

Along the way we had encountered several monsters, but we somehow managed to get by with my spare knife.

Later on, we sold off our spoils, including the compounded medicine, for a grand total of 70 silver coins.

Chari chari…1

“I wonder which one we should get.”

“You mean a knife?”

Raphtalia murmured while eating her lunch inside a street stall.

We should be able to cover our living expenses by camping outdoors.

And there wouldn’t be a problem with food if we skinned the Usapiru2 for their meat.

I stopped thinking about that for now.

Since I didn’t have a favorite store or know of any other good places to shop, I at least wanted to know more about the details of our purchased equipment.

“Well, guess we should go over to the Weapon Shop.”



I heard a grumbling noise coming from behind me.

“My tummy’s empty.”

“Didn’t you just eat a moment ago!?”

Is it a growth spurt!?

Just how many times a day were you planning to eat!


Right, Engel’s Coefficient would skyrocket with her in the equation.4

We need to start hunting again as soon as possible. At this rate our food expenses alone will bring us to ruin.


“–And that’s what happened, Oyaji. I’d like some weapons and protective gear within the range of 65 silver coins, plus a cheap knife.”

For some reason, Oyaji groaned with his palm on his head.

“Well…… it’s none of my business, but please properly maintain your equipment at least.”

“Sorry about that. I thought the blood-clean coating would take care of everything, so I didn’t plan for it beforehand.”

Right. The Balloon, Mush, and Eggy were creatures made from inorganic substances after all. And the bodily fluids of the Eggy could definitely be wiped off without much effort.

However, the blood of the Usapiru stained the weapon.

Not only that, but the blade seemed to deteriorate even faster because of improper care.

“But I’m amazed this girl’s complexion is so much better after just three days. And haven’t you gotten quite plump now?”

Raphtalia nodded at him with a proficient smile. Just what was Oyaji talking about?

“Hoh? That’s a fine expression.”


Alright, let’s get down to business.

“Oyaji, please prioritize the weapon’s durability when you show us the wares meant for her.”

“And how about you?”

“I don’t need any.”

“You don’t want anything?”

Raphtalia looked up at me and asked.

“Does it look like I’ll be needing any gear?”

Up until this point, I had yet to receive a single wound from a monster’s attack.

Didn’t those dipshit Heroes once say that: ‘shields are easy at the beginning, but suck towards the endgame?’

That’s why I didn’t feel the need to buy myself equipment until we got to the point where I start taking damage.


Raphtalia groaned, looking unconvinced. Her hands were preciously holding onto the ball which I had bought for her before.

“Well, I guess this must be karma at work. I’ll give you a little something as a bonus.”

“I’ll be haggling if the cost is too high.”

“I’m already selling to you at dirt-cheap prices here. If I tried to increase the price any further, you would be throwing those Balloons around right?”

The merchant incident from before must have started that rumor. Well it’s fine, since the end result will be the same either way.

“An eye for an eye, that’s all I’m doing.”

“… Not that it matters to me. But even if I came up with a countermeasure, you’ll just find another way around it. That’ll be just like you, right?”

“You certainly know me well.”

“Anyone can tell with a glance: That you, sir, are a shrewd businessman under the guise of a Hero.”6

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“Well then…”

Oyaji rubbed his chin while looking at Raphtalia.

“It’s about time this Jou-chan7 stop using a knife and start equipping a sword.”

“Will it be alright?”

“Seems she’s quite enthusiastic about it. A sword proves to be a rather fine weapon for a beginner, no?”

Oyaji searched through a corner of his shop. gacha gacha

“So that’s it.”

“Will I be using this sword?”

“Looks like it.”

“I’ll be tutoring her on how to use one.”

Then a tanned hide breastplate was brought to us from the back of the store.

“An iron short sword and a hide breastplate. Although they’re a bit old, please bear with it. At least the size fits you.”

Oyaji handed Raphtalia the sword while the breastplate was worn on top of her casual clothes.



“Duh, she is a demi-human, right? Since she’s still a child, this much should be expected if she keeps leveling up.”

Wait, what? Is that common sense around here? This world sure worked on weird standards that I couldn’t comprehend.

A long time ago, I did hear about the tale of Hina the crow, where she’d die if she wasn’t continuously fed.

“So there is some truth to that story… guess it can’t be helped. Just stay here and listen obediently to the lecture, I’ll go buy you some food while you practice.”


Seeing our conversation, Oyaji bursted out laughing for some reason. gahaha

“Okay listen up, I’ll now teach you all about the basics–”

I left the Weapon Shop and hurried towards the market.

Demi-humans are truly a strange race, using hunger to compensate for level raising.

Although her condition grew favorably and her self-consciousness also gradually became more resilient.

But still, the food expenses were no joke.

To make a long story short, I bought some food from the vending stalls and returned to find Oyaji teaching Raphtalia how to grip and swing a sword.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you!”

She then munched away as Oyaji diligently taught her evasive maneuvers.

Even in such a situation, the mood didn’t change at all.

“What about you?”

“I’ve got those evasive moves memorized.”

“Well, you do seem like the blocking type. It would be rather dangerous for you to gawkily upset your balance.”

That marked the end of Oyaji’s crash course on sword handling, I then paid the bill.

After that, Oyaji passed me a small slab of white stone.

“What’s this?”

“A whetstone. The ‘coating’ wasn’t applied on the weapon this time. So it’ll break in no time if you don’t regularly maintain it.”


The shield reacted when I slowly grabbed the whetstone.

Which is why I ended up absorbing it.


The requirement for Shield of Whetstone8 has been liberated.

Oh? This was the first shield that wasn’t in English.9

Well whatever, it’s still a shield.

I should absorb more minerals from now on……

Ah I see, this isn’t a new branch10, but one that’s combined with the Sky Egg Shield and Usa Meat Shield.

Was it because the whetstone was as indispensable as a kitchen knife?

The huge defensive power of the Egg Shield was quite frightening.

It’s likely that I would get the ‘Usapiru Shield’ if I absorbed the whole Usapiru without dismembering it.

Shield of Whetstone

True power sealed …… Equipment Bonus: Mineral Identification 1+

Special Effect: Automatic Polishing (8 Hours), High Consumption

A Special Effect?

I clicked the ‘help’ confirm button.

「Special Effect」

An exclusive effect that will only be usable when equipped with a specific weapon.

The effect won’t be usable by other weapons even if its true powers have been unsealed. Therefore, one will need to fit a specific weapon into a slot for this special ability to take effect.

So it’s something like that?

A type of effect that grants immense power like in those ○○ games.

I quickly changed my shield.

“Huh!? What the, heck is that?”

Shield of Whetstone, it looks like the Small Shield but is a whole lot bigger. A huge shield made of whetstone.

But there’s a pattern of slots on top of the shield, with the multiple holes varying in shapes and sizes. Some are fat while others are thin.

“Hey, you! Tell me what’s going on.”

Fumu… Just what did ‘Automatic Polishing (8 Hours), High Consumption’ mean?

Although, I am expecting it to do what it’s advertised…


“Huh? What’s up, Oyaji.”

“What on this flat Melromarc11 is that shield?!”

“Don’t you know already? It’s the legendary shield.”

