• Review:
    • This was probably one of the most considerate translator I’ve had the chance to hire. I would have continued hiring him if he hadn’t decided to stop translating due getting too busy in real life.
    • Writing Skills (4/5):
      • Great mastery of English writing skills, but due to getting too busy later on, some of the latest chapters he translated had more grammatical mistakes than usual.
    • Language Skills (4/5):
      • Commands great mastery of Japanese language skills and is able to convey the intent of the author.
    • Punctuality (5/5):
      • He is very considerate of his surroundings and made sure not to trouble those he works with. Always submits on time and will inform us well ahead of time if he’d be late.
    • Communication (4/5):
      • Never had a problem reaching out to him, though we never have had much of a friendly conversation so our relationship is mostly work-related colleagues.

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