• About Me:
    • Just a simple 28 year old guy who’s going through a “middle age” crisis 😛
  • Review:
    • Zzonkedd has decent writing skills and okay-ish Japanese language skills. He made slight misinterpretation occasionally which made the later chapters confusing and we had to go back to the previous chapters to double check the content. Due to that, he may have lost some confidence in his translation skills and consequently, lost motivation to translate.
    • Writing Skills (3/5):
      • He’s a Portuguese so English is not his first language, but he could at least write coherent English that’s easily digestible.
    • Language Skills (3/5):
      • He has general knowledge of Japanese but not so much experience in Japanese literature so he had hard time comprehending some of the less known words.
    • Punctuality (2/5):
      • The biggest problem I had with him was that he gave too many excuses. He promised he’d deliver, yet failed to meet the quota again and again. His reasoning was that he’s demotivated because he couldn’t understand the language and had a feeling that his Japanese is getting worse as he translates, he asked me to decrease the quota so he can translate slowly and absorb what he translated, which I did. Then some time later, he asked me if I could pay him every two weeks instead of on a monthly basis so he could motivate himself with the money, I also agreed to his demand. And finally, the last straw was that he came down with a gastro, as well as two birthdays coming up consecutively, so he won’t have time to translate. Long story short, he gave too many excuses.
    • Communication (5/5):
      • Easy to reach via Discord and always replied promptly.

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