“I’ve never seen or heard anything like this!”

“You saw it before, though it was a Small Shield back then.”

“Huh!? Then why on Melromarc12 did it turn into a whetstone?”

“I guess it’s because it absorbed the whetstone?”


At this rate, Oyaji wouldn’t be able to comprehend this situation anytime soon.

“You must have heard that the Legendary Weapon hold mysterious powers. This is just one of its powers.”

“… You didn’t hear this from the other Heroes?” 13

“I hadn’t seen them recently. You were the first one to transform your weapon right in front of me.”

Our natural adversary will be spawning in about one week. So shouldn’t they be sharing what they know with others, even if just a little? It seems those bastards were too selfish to even assist their peers properly.

I don’t even have an ounce of trust for those type of people either.

… But then again, it may not be necessary for them, since they weren’t in the ‘loser’ category like me.

“So, what are you troubled about?”

“Haha, it seems to have an effect of ‘Automatic Polishing (8 hours) High Consumption’. But I don’t know if it’s really possible to polish without using anything else.”

I didn’t know what would be consumed.


Oyaji went to grab a rusty sword from within his shop and inserted it inside one of the slots in my shield.

“I’ll give you this trash weapon as a bonus. Use that and see what it does.”

“Ooh, you have my thanks.”

There was an icon which popped up in the corner of my screen: 「Polishing」.

There was a lot of pressure.

Then, I felt a heavy weight on my shoulders.

I immediately glanced at the Icon and opened up my Status. In there, I saw my ‘SP’ gradually reducing.

I previously thought that something physical would be consumed, but I guess this shield can be used in this way too.

“Now then, guess we’ll be taking our leave.”

“We’re going?”


Stepping out of the Weapon Shop, I continued to stroke Raphtalia’s head for a short while.

So now, in order for us to raise our level and procure food for the ever-growing Raphtalia, I’ll need to go on another journey.

“Ah right, Oyaji.”

Glaring heedlessly at me, Oyaji said with an exasperated tone.

“… You still need something?”

“Do you know about the dungeon that’s located near the forest village?”

I asked while opening up a cheap map and pointing at the spot where that ***** had recommended.

I want to have another person’s reference just in case. Though actually trusting them is another matter entirely.

“The monsters are different from the forest; I heard they’re more similar to the ones which show up along that village’s highway.”

“I see, guess we’ll see for ourselves once we get there.”

Right now, we have to evolve my shield and earn as much money as possible before the next wave.


  1. Coin jiggling sfx, kudos to anon-kun 
  2. Usapirus? 
  3. sigh sfx 
  4. Wiki for Engel’s Coefficient 
  5. a long “Un” 
  6. basically Oyaji is mocking him by saying he’s two-faced, or something of the line.-ED- It’s a working application of the idiom wolf in sheep’s wools. 
  7. jou-chan = young girl/unmarried 
  8. shield this time was written in kanji 盾 instead of シイルド, which is romaji for shield (shiirudo) 
  9. he said that this is the first time a equipment wasn’t named with ‘shiirudo’, romaji English for shield. On a side note, all of the previous shields were in named in romaji English. 
  10. branch of evolution, in case anyone forgot/skipped the explanation about the system stuffs in earlier chapters 
  11. was about to say Earth but Melromarc seems more RP no? 
  12. pronounce Earth 
  13. Naofumi once again, indicates a short pause in Japanese 

Chapter 14 – Taking a Life

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

Exiting the meadow, we arrived along the fringe land between the mountain and forest.

Raphtalia’s fighting style had greatly improved thanks to her experience, and her movements were more skillful too.

Our herb collecting was going well. Monsters steadily kept on coming and provided us with exp, while our luggage was being overstuffed with all the item drops.

But then ‘it’ happened.

Before we had only fought fable-like monsters. But now we had finally encountered our first animal class creature.

A one-headed… chestnut rabbit?


That’s a weird name.


The Usapiru spotted our presence and leaped at us, attacking with its huge buck teeth.

“Watch out!”

It targeted Raphtalia after judging she was weaker.

I jumped out to protect her like usual.

Chomp! Chomp!3

It seemed that my defensive power was still higher than its attack.

“Alright! Stab it.”

“A… Aah…”

“What’s wrong?”

“A, a living thing, will, will have blood, right..?”

I was barely able to make sense of Raphtalia’s stuttering words.

“Deal with it, we’ll be fighting these kind of enemies from now on.”


Chomp! Chomp!

Usapiru repeatedly bit me with its teeth.

“Brace yourself and bear with it. Or else you’ll become too much of a burden that I’ll have to abandon you.”

That’s right. Even if she’s my cherished slave; if she can’t fight then she isn’t needed.

I’ll just have to visit that perverse slave dealer and buy another slave, one who can fight properly.

“N-, no!”

Frightened with her eyes shut tight, Raphtalia stabbed the Usapiru multiple times with her knife.

Blood began spewing after she pulled her weapon out.


The Usapiru died with a thud and laid motionless on the ground.

Raphtalia stared at her own knife while trembling, the scene thoroughly burnt into her eyes.

Her complexion became pale; she looked as if she wanted to escape from all of this.

However, we mustn’t feel any remorse.

Because we’ll be fighting monsters like this again and again for hundreds, even thousands of times.


Another Usapiru appeared out of a bush and it leaped at Raphtalia, trying to bite her.


I immediately prevented the attack by jumping in between the two.


“… Sorry. To be honest, I had to push you. Because I can’t do anything but protect others. So I have no choice but to leave you with all the dirty work.”

The Usapiru was chewing on my arm while I told this to Raphtalia.

“I can’t get stronger if I don’t do this. For this purpose, I need your help..”

If I don’t, then there won’t be a future for me. The time limit is fast approaching and the waves of disaster will soon appear.

I had no confidence in surviving with how things stood now.

“… But…”

“Within one week, a world-ruining wave will spawn.”


“Because of that, I want to become stronger, even if it’s only a little bit.”

Raphtalia was trembling as she listened to me.

“Are you… fighting against that disaster?”

“Haha, I was told that this was my role. So I’m not doing it because I want to… Guess we’re similar in that regard. I was forced to defend against the wave; there’s no sense of obligation or duty in it for me.”


“So, please try to understand that I don’t want us going our separate ways.”

Having to raise another slave will definitely be a waste, and sending her back into that cage won’t make me feel good about myself either.

But unfortunately, I have no money. If I want to buy a new slave, then I’ll have to sell her.

“… Understood. Goshujin-sama, I… will, fight.”

Color gradually returned to her pale face. She slowly nodded her head and thrust her blood-stained knife at the Usapiru’s vital point.

For some reason, her demeanor was the polar opposite of what she was like before, her eyes now shined with determination.

At the sight of the Usapiru squirming and convulsing, Raphtalia silently closed her eyes.

Then a moment later, she changed her grip on the knife and began skinning the rabbit.

“Let me do that. I don’t want you handling all the grunt work.”


I took out a knife used for dismantling, and with that the body of the Usapirus was soon dismembered.

This is reality, not a game.

It was understandable for someone to want to look away.

But after killing a living creature for the first time, I truly understood what it means to be alive in this world.

With the Usapiru’s blood staining my hand, I was able to understand what Raphtalia had just gone through.

