• Review:
    • Introduced to us by Yuki, has decent mastery in English and is very punctual. He can get a bit too literal sometimes and can definitely use a bit improvement.
    • Writing Skills (3/5):
      • His English Writing Skills still has much room to grow, but is decent enough to be easily understood and convey the meaning. Though, sometimes I feel that he tried too hard to use difficult words and end up making the sentence sound awkward instead.
    • Language Skills (3/5):
      • While it wasn’t really the translator’s fault so much as it was the author’s writing style which made it hard to understand, I still had to point out a few mistakes that he made, need to put double up the effort into making sure the translation is correct and get help where necessary.
    • Punctuality (5/5):
      • Always submits a few weeks in advance, so I never had to keep reminding him of the deadline. Capable of working independently.
    • Communication (5/5):
      • Easy to reach via Discord and always replied promptly.

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