• About Me:
    • I’m the manager of Sigma Translation Group. Our group currently have 4 translators and we mostly do commissioned work on various translation sites. Some examples of our work include God of Slaughter and Journey to the West (manhua)
  • Review:
    • The first translator hired by Re:Library, as we didn’t go through proper screening back then, we just hired him on the spot and that was our biggest mistake. He said he used to work for Webnovel so we took it for granted that he was a professional translator. Little did we know, it was a disaster.
    • Writing Skills (1/5):
      • The writing hardly made sense most of the time and I had to keep referring back to the raw during the editing process. Sometimes I honestly thought it’d be easier if I just translated the whole chapters by myself.
    • Language Skills (1/5):
      • One day, I caught an uncut generated message in the docs:
        Generated By [email protected]
        This led me to believe he was a non-native Chinese nor was he a native English speaker based on his English writing skills. I believe he is using machine to translate Chinese to Vietnamese and then translated that to English.
    • Punctuality (4/5):
      • Always submits on time so I don’t really have much issue on this department.
    • Communication (5/5):
      • Easy to reach via Discord and always replied promptly.

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