I dismantled both rabbits and absorbed the pieces into the shield.

The requirement for Usa Leather Shield4 has been unsealed.

The requirement for Usa Meat Shield5 has been unsealed.

Usa Leather Shield

True power sealed…Equipment bonus: 3 Agility

Usa Meat Shield

True power sealed…Equipment bonus: Dismantling Techniques 1

I equipped the latter shield then stood up.

“Goshujin-sama. Please, don’t abandon me.”6

Raphtalia begged me while raising her face.

She probably hated the mere thought of going back to that place, where she cried at night and was sick and famished.

Without proper care, she’d probably die in there. That would certainly leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth.

Although I’d love to imagine ridiculing that ***** until the climax of her death, it would be impractical for it to actually happen. 7

“You’ve properly fulfilled your role, so I won’t abandon you.”

Besides, I would be troubled if Raphtalia were to die.

But then again… That’s right. She’s a creature of the similar gender just like that *****… the exact same as that *****!

I shook my head repeatedly.

I need to stop thinking like this. It’s bad for my heart.

Right now, I have to find a way to grow stronger with this slave of mine, even if just a little.

EXP 7 x 2

“I want to, lend my strength, to goshujin-sama, desu.”8

From then on, Raphtalia was unbelievably enthusiastic about charging in and skewering the monsters which appeared.

Someone who I always needed to keep safe was now being so aggressive without any inhibitions.

This was some good development, but it seemed like… she was motivated for the wrong reasons.

The way I handled matters is not praiseworthy

It was entirely for self-interest.

But still… these sort of things needed to be done no matter what.

When evening came, we decided to rest within the forest. For that purpose we found a spacious area, lit some firewood, and began setting up camp.

We made a stew out of the Usapiru’s meat and edible herbs which we collected.

The remaining meat was grilled over the campfire.

Although our plan was to return back to town by tomorrow evening, we have no proof that the monsters’ meat will even sell.

Since I was a bit skeptical, I used the ‘Judgement’ skill to identify the food and see if it was safe to eat.

I cut a piece of the cooked meat to confirm that there was nothing wrong with it. But I still had no idea what it tasted like.

They were just grilled and boiled so it couldn’t be considered a proper cuisine.

I also activated my ‘cooking’ skill, and the quality turned from ‘normal’ to ‘a tad good’. So they shouldn’t taste terrible either.

“Here, eat up.”

Raphtalia then began devouring the cooked stew and grilled meat.

“O-, Oishii!”9

Her stomach grumbling in anticipation a little while ago, Raphtalia heartily ate with shining eyes.

After today’s fights, I became a Lvl 10 and Raphtalia also became a Lvl 10.

She finally caught up with me.

Oh well, it couldn’t be helped.

I started compounding under the light of the campfire.

Our immediate goal is to gradually save up money, then to gear ourselves up. Which is why I’ll try to create the most expensive medicine in order to sell it.

grind grind grind 10

I grounded the medical herbs with the mortar, then mixed the extracts together before transferring the solution into the beaker.

Recovery Potion was made.

Nutritional Supplement was made.

Again, these recipes were ones which I had already discovered.

This was the limit of “Simple Compounding Recipes 1”. Even these two drugs were miraculously made with intuition.

The shield’s power – which was fueled by an ‘eternal torch’ that will-, who am I kidding –11 of ‘compounding’ had reached its limit.

Basically, most of the qualities were somewhat bad.

“… Ah chou*”

Did the effect of the medicine run out?

I silently passed her a ‘recovery potion’, and Raphtalia drank it while frowning.

Anyways, in order to acquire new sources of income, we will need to grow stronger.

“I’ll watch over the campfire, you go ahead and sleep. So yeah… I’ll wake you up after awhile.”


She was strangely obedient. One could see a huge difference between this and our first meeting.

“Good night.”

“Haha, pleasant dreams. Oh right, we’ll be selling those tomorrow. So go ahead and use the fur as a blanket.”

I passed Raphtalia the fur, which was fumigated while I was cooking in order to drive away fleas.

It was a little small, but it should keep the body warm after bundling yourself up, right?


Raphtalia frowned a bit after sniffing the fur’s scent.

“Is it smoky?”

“Yes. It’s very smoky.”

“I thought so.”

“But, it looks very warm.”

Raphtalia snuggled up to me, leaned against my back, and closed her eyes.

Oh well, this was fine.

I continued to make medicine and threw more wood into the campfire, just waiting for the moment when Raphtalia would begin shrieking like a banshee.

… sigh.

I wonder how long this lifestyle would continue.

It might only last for one week more, huh.

Although I shouldn’t be thinking about dying anytime soon, I should always be prepared for that possibility.

… It’s about time. Since we’ve been together for three days, I could somehow sense when she was about to make another uproar.


Raphtalia gently rubbed her eyes and slowly got up.

“Are you awake?”

She didn’t scream.

Ah, I see. It was because she was contently sleeping against my back.

It may be a trauma, but it seems like she’ll be fine if there’s another person’s warmth besides her while she slept.


“… My stomach’s empty.”

She got hungry again right after the feast she just ate.

“Hai hai.”

I gave Raphtalia the grilled meat which was meant to be reserved for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Raphtalia delectably stuffed her mouth full of the meat.

“Well then, I’ll be going to sleep now. Wake me up if anything happens.”


Raphtalia nodded while munching her food.

Good grief, she became a lot more energetic. But look at how much of a glutton she turned into.


  1. ウサピル Usapiru, a combination of ウサギ (rabbit)and ピル (pill). 
  2. sound that a rabbit make, I have idea what its English counterpart is.-ED- I dont think it’s necessary to find English equivalence of this. 
  3. ga-in ! ga-in! another sfx, made by biting your teeth together 
  4. rabbit leather shield 
  5. rabbit meat shield 
  6. Raphtaria-tan moefic. End of discussion. 
  7. Naofumi still thinks that Raphtalia is the substitute representation of zee ***** 
  8. these broken up lines are intended, please don’t change the broken-ness(?) 
  9. De-,delicious! -ED- Oishii is not that moe so perhaps later occurences can be translated properly without this kind of footnote? 
  10. gori gori gori, sfx. 
  11. from ‘which………kidding’ was a joke in Japanese(tried to translate it to the best of my ability). Before anyone ask this: eternal torch was translated from付け焼刃 which was付け (eternal) + 焼 (scorching) + 刃(blade) with焼刃can be a slang for torch. Basically Naofumi became frustrated and turned delusional for a moment there 

Chapter 13 – Remedy

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

The sun had set and the night grew cold; it was about time for Raphtalia’s stomach to grumble. Leaving the luggage behind at the inn, we went to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

We had some snacks just awhile ago.

Raphtalia got them from an unfamiliar shop, though I had no idea what was so good about them.

Good grief, I needed a way to fatten up my wallet. I guess camping out will be our plan from now on.

So I’ll let you eat your fill for now!

“Let’s see, Delia-set for two people and a Neapolitan1 please.”

After giving the order to our server, our dinner soon arrived.

“Let’s dig in.”


Raphtalia began eating by stuffing food into her mouth with her bare hands again.

Judging from her growth, I would say that she was roughly around 10. She had been eyeing my plate, so I went ahead and ordered extra.

