Nexus Flameheart

  • About Me:
    • Part-Time Translator with a love for fiction. My favorite genres are cheesy romance, kingdom building, xianxia, and Political Drama.
    • Currently in the process of making an original Visual Novel that I will link later.
    • I love to write and s̲h̲i̲t̲p̲o̲s̲t̲ about Naruto.
  • Review:
    • First recruited him due to his affiliation with The Ancestor of Our Sect, a non-native Chinese translator so there are plenty of mistranslation and he doesn’t seem to work well under pressure as the more I reminded him of the deadline, the less motivated he becomes.
    • Writing Skills (2/5):
      • He should be an English native, but sometimes his writing doesn’t make sense at all and I have to refer back to the raw and rewrite the entire sentence.
    • Language Skills (3/5):
      • Since he’s not a native Chinese translator, he tends to misunderstand the context occassionally.
    • Punctuality (3/5):
      • Works at his own pace and submits *on time*, tends to lose motivation under pressure.
    • Communication (4/5):
      • It’s easy enough to reach out to him and he made sure to reply to any important messages.

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