“Eat up while you can since we’ll be camping out from tomorrow onward.”


Nodding and eating at the same time is bad table manners. But since she’s eating so gratefully, I’ll excuse her behavior this time.3

After that, we returned to our room where I took note of Raphtalia’s appearance yet again.

“Your hair is a mess, let’s trim it a bit.”

“… Hai.”

I patted Raphtalia head with a ‘pon*’ since she was making an uneasy face.

“It’ll be fine. I’m not going to give you a weird haircut.”

Besides, it was her current appearance that looked weird.

Using a knife, I began trimming off the excessive hair with a ‘gushi*’.

I trimmed her hair to about shoulder length before I was done.

“Alright, this much should be good, right.”

Compared to her old hairstyle, this one was at least more presentable.

With this, she would look quite nice after dressing up.

Raphtalia began twirling around, her face swelling with confidence.4

I wonder what she’s so happy about.

The shield reacted when I was cleaning up the leftover hair.

I never would have imagined that.


I opened my status to confirm. Though it appeared that my Lvl and ‘Tree’6 were still insufficient.


Crap, she turned around.

“Now then, you should hurry up and go to bed.”


She was being strangely honest, unlike yesterday.

Well, that’s good.

She might weep again, so I busied myself by compounding inside the room.

Nutritional Supplement was created.

Nutritional Supplement Quality Bad -> A Bit Bad. A medicine that relieves fatigue, it is also effective as a method of rapidly recovering from malnourishment.

Recovery Potion was created.

Recovery Potion Quality A Bit Bad -> Normal. A medicine that treats certain illnesses. It will be less effective against more severe diseases.

Fumu… there are various things that can be made using the mountain and forest herbs.

Because of this, I can trade these at the ******** for a splendid sum of money.

It was just that the materials were consumed at a fearsome rate that was borderline hazardous.

Altogether, I made 6 Nutritional Supplements and a few other remedies.

However, it was still very difficult to make high quality medicines; I had no chance of winning against a specialist.

Since I’m the Shield Hero and not a Pharmacist.

… Let’s absorb some of them into the Shield then.

The requirement for Calorie Shield has been unsealed.

The requirement for Energy7 Shield has been unsealed.

The requirement for Energic Shield had been unsealed.

Calorie Shield

True power sealed …… Equipment Bonus: Stamina Boost (Small)

Energy Shield

True power sealed …… Equipment Bonus: SP Boost (Small)

Energic Shield

True power sealed …… Equipment Bonus: Stamina Consumption Decrease (Small)

For the time being, all of them gave status related bonuses.

Just what is ‘stamina’ anyways? 8 Is it like physical fitness?

It seems that I’ll need to experience this myself.

Next we had the medical herbs, but… I wonder if it’ll become more difficult if I continue to recklessly learn more crafting skills.

I want more combat bonuses.

Or maybe it’s because I can’t meet the unsealing requirement with only the herbs I had collected.

Well, that’s fine.


While stretching and preparing to go to sleep, I spotted Raphtalia squeezing her eyes tight. Looks like she wasn’t able to get a good night’s sleep; that was a sign she was about to weep.


I covered her mouth right before she screamed, then I held her in my arms while gently patting her with a ‘pon pon*’. 10

Phew, I was somehow able to calm her down tonight.

But she would cry again if I tried to let go of her now.

Guess it can’t be helped. Let’s sleep together then.

… It felt kind of chilly.

Feeling the sunlight shining on my face, I opened my eyes.

Raphtalia, who was supposed to be sleeping next to me, was trembling in a corner of the room.

“What’s wrong?”

“Gomennasai gomennasai, gomennasai gomennasai!”11

I furrowed my eyebrows at Raphtalia who was desperately muttering apologies; I could roughly guess the reason due to this damp chilliness which was coming from underneath me. I see… Raphtalia wet the bed.


She thought I would be angry.

I had never heard of a 10 year old wetting the bed, but there was no way I could be angry after looking at those frightened eyes of hers.

I went over to Raphtalia.

I reached my hand out, startling Raphtalia as she curled herself up into a ball and shielded her head.

“Good grief…”

I used that hand to pat the shoulder of a trembling Raphtalia.13

“Wetting the bed wasn’t something that you can control, right? Come now, hurry up and undress so you can wash yourself up.”

She’ll need a spare change of clothes too, I suppose.


Raphtalia looked at me with a mystified expression.

“You’re not angry?”

“How could I lash out at someone who’s been regretting their actions? You reflected on what you did, so I’m not angry.”

The sheet was stained. I wondered how much I’ll have to pay the Innkeeper… we’ll keep it as a piece of cloth for the time being.

After that, I explained the situation to the Innkeeper, paid for the damages, and then rushed off to buy some spare clothes from the Weapon Shop.

Although the well water was a bit cold, I washed the sheet clean and packed it in our luggage bag.

It seemed like a great idea to dry this sheet by tying it on a branch and hanging it as we walk through the meadow.

“Now then.”

It’s getting a bit irritating to walk with Raphtalia, who continued apologizing.

“I told you not to worry about it!”

“… Hai.”

Haa… She really was an obedient child.

However, it would also be troublesome for me if she had no motivation.


Raphtalia’s stomach grumbled again.

Oh, and her face was flushed with shame.

“I guess it’s about time for breakfast.”


Raphtalia walked besides me while holding onto the hem of my shirt.


“Alright then, you’ll need to take this medicine as punishment.”

I handed a ‘recovery potion’ over to Raphtalia.

It seems like a persistent illness, one which required a regular intake of medicine, so this is exactly what she needs.

Raphtalia’s face turned extremely sour after just a sniff. However, she was very enthusiastic about drinking it since this was her punishment.

“Uwaa… So bitter…”

“Just bear with it.”


Raphtalia, who finished drinking the whole thing, had a blenched face and looked about ready to vomit.

By the way, that compounded medicine seemed to fetch a good price. But since the quality was poor, the horrible taste was even worse.


  1. ナポラータ I’m pretty sure I got the name right, but since I’m not a food enthusiast, please correct me if I’m wrong 
  2. she said hai while chewing 
  3. lit trans: I wanted to tell her to choose between ‘eating and nodding’ -> sounds awkward so I rephrased it 
  4. literally meant new self with a new image 
  5. sucking/absorbing sfx 
  6. as in evolve tree, just to clarify things 
  7. one of them is エナジー, pronounce enajii, another is エネルギー, pronounce enerugii. Contact me if you can somehow provide us with a good pair of names for these 2 shields 
  8. do note that stamina was written in romaji-english in the Japanese version. 
  9. a sound Naofumi let out when he stretched 
  10. I liked the sfx from the original version so I tried my best with fit it in o3o 
  11. gomennasai = I’m sorry 
  12. sfx for sigh 
  13. Raphtalia-tan moe. 
  14. sfx for swallowing liquid. 

Chapter 12 – What’s Yours is Mine

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

Around high noon, I opened my eyes and Raphtalia was there waiting for me.

“Are we going to the castle town? Koho

“Ha ha.”

She’s coughing once again.

I silently handed her the ‘regular medicine’ and Raphtalia took it while frowning.

After that it was time to drop by the ******** to do some business.

“Fumu… the quality of these isn’t bad. Yuusha-sama, are you familiar with pharmacology?”

Since I was no longer a stranger to the store, I was able to catch glimpses on some of the medicine’s production.

“No, it was my first time making some yesterday. Compared to selling raw medical herbs, which one is more profitable?”

“That’s a difficult question. Although medical herbs are cheaper to use, medicines can usually save lives.”

Although the pharmacist frowned when he saw Raphtalia, I knew from observation that he didn’t use cheap lies and was speaking honestly.

“The price of medicine has skyrocketed recently due to the prophecy, so demand for them are very high right now.”


Either risk failing to craft them for better sales, or selling raw materials to their production line directly; it’s debatable on which of the two will yield more gold.

However, everything has its own silver lining. There’s no disadvantage in continuing to collect more.

“Hey, does this mean you’re not coming anymore?”

“… Didn’t I say something along the lines of: ‘For two weeks, I’ll be selling medical herbs around town’?”

The pharmacist understood my answer and looked at me with an odd expression before laughing.

This time around he gave me some hand-me-down equipment and taught me how to use them, taking my medical herbs as his payment while still buying the medicine off me.

I received various tools besides the mortar.

Laboratory equipment like: measuring device, flask, and distiller.

These should last me for quite a while before I have to get some new ones.

“Since these used goods were only collecting dust in the warehouse, you won’t know when they might break.”

“I suppose it’s a good enough set for beginners.”

Anyways, with this I’ll be able to try out more formulas.

I just have to dispose of the Balloon skins now.

While on my way to the Balloon buyer, I caught sight of some children from my peripheral vision.

It seemed those Balloon skins that the merchant bought were used as material to make actual, marketable balloons. The children were playing around with one of those as if it was a ball.

Raphtalia was looking at those kids with envy.

“Naa1, what’s that?”


I pointed at the ball those children were playing with and asked.

“Well, that’s one of the practical applications of what we do with the Balloon skins.”

“I see, then can you make another using the goods we’re about to sell?”

“Eh, well… if you really want one.”

We headed over to the buyer to sell our goods and left with money in hand. He then let me have one of the balls that was made from a Balloon skin.


I threw the ball and Raphtalia caught it
I threw the ball and Raphtalia caught it.

With wide eyes, Raphtalia alternated between the ball and my face several times.

“What? You don’t want it?”

“M-, Mhm.”

Raphtalia laughed merrily, waving her head around.

She laughed for the first time.

“Once we’re done with today’s work, you can go play around with it.”


She was somehow very energetic. This is good progress.

Because an energetic Raphtalia will be more beneficial for me.

After that we returned to the forest, exterminating monsters and collecting herbs just like yesterday.

We were able to go in deeper thanks to my enhanced defense.

… Apparently there is a village if we continued to advance into the forest. However, I refused to follow that *****’s advice.

It was profitable and we discovered various things. It was likely due to the fact that we were approaching the foot of the mountain range.

Oh? We’ve found a new enemy.

An egg-like creature.

This thing looked like it belonged to a branch of the Balloon family.

“We’re fighting this monster for the first time. I’ll be going in first. Once I give you the signal, rush in for the kill.”


That’s a good answer.

I charged at the monster; it also noticed me and bared its fangs my way.

Gan!* 3

It really did no damage. There wasn’t any pain or so much as an itch.

Rapharia’s blade flew through the air and easily impaled it.


We cleared monsters more vigorously compared to yesterday.

An Eggy.5

Another one of the earlier enemies.

Followed by a ‘Parin*’ sound, Eggy crumbled into pieces with egg yolk splattering everywhere when it died.

“B-ue6, this is nasty!”

Couldn’t the shell be sold? This was such a waste.

It smells rotten so I guess it’s inedible.

I absorbed the shell pieces into the shield.

Since she got used to it, Raphtalia was able to pierce the Eggy in an experienced manner.

Requirement for Egg Shield has been unsealed.

Egg Shield

True power sealed …… Equipment bonus: Culinary 1

Another level based skill bonus.

This time was cooking, huh?

We continued hunting the different color variations of this monster.

Requirement for Blue Egg Shield has been unsealed.

Requirement for Sky Egg Shield has been unsealed.

Blue Egg Shield

True power sealed …… Equipment bonus: Judgement 1

Sky Egg Shield

True power sealed …… Equipment bonus: Beginner Cooking Recipes

Weird, it has only been skill bonuses lately.

Does it depend on which type of enemy we defeat?

Oh well, in the meantime I’ll just utilize my herb collecting skills more.

The day seemed a little bit longer while up in the mountain.

Still, I was a bit concerned over Raphtalia’s equipment.

Here are today’s results:

Me: Level 8

Raphtalia: Level 7

Damn. She almost caught up to me already.

This was undoubtedly due to Raphtalia dealing the finishing blows.


“My stomach’s empty…”

Raphtalia made a troubled expression as she said this to me.

“I guess you’re right, let’s head back for our meal.”

We ended our exploration and headed back to town.

After returning, I sold the Eggy Shells that looked unusable for compounding.

We made 9 silver today, including what we sold this morning.

It was doubtful that we could make much from these shells. However, they were bought from me for an unexpectedly high price.

The medicine and herbs also fetched a good price, making me reconsider what we should eat today.

Well, considering that Raphtalia had been drooling all over the food stalls for awhile now…

I had no intention of pampering her, but she should be rewarded for her good work. So, why not?

“Let’s drop by, just for today.”

“Eh? Is it okay?”

“You wanted to eat here, right?”

Raphtalia nodded fiercely at my question.

She had become quite honest.


She’s coughing once again.

I silently handed her a ‘regular medicine’, then I ordered what looked like hardened mashed potatoes on a skewer from one of the stalls.

“Here, you worked hard today.”

After swallowing the medicine, Raphtalia happily accepted the skewer I held out and stuffed her face with it.

“Thank you!”

“N-, no prob…”

… I’m glad that she had become so energetic.

I looked around for a cheap Inn while eating and walking.

“Do you want to stay here tonight?”


Raphtalia crying all night long was troublesome enough already, please at least spare me the fights with the Balloons.

We went into the Inn.

Upon entering, the Innkeeper blatantly scowled,7; however, he instantly switched on his business smile.

“There’s a chance my companion here will be crying at night, is that alright?”8

I dangled the Balloon concealed under my cloak threateningly in front of the other party as I asked.

“Tha-, that’s a bit――”

“I can count on you, right? We’ll be keeping the noise at a reasonable level.”

“Y-, yes.”

Ever since coming to this world, I had learned that blackmailing was an important part of business.

This whole damn country had made me into a target of ridicule; the damn king wouldn’t be able to fully comprehend the damage his actions caused me.

No, even if he did, he would probably say something like ‘it couldn’t be helped’.9

Seriously, all these parallel world elitists.

I paid the fee and then unloaded our luggage inside the room we rented.

Raphtalia’s eyes sparkled while looking at the ball.

“Come back before nightfall. Also, stay as close to the Inn as possible.”


Good grief, she really did act like a child her age.

Demi-humans seemed to be the object of contempt, but there shouldn’t be any problems if she was seen and treated like an adventurer.

Looking out of the window, I saw Raphtalia playing with her ball. I then did research on more methods of compounding.

Approximately… 20 minutes had passed since then.

That was when I heard a loud, childish scream.

“Why is a Demi-human playing in our turf!”

What was that? I peered out of the window.

No matter how I look at it, all I saw was some ****** bullies pointing at Raphtalia and harassing her.

Good grief, no matter where you go there will always be these type of kids lurking around the place.

“This brat. You have a nice toy, so hand it over.”

“Eh-, a-, that’s…”

Raphtalia seemed to be aware of the demi-human’s low standing in society. So their reaction wasn’t strange to her either.


I went out of the room and headed downstairs.

“I told you to hand it over.”

“N-, no…”

These ******* punks were intending to use violence as they encircled the frail and defiant Raphtalia.

“Hold it right there, you little shits.”

“What do you want, old geezer.”

Guh, old geezer he says!

Whatever, I’m only 20 this year and I don’t care about this world’s standards for age.

I don’t even care if I’m an old geezer to them.

“What reason do you have for demanding other people’s belongings?”

“Hah? That isn’t your ball, is it?”

“It’s mine. I’m lending it to this girl. If you stole it from her then that means you stole it from me.”

“Just what are you saying, damn geezer.”

Sigh… It seemed they couldn’t even understand that much with all the blood rushing into their brains.

Even if he was a kid, I never intended to forgive him. Those who steal from people deserved to be punished.

“I see I see, then I’ll give you an EVEN BIGGER BALL.”

Noticing my demeanor, Raphtalia squeezed out her voice, telling the startled children.

“Run away!”

However, the eyes of those little shits underestimated me.

I silently snickered deep down while I took out the Balloon that was biting my arm.



The Balloon immediately paid the brat a visit with a bite on his ***.

“So kids, that one was a REAL ball, you guys want some too?”


“That was not a joke. Dumbasses!”

“Die! ******!”

“I’ll kick your *** too, you little ****!”13

I turned back towards the Inn with the brats cursing me as they ran away.

“Er, umm…”

Raphtalia grabbed my mantle.

“Oi, there’s a Balloon still living in there.”

The frightened Raphtalia quickly flinched her hand away, her timid look making me laugh.


What was she talking about?


While stroking Raphtalia’s head, we both returned to the Inn.


  1. hey 
  2. definition: yes. It’s like hai, just a bit more unrefined and slang-ish but still is polite, usually accompanied with a nod 
  3. sfx, bites your teeth together. 
  4. a variation of “Aha!” 
  5.  エグッグ contact me if you have a better suggestion 
  6. puking/disgusted basically 
  7. tsk tsk tsk, Naofumi, you got charged with **** and now you’re booking a room with a tanuki loli, just what are you planning 
  8. Naofumi. Oh Naofumi, you just dug a real large hole there for yourself. 
  9. I fixed it up for some clarity, basically it was saying something along the line of: no, even if he knew about that, it is highly possible that he will just say that he could do nothing but swimming(this is like a proverb in this case) along. 
  10. sfx, sigh 
  11. he’s just screaming in pain 
  12. more painful cries 
  13. they are just throwing childish verbal abuses at this point 

Chapter 11 – Slave’s Accomplishments

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

After our lunch inside the restaurant, we headed off into the meadow.

Raphtalia was humming cheerfully by the way.

However, upon seeing the meadow, she began to tremble with fear lingering in her eyes.

“It may be scary but I will definitely protect you from the monsters.”

She tilted her head upon hearing my words.

“C’mon, these small fries can only make me itchy when they bite, I don’t even feel any pain.”

Raphtalia was dumbfounded when I showed her the gallery of Balloons hidden under my mantle.

“That’s not, painful?”



“I’ll tank.”1

“Yes… Koho…”

I was a bit concerned over her coughing, but she seemed to be fine.

We picked up medicinal herbs along the way while heading towards the forest.

Oh, here they come again.

Three Red Balloons came flying out from a bush inside the forest.

I sacrificed myself to make sure that none of them bit Raphtalia.

“Alright, just do it like we had done it awhile ago.”

“… Hai!”2

A motivated Raphtalia vigorously charged and backstabbed the Red Balloons.


With this, Raphtalia raised her Level to 2.

The requirement for Red Small Shield has been unsealed.

Red Small Shield

True power sealed …… Equipment Bonus: 4 Defensive Power

I immediately changed my shield.

Raphtalia’s eyes popped out when she saw my shield transform.

“Goshujin-sama3… just who are you?”

She didn’t seem to know that I was the one and only Shield Hero. Well up until now, she was nothing but a demi-human slave after all.

“I’m a Hero. The Hero of the Shield.”

“The legendary hero?”

“So you know?”

Raphtalia timidly nodded.

“That’s right, I’m a summoned Hero. There are 3 more people like me… but I’m the weakest of them all!”

I began biting my fingernails, trying to contain this sudden outburst of rage.

My head was filled with nothing but bloodlust when the face of that ****** popped up.

Raphtalia was frightened by my eyes, instinctively knowing that she shouldn’t dig any deeper into this.

“For the time being, today’s task will be hunting monsters in this forest. I’ll seize them and you’ll pierce them.”


She had become somewhat accustomed to this as Raphtalia nodded obediently.

And then, whenever we encountered enemies inside the forest, we’d always use the common tactic where I aggro’ed and disabled them while Raphtalia went in for the kill.

Midway through, we encountered an enemy other than Balloons for the first time.

Roux Mush4

A white, moving mushroom. It had sharp slanted eyes, and was roughly the size of a human head.

I tested my attacks on the Roux Mush and it gave off a response identical to a Red Balloon’s.

Raphtalia then knocked this one down too.

There were Roux Mush of other colors such as Blue Mushes and Green Mushes

Requirement for Mush Shield has been unsealed.

Requirement for Blue Mush Shield has been unsealed.

Requirement for Green Mush Shield has been unsealed.

Mush Shield

True power sealed …… Equipment bonus: Plant Identification 1

Blue Mush Shield

True power sealed …… Equipment bonus: Simple Compounding Recipes 1

Green Mush Shield

True power sealed …… Equipment bonus: Apprentice’s Compounding

There were no status bonus; all of them gave level-based skill5 bonuses.

Compounding… Mass producing medicine will be very valuable.

By the end of the day, Raphtalia’s Level increased by three, so in total she was now at Level 5.

We walked through the meadow and camped around the riverbed in the evening.


Raphtalia arrived at my side without voicing any complaints.

I suppose it would do her some good if she learned to appreciate money by experiencing the difficulty of making some.

After we lit a campfire with some firewood by the river, I took out a towel from inside my bag and gave it to Raphtalia.

“Go wash yourself for now. When you’re done, come back here and warm your cold body with the fire.”

‘… Hai.”

Raphtalia removed her clothes and dove into the river, where she then began cleansing herself.

During that time I began fishing in order to prepare our dinner.

I properly kept an eye out for Raphtalia while doing so.

There should only be weak Balloons lurking around this area, but it would be wise to never let my guard down.

I took a look over today’s harvest.

An abundant amount of ‘Meadow’s Wild Medical Herb’.

A splendid amount of ‘Medical Herbs that don’t usually grow in the Meadow’.

A reasonable amount of ‘Balloon’s Balloon’.

A reasonable amount of ‘Assorted Mush’.

Number of shields unsealed: 4 types.

Mhm. An obvious difference in efficiency.

Buying a slave was the right choice.

That’s right. I should try to challenge compounding.

I called forth some simple recipes.

A window popped up, showing combination formulas that can be made with the medical herbs which I collected.

As for equipment… I suppose I can only make a limited amount using the rocks and pebbles on the riverside. So let’s try the recipes that can be made from a mortar.6

However, the simple recipes didn’t have any record of mixing techniques within it.

Gori gori gori*…7

I tried imitating how the ******** owner mixed his medicine in order to witness the results.

Heal Pill has been made!

Heal Pill Quality: Bad -> A Bit Bad. A pill that hastens a wound’s recovery, needs to be applied on the wound to receive effects.

This type of Icon 8 floated in front of my eyes.

Nice, it was a success.

The shield was reacting, but I decided not to let the shield absorb the medicine for now.

Alright, time to challenge an unfamiliar recipe.

Sometimes the compounding failed and the stuff turned into a jet black waste. This was more fun than I expected.

Pachi pachi pachi*…

The sound of fire crackling could be heard.

Raphtalia was done bathing and had gone to warm herself up by the campfire.

“Are you warm yet?”

“Yes. Koho…”

This looked very similar to a cold. The slave dealer did say that she was plagued with an illness.

Coincidentally… there was a cold medicine amongst the experimental remedies.

Regular Medicine Quality: Somewhat acceptable. This medicine is effective against a mild cold.

“Hey, drink this.”

I was a bit anxious, but this was better than nothing.

“… So bitter, dislike it… guh…”

Raphtalia tried to say something selfish but held her chest in pain instead.


“Y-, Yes.”

Raphtalia trembled as she swallowed the medicine that I passed to her.

“Haa… Haa…”

“There there, good girl.”

Raphtalia once again gave me a perplexed stare when I patted her head.

Ah, these tanuki9 ears sure were fluffy.

She hugged her tail while blushing, refusing to let me feel it. Did she think that I would try touching her tail when I looked at it?

“Here, this is your dinner.”

I handed a grilled fish over to Raphtalia, and then returned to compounding medicine.

I’ve always loved working on these kinds of delicate projects.

The sun had already set but I kept on compounding, using the campfire for light.

Fumu… This was fun in a lot of ways.

Having already finished eating her fish, Raphtalia drowsily stared at the campfire while letting out some subtle snoring sounds.

“Go to sleep.”

Upon hearing my order, Raphtalia repeatedly shook her head.

Was she being shy? She was refusing to sleep like a spoiled child… Well, I guess she was one.

Anyways it seemed like she would fall asleep eventually.

Come to think of it, was the medicine effective? I hadn’t heard her cough since then.

Afterwards, I examined the remedies which were made from my experiments, and most of them had simple effects.

Those deemed inferior were absorbed into the shield.

Requirement for Petit Medicine Shield has been unsealed.

Requirement for Petit Poison Shield has been unsealed.

Petit Medicine Shield

True power sealed …… Equipment bonus: Raises Medicine’s Effects.

Petit Poison Shield

True power sealed …… Equipment bonus: Poison Resistance ( Small )

Both of them seemed to be related to the Leaf Shield and Mush Shield. Though I had no idea how ‘Raises Medicine’s Effects’ works.

Does it increase the effect of the medicines that I use on myself, or the effect of the medicines which I create?

Well, whatever.

There was no mistake that today’s harvest was a good one.

“No… help me…”

Raphtalia let out a strange voice.

The sleeping Raphtalia seemed to be having a nightmare.


I felt like my ears went deaf for a moment there.

This sucked. Balloons were coming our way; they probably got attracted by her screaming.

I quickly went over to Raphtalia and covered her mouth.


However, a loud noise could still be heard, I then recalled the slave dealer’s concern about this dilemma.

This certainly was problematic.

“Calm down, just settle down already.”

I held the sobbing Raphtalia in my hands and cradled her.10


Was she calling for her parents? Raphtalia could do nothing but cry and stretch out her hand, begging for help.

“It’s fine… it’s alright, you’re safe now.”

I patted her head and continued cradling her.

“Don’t cry. Be strong.”


I continued to hug the weeping Raphtalia.


A Balloon that was attracted by her cries appeared.


Really, even at a time like this.

I held Raphtalia close to me and charged at the Balloon.


Chun… Chun!*15

“Is it morning?”

What a terrible night.

By the time I finished with the horde of Balloons that appeared, Raphtalia’s cries had also begun to quiet down. But when I tried to separate myself from her, if even a little, she would start wailing out loud again.

Then the Balloons would appear once more.

Which is why I was unable to get a wink of sleep.


“You awake?”


Raphtalia widely opened her eyes in surprise since I was holding her up in front of me.

“Ha… I’m tired.”

There was still some time before the town’s gate opened. So I planned on taking a quick nap for now.

Today, I would be selling the medicine which I had made yesterday; this should yield more profit than the raw medical herbs.

If the herbs’ value were higher than the medicine’s, then there would be no point in people making them.

“I’ll be sleeping for little while. As for breakfast… would the leftover fish from yesterday suit your taste?”

Raphtalia timidly nodded.

“Then good night. Call me if any monsters appear.”

It was painful just to keep my eyes open, so I was quickly lulled into a slumber full of dreams.

I still didn’t know the reason behind Raphtalia’s panic attacks. And I wasn’t too interested in hearing about it either.

It’s most likely due to the shock of being sold by her parents, or maybe from being kidnapped.

Even if it was the latter, I had no obligation to return her. This gentleman here had paid big bucks for this slave after all.

It was fine if she held a grudge over this. I needed to do all I could in order to survive.

I have to find a way to return to my old world, that’s all there is to it.


  1. he said: I’ll go, but I like this better, my preference as always 
  2. I don’t think I need to point this out at this point but : yes. 
  3. once again, my preference. Means master 
  4. TL: ルーマッシュNeed help deciphering this name here, Since it’s a white moving mushroom I figured roux +Mush(in mushroom) works best. Editor: Could it possibly be Root Mushroom? 
  5. skills with ranks 
  6. google if you don’t know what a mortar is, basically he’s saying that he will use recipes with ingredients that can be ground by rocks and pebbles, extremely primitive mortar. 
  7. smashing/rubbing sound between stones or other hard materials that’s not metal 
  8. it’s Icon in original so I’ll leave it like that, but this is most likely a bunch of subtitles or a small window with words. 
  9. raccoon, this is my fetish o3o and will absolutely never back down. -ED- No problem, tanuki has better attached meanings than raccoon anyway. 
  10. like the way people rock babies at night when they cry. 
  11. so the full thing would be something like: No… oka-san… oto-san. 
  12. well…… if you don’t know this sfx then I have nothing to say. 
  13. sighing sfx 
  14. war cry sfx 
  15. sfx for weak slaps, Naofumi is er… cradling Raphtalia basically 
  16. definitely not Hi, the greeting. This is a sfx for surprised muffled scream. 

Chapter 10 – Kid’s Lunch

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.


Oyaji was completely dumbstruck when I brought Raphtalia along with me to the Weapon Shop.

Yep, in order for her to fight efficiently… she needed more offensive power.

So it would be absurd not to buy her a weapon.

“Give me a weapon within the range of 6 silver coins that this girlie can use.”

“… Hah.”

The Weapon Shop’s Oyaji lets out a deep sigh.

“Is this country really that corrupted, or did you become completely rotten to the bone… but whatever, I’m getting 6 silver coins out of this.”

“Do you still have any left, things like ordinary clothing or a cape?”

“… It’s fine. I’ll add those in as a freebie.”

Oyaji muttered with a detested tone while bringing out several knives.

“These fall under the 6 silver coins and below category.”

From left to right, we have knives made from: Copper, Bronze, and Iron.

They all have the same attack range1 but different prices.

I made Raphtalia hold each of the knives a few times before choosing the one which she was most comfortable with.

“This one’s good.”

Raphtalia’s face paled as she looked at me and Oyaji with the knife in her hands.

“Here, your free clothes and mantle.”

Oyaji handed them over with a brusque shove and guided us to the changing room.

I seized Raphtalia’s knife and then instructed her to wear the donated clothing.

Raphtalia tottered into the changing room while coughing; she then got changed.

“She still looks rather messy… let’s give her a bath later on.”

There was a river flowing near the meadow.

In this country, the river splits into various branches as it flows downstream. My camping grounds have recently been relocated in that area.

It’s a great spot since I can always fish for food.

Some of the fishes that I caught were absorbed, unsealing the effects of the ‘Fish Shield’ and acquiring Angling Techniques 1 as a result.

Raphtalia timidly tottered over to me after she finished changing.

It seemed she understood that disobeying will bring about pain.

I squatted down to Raphtalia’s eye level and spoke to her.

“Now then, Raphtalia, this here is your weapon. From now on, you and I will be fighting monsters together. You get what I’m saying?”


Raphtalia nodded at my words with frightened eyes.

Good, because it’ll be painful if she didn’t understand.

“Now then, with that knife in your hand――”

I took out the Orange Balloon that was hidden within my cloak and placed it in front of Raphtalia.

“Hack and slash this thing.”


When I showed her the hidden demon, Raphtalia screamed in shock and dropped her weapon.

“Eh… N-…No.”

“That’s an order. Do it.”

“I-, I can’t.”

Raphtalia shook her head vigorously. However, she was then struck with a surge of pain due to her disobedience from the slave spell.


“Come now, it’ll only continue hurting if you don’t stab this thing.”


Raphtalia’s face contorted in pain as she firmly gripped her weapon.


Oyaji was rendered speechless as he witnessed our little theatrics.

Raphtalia firmly steeled her will to kill as I shoved against the Orange Balloon that was biting on my arm.


“That’s weak! Put in some more effort!”

“..!? Ei!”

Startled, Raphtalia recoiled back for a moment. Then immediately using the momentum, she once again charged at the Balloon with great force.


The Balloon burst with a loud noise.


For the first time, a text box popped up and indicated that my ally had defeated an enemy.

Once again, my head was filled with bloodlust.

That *****. She never had any intention of staying with me or teaching me how the system works.

“Good, you did well.”

I patted Raphtalia.

She then looked up at me with a mystified expression.

“Alright, the next one will be this.”

The strongest balloon that I’ve encountered was still attached to me, trying to devour me with its bites. I held out the munching Red Balloon just like I had done with the last one.

The Red Balloon didn’t eat or drink anything for about a week, so it should have been weakened considerably.

But even so, this thing could probably endure an attack from a sick, newbie girl.

Steadily, Raphtalia nodded her head and pierced the Balloon’s eye more firmly than before.



Companion EXP 6

It was then that the icon caught my attention.

“Good, from now on, just keep fighting like this; let’s go.”

“… Koho

Following my orders, Raphtalia sheathed her weapon around her waist and obediently followed me.

“Hah, hey buddy. I have something to say to you.”

“And that is?”

Oyaji grumbled while scowling at me.


“I’ll take those kind words to heart.”

I returned his sarcasm with one of my own.

On the way towards the meadows, I noticed some stores and street stalls along the side road which continue stretching into the horizon.

While Raphtalia held my hand and walked beside me, she glanced around the town restlessly.

The food stalls were releasing a delectable aroma.

Remaining money after my purchases: 3 silver coins… Speaking of which, my belly was a bit empty.


Such a sound was heard from Raphtalia’s direction.

She averted her gaze with an:


While trying to deny what just happened…

I wondered why she was holding back.

Right now, if Raphtalia doesn’t have the strength to fight enemies, then I won’t be getting income anytime soon either.

A dull knife is useless. She won’t be able to muster any strength when she’s hungry.

I went inside a restaurant which seemed affordable enough for our budget.


Our server guided us to a table with a displeased look, due to our shabby appearance.

Along the way, Raphtalia looked over at a parent/child pair who were sitting elsewhere.

With a finger to her mouth, Raphtalia seemed quite envious of the child digging into that kiddie lunch.

I guess she wanted to eat that.

We sat down and quickly ordered before our server left.

“Etto8, I’ll have the cheapest meal on the menu, while this little lady will get whatever that kid over there is eating.”


Raphtalia stared at me with clear astonishment. Was it so surprising for me to order that lunch for her?

“Understood. That comes to a total of 9 copper coins.”


Handing over a silver coin, our server then gave me back the difference.

I looked around the store absentmindedly while waiting for our lunch to be served.

People around us began to gossip after noticing my presence.

Yep, it’s totally a parallel world in here.



I lowered my gaze towards Raphtalia after hearing her voice.

She was staring up at me with a face full of wonder.

“You looked hungry for that meal, no? Or did you want to order something else?”

Raphtalia shook her head so fast that a bustling sound can be heard from the movement.

This is quite a delicate topic for her.

“Wh-, why, would you let me eat that lunch?”

“Like I told you, I ordered it since you seemed to want it.”


Why was she being so persistent on this subject?

“Anyways, eat some food and get some nutrition. You’ll die if you’re too skinny, you know.”

Well, since I just bought my new slave, I can’t have her dying on me before she paid me back with interest.

“Sorry for the wait.”

Our meals have finally arrived.

That’s the lunch which I ordered for Raphtalia? It’s a bacon meal set (?)9 about as big as a person’s arm.

Mhm. The presentation is in pretty good taste at least.


Raphtalia froze on the spot while having thoughts like “is this kid’s meal really meant for me?”

“You don’t want to eat?”

“… Is this really alright?”

“Hah… it’s fine, so eat up.”

Raphtalia timidly began eating…
Raphtalia’s face contorted a bit upon hearing my instructions.


Raphtalia timidly began eating her kid’s lunch with her bare hands.

Well, it couldn’t be helped since she grew up in a harsh environment.

It somehow seemed that the amount of gossip floating around had increased once more. Though it’s not a matter worth concerning myself with.

Raphtalia adoringly held the flag which had stood at the chicken rice-like summit of her meal.

Munch Munch Munch10

Raphtalia then began savoring each and every morsel of her lunch.

So I’ll be eating my meals with this slave from now on… just a solitary thought which crossed my